Arsenal don’t have the ‘mentality yet’ to maintain Premier League title bid

Jamie O’Hara has claimed that Arsenal will fall apart in the final weeks of the Premier League season, comparing our disappointing top-four attempt from last term.

The Gunners were well on course to earn a place in the Champions League after a run of results which saw us not only sitting in third, but having games in hand over our rivals also. We need little reminder of how it ended however, with a dreadful end to the 2021-22 year which saw us beaten by Tottenham 3-0 as we slowly dropped out of the top-four.

O’Hara has moved to use that as reasoning as to why we won’t be able to continue to vie for the current title, despite comfortably sitting clear in first place at present, claiming that we will begin to drop away when push comes to shove.

“I think Arsenal are going to be there,” Jamie told TalkSPORT listeners. “With a month to go, I think Arsenal are going to be right amongst it.

“How close they’ll be, in front of behind Man City, I don’t know. But they’re going to be there.

“For me, Manchester City are just going to have the experience in those moments. You saw what happened to Arsenal last season when they were trying to get in the top four, they crumbled.

“They crumbled. Is it a different Arsenal when it gets to that point?

“When it gets to that point, they’re going to be fighting for the title, and yes – they are fighting for the title. But when it comes to the last month of the season, I don’t think they’ve got the mentality yet to win the league.”

Jamie has changed his tune a number of times, and the Tottenham in him always comes into his thinking at some point. Of course he isn’t willing to accept that we could well be real contenders to lift the title. Right now however, everyone is talking about us for the right reasons, and while it is easy to jump on the bandwagon and right us off, I think the disappointments from last term will actually have given us something to learn from, not be considered a negative in our push to do even better this time around.


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  1. Why are you giving this spurs (small ‘s’ small club) germ air time? He is so thick he can’t articulate anything!

  2. So the writer opinion is base on our performance last season.

    But we have improve a great deal since last season, we have brought two players with the winning mentality, it is reported we may have experience the best start in our history.
    On Saturday was a game fought and won on mental strength.
    The gaffer is no doubt better for this season.

    I know the writer will be quick to say he is a realist, but gooners knows that’s a cover for the pessimists.

    1. The disappointment of missing out of top 4 by just 2 point last season spur us this season to top of the league. If we battle for the title dis season and lost by a small margin it will spur us to win next season having gained more experienced.

      But I will like arsenal to do their best dis season and win it, this opportunity dnt come easily even if u hav Messi and Ronaldo in ur team

  3. Pitiful excuse of a parasite trying to keep away from getting a real job. Arsenal do have a lot to prove coming into the new year. Everything will be unknown territory. But character will not be a problem. This small squad has done all that’s been asked with the exception of the Man. United game. Now it’s up to the owner and management to demonstrate the extent of their ambition.

  4. We played 2 away games in the last 3 games of last season. Spurs and Newcastle and by then Newcastle were not the Steve Bruce version we were due to play if it had gone ahead on schedule, it was the version after Eddie Howe had spent time with them, the Newcastle who were the form team in the PL by then.

    Then there was the re-arranged Spurs game. Soft penalty. Soft sending off. Refereeing in question yet again.

    That’s not “crumbling” in my book. Not many teams would win those two away games, especially not with that refereeing.

    1. Arsenal, last season, did not cope with the challenges of two tough away games in the last few weeks of the season. There were obvious issues then with the squad depth.
      The lazy narrative from several pundits and many fans (including numpties on sites such as this) was that the team “crumbled”.
      Some more discerning observers had pointed out that there were significant squad limitations. This was ultimately one of the most important issues which derailed the team’s quest.
      No amount of “mentality” is going to turn Holding or Cedric into world class defenders or Nketiah into GJ.
      The fact that Arsenal were in the conversation at all was commendable given the squad available during the latter part of the season.

      1. Holding had a couple of bad games, but Cedric was always solid (statistically one of our best players, for what they is worth) and Nketiah was half the reason we didn’t fall away sooner… I agree squad depth was a big issue, but i think mentality (mental fatigue) and inexperience were the main reasons for the drop off. We didn’t turn up against spurs or Newcastle at all when the chips were down. Hopefully it will be different this year, but we do have to prove we can keep going.

  5. To Jamie O’Hara.
    When it comes to the time in the Epl this season of: you push me I shove you, and you nutmege me but I withstand you to keep the ball and kept ti keep going with it out pacing you to score and I scored. Or I give an assist to score and it’s scored. Thus, Arsenal prevailed on all their Epl title rival clubs winning nearly all their games this season to win the title this season. And won them and lifted the title.

  6. Players that can help us over the line could be fit and/or ready this time around. Saliba, Partey, and Odegaard have good characteristics, they don’t get ruffled so easily, and there is a calmness to their play. Jesus and Zinc have been here before and that might help further our players too. And our fullback options are plentiful this season compared to the last season. There is also the possibility of our team recruiting some more soldiers for the second half of the season. Has this spud brought any this or that into his consideration

  7. After the break for the Qatar football World Cup is .over And Arsenal beat: West Ham (H), Brighton (A), Tottenham Hs (A) Man Utd (in H), (two successive big games) and Newcastle (H). Collecting 15 more massive points to to remain challenging for the League title win. And show that they have the Epl title win epic mentality in them that’s required to win the title this season unfailingly. And reach a garnering of 52 points in their first 19 games played at the halfway mark of the 38 games League season campaign.
    Thus, this indictes that if Arsenal collected all the 15 points in the 5 games that they’ll play after the World Cup. And continue to strive hard and harder collecting mote and more points in their remaining 19 games as they campaign along to season’s end. Garnering more and more points that are not less than the 52 points that are envisaged for them to collect in their first 19 games of the season,.
    And reinforced their midfield and forward departments with 2 new top quality signings of a holding midfielder. Douglas Luiz? But if Emery will nor block him from going to Arsenal in January. Just as Steven Geraald did last summer when he blocked Arsenal from signing him. Or is Dabilo who Arsenal would preferred to sign in January? Well, I don’t know.
    Nevertheless, but I think and believe that Arsenal will perform much better games winning as they push and continue to push for the Epl title win this season if they loaned out a Gunner in January Lokonga? And sign a new CDMFand a recognized forwardwho can perform well to give them the regular goals scored in their remaining Epl games this season.
    With this in mind and in Arsenal’s mind too. A new over 100 points record breaking Epl title win is ON to be set by Arsenal this season.

  8. If with 5games to go, we are 10points ahead, people like this will still out our ability to see it through.

  9. He is suffering from selective amnesia. Why pick just part of last year? Why can’t he seethe difference between November last year and November now?

  10. Jamie O’Hara is a joke. He should watch to the last and I pray he doesn’t change tongue when the league returns.

  11. O’Hara, who is widely accepted as being a mental doughnut, even by those on the downmarket breakfast TALKSPORT show he is on, is talking nonsense when he claims we have not the “mentality” We DO have THAT, in spades!

    BUT what we do NOT have, but which he is too daft not to have noticed, is the lack of TOP QUALITY DEPTH that City have.

    THAT is where we wuill ultimately come up ahandful of points short, though in second place IMO.

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