Arsenal don’t need a striker, we need a SQUAD of strikers!


Hello there friends. It is amazing how the season finally ended with a flurry of goals and great performances coming especially from our fringe players. Overall, the mood is positive and our players are energized going into the FA cup. We finished convincingly in third place and will not need to play Champions league qualifiers. We also stand a good chance of winning the FA cup so it has been a decent season overall.

As we turn towards what will surely be another nervous and exciting transfer window, the striker issue is rearing its head yet again. A lot of arguments are being made about what we need – and don’t need – and lots of people have weighed in with good points. However, the more I listen to these debates, the more I hear people focusing more on that one ideal type of striker to lead the charge. Unfortunately, the Thierry Henry type of striker doesn’t exist in abundance the way we think, and if a club is lucky, they will get just one player like that but not up to three. When you scout international football for strikers, you will see a wide range of players that offer you different things. Look at Messi. As small as he is, without seeing him play, will you really believe that he is the most feared striker in world football? Of course not. He is a weird specimen of a forward man but he does EVERYTHING in spectacular style. In fact, what probably fascinates me the most is the fact that the two most feared strikers in Europe right now are not even central strikers. Ronaldo and Messi are both inside forward/attacking midfielder types and yet they bang in more goals than anyone else.

So while we can dream about getting a Lacazette or Aguero type of player, most importantly, we will need a SQUAD of first team strikers to compete for the big ones. Costa has been great for Chelsea but without Drogba and Remy supporting him while he was out injured, they will not have won the league. This is precisely why I will not be drawn into this Walcott versus Giroud debate, or whether Giroud is good enough for Arsenal, because both players offer us different things and they are all qualities that we need.

The only thing that I will say regarding this striker argument is that numbers wise, we are short. We only have one conventional forward of first team quality in Olivier Giroud – Welbeck and Sanogo are not there yet – and for us to compete on four fronts for a whole season, we will need a solid SQUAD of central strikers that can collectively go the distance and offer you different options when playing a variety of opponents. So based on all of this, if the rumour that we have an agreement to buy Jackson Martinez is true, then between Martinez, Giroud and Walcott, we have a trio of players that can collectively push this team to win major honours.

Let the boss decide who starts a game based on the opponent we are playing. If we do get Martinez, that will be solid. He is strong, prolific, mature, has won trophies and scores different kinds of goals. He will challenge Giroud and get the best out of him and from what we know about Giroud, competition brings out the best in him. And then Walcott will always be there – if he stays- to play where and when needed. Wether on the flanks or through the centre, a team with Theo Walcott is a team with goals in it.

So with these three attackers for our forward position, we are good on the striking front, especially considering that we still have Sanchez, Ox, Welbeck, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Rosicky and Wilshere to contribute goals from midfield and wide positions. So this is to hoping that we get a marquee forward that will join forces with his team mates to finally land us the big one at the end of the season. Peace.


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  1. One top class striker will be enough.We need a DM TO COMPETE WITH COQUELIN AND A CB TO REPLACE PER MERT.

    1. We already replaced per with Gabriel and we have chambers as back up, per can be our fourth cb, we need a DM and a quality striker. 2 signings away from glory. I’m sure Wenger will make those two signings, I would say give welbeck more chance to play up front he can be our Remy and we have giroud as our second striker and sign a world class striker, so we just need to sign one quality striker and we would be good to go, Martinez/giroud/welbeck/Theo not bad at all

  2. The most important thing is to move forward and improve.
    I am reading that we might be interested in Higuain and that is a step back because he is not better than Giroud.
    An improvement would be Lacazette, griezman, Reus in that order.
    we should also go for Draxler again as he is too footed and would give the versatility we need.
    Add a top DM, CB and GK and we will challenge for trophies.

    1. Im all for backing our players but Giroud better than Higuain is buffoonery don’t be fooled because he plays for Napoli he’s maintained a goal every 2 games ratio his whole career and he’s a special finisher with our midfield he would be unstoppable Aguero didn’t used to get benched for the national team for him for no reason

    2. lol.better than Higuain?.Griezman has scored alot of goals this season but hes a winger and Reus is a midfielder mate.Im afraid you jus don’t know able football do you?@reddb10

    3. You got it wrong there! Higuain is better than Giroud in term of balance,movement and positioning. check his record in every clubs he had gone. In fact,he’s an upgrade on Giroud but is not my favourite. saying is a step back if gotten is an overstatement!

  3. Martinez is quality striker but he looks ugly remember Dimaria was sold because he is ugly.I like seeing players with good looks on pitch they attract supporters who are not even interested in football mostly ladies.Buy players like Reus and the stadium,will flood

    1. “Di Maria was sold because he was ugly”? I just took a minute to add you to my list of complete buffoons on this board. Don’t worry – KickAssFan, ArseOverTit (aka ungrateful cretin), Dee@ease, Champagne Charlie, RSK and rkw are currently above you in moron order and will make you welcome and give you many thumbs up for your idiotic remarks. This comment, although true, should guarantee me at least half a dozen thumbs down from the MUCC (Member of Ungrateful Cretin Club). Bring it on morons! I hate the haters!

      1. “Bring it on morons! I hate the haters!” – The irony is strong in this one.

