Arsenal don’t need Benzema – We got Giroud!

On Your Marks, Get Set…Giroud!‏ by ZC

I’ve been reading everyday now for the last several months how Arsenal need one of these and Arsenal need two of that. This is normally the case when your making a mad dash around the supermarket when you have limited time only to find when you get home you didn’t need a thing you just got fresh in as lo and behold….you already have it in -and even better – is that it’s already your favourite and still has loads of shelf life. In this case it is OG12. .

I’ve watched a lot of The Arsenal in the 20+ years of being a fan and there is only CF we’ve had in that time who links up the front with the midfield so well and that is the Great DB10. Now before the comments get all crazy, I’m not saying Giroud is anywhere near the Great Dutchman…yet. If you look at some of The Arsenal’s great passages of play OG12 is right in there: JW10 amazing team goals, Rambo’s runs forward, Sanchez’s give and goes, TW14 running into space. They have had an immense input from the guy. Not to mention some sublime finishes of his own.

I’m not saying he’s had his moments, there are times when I’m mystified from my seat at The Emirates or shouting at the TV in my best French accent “comment (how) Giroud comment(how)” but I do remember doing the same thing at Highbury with Dennis and Thierry from time to time also. I was in the crowd when he smashed the goal in against Liverpool and I promise you Benzema, Lewandowski or anyone else for that matter could have scored it better.

Now I’m not by any means doubting that bringing in Aguero, Lewandowski, Benz…etc would add some individual quality to the squad but would it bring you anywhere near the team effort? The link up play? The selfless closing down? The defending from the front that OG12 already brings to the team? I struggle to find anyone else outside the club who does other than Suarez. He may not be the £50million player most people buy on Champ Manager, Fifa or Pro but he’s up there with The Arsenal’s best players for me.


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    1. Every paragraph begins with the limiting qualifier…….

      “Now I’m not saying that Giroud………..”

      Giroud is better than many gooners will admit. But he also has many limitations as this writer even admits – repeatedly.

    1. “We need X player, Y player…” Look where Spurs ended up with that mentality!
      It’s fair to say that many of us rated the expensive Falcao better than Benzema before he came to EPL… Look how that turned out! Goals haven’t been our problem. Seriously, forget Wenger bringing in a striker for now. We can think back & realized that scored close to as many goals as Chelsea did, but defensively, we struggled for a good while until Coquelin came in & steadied the ship. It’s been clear since he returned from the loan that he is a step above Flamini & Arteta. Who will replace him in case he gets injured & give us something close to what he provides?

    1. Nah….. If he (Giroud) could develop his dribbling skills, finishing and speed…….. He would be better than Aguero! L()L

      1. And if Aguero could grow a couple of feet taller he could maybe win a couple of headers helping out attack and defense. He could also give us our physical presence up front which is scarcity at Arsenal historically under Wenger.

        Im not for one moment saying Aguero is less a player that would be stupid but fans need to appreciate Oli more. He is that something different, a sort of plan b people call for the only problem is we don’t play to his strengths often enough which is aerially and a finisher playing off of him. But he retreats selflessly letting our midfielders play off him and then people complain about his positioning. Another striker would be great, however I would still like to see much more of Oli even with a new striker in our team. We have a midfield full of midgets and we need the big mans presence along with his battling and striking qualities a bundle he has needed qualities.

    2. Can Arsenal outmuscle any of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG, Man city, man U, and Chelsea for their best number 9? Maybe in your dream. stop fantasizing about those players when they are not available. We get them only if their teams no longer have interest them Example Sanchez, Ozil.

  1. let’s be honest here…the article has some points… he is right in d sense Giroud helps the teams…he is d kind of striker that helps d midfield to score goals n shine….After all said n done,we still need a better striker…I don’t care if he is selfish or not but a striker that would make the assist stats of Ozil n Cazorla to be higher

  2. Never take what guys discuss here seriously.
    I remember the frustration and anger expressed here the day Liverpool signed Baloteli.
    It would be fine to have Benzema but I wouldnt have sleepless nights over that deal.

    1. @ Enygma, u are spot on. What I feel some of our fans want is that new comer wether he will fit in or not, they don’t care. I remember when they used to call for M’villa, Draxler, even recently Lacazete(lol many stopped calling for him after watching Emirate cup). For the sake of patience, you guys have seen this great club of ours make great signings without our knowing before hand; Ozil, Sanchez, Cech?. Since they are saying they will only make quality signing, give them the benefit of doubt.

    2. Let’s know that what is on fire elsewhere might not be that hot at another place. I prefer we go for a guy that is good but improve to the one that is better but declining (example Costa, Aguero then Falcoa, and the little boy van Payslip). We missed out on WC CF one to three years back and now there is scarcity.

