Arsenal drop points after four-minute Nketiah cameo changes the game for the worst

Leicester City stole a draw in the latter stages of the tie at the Emirates, but they can thank the disappointing sending off of Eddie Nketiah for his role in changing the tide of the match

Arsenal started the game positively, pushing forward at speed and putting our rivals under pressure. As Leicester do however, they remained an organised unit and were initially refusing to allow us to get into their box too much.

This soon changed however, with Bukayo Saka, Lacazette and Aubameyang all moving off the ball incredibly, and our opponents really began to look under pressure.

We opened the scoring just over 20 minutes into the match, when Saka lost his man down the right-flank, before he fakes the defender into falling on his butt, before gifting Aubameyang the perfect pass to tap into open net.

After the opener, Alexandre Lacazette really began to put pressure on our peers, with his link-up play and movement causing havoc for Leicester. The Frenchman could maybe have done better with his two key chances before the break, but the main talking point after the goal came at the other end.

Kelechi Iheanacho thought he had gotten himself on the scoresheet, after Jamie Vardy peeled out to the left before putting a pinpoint cross into the Nigerian, who slotted home, only for the referee to blow up over an incident off the ball. Kelechi had collided with an Arsenal defender in the build-up, and the goal didn’t stand.

Arsenal began the second-half very much on the front foot again, putting pressure on the Foxes, but they regained the organisation and were limiting our touches in their area once more.

Mikel Arteta moved to bring on Joe Willock and Eddie Nketiah with just 20 minutes left to pay, but the changes did not go to plan.

The young forward lasted only four minutes into the match when a late challenge on Leicester City’s number two, James Justin saw VAR called into play, and there was little surprise upon seeing the replays that the decision was to be a red card.

We took off our two best players thus far today, for Nketiah, only for the game to fall away at our feet.

It’s inevitable that without our key attacking outlets, and not enough options to work with Aubameyang in attack that our chances of scoring were now gone.

Naturally, with Leicester City now given the impetus to attack, and very much full of steam following the events, our team soon found themselves pegged back.

Jamie ‘I love to score against Arsenal’ Vardy gets his name on the scoresheet of course, getting his tenth Premier League goal against our side, in 10 appearances, and we now look destined to walk away wounded from the match.

I can’t tell you how many more chances the Foxes had to win the match, as I admittedly was struggling to watch the closing stages in anticipation for that losing goal coming in, but the fact that we didn’t lose didn’t fill me with any warmth.

Arsenal were the best team throughout the match until Nketiah’s silly decision to lunge in, and he will most certainly take much of the blame, although taking off both Laca n Saka for Willock and Nketiah raises its own questions…

Was Arteta looking to alter the formation with those changes? Will Nketiah come under pressure after his dismissal? Did the red card cost us the match or was our wastefulness before that more crucial in defining the result?



  1. Too many draws this season.(14)m8arteta should concentrate on teaching this boys how to kill games off..This game should have been put to bed in the first half..

    1. Really are you gone question Arteta on this??
      This has been our problem right under Emery, especially Lacazette who wasted too many chances this season

  2. I gotta say it was a fair performance.
    We should’ve won this game if only Lacazette stopped being Lacazette in the first half.
    Man misses to many clearcut chances, too many for a striker.
    I’ve always complained about him.
    I’d be happy to see his back.
    Swap him for Partey…
    Swap Guendouzi + 30 million for Houssem Aouar
    Get Depay for less than 20 million, then we’re sorted on the attacking and midfield front.
    If only it could work out this way, Elon Musk would have nothing on me, I’ll fly to Mars myself.
    Eddie was rash.
    Still good game, let’s roast some chicken this weekend.

      1. 😂😅that killed me, sorry Eddie.
        The save from Schmeichel was world class, I won’t like to blame him but yes there are better strikers out there.

    1. Eddie, I would love a spurs loss. Mourinho complaining gives me so much joy. And yes, Arteta knows what he is doing. Just needs the backing to get it done.

      1. Beating Spurs would be good.
        It’ll leave them far below the table.
        Aslo I love getting one over Mourinho

  3. We could have killed the game in the first half. we missed some chances while their keeper made some crucial saves. Ceballos and Bellerin were picking up passes in the first half. the red card changed the game. we kept Vardy quiet for a long period of time. Nketiah will learn from this as he is still young. wished we won and we were doing alright until the red card…..

    Just to show how things can change in football. from bossing the first half to the red card and to defending with a man down..

    welldone boys. we could have won but we just settled for the draw.

    derby is up next

  4. It’s really disappointing to come our with a draw in the end. The boys put in a lot into this game. But I’m liking what I’m seeing for sure. Now the CL is certainly out of our reach but still some positives to take home. What do they say. Right, we move!

      1. I beg to differ, keeping the score 1-0 for that amount of time is not easy.Unlucky for Eddie but we played a top 4 side and did well except for the wasteful Laca. A year or two back would be a sure loss. Imagine Saka benching Pepe and Ozil (when fit). Keep mischief makers away and see how well the team performs. Bring on the little ones this weekend, let us all give little Mou something to moan, groan and frown.

      2. Isn’t that the same formation everyone has been praising him for? Now it’s rubbish?

    1. It was a good game, and shows MA process is under way. Many times luck counts in the end product of football matches

  5. Not clinical. A game that shouldve been done in the 1st half. If our UCL chances werent dead before they 100% are now. If Arteta is going to deploy Auba as a winger, we need a new striker then. Cannot go into next season with somebody as unreliable as Lacazette still running around. He didn’t have a bad game, but man has got to score if you are our striker or you are useless. Ceballos, dont sign permantely. Cannot last the 90 minutes, can be marked out of games too easily and doesnt create chances frequently enough. Shame we couldnt get 3 points because Leicester were not very good today.

    1. I’d have to disagree with you on Ceballos… Man was working his socks off in the first half. Important ball recoveries and tackles, I was seriously impressed. He combined so well with Xhaka defensively and offensively. No don’t say that…. 2nd best player on the pitch for me. He couldn’t really affect the attack more coz he was dropping back whenever Xhaka advances, not much he could do from deep. Still had the sight to spot Saka tho…

      Now is it just me or Aubameyang seems to be
      dropping in performance recently or is he just fatigued??? Especially in 2nd halves he’s just absent.

  6. Laca is not clinical whatsoever.
    And he should work on making runs into the box too. He hardly tries to make runs off defenders shoulder.
    Look at Auba and Verdy doing it. Laca does not seem to be a very instinctive goal poacher.
    But he is such a grafter / hardworking player i will give him that.
    Very frustrating.

  7. When I saw the number of chances we missed in the first half, I knew we might pay for it in the second half.

    I know arteta must introduce his super stars ( willock, nketiah and Nelson) before the end of the game. This time, it backfired!

    1. Sir, are you being sarcastic with the term “superstars” These lads give much more that the mega bucks star Mr. Mesut Ozil. Apart from Lampard, which other coach is working with academy graduates like Mikel? And they are doing just fine! And it is another senior player Laca who was a misfit. There is a reason why Mikel starts Eddie over Laca and today’s game proved that. Laca as a sub and not the opposite.

  8. While the sending off was key, i think a draw was fair on Leicester who really controlled the game better than us. Yes we had our moments in the first half and nobody really let us down but from my point of view we are not winning the battle in midfield. Its the same for me as the last few games the stand out players are Luiz, Ceballos, Tierney and Auba. There is no gripe with the result, it was fair on both teams. It is not the result we wanted or needed but we cant complain. We are competing better and we have a good shape, i just feel we are not dominating midfield and that is letting us down. I dont understand what Pepe has done wrong but im sure we will find out, if he has. It does mean people can stop talking about CL football now, its EL or bust.

    1. I don’t think pepe had a lot of training seeing as he was away for the birth of his baby

    2. Auba has kept us from a relegation
      scrap this season but he was honestly
      one of the worst players in an Arsenal
      jersey tonight. Other than the tap in
      he was a passenger all evening.

      If MA isn’t going to let him lead the
      line going forward than Arsenal need
      to let him move to a true BIG club
      competing for domestic and CL
      trophies each year.


      1. He’s not a winger. No body is asking him to be one. But his few minutes at center forward after the red card should show you he’s not a center forward either. Starting wide doesnt make you a winger. Unless you think Messi and Ronaldo are wingers, in which case, I’d agree with you. But from what I see, he’s playing the same position Ronaldo and Messi do. I’ll leave it up to you to name it.

    3. I definitely saw the same game as you Reggie.
      Whilst we squandered chances, I do recall Martinez pulling off saves and making fancy clearances.
      You mention Pepe but we have to play Spurs, Liverpool and City in the cup. Rotation during this squeeze of games makes this essential.

      1. Yes Sue Martinez pulled off a couple of smart saves, i like him alot but i also like Leno. Thats got to be good.

  9. I know it’s a disappointing draw but boy am I happy with this team.. The level of organization and confidence has improved tremendously. Ceballos is truly a class player… We should do all we can to keep him… Lacazette should have scored but overall he had a good game. Kolasinac and mustafi were something else to day and Martinez just fills me with so much confidence… I trust Arteta, I trust the process.

      1. Ceballos Sue is carrying midfield, his vision and ability to hold onto the ball is great. The ball for the goal was spectacular. I hope we can loan him fir another year.

        1. You can see why Arteta wants to keep hold of him, Reggie. I really hope we manage to, even if it is another loan. He’s been superb!

    1. ceballos doesnt do it for me. I dont think he was bad today but he doesnt’ contribute enough offensively. Has trouble looking for a good ball when he doesn’t have a lot of space and so passes it back/sideways and we end up sitting deep. Think we can do better. Again, I dont think he was bad today though, I just think we can find a better, more balanced player. I appreciate that he is willing to work hard tho, but doesn’t live up to the level of Aresnal midfielders we are used to having.

        1. He had a lot of space to do that. With space, he’s great. Without, he does a lot of twisting and turning that doesn’t really go anywhere. You dont get a lot of space in EPL which is why I think he’s struggled most of the season and would do much better ina different league. For a man on form, he hasn’t gone a full 90 minutes where I think he’s controlled the game. How many times has Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Arteta done something like that in past seasons? I like Dani, but we’ve had midfielders much better than him and I wouldn’t pay the money Madrid wants for him.

          1. Personally, for next season, I’d have him Xhaka and Partey in that midfied 3 . They have enough passing talent in there to be dangerous.

          2. Our midfield needs more than one new player. This has been our worst midfield in over a decade. Need more than Partey brought in. Arteta is just working with what he has. These players have been poor performers most of the season, and the second we are not on form we’ll be asking why some of them are still here.

          3. Personally, I’d only add Partey. Many a time, it feels like both Xhaka and Ceballos would have been better standing off a tackle and waiting to pick up the ball and move it forward. It’s all for next season though.

          4. The problem with Cebs though, is that he sees our club as a stop-gap – if Madrid offered him a chance to return tomorrow as a sub, he’d be there like a shot.

            How can MA plan for the future, with that kind of thinking? He has said (MA) that he wants to keep him, but the player has no long term interest in staying at our club – so why should we pay him and train him, so that RM can benefit from us?

          5. Another good point, Ken. If I remember correctly, he was talking about even Real Betis loan a bit ago too. His intention is to break into RM team at some point. Our intention is to build a long-term team and culture. Dont think the goals collide right now.

        2. Joe, you say Auba’s not a winger and his not a centre forward yet 50 goals in 70 odd games doesn’t do much for your argument. there’s no pleasing some people.

          1. If you can name where Messi and Ronaldo play , that’s where he plays. I’m not going to be a smarty pants and name the position. I just know which other prolific attackers play the same position.

  10. Yes …I am questioning him Eddie..He’s made some improvements with the team and I believe he’ll do more next season..That’s why I’m saying he should learn to kill off games while he’s got the upper hand next season..About Lacazette..He misses his fair share of goals But You can’t score them all..can you?

    1. Lol.. So now Arteta should be responsible for the fact that our 29 years old striker keeps squandering chances upon chances?
      Have you forgotten Lacazette has wasted a lot of Chances this season right from Emery’s tenure?

      1. Exactly my point😂😂😂
        As if Lacazette is a young player just growing.
        He works hard blah blah blah, his goal ratio is too poor

  11. For all ya blaming laca for missing clear chances….was that header the clear chance or the one he made the keeper work after turning to fire a shot….tell me which of those chances he could have converted ….you make it look like they don’t have a goalie….man was busy working his socks off linking up play…. You think it’s easy doing that … holding off 3 huge centre backs of Leicester….he was doing that perfectly and bringing others into play and that wasn’t the best time to sub him off…. Arteta screwed this….if there was anybody who should be off that pitch earlier on ….it should be auba ….he has had a lot of minutes to play and he wasn’t effecting the game …man moved in middle after the red and he was just falling off those centre backs…. That’s to tell you what work laca is doing….. You can’t underestimate hold up play in the premier league….it is important coz of the big centre backs in the league…. Arteta screwed this for me….change too early for laca …. And what does willock add on the wings….I don’t understand…. His substitutions are starting to look more traditional rather than tactical….same style of sub for over three games running…..he needs to do better….and for ya all not getting what hold up play means …you can ask chealsea fans why Lampard Preferes Giroud to Abraham…..2 points dropped feels like 3….but nice game from the lads….xhaka is unbelievable with mustafi…. What a transformation….

    1. BTW , now that you mention it, even willock held up better than Auba. Never mind though, I’m not going to point fingers. It just didn’t work.

    2. Nobody’s defending Auba’s contributions tonight, the Issue still remains Lacazette should’ve taken his chances, that headed ball was too poor.
      The second one was more frustrating, it was a straight shot to the goal keeper, I’m not sure what game you saw.
      He literally took a shot straight to the middle where the goalkeeper stood.
      Also what’s this point if you work hard 90 minutes and you keep squandering chances when you get them?
      If we had won the game, you won’t be calling out Aubameyang even though he didn’t put in the shift.
      Last game, nobody called out Saka for his performance just because he got a goal. He was a passenger in that game.
      As a striker, you can’t keep squandering chances upon chances, and expect to get credit for running headlessly.
      Goals win you games, that’s just it.
      Blaming Arteta because he made changes and the player recklessly went ahead to get himself sent off?
      Lol, you amuse me

      1. I didn’t blame Arteta coz the player he subbed on got red but I blame him for the timing of subbing laca coz he was influencing the game….auba wasn’t ….he could have sub auba….he has played a lot of games ….he need rest….he did almost nothing on the pitch today other than that tap in…if nketiah didn’t get the red I would have said same thing….the sub was too early on ….laca was working his socks off holding up play….you guys underestimate this….but immediately auba got in the middle you all want him to play….he was just falling off those defender. So you should at least give laca thumbs up for working for the team even when not scoring….ask France coach how he won the world cup with Giroud not scoring ….he would explain to you how hold up play is important…. nketiah even without a red can’t hold up those Leicester defender…he can only run in behind them …Arteta should have waited till like the 80th minute to sub of laca since we are leading….by then those centre backs might have bin tired and playing a higher line making it easier for nketiah to run in behind them….. That’s what am saying….not blaming Arteta coz nketiah got a red card….and if you think he could have done better with those chances …well everyone could have done better in every areas of life…. What matters is doing something at least…. And he made the keeper work … Those chances are not clear court chances whether you like it or not…. They are missable chances….so I can’t blame him for them….

      2. And did you hear Brendan Rodgers saying how laca was a problem for them….ya all need to understand football isn’t all about who put the ball in the back of the net….the entire process is also important

  12. If I had one thing to say to Nketiah right now, it would be next time better. If there’s a 1% chance that you can win a challenge, you take it. It failed this time, but don’t stop.

      1. I just remembered…… isn’t paddy power supposed to plant 6000, whenever we don’t win?…….. it’s a win-win situation for the earth afterall 😃

  13. Sadly none Sue!..😄..Arsenal out to save the planet but the boys not taking this noble assignment serious enough..

      1. Hopefully Sue..Nothing will please me more than Roasting those birdies and planting 3000 trees afterwards..I might have to get myself some gardening tools before Sunday …😄

  14. Ten fouls, one yellow card and one red card = The Arsenal :
    Fourteen fouls, no yellow card and no red cards = Leicester City:
    Some things never change:

    Great performance once again – chances galore from our team play – Bellerin carries on ignoring his critics – 100% commitment – five games undefeated – only two goals conceded in those games.

    The only drawback? Missed chances to seal the game.
    What a different scenario to the one facing us just over seven months ago… I’m looking at the positives right now, there are so many.

    1. I was expecting to see Mike Dean on Sunday, Ken… but no, it’s Michael Oliver!

      You are right, Ken, there are so many positives… pity the ref and his cards isn’t one of them 😄 No wonder Leicester are down the bottom of that table (cards) along with Liverpool!!
      I’m loving Ceballos and Tierney right now 😊

      1. Sue, Tierney is class and to think it was being suggested we should sell him by some!?!?🤣
        Not with you on Ceballos though, like RSH, I have only seen three great performances from him and his heart is in Madrid. 😕

        Mr. Oliver will do us no favours either, but just a smidge better than Mr. Dean🙈🙉🙊 – getting the hang of these things, whatever they are called!!!

    2. That’s EPL referees for you when it comes to messing things up for Arsenal.
      We should have won the game in the first half though, but it is the referee that stole our two points.

  15. Not Nketiahs’ fault! Just got on the pitch and the ref needed to use some common sense. Nketiah was still cold and not warmed up. I thoigh we had a good game actually. Good passing, pressing and movement going forward. The usual issue we have though is we can’t kill a game off and need to take our chances better!

  16. Didn’t catch first half so can only comment on second … Which was woeful … Leicester were better organised more robust and .. And this is shocking part for me … More skillful … Until we have a midfield that can control the game and link from defence to attack we will play disjointed football with hopeful hoofing ball from back which was endless tonight as the only attacking option… Xhaka is utterly utterly useless how anyone can defend this excuse for a footballer beggars belief and kolasinac in midfield is beyond comical … Both will have to go if we are to progress along with Willock who has been given a chance and consistently puts out below average performances each week and same goes for Nelson ….Tierney a great buy if Saliba is decent then he needs to team up with someone to make for a consistent pairing but bellerin is neither a defender nor attacker and can be let go … I like lacazette and way better than nketiah (areta needs to call up Leeds manager and get some proper instruction on this guy) but there is truth to argument that laca is wasteful and doesn’t work well with Auba .. Attack needs some hard thinking over summer

    1. Well, like you said , you only watched the second half. I did get into a debate with Grandad and someone else over bellerin at the beginning of the game, they were quiet at half time. I’m not gloating, I’m just saying, today he was a picture of what he used to be providing dangerous attacking outlets. On the other players, I don’t know what game you watched. Actually , after the red card , the only player with composure on the ball was Xhaka and Willock. People were heavily disappointed with Laca because he missed two great chances in the first half . I thought he should have burried them, But I’ll credit Kasper Schmichel for the saves. If you by any chance watch the first half, come back and read your comment and see how out of place it is.

      1. Joe, it is so frustrating to read these type of comments, based on just 45 minutes.
        It shouldn’t have mattered how we played in the second half (regarding the result) as we basically played them off the park.

        1. not sure what to say … It matters in terms of a team that can’t play 90 minutes of consistent football and it matters for the result with 2 points dropped and the unlikely chance of qualifying for Europe just got even less likely … Oh and your “we basically played them off the park” comment is so frustrating coz it’s based on 45 minutes of football!!!!!!!

          1. Please name one team in the world that can play 90 mins of consistent football over 5 games. I’ll wait. Even liverpool has had these kinds of games. Sometimes, things outside your control can cost you the game. I don’t know what level of team arsenal fans think their team is that should be able to not foul, not be attacked, attack for 90 minutes, never miss a chance , never loose control of any part of the pitch , never be dribbled past, never accept a cross into their box , literally , never put a foot wrong. I don’t know why you think these things are possible.

  17. What the fans don’t realise, is that this is ironically a great result for us. No European football is just what we need next season, even if that means no Auba. CL was already dead after the Brighton game, and now EL will be a tight call. Our remaining fixtures should ensure no European football.

  18. Rating for all team is a 10! Arteta a 8, cuz he had it all right beside Laca’s sub.

    He is game’s MvP when look at it, converting occasions, he be twice MOM.
    Idea tonight was to win it against direct oponent for Europe football , but we still slowed down their pace as they are that team to drop out top 5 and allow us to make it there.

    MA tried to keep all players concerned, but a gambe costing us 2 points, he knows it, can see it in his face end of the game. Like F! That sub wrong in the end.

    Laca was leading us….Actually made space for our goal. Let’s stay on positive, Chelsea went above and have man u putting more pressure on them.

    This still can go either wayz, but indeed reducing our CL chance upon city ban. Either ways, we are 3rd best team in 2020.

  19. We deserve the 3 points but 14 draw is too much.

    I hope MA will learn from this draw something. Anyway, our defence improved that they can withstand good striker like Vardy, time to include Holding more often I guess.

    Laca .. oh Laca! He was great today but come on! how can he miss this number of chances? I’m sure if Auba was in his place he could’ve finish at least one or two of them! time to consider playing Auba in the center again!

    Overall, a good match and we didn’t lose to them in our field. It has been quit some time since I enjoyed our games like today’s and I wish everyone will learn from this draw for the future.

  20. Really enjoyed this game again! If only.. harsh red card, wasn’t intended and this looking at plays 15 times in super slowmo is not what the PL is about. Ref should have left it with the yellow. But hey, you win some you draw some. The Leicester goal.. if only Mustafi drank a little more milk growing up or Martinez stuck to the grass we would be over the moon. Will get there, COYG!!!

    1. I will be brutally honest.
      Saka and Auba along with lacazette didnt perform well in my opinion.

      Saka did create some good chances but he is struggling on the right flank.He is 18 and he is learning,i get that but the no.of times he was dispossessed showed this new position was really hard for him to learn.The assist was beautiful and if he is to play on the left flank i think he will be unstoppable,just my opinion.

      Auba,i get that he score goals but he is not gonna turn the game around if the service is dreadful.Leicester pressed hard in the opening minutes and the 2nd half and ceballos nor xhaka could do anything.And those are the times in which i believe auba should be off and saka put on left wing giving pepe a chance on the right wing.Because Auba is not good on 1v1 situations,not in link ups and hold ups. But if we are dominating and controlling he will be a beast.I see MAs point in not playing him as a 9.But his workrate is always superb.

      Laca is like firmino,great linkups and good hold ups,can pick a pass and reads the game pretty well.The only thing he is struggling with these days are goals.He is not taking his chances.Some of tierneys crosses are just phenomenal and nobody is helping him out in the box and thats lacas main job.He should put pressure on the CBs.Not good enough….

      My motm was tierney,just old school aint he.He is very intelligent,reads the game superbly,knows the basics of a defender and his crosses are just KDB and Arnolds levels,fantastic.That shot was just ROBERTO CARLOS💯.

  21. Now to play a side below us, in a 60k seater stadium, down the road, fully aware that mourinho has never lost a serious game against us.

  22. Some Arsenal fans are myopic and clueless, If you can not differentiate between saves and wasted chances. Any on target ball is deem to be saved while off target called for wasted chances but must be at goal bound area. Lacasette wasted no chance rather the Leicester goal keeper was on fire yesterday. Let us learn how to be humble even on draw game not only in defeat or winning

    1. Exactly . If those saves were made by Martinez, then we would have called them world class saves.

  23. Mustafi, Ceballos, Tierney and Martinez were all. Impressive in this game. As for berating our strikers for “missing” chances, just remember Leicester’s man of the match was their keeper!

  24. Have to look at it as a point is better than nowt, I guess 😩 The last time they beat us at home was in 1973…

    1. 😂 I went to bed after the first half thinking everything was done and dusted, 3 points in the bag. Anyway, am glad I slept!

      1. I couldn’t believe it, QD….we could’ve done with dat guy Welbz last night 😜
        One thing’s for sure though and will never change – I can’t stand Vardy hahaha!!
        Yes I bet! I wish i had too 😄

        1. I think Arsenal is cursed when it comes to opposition strikers! Drogba, Rooney, Vardy, Harry Kane, Crouch, just knew they were gonna score against us! Anyway, I think top 5 hopes are gone. Even top 6 will be a challenge given our remaining fixtures. It’s still good though, there was a time this season when we were fearing relegation.

          1. Fowler!! Crouch got his 1st hat trick against us 🤪
            Yeah chances are slim now….
            Absolutely! At one point I was resigned to life in the championship next.season!! So that’s a bonus!!

  25. Joe Allysons, you did not get into a debate with me as I was tucked up in bed by 10.30pm.For what it’s worth, I saw the game as Reggie and SueP did.A Leicester team,who were missing three of their best players deserved a point.Despite Ceballos playing well, yet again we lack control in midfield.Part of the problem stems from playing a defensive back three system especially when our three are obliged to play deep in view of their lack of pace.The sooner Arteta reverts to a flat back four and three midfielders the better.While he created the goal for Auba, Saka will never fulfil his immense potential on the right wing.I hope Arteta recognizes this and moves him to the left flank asap.Finally I thought Belief in had his best game for some time.

    1. Great thing Grandad , we agree on one thing. Bellerin played really well. I know you’re old school, but I’ve always said this. If Saka can’t play on the right, being left footed , he’ll end up being a left back. No top class right sided attacker is right footed ,and the reverse is true . Those days are dead and gone.

      About the formation, do you realise , with the “defensive” back 3 , we actually have 5 forwards when we have the ball , and still have 3 Center backs ? I actually think a flat four is more defensive . Because then , the wingbacks have to be more careful about how they move so that the two centerbacks don’t get dragged apart.

  26. But the red card looked harsh and this eventually cost us. It was a painful night for me.

  27. Well Joe, you are entitled to your opinion but perhaps you could tell me why the following teams play with a flat back four.Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd,Barca, Real Madrid etc.

    1. I can talk about one of them. I city a lot, and they basically play like they have a back 3 . Rather than have 3 midfielders when they have the ball, they’ll have one midfielder drop between the Center back pairing and let the full backs go all the way up. Just watch city as they build up. Besides . Does a starting formation define tactics? Teams are fluid on the pitch these days

  28. Oh, so now it’s the Edward Nketiah saga, isn’t it? Sheesh, I think all you Arsenal fans are a petty annoyance. Xhaka reacts to the fans(YOU) harassing him? You bash him. David Luiz gets a red? You bash him. Guendouzi and Maupay incident on the field? You bash him (Guendouzi). Ozil sits under an umbrella? You bash him. Nketiah gets a red? You bash him.

    What’s next? You bash Arteta for wearing a shirt?

    1. No, bash you for thinking you are superior to every other Arsenal fan and that you never ever criticise anybody. Must be a huge burden to be so superior. The second you said “you Arsenal fans” makes me think you are not an Arsenal fan. I will be keeping en eye on your comments.

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