  4. Yes we need a striker like Martinez. Henry pointed out that competition is needed to win titles.
    In another note we must not get carried away with Waloctt performance in one match and drop Giroud who has been brilliant all season. Giroud alo helps us defensively.
    Walcott was unplayable last game but he did same earlier also, just before his contract last time.
    Walcott will be our no 1 striker in future but now now in our biggest game,
    Same as with wilshare who was gain superb but so was Ramsey. Ramsey would have had 2 goald as he struck the bar twice
    We need Ramsey who was match winner last time

    1. Martinez has been rumored to be available for the last 2 years yet no club went for him. Despite Falcao’s injury he did not play much for Colombia during the World Cup. Maybe he’s not as good as his weak league goal tally might suggest? Note this is a question not a statement.

  5. Wenger is retiring soon if he does not want to spend and win the title then he is ruining his legacy at his own peril.I cant Imagine mourihno insulting him after another season without tittle.Henry said yesterday 10yrs without finishing 2nd then something needs to be done.Henry shows he can be a better manager than wenger

    1. @season ticket holder
      Exactly what has Henry managed that makes him a better manager than AW? At the moment, he is sayin what he has to say in order to keep his pundits gig…

  6. Before WC 2014 Brazil, Jackson Martinez was one of European hottest properties and the tournament looked all to be his stage as Falcao gone to injury. The truth was, Jackson lost his place in Colombian starting eleven to Carlos Bacca of Sevilla. James Rodriguez, a CAM, dragged them in to quarterfinal, and took the golden boots. Since then, I’ve lost my interest in Jackson Martinez.
    Form is temporary but class is permanent, that’s maybe AW consideration. Besides, Jackson’s dimming form will strengthen our bargaining position. Porto can’t sell him at 40M pounds anymore. 25M might do the trick. I would like to see a peaky form chachacha holding the front line for Arsenal. COYG!!!!

  7. We need a balance team that will fight for the league next season and surprise a lot of people in the champions league next season. We need a team willing to fight for each other and give 100% whenever on the field of play…We need a team that loves the club totally. We are GUNNERS!

  8. Arsenal does not need
    any more strikers.
    Chelsea scored “2”
    say again just “2”
    more goals than Arsenal.
    Walcott 5 Wellbeck 4 Ramsey 6
    Ozil 4 Chamberlain 1 and Wilshere 2
    if fit and in form will easily double
    their numbers next season.
    22 more goals from the players we have
    which would have won us another 25 points
    and the EPL by 14 points.

  9. Next season will be the most competitive season in epl history TV money is there all teams will strengthen and it will be very difficult to win a trophy.Wc keeper Wc Dm Wc striker needed

  10. We also lost 5 dumb games
    early because we did
    not have enough defenders.
    Swansea (A) Chelse(A) Stoke(A)
    Sotn (A) Man U (H).
    Once our defense got sorted
    we only lost 2 games Spurs (A)
    and Swansea (H) when we were safe.
    We really only “need” 2 players
    Vidal orKondogbia and Cech and we are sorted.
    35 mill max, minus 10 mill for Podolski = 25 mill net.
    Easy peasy 🙂

    1. This is why we need to move quicker this window as its a knock on effect. We are notoriously lethargic and ineffective and transfer time.

      Source, & procure new talent ASAP (same for exits) and get the balance of the team sorted early. Make sure all new acquisitions have enough time to bed in over pre-season and buy what’s needed to strengthen the team & squad.

      i just wish this would actually happen for once!

      1. Wenger hasn’t been the fastest in recent times but you must have a memory of a gold fish if you think Wenger has always been slow.
        Just recall when Wenger had Dein, support means a lot.

        If the rumors with Vidal are correct then how much sooner can it be done?
        Oh yeah, you enjoy to moan.

    2. I think all Wenger has to do is doubly-concentrate on games against teams whose name starts with “S”. 5 losses against the “S”s. Just reverse the “S” team results and we win the league.

  11. Charlie austin fot me, good movement , good shots and hunger for goal with decent speed , and mainly premier league adapted

  12. i think thierry is right about giroud. giroud is good but at best as a backup striker unless we still want to compete with liverpool and sp***rs for 4th place. sorry giroud lovers.

    1. come on,of course hes right most honest fans have been saying this for 2 years,hes right no debate

  13. I hope we don’t get Martinez, he is too old for us now and if we are going to spend a pretty penny on a player then I would hope it is on a younger player with bags of potential as well as scoring for fun now…

    Lacazette will be ideal.
    He is the type of player who can run with the ball so welcome to our new Right sided AM untill he gets used to the EPL and ready to step up into a CF role for us.

    He would be available to move into the middle if Giroud and Theo are not performing but if they are then we can give him 12-18 months to settle in fully, no need to put pressure of instant success onto his shoulders.

    We wouldn’t be looking for another CF in 12-24 months time because both Giroud and Martinez are the wrong side of 30 as well…

    If things go well then we could sell Giroud in 12 months time for at least what we paid for him, maybe a bit more if he has a good injury free season.

    It would mean we have (Now/(nextSeason));
    Akpom = 19 (20)
    Lacazette = 23 (24)
    Theo = 26 (27)
    Giroud = 28 (sold)

    for me thats a good spread, it’ll allow a Cf to step up each time a CF ‘retires/leaves’ for at least the next decade…

    1. 28 is too old and you’ll sell Giroud next season? That’s just completely idiotic.

  14. We MUST sign Martinez, Lacazette AND Cavani. If we don’t sign ALL 3, then we lack ambition

    Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom = lack of ambition

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