Arsenal earnings prove we are bigger than both Chelsea and Spurs

Arsenal topped the London table for revenue for the 2016-17 season, out-earning Premier League’s top two of Chelsea and Tottenham.

The Gunners endured their worst league campaign of Arsene Wenger’s reign, and will now be forced to miss out on Champions League football for next season, but did manage to finish the season with an FA Cup trophy.

Arsenal finished the term with an income of £350 Million, only beaten by the two Manchester clubs, while Chelsea earned £335 Million and Tottenham a lowly £209 Million, leaving us as the biggest club in the capital, although the Blues were not far behind us despite a lack of European football at all last term.

Adam Bull, a senior consultant in Deloitte’s Sports Business Group, told Standard Sport: “In those two regions football is great for the local economy.

“The clubs that are based there are well set for growth. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham all have or will have new stadiums and a track record of success.

“The fact that it’s a great global city surely helps in attracting the best talent to London. I’m sure a player being offered the chance not only to play in the Premier League but to live in the capital will only see it as a positive.”

West Ham’s stadium move helped them to acquire the seventh best income last season, and could see them begin to bridge a gap between themselves and the rest of the table in the years to come (much in the way that Tottenham have), while Everton have been splashing out this term to try and close the gap on the European places also.

Does our revenue show we are the biggest club in London despite our finishing position? Do we have the greatest means to maintain our place in the top tier of English football of the capital’s big boys?

Pat J

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  1. No it does not
    It’s a symbol of the big brand we are and remembering Chelsea had no European cash last season also tells u about their capabilities

  2. No… Arsenal have a far bigger stadium currently than Chelsea and Spurs, they therefore get more gate recites and more significantly more corporate income.
    Certainly if Chelsea had a 60,000 capacity stadium, which in about 4 years they will, their annual income would be significantly higher than Arsenal’s… With CL football back at Chelsea and none at Arsenal this season, they’ll pretty much close the gap anyway.

    1. Arsenal earn 100 million pounds from ticket sales, remove that and remove what Tottenham and Chelsea earn after removing ticket sales, then you can compare non matchday income of the three teams.

  3. No it just means our stadium holds nearly twice the number of fans that spuds holds and a third more than Chelsea. But that is about to change with their new stadiums holding more than ours.

  4. Douglas Costa to Juve for a loan fee of £5 million with an option of it being permanent, so where was Wenger when all this was happening, Costa is a beast on the right and having him a sanchez in the same team would have been awesome, pisses me off a little that we could only get Lacazette while our rivals are acquiring top quality proven strikers like Lukaku and supposedly Aubameyang has been offered to chelsea and Lacazette is no even close to these guys, but i guess its the difference in ambition between managers and Wenger said Trophies are not important and the club is bigger than that so…….

  5. For me, it is hard to separate the term “big club” from a club that regularly wins trophies including national leagues and European competitions.

    Not even Barca wins them every season but they compete for them and win them at least every 5 seasons or so.

    I don’t think if Valencia were to earn more money that they would be a bigger club in my definition of the word.

    Chelsea has won way more titles than we have in the last 10 years and probably invested more to win them. This makes it really hard for me to go shout or celebrate that we are a bigger club.

  6. I’m not sure it does. The extra group games and £50m revenue for arsenal in the CLis what has won this. There’s also the fact chelsea have added £30m a year with Nike and £20m a year with Yokohama, starting this season. With CL they should add £100m a year to their earnings, will arsenal match that?

  7. Does it matter ? Spurs finished ahead of Arsenal despite much lower revenues. That suggests they are spending their money much more efficiently.

  8. Arsenal gets alot of revenue from their stadium,adverts,sale of players e.t.c.That only does not only make arsenal top

  9. We are bigger then Chelsea! But compare their throhy cabinet to ours then you will realise how much bigger Chelsea are to Arsenal

  10. What matters to you as a fan? Is it the income or trophies? Does it matter how much the club makes if we don’t have a rich trophy cabinet to show for it? Chelsea won the league, that’s what we should aim for and not how much richer Stan got.

  11. Our history proves we are biggest club in London, and bigger than man city. We can’t just go on a short tame basis, everything must be brought up. We became the record holders of FA cup in recent times. We are the Arsenal.

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