      1. How exactly are Costa and Aguero declining exactly? Aguero hit nearly 30 goals with a season where he was out injured for a lot of the time. Costa was out injured for large stints in his first season and hit 20 goals. How exactly are they in decline?

        1. Maybe not declining but unreliable they do seem. Costa looks to me like he is going to have big problems in this league and Aguero seems to be getting worse too. Opponents will see a weakness or maybe even target their soft areas so we’ll see how this season goes. Rvp Diaby Wilshere, we know only too well what happens when a player becomes prone. Its even worse when opponents sniff it out.

  3. “We got Giroud!-Arsenal don’t need Benzema” ………… Did i say something different from the titLe?

  4. “or shouting at the TV in my best French accent “comment (how) Giroud comment(how)”

    TV no longer plays for Arsenal mate, but I guess he knows little bit French though.

  5. We need someone better than Giroud or someone that offers something different from Him. Look at the team’, we have competition in almost all the department excluding the strike force….Benzema or Lewandowski/Giroud/Walcott. That’s Good enough. Walcott can play on the flank too. I believe in the team even without another signing coming in but the little boy in mi (haha Vanp lines) tells mi another striker/Dm is coming.

      1. would Bayern let their precious stone go to arsenal? The gem they got for free? Stop dreaming.Please mention a player that can be acquired in our reach.

        1. @soccerboy…….. Didn’t i just say “want” ?……… To want a player is a DREAM, To actually get the player is REALITY….. Haha COYG!

          1. When did he score a screamer? It was a good poaching skill from a deep inside cross. Get your facts straight.

  6. Giroud is not the problem. He will play plenty if Benzema or anyone comes. Giroud is quality and will be like Remy for Chelsea

    It’s Welbeck that’s the problem really. He is not a good enough back up. He may get better in the future but Welbeck is a better winger than CF. Walcott hasn’t proven himself at CF yet.
    Right now I consider Walcott to be an excellent winger

    We need two top quality CFs. Giroud is one. We need one more.

    Ideally we need a top DM as well

  7. Yep, Giroud gives a lot to the team. A target man, good hold-up play, brings the midfield into the attack more, a big physical presence at set pieces, makes a few chances for others and scores quite a few goals. He has a big contribution.

    Giroud is a good striker. Few on here will deny that. But is he good enough to win us the title? That’s the question. He’s improved every year, but I’m still not convinced he is.

    I’m no Benzema fanboy but he is better than Giroud. He’s not one of the absolute top calibre strikers of the world in my opinion, but he would improve our team. My key issue with us potentially signing Benzema is that he has to be worth the money.

    Lewandowski is better than Benzema in my opinion, but however minimal our chance of getting Benzema is, our chance of getting Lewandowski is actually zero.

    1. You all act as if Replacing Giroud will win us the title we need 3 players for that to happen and beware Of Liverpool this season they are technically good with milner and henderson sitting in the centre Of the park they will be a very good team but arsenal with fine out when we play them.

  8. Oh boy! Do you believe this? If we don’t get another striker you will be upset at the end of the season. Giroud is just not good enough. A few good games and then he disappears for a few games. With Giroud as main man we will not do much, but with Theo and Alexis we may well win the league. In reality we need a quality striker and a DM to stand in for Coquelin/Jack injuries.

  9. Who’s this guy??? Just stop the joke. We need anyone better than Giroud and that includes the french Benz

    1. @KickAssFan…….. If we get the french Benz…. Giroud may think he be under a spell…. Benched by the Benz in the national team…… And once again in the Arsenal .. Howdy?….. L()L

  10. Giroud is good. He is a 20 goal per season quality scorer.

    Yes he is not as good a finisher as Costa or Aguero, but I put him above or at least up there with Kane, Rooney, Benteke, Remy, Bony.

    I guarantee you that if we don’t get a top striker and Giroud is healthy all season, he will score around 20 goals at least.

    What puts Chelsea above us is that they have Costa, Remy and Falcao in addition to Hazard, Fabregas, Willian, Cuadrado

    In addition to Alexis, Walcott, Oxlade, Ozil, we have Giroud and Welbeck as CF. That’s not good enough
    Welbeck is not a great finisher. Walcott is a better winger. We need a proven, experienced CF.

