Arsenal DOMINATED Middlesbrough completely!

Aito Karanka’s Middlesbrough team came to the Emirates on a brilliant run of form and with complete confidence that they could compete with Arsenal on equal terms, but straight from the kick-off the Gunners gave them a masterclass in passing and possession and poor Boro were brought down to earth with a bump.

Arsene Wenger made SEVEN changes to the team that faced Leicester last week, but the replacements were fresh and hungry to assert their readiness for a starting spot for the rest of the season. Wenger was understandably smug after the impressive showing from his players.

He said after the game: “We controlled the game from the first to the last minute. They had one chance at the end from a header, but overall I’m pleased with the way we attacked, the way we defended and with the way we played together with a good focus for 90 minutes. That’s basically it.

“The first goal is what we try to do in our game and our build-up. The second goal shows that the game belongs to the players as well because it’s a consequence of two players who respond quickly to a situation, analyse it quickly and do what they want to do well. That’s basically what it was. It’s a consequence of intelligence and technique.”

After going in at half-time 2-0 up Arsenal were slightly more generous after the break, but remained in control completely. Wojciech Szczesny was hardly tested while only the impressive Boro keeper Osorio stopped Arsenal from increasing their lead. Wenger was happy to praise our opponents for their persistence in trying to get back into the game.

“They are a good side,” Wenger added. “Well organised, and if they had come back to 2-1 I think we would have struggled a little bit. They played good football with a good fluency in their game. We managed not to give them any chance today but overall you feel it is a good team.”

Middlesbrough are looking to be on course to return to the Premier League next year, but they have been given a reminder that they will not find it quite as easy at the higher level, but, to be fair, they will rarely play another team in such brilliant form as Arsenal were yesterday….

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    1. Now for Round 6…..jes hope we draw a home tie – we have one of the best grounds in the world…and jes love when our guys turn on the style.

  1. OZil cazorla and Giroud were excellent.
    Giroud is now scoring freely . He is slowly becoming a world class striker. Without him we really struggle. Had he been injury free for earlier part of the season, things could have been different.
    Also lets give credit to Wenger. His tactics are gradually becoming spot on. Against City and Spurs he played counter attacking football. And against Leister and Boro, same attacking possession football.
    The best thing about this game was both OZil and Santi shinned together.
    Super game.
    Rosisky’s pass to Walcott was best to me. Amaizing , but was surprised how Walcott missed it.
    It reminds every one that we have enoufg strength in the bench. Two player coming from bench almost combined to give us a tremendous goal

  2. Walcott should be sold if he doesn’t improve, he misses too many chances plus he’s a defensive liability.

    Get Dybala or Reus to replace him.

  3. I know Welbeck needed game time, but was wasteful, Walcott deserves to start over him on the flanks for sure. Welbeck is useful in tracking back though, and I am yearning to see a combination of Ozil(no 10), Theo and Alexis (flanks) and maybe an
    Gabriel did well for a start, they gave middles borough no chance at all.

    1. I wrote this on your other post – I don’t know why you’re slating Welbz. Yeah he didn’t have a shot on goal, but he was always involved in our offensive attacks and always came back to help out on defense. Not sure what game you were watching yesterday, but I saw a guy who recently just came back from injury work his a$$ off. Good job Danny.

      1. Give Welbeck game time on the centre (central striker) and he’ll prove an upgrade to Giroud, that’s my argument… not slating Welbeck at all.

    2. I meant Walcot(right flank) – Ozil(no.10) – Sanchez (LW) and Welbeck upfront. Imagine that pace and what the opponent’s defence would be up against! Giroud scored nice goals, holds up play pretty well BUT he aint fast enough. He shouldnt be an automatic starter in all matches but instead the team we are playing against should determine whether it’s him or Welbeck to play upfront.. the other to be benched!

  4. Ozil is just an amazing player when he is on form. Its like he glides across the field and even simple passes are struck so elegantly.

    1. So nice to see Ozil play like that. He glides and he also lets the ball glide around him, sometimes even without touching. Mesmerising the defender. So difficult to achieve. He even attempted goal shots, which was a very nice change!

  5. I think the boss should rest Giroud for Monaco coming and takes a gamble to start Welbeck in his preferred center forwad position. And also start Ozil and Walcott at the same time as they have appeared to have jelled when started together. The Gunners attack-line at Crystal Palace should look like: left forward-Sanchez, center forward-Welbeck and right forward-Walcott. And I think Akpom should wake up from his lack of ambition and concentration. At his age, Pele, Maradona, Messi and Ronaldo were already stars.

  6. How I wish Tomas Rosicky was a little bit younger. He is certainly a world class midfielder without doubt.

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