Arsenal draw Sunderland in League Cup Quarters

Well, it looks like Arsenal’s luck is holding up in the Carabao Cup as we have got the probaly weakest team left in the draw, and we play at the Emirates too!

This is the one we wanted, especially after Sunderland manager Lee Johnson had cheekily asked for Tottenham or Arsenal out of the draw, and said he’d want the Big Guns at a later stage!

We don’t want to deflect fans away from today’s big game at Leicester, so I’ll just quickly say that Arsenal will face Sunderland at the Emirates Stadium whilst Chelsea head to Brentford for a west London derby.

Liverpool will host Leicester City at Anfield and Tottenham will host West Ham. So there will be at least two London teams in the semis, and hopefully Arsenal will be the third…

The games will be played starting on December 20.

So there we are, now back to the important game!

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  1. Cups are really all about the draw. Arsenal has had diabolically good fortune in cup football last few years. I feel sorry for Westham who have had Man Utd Man City and now go to Spurs. Our cup run really won’t begin till the semi unless of course 3rd tier Sunderland do a Leeds 1973.

    1. That’s why drawing Barca and Bayern so many times in the CL should always be remembered wouldn’t you say?
      Can’t wait for Sunderland and their manager… 😂😂😂

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