Arsenal don’t lose at home, Wolves don’t lose away – Stalemate? (Form Guide)

This season is becoming incredibly interesting the longer it goes on, and we still have five teams competing for the fourth Champions League spot, although (sadly!) Tottenham seem to be imploding despite getting a shock win over Man City last week.

Although Man United, Arsenal and West Ham would appear to be the favourites, most pundits have been fully expecting Bruno Lage’s men to be the outsiders in the race even though they are in excellent form.

I certainly don’t think that anyone can write Wolves off at all. Arsenal’s win at Molineux was Wolves only defeat in their last 8 League games, and they won 6 of those matches. That’s great form by anyones standards.

Even away from home, Wolves have an amazing record of only two defeats in their last 11, and they were against Man City and Crystal Palace. They have won their last four away matches on the road including at Man United and Tottenham, so have no fears about a trip to the Emirates.

Wolves last 8 away matches….

So one can safely say that Wolves are a team in very good form and have no intention on giving up in the Top Four race.

But what about Arsenal’s home form? The only losses seen this season have been against Man City and Chelsea, which is pretty good. Here is our last 8 home games….

So to me, this looks like a bit of an immovable force meeting an unstoppable object…

Add to this form guide that Arsenal have only conceded 9 goals at home all season, while Wolves have only conceded 8 away from home, and I think we can practically guarantee that this will definitely not be a high-scoring game.

I think this is most likely to be decided by the one single goal, and I hope that like two weeks ago, that will be in Arsenal’s favour…

(Or a 0-0 draw?)


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  1. Arsenal have playing well recently and wolves are in good form this is the king of match that Arsenal has to step up and show to their fans this is where the belong Arsenal 1- wolves 0

  2. We have more recovery time and we’ll play at home, so we should win

    The problems are we don’t have plan B and our attack is usually dull. Maybe we can only score in the second half, when Wolves are tired

    1. Nothing short of a win is acceptable. To be in Top6 we must take advantage of our home games since we are not too good on the road. But considering how we also have problems breaking down a compact defense minded teams even in our game against Burnly, Wolves would a more difficult game. I kind of see a draw and we must be careful not to lose. If Tomiyasu is fit he will handle Prodence better than Soars. Our lack of towering CF will show in this came. I don’t see see our current attacker a big threat to Wolves backline except Arteta comes up with a tactical master plan. For this this game I keep my finger cross.

  3. Nice article with a very good analysis ,however i disagree with some its not a sad affair as reported above that spurs one of the major contenders for the last champions league placeut rather a great news from a gooner’s point of view.secondly i expect nothing short of a win from this game.

  4. “Here’s one for you roight”

    Hands up who thinks we could win the Champions League next season….a bit of laughter but not many hands

    Hands up who thinks we could win the Europa League next season… maybe a few and I agree, I think we could

    Yes, the CL brings in more money, maybe attracts certain players into the Club, keeps others there and is a very clear indication of progress/improvement, but maybe it would be better to win a trophy next season and have a go at the big one the season after?

    Don’t get me wrong, we want to finish as high as we can and I’d “love it” if we were Top 4 at the end of the season, I honestly believe we are capable of doing so and we can show that with a win tonight and have a right go at the title next season

    Enjoy the game all

  5. If Arsenal qualify for the champions league i dont ever see us dropping to Europa, we will probably be eliminated at first knock out phase which has been a tradition and a frustrating one at that.

  6. this reeks of a negative tactical affair on our part, as I’m fairly convinced that MA would gladly take 1 point if you offered it up to him right this very minute

  7. A wise Man once said, when you reason the positive sides of an ideology then it’s only better when you consider the negative sides too. That being said, Arsenal to claim all three points tonight but I would not deny Wolves a goal. Who’s with me?

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