Arsenal get JUST desserts from fantastic festive treat

Arsenal JUST edge a real Christmas Cracker at West Ham! by Sam P

In the sixth minute of extra time, the Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny was almost punished for one of the very few things he did not do brilliantly. The Poland international came and did not get a free kick, and Enner Valencia got to the back post with his head for the knock on but put it over. Tat was the last action and Arsene Wenger and his players were left in delight and able to celebrate a really hard fought away win.

But the home side had put us under real pressure for most of the game and must have felt they had been mugged being 2-0 down at halftime, especially after our former midfielder Alex Song had produced a thunderbolt of a volley in the opening minutes. But the goal was ruled out for offside as the linesman spotted two Hammers in an offside position and interfering with play.

If that was a contentious decision, there was no doubt about the foul on Cazorla for the penalty or for our second goal a minute or so later. And Arsenal really should have made West Ham pay as they pushed for an equaliser in the second half. The pace of Welbeck, Alexis and the Ox along with the vision of Cazorla gave us lots of chances to kill the game, but Adrian was having as good a game in their goal as Szczesny was in ours.

It did make for a great game and a frantic finish as they bombarded us with long balls late on, but Arsenal held firm and deservedly edged this christmas cracker of a football match. I think a special mention should got to the fantastic Cazorla who did his best impression of Alexis by working his socks off. And Francis Coquelin was as good as I can remember in the heart of midfield.

Great stuff from the Gunners and now we can head to Southampton on new years day in great spirit and with new confidence.

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  1. nyc says:

    Yes we won but the happiest thing is that we now have all our defenders back. Mert koscielny chambers Gibbs debuchy monreal were all on the pitch and that’s the total number if defenders we actually have. Rosicky is fit and playing. Ox is back and playing. Walcott fit and on the bench. Ozil and Ramsey 10 days away. Wilshere in February and diaby in 2019.

    1. juhislihis says:

      Diaby 2019 haha.. He will make his cameo appearance just to earn himself a new bumper contract.

    2. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

      hahaha … Diaby in 2019, I thought he will retire way before that

    3. Luko Bratzi says:

      Coquelen was man of the match ,even out shone Song as for the digs on Diarby shame on you guys what a heart break for him to miss all these years and a career that he dreamed of I hope he gets a new contact if he gets fit,hasn’t done anybody harm Give him some support if you are a true Arsenal fan,if you are just wingers and want to cause trouble Piss Off CB

    4. Luko Bratzi says:

      Come on now do you think Ozil if fit would have defended like the others when they lose the ball Cocqelen was man of match and distributed the ball well Ozil think he should go we need players with heart and guts CB

    5. SaveArsenal says:

      That was a great comment right up to the point where you said ‘Wiltshire in February’
      Time to set sentiment aside, Jack simply doesn’t cut it and doesn’t have a place in the team.
      Before some of you go on a thumbs down orgy remember the revealing stat this week that Cesc has made more assists this season for Chelski than Wack has in his entire Arsenal career!
      Oh yes and the other stat that states we win more games when Jack doesn’t play.
      Not good enough.

      1. jonestown1 says:

        I actually agree with the sentiment of your post but think the Fabregas assist thing at Chelsea is being overstated. I could of probably gotten half a dozen assists with that back 5, Matic and Mikel covering my arse and Willian and Oscar crazily buzzing around me. Fabregas has suddenly become a quarterback operating with the help of perhaps the most solid footballing platform in European football at the moment. I believe we have a few players who could do similar given the same circumstances.

  2. No Giroud, I'm happy says:

    OT …
    Transfer window is always very stressful when it comes to Arsenal …. Now it’s Khedira time … Rumours start to pile up

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      Lower your expectation to Kim Kalstrom standarts and you will be fine.

  3. juhislihis says:

    Thumbs up if you saw another Chelsea player get booked today for diving!

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Yes and Mou up to his old deflection pantomine tricks with his daft rant after the game……a “campaign” amongst the media and other managers to vilify his players for diving. Chelsea command begrudging respect but they will never be loved by the neutrals – their “professional” cynicism knows no bounds. A very good team who are programmed to cheat when things are not going their way. Not always blatant but they operate 100% of the time on the limit – the niggly tackles, trips, tugs and blocks they put in is astounding.

  4. gamer says:

    lets see how arsenal do in their next 3 games saints, stoke and man city we have most of our players back so no more excuses i expect min 7 points from these games

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      4 points

    2. luvdaguns says:

      we have most of our players back? giroud out 2, ramsey, ozil, wilshire out 3? how is that most of our players?

  5. Greg says:

    Nice win today by the gunners! It wasn’t easy, but we fought and got the all important win! Now on towards southampton, where we must continue our fight and grit to get that all important 3points on new years day! Coyg!

  6. Greg says:

    I’m Really hoping to see theo feature at southampton on new years day! I miss seeing our speed merchant on the pitch! Coyg!

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      Me too Greg but want to see him speed back when lost poses ion and I’ll be happy with him but I think come on as sub 65th to be be best for him as we need him for City game to start with Oxy rested and come on for him 60th to blitz the buggers 3 points and top 3 looking good CB

  7. Ks-Gunner says:

    Can we win the leauge?

    1. gamer says:

      are you deluded ?

      1. Ks-Gunner says:

        Its a question not a statement.

        1. muffdiver says:

          sounds like uv accessed time travel.past must be great
          do me a favour….destroy the kardashians before that ray j tape gets out-save us all

          1. Ks-Gunner says:

            No, Muffin man, i simple want to know how many of the guys on this forum think that we can win the epl.

          2. jonestown1 says:

            None. And you know it. So stop the amateurish trolling.

      2. luvdaguns says:

        he sh*ts his pants, remember…

    2. MustangGunner says:

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ouch It hurts to laugh about it but after the season start it will be great to just get to 3rd The top 2 are just too far out to even hope. Unless there is a bomb dropped on Stamford bridge during the City match taking out both teams I just do not see how Arsenal is going to make up over 10 points against both City and Chelsea. It is asking a lot for one of them to have a bad run of games but for both to drop that many points while Arsenal drop None the rest of the season is REALLY having blind faith.

  8. Twig says:

    Isn’t Theo due a start by now? If he’s not ready he should at least get some game time with the reserves, no?

  9. muda says:

    @nyc, there’s somebody called BELLERIN you can add that to the defenders list, i believe he is 2nd to debuchy in our RB. i saw something that coquelin, and its something promising. think he will deputy to our new DM for now i rate him above flamini. as for the next. fixtures, what if we went straight away and win our next 8 games?? to make it 10/10, coz we are accually in the way up. is theo not ready still??

    1. almostawinner says:

      hope to see coquelin feature over flam now. sