Arsenal drops to 10th most valuable team in the world after taking huge losses

The news about Arsenal’s finances just keeps getting worse with a recent revelation that the club’s value has plummeted by £150m.

The Gunners have been struggling financially for some time now and they have posted losses in their last financial year.

They have also asked their players to take pay cuts due to the impact of covid19.

Yet the recent survey of teams and their values sees the Gunners end as the 10th most valuable team after taking a significant financial hit.

Brand Finance Review did a ranking of the most valuable teams in the world, and their rankings revealed that the Gunners suffered an 18.8% loss in value.

This shouldn’t come as much surprise to the club’s fans as their team has failed to qualify for the Champions League for quite a while now, and they are even at risk of not playing in Europe next season.

Mikel Arteta has been doing a great job at the club and he will expect the team to back him in the transfer market now it is opened so that he can build on the small gains he has enjoyed with his squad this season.

The Gunners have an FA Cup final to play this weekend, and if they win it, they will be playing in the Europa League next season.

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  1. Fans are also part of the big problem at Arsenal,we are our own enemies flying planes with demeaning banner, insulting players,I remember once Wenger was booed boarding a train,cold war in the stadium this makes the situation look worse than it really is.Liverpool took 3 decades to win the EPL but their fans always supported the team.Dispite the gross mismanagement at Arsenal for a decade fans behavior also affected the mentality of the players.This drop in value is not about this season alone it’s a systemic problem starting from days of the deluded one.

      1. Lord Denning, I’m not sure who the “deluded one” is to be honest, can you elaborate further?
        The deluded fans, were those who derided our club for claiming a top four spot was a trophy in itself…what those fans and the club would give to have that 20 year run start again after the 2020/21 season, or even being in the Europa League.
        How we taunted the pool and spuds for so many years, even with all those dross players we had!!! Now it’s just a distant memory – mind the gap, as they say.

        Even winning the fa cup wasn’t good enough, now we are all begging the lads to win on Saturday….so that we can appear in the Europa League!!!!
        We have just witnessed our lowest position since the 1994/95 season and the lowest goals for since the 1995/96 season.

        No surprise really then, with the loss of revenue since we were “only” a regular top four side and pilloried for it!!!

        1. Ken, you know only too well exactly who he meant by the deluded one. It is only Wenger and Ozil who you regularly defend and he clearly was not meaning Ozil.
          THAT IS WHY YOU ASKED THE QUESTION AS ALL ARE AWARE. I THINK THAT LD REGULARLY SPEAKS THE MOST JUVENILE NONSENSE .But at least I know, as do you too, exactly WHO he was referring too.

          1. Actually Jon, I defend anyone who is verbally abused on JA, no matter who they are – player of fellow fan..even you, as I have done in another article.

            It seems that you, on the other hand, feel entitled to abuse anyone who disagrees with you, be it player or fan.

            I am too old in the tooth to be bullied or abused Jon, as you well know – it’s like water off a ducks back my friend…let’s see whether Lord Denning confirms your thoughts….it could be UE or MA for all I know!!!

            Meanwhile, what are your views on the article and my thoughts that the top 4 position we had for twenty years is so sadly missed today?

          2. @ken1945 Wenger is the definition of deluded one, check your Collins dictionary there’s a new word.He was confident to win at man utd with amolst a pubteam,only to suffer a 8-2 defeat what do you call that!

          3. Lord Denning thanks for the confirmation, so could I ask you to reply to my thoughts on your “deluded one” and why you think it was delusional to think a top four finish and CL status for twenty years was not a target that we should be for ever proud of?

            Do you think that, not having this incredible run, might have something to do with our slide down the list of richest clubs, since the “deluded one” left?

          4. Lord Denning, regarding the 8-2 question, may I quote my friend Jon Fox?

            He thinks you regularly speak the most juvenile nonsense…I add or take away nothing in this instance.

          5. @ken1945 you’re entelligent enough to know that to be deluded has nothing to do with competence,But Wenger delusion made us suffer to be honest he never said his team is not great then why would kreonke support him.Wenger believed in a self sustaining model while other teams were overspending and just like that we were left behind.As for @ Jon comments I don’t want to throw an uppercut to a old man.Let him live.

          6. Lord Denning, AW might not have said in public that his team was not great, but there is plenty of evidence he tried to improve it.
            Players who have said they were approached to join the club, agents who confirm the same…did you really expect him to come out and say that his team were not strong enough to win anything?
            Man-management is obviously something that needs to be thought about here, wouldn’t you agree?

            You quote the 8-2, but it was only four weeks previously that he lost both Fabregas and Nasri, two players he was building his team around.
            How did you expect him to, firstly find two players of equal quality and, secondly, introduce them into the team?
            As a foot note to that 8-2 defeat, we still finished with a +25 goal difference and finished third in the table – something that is always overlooked. I guess I’ll be told now, that there were only three teams in the league that season, such is the mentality of some of our fans, in my opinion.
            In my book, one humiliating defeat should not define a season ,nor should it give the title “the deluded one” if one looked at the complete picture.

        2. Ken My views on the article are that a big fall in assetprice is massively good news. I assume that the research was properly done before writing the article. A massive and increasing loss is our best hope of forcing Kroenke to sell. While he remains we are doomed never to challenge for the title ever again.

          I remain optimistic that our asset value fall and the massive detrimental financial effects the disease will have on his especially USA sports clubs – with the Trump idiot doing all he can to ruin that country economically – will force Kroenke to sell. Probably within two years from now. Unless he is forced out, the Arsenal we have known all these years is doomed to long term mediocrity and eventually even relegation. I think this despite the admirable MA who wil not stay long when he knows beyond doubt the club has no ambition. I reckon he is already partly regretting coming but also determined to see things through. Though everyone has a point beyond which they will not keep banging their head against a brtick wall. That is my fear; that MA will decide to leave before Kroenke is gone.
          On anothe point Ken, I consider it my duty to put idiots right with the truth , as without truth no club can prosper.
          Truth is the real reason behind our long term disgreements on both WENGERS LAST DECADE AND ON OZIL. I believe , sincerely , that you are profoundly wrong on both.

          1. Jon, firstly the demise of our club:

            While it is hoped kronkie’s assets will fall, the reports are the opposite — his billions get bigger day by day.
            On the other hand Aliko Dangote has seen a massive decline in his fortune, due to the plunge in the value of the Nigerian naira.
            As he is the only person who has shown any interest in buying out Silent Stan, both our wishes seem further away than ever.

            As for MA, I am of the opinion that he would have known the situation when he accepted the post and, remember, he has stated that he has the full backing of the board and speaks directly with the Kronkies, so I am more optimistic than you, regarding his long term service at The Arsenal.

            On to AW and do I think we would be in the CL today?
            No Jon, I don’t – Arsene’s last year at our club was a disaster – both for him personally and the club itself and both sides needed a change.
            Unfortunately, gazidis ignored Wenger’s suggestion/wishes and went for UE instead of MA, but I digress.

            What I was stressing, was the importance of those twenty years of top 4 and CL with regards to the stability of The Arsenal as a recognized and regular top club.
            We never flirted with relegation and, in fact, the only unproductive season regarding revenue, was his final one.

            The revenue throughout the world, that The Arsenal received during his tenure must never be under estimated – it was enormous and brought our club world wise prominence.

            That is why, since his departure, the loss of revenue from the CL/top 4 has been a disaster, with the impact of being a successful club to todays news, plummeting our marketing value around the world and still to make a full impact.

            It is only now, that we can actually evaluate the significance of AW during his term as manager and, despite those last acrimonious (one can decide how many it doesn’t matter) years, the club was in a healthy financial position.
            I believe that every year of AW’s time, the club recorded profits and this is what the article is about.

            As for MO Jon, my recent article on the way players are abused, lied about and degraded by fans, makes it impossible to have a sensible debate – one is either classed as yes or no.

            The Dennis /Mesut article, which by the way is now open again, sums it all up.
            You said I was comparing the two, which was a completely false accusation and I have told you why – your reaction, along with many others of both sides, was driven by their personal opinion of the player.

            I despise abuse and bullying of any kind, no matter who it is against and by whom makes it

            The pen is mightier than the sword, as you well know – I wish you would remember that when you reply to others, as your wealth of Arsenal and personal knowledge is immense, but tends to get lost in the run ins that the like of you and I have…sorry my friend, but if I have offended you, rest assured, you have done the same to me – stay safe.

        3. Ken thanks very much for your latest reply (below)and I can very easily agree with very much that your full post says. It is already way past the time that we both should put both Wenger and Ozil to bed, so to speak and move on. Our differing methods of how we react are BOTH done through lifelong love of our club but I cannot, even so, go along with your views on the MA and Kroenke relationship being as cosy as you make it appear. I taKe fully into account thefact that it is, as in all clubs, a master and servant relationship. Owners are always thrultimate boss and a wise coach/ manager will never diss his boss in public but privately and not for our ears.
          Consider, as I said earlier, where his wealth is invested and with no spectators allowed til who knows when, ALL his sports franchises are surely running at huge losses. That is only common sense thinking, to me. With the USA economy likely to crash faster than ours or Europe, he will be hardest hit of all PREM owners.

          1. Ken, Arteta “has the full backing of the Board” has yet to be shown in actions and results in assisting Arteta to get the players he wants. Let’s hope he doesn’t end up with same poisoned challis and end up with his legs cut out from under him as Emery did.
            The mismanagement of the Board and senior executive is Arsenal’s biggest problem.

    1. This is way out of supporters jurisdiction. The fan are paying huge sums of money and turn up every matchday and you are putting it on the fans. When was the last time arsenal sold a player above 50m. Is that one also the fans fault? Open your eyes man. Ask Kroonke why we are at this level.

      1. True…. Fans pay their hard earned money and Board and owners use such money to fill their pockets…

      2. The abuse to our players have gone out of control. Case in point Mesut and Granit. Did Granit deserved those abuses? The fans cost him the captaincy and he is good at that than Pierre.

      3. Lord Denning, to blame football supporters, fan sites etc for the mismanagement of Arsenal’s financial and player assets leading to the resultant loss in Club value is absolutely ludicrous!
        Surely Kroenke will notice this massive reduction in his Arsenal asset and take action on the incompetence of the Board and senior executive.
        If not further depreciation will occur and Arsenal will slide down the table.
        The opposition clubs ahead of Arsenal will only get stronger and promoted Leeds United look the part.

    2. I agree…

      Image makes brand value, people and players attracted to Arsenal for that.

      A great football style, youth program, great human, foitball values and philosophy and a great loved coach who was a father to his player, so protective, no drama or issues, great mentality…

      That made our brand so attractive,, our image; value.

      Fans destroyed Arsenal. Some here are taliking so bad of Mr Wenger; kicked him out like a dog and hapoy about it.

      Can you imagine this at Man U with Sir Alex?

      I dont think people will get this, i expect some of you to take it on me as you do on topgooner (or gûnner)who is always accurate.

      We cant criticize Arteta but when he loses, he is not good enough.

      What about Laca, bunch of you wanted him out; killing the boy on a daily base, lucky it is no one in stadium.

      We saw the Xhaka debacle. People see how you talk and certainly dont want to be part of it.

      We have a poisonning fan base with no brain nor memory nir respect nor any respect for this club.

      I dont recall any team being booed by their fans, but fans standing up and clapping go suppoft players after q defeat…

      This is just facts, reality, No Sir Alex out or team captain booed and insulted to qn extend he had to throw that harmbrand, like F off…

      This is precisly what ruins our image as poor managemznt, we look like nothing, not consistant.

      We lose to Villa and almost to Watford baxk to back; that is terrible and what we get with an assistant coach
      .10th with one game to play, luckyly we won it but did not deserve but Watford to save themselves.

      That 8 spot is like 10th, midtable xlub we been all year.

      Sole will still argue and say Arteta is better than Emery who finished 5th and in EL final. He asked players, partzy maguire and zaha on fire.

      Precisly what was needed to do bettzr than last year, reach CL and compete for titles, win EL thus time.

      Cant compare a coaxh who won leagues and EL 3 times, and an assistant coach with no coach experience.

      He extends Luiz who was imposed to Emery insteqd of Maguire or Koulibaly his two firsqt choice…

      We are nowhere and wont go anywhere with Arteta and his Luiz & co.

      We will have one more CB in Saliba who must grow and adapt with Luiz as our main CB.

      I dont see any difference, same issue for years, our central defense area is swisscheese. A top DM wont help, Luiz is behind him!

      Im not even watching games as before, so depressing…We have a small joy, hopefull agaon and here

      I feel so ashamed for what was done to Wenger in a stadium, home he built and paid for us, kick our father out of his home like a dog, a total stranger many of you address him here…He made miracles with no money; in less than two years we dropped to midtable team no even EL. Thats fact, look at our ranking since Arteta, 10th in average as we are, we lost that Watford game, should have, not deserved at all..

      1. Wenger spoiled Arsenal fans as brats used to CL 2 decades in a row, unaware whhat he had to do to pull this off with no money.

        I remember how he was mocked by Man U player for playing kids on the pitch… But in CL always and Man U endes up falling appart ….

        I sont

  2. I dont think this is enough at all, even if Chelsea beats us, some will look forward to next yeat with their beloved captain assistant coach who never had a season as head coach and has Luiz as first CB choice he extented.

    When we fall to 15th we were almost at this yeat, that rotten fan base will start asking hil out and call him incapable.

  3. It is no improvement from 5th to 8th-10th we at but sgeady decline.

    And no one can say that Arteta did not have oportunity to finish in CL fight or at least EL. He failed!

    Only improvement i see is from no fans in stadium, plqyers not so under pressure…Maybe that also had a bad effect. Either ways; fan poisonning is why we qre a mess for 3 years…

  4. We in real trouble with that rotten fan base. Our value is our image they reflect beyond Covid; we boo our Captain and kicking out a legendery coach who develloped, represented the top brand he made of Arsenal.

    Once we got him out of the club totally; that killed our image; shameful, embarrasing for most of us.

    That rotten image & spirit do not reflect Arsenal loved for his values and respect

    Has nothing to do with CL but image which players as Pepe or Partey still attracted to Arsenal. A top brand wenger built and represented in a brilliant way in 2 decades

    1. Mogunna, I think you and I are in agreement, but I’m not really sure my friend – I do know your a true Gooner though, by your obvious passion for our club!!!

      Well done sir, a true Gooner( in my humble opinion) keep the flag flying!!!!

    2. Those who pushed Granit to the edges owe him an apology at least. You are always writing truthful statements don’t let the self righteous philosophers stop you.

  5. The cowards that’s the people in management are the ones ruining this club. After the departure of the great Arsene they should’ve gone for a proven manager with strong personality.

    1. These same Board and senior executive brought Wenger down with their incompetent management of Arsenal’s financial and player assets. My complaint against Arsene Wenger was that he didn’t use his personal credit and standing within the Club to speak out.
      The David Dean/Arsene Wenger partnership was an association for success rarely seen. Dean’s loss caused incalculable damage to this great Club.

      1. Spot on Ozzie. I think part of that is because the great Arsene cared too much about the club image and values to speak against the management in public that’s why he decided to take the fall.

        If I remember correctly he said one day he will talk about that.

  6. The writing on the wall was clear for everyone to see. Following Wegner’s departure, the Club have clearly struggled to appoint and set in place the right management infrastructure to effectively lead our football operations.
    Man U suffered the same fate when Fergie left, and for a while, they were like Watford, a graveyard for football managers. We too could face the same perils if we are not careful. Also, the game itself has changed so much lately – playing out from the back, overlapping wing-backs and backward passing to the keeper and CB. And while the top teams have changed their strategy and recruiting policies to reflect these changes, AFC is merely crawling slowly out of the Arsene Wenger era. I used to squirm last season watching the team playing out from the back under UE. And although I know it’s easy for pundits to assign blame to our owner, our manager and even the fans, I would nevertheless argue the real reason for Club’s decline is gross mismanagement of our resources in Football Operations, specifically – scouting, talent acquisition and management and development of players. Arsene Wegner is partly to be blamed for this too.

    1. Good post Rfrancis, find myself nodding in agreement.

      Find me any human being who claims not to have made a mistake and you will show me a liar.

  7. I just wonder, at what point will the Kronkes’ see the clubs worth at before they bugger off?

    1. GunneRay, not going to change much unless KSM take the Board and senior executives with them.

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