    We need ideally a TOP CF like Benzema, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic or Top winger like Reus, Greizmann, Draxler

    1. Giroud better than Rooney?
      I cannot respect you or anything you say after that comment.
      Go ahead and just say it…Giroud is also better than Thierry Henry.
      The madness on this site is unbelievable.
      Harry Kane? – His first season as a starter and he does that. What did Giroud do in his first season here? He is 7 or so years younger with speed, strength, good feet and finishing plus this so called “hold up play”. Giroud only has some strength and holdup play and is 29 in August and will most likely not score 20 in the EPL like Harry Kane just did
      Benteke and Giroud were brought here the same time and Giroud has not matched Benteke’s best and Benteke has scored more than him for the past 3 seasons in the EPL playing at Aston Villa.
      Bony and Remy also better and have better record as starters in the EPL in smaller teams like Newcastle and Swansea. They play for Man City and Chelsea now where Giroud will not start also.
      Come on? We are Arsenal fans and that’s ok but Giroud better than Rooney…when do we draw the line with senseless support?
      Sometimes I wonder if some Arsenal fans ever watch any other players or teams?
      No respect.

  11. Giroud is not good enough…spend some money and get lewandoski, higuain or Benzema….

    Stop saving the 45m….we need a striker badly…

    We must sign

    1. seriously man, i d love to sign Lewandoski, or Benz. But unless we offer the clubs a massive amount we wont get them.
      By massive I mean more tan 50m easy and I am still short.
      Why would they sell their gems if they dont have a replacement or if we dont give them huge amount of euros or pounds?
      Years ago we should have gone for agüero or Benz, when they were at Lyon and Aleti.
      But we couldnt.
      Now that we can, it will have to be for too much money IMO to get a gamble.
      I would scout further in Latin Americca for example.

  12. there is no doubt that we need better attacking options than giroud and walcott…at least if we want to challenge for silverware …that said i cant remember the number of footballing brains on this site calling for the signature of de maria and bemoaning his move to MU … where are you all now???…i do think benzema would be a better option though in many respects would prefer reus or griezman or even take a risk on draxler and have more money to bring in quality DM which is still critical missing piece of the puzzle IMO

  13. spot on zak.
    I guess that a lot of fans were not maybe even born back when I started being a gooner, in 96, with the arrival of Wenger actually.
    And I admit I am not familiar with details before that.
    But I also remember seeing Titi miss some shots, he is a legend, he is a true legend, but in the making of the legend there wwere some missed chances. He never gave up though, as neither OG gives up.
    Two examples are UEFA final v Gala and UCL final vs Barza. we lost both games. Henry didnt score in any. And the Gala one ended 0-0 if my memory is no one scored.
    And this was the son to be invincibles team in 02 (final awas in 2000).
    any way, its good to read someone that knows how Arsenal is built and that its not just a mattter of clapping and a trophy appars.
    And for the recoerd I WANT that european trophy badly!!

    1. @Gigi2,
      Henry still had potential and could develop. He was what 21 then? Giroud was 26 when he arrived at Arsenal. He was supposed to be almost reaching full potential then or already developed. He wasn’t good then and has not developed a whole lot now.
      In football, at 29 it is too late to develop for a striker. Strikers are already at their best at that age.
      Giroud is no Henry or Rooney. Don’t you have ANY respect for legends?

      At 29 of age, a striker who is slow, can’t dribble, can’t finish and don’t possess lots of skill and technique you can only go down or remain at the same. Its different for GK’s, defenders and CM’s as they can get away with aging a good amount of times as they may still have sometime to develop just a bit more (not physically however…Mertersacker will NEVER be quick). But for Attacking and wing play, if you aren’t already class at 29 and somehow still playing at a big club in a top league, a better player will be bought to take your place.

      1. K man.
        I think you have to get your factas straight.
        Henry was born in 77. he was 23 almost 24 on that final vs Gala.
        He was 29 almost 30 on that 06 final.

        I have a lot of respect for legends…but the Word syas it all, legends arent true. Our players are true and facts are that some of them failed in big moments, only now people dont rememebr and keep slating our ACTUAL players.

        Again; a lot of critics say Giroud goes missing in great moments, thats why I brought the two single greatest moments in our recent history..and in both Titi (who I love and was a fan of his since he was in Konaco and creid when he left for Barza) failed…

        truth hurts sometimes…

        1. @Gigi2
          Sorry, what’s the joke there? I don’t see it…am I missing something funny in your statement? Leave funny to people like @Muff Diver who are actually really funny. Now, senseless support for average players…that’s you my friend. Stick to you. When you try to be wise or funny, you end up being boring in addition to not making any sense with most of your arguments.

          When Henry arrived at Arsenal in 1999, he was 22 and in his first season he scored 26 goals. Henry was already very good and a magnificent talent in 2001. He was 24 in 2001. By 2004 he had peaked and achieved his best in an Arsenal shirt. He was 27 in 2004. Do you realize how stupid you just made yourself look?
          Giroud was 26 when he arrived. At that age, he is supposed to have reached his best or almost be at his best if he was ever going to be a world beater or one of the best.
          I think that was very clear in my message or maybe you are a bad reader or have low cognition. I don’t know son, I don’t know…or maybe you’re just ignorant…again, I don’t know my son. I don’t.

  14. Arsenal fans logic.

    We dont need Suarez we have Giroud. Months later, If we had bought Suarez we would end up being champions.

    Nowdays. We dont need Benzema we have Giroud. Months later, Same story.

    1. giroud does take a battering here which is unfair, he does alot for our team

      but i agree how people tend to overestimate our players….on here ive heard

      theo is better than reus (last week)
      ramsey at his best better than zidane (a gem from xmas last year)
      joel campbell (will take neymars place at barca within 2 years)
      wellington silva ( must be good cos hes related to anderson silva- hes not lol)

    2. @ks-gunner
      We would not have become Champions with Suarez. Our defense still needed sorting out. And we still had no DM. How many goals did RVP score the season before his move? What was our League standing that year?
      Reality’s a mutha, ain’t it?

    3. even after Giroud Community Sheild misses fans still think he’s good enough. Guy has never scored against Chelsea even when he was given sitters. Bottles in latter stages of UCL all the time as well. Time for a change. Giroud has zero competition as ST. Theo blatanlty better on wings for those who aren’t blind..

  15. Look we’re all happy to keep Giroud but we need him and for the even bigger games we need an even better striker. If you give Giroud a pass, 9/10 he will give it straight back to that player. Worlclass strikers don’t do that, they create their own chances out of nothing sometimes. Benzema can do more things on the ball than Giroud, shoot from outside box, more mobile, hold possession of the ball while moving. But by saying that I don’t know if Arsenal can improve his record of 1/2 goals per game ratio that he has at Madrid.

    Let me tell you now, If we sign Benzema we will win the league. The only catch is if Coquelin gets injured then that might not be true. Cech and Benzema would’ve strengthened both ends of the lineup. Wenger should experiment with Paulista in DMF against smaller teams in the league if Coquelin is injured or in the cup games if he doesn’t buy a solid physical midfielder.

    1. @HA559
      I think Gabe would be even more of a beast at DM than LeCoq.
      Not sure of us winning the League if we get Benzema though.
      I feel our main problem is our guys are not clinical enough in front of goal. We create a boat load of chances and probably put away 1/3 of them.

  16. some on this site said benz is not world class, but why do you think he has being with Madrid all this time if truly he is not world class. benz is better than Olivier .

  17. Okay all, interesting that Gnabry is joinging WBA on loan. Who thinks he will score more than Ox or Walcott when they play on the wing this season?

    I think personally should he get the start for atleast 25-30 games we will see him in double figures in goals at the end of the season.

  18. enough if this joke. Its disgraceful. Giroud a decent player, not more, nothing less. Arsenal need better than decent. We should be aiming to be the best team possible. Not barley good enough to challenge for title, which is what we are at the moment. No ST means no EPL title. I stand by that firmly.

  19. Some Fans are ok with Arsenal Striking force,this is foolishness on their part.Giroud and Walcot plus Welbeck can not win us the EPL tittle let alone the UCL. We need an upgrade.DM situation is manageable not the ST position.sorry if am impeding on other fans believe.

  20. whats wrong with you guys are u blind? Giroud is ok but i’m sure he frustrates me more than he makes me happy. He would be a decent second striker.
    Barca had Pedro, Neymar, Messi and still went to get suarez. They didnt wait to see how the next season would turn out, they got suarez an won a freakin trebble. Same with Real and Gareth Bale. Both sides have a better attaking line than us but still felt the need to upgrade. So y are we so comfortable betting on Giroud to shine.
    The fact is He’s been here for 3 seasons and score about the same amount of goals a season, I have no reason to think that will change…

  21. Giroud is a terrific centre forward. Especially in this Arsenal team as we essentially play only a solitary forward with 3 people bouncing off him. He is a master at this and not many in the world (with the exception of maybe Gyan but he plays in China now) can hold the ball with his back against the goal and do something useful with it. He has his off days, but all players have that. His goal ratio is good as well.

    Having said that, I would not mind a Lacazette to just add that little bit of pressure to both Giroud and Walcott. As he is originally a winger it means he provides other cover too and it allows for many different lethal combinations for the 4 highest on the pitch. Benzema on the other hand is not worth the money. Personally I think Giroud is better. Benzema is not particularly a good footballer and as a striker he is quite selfish. For Arsenal that is not what we need. He is also not as versatile as Lacazette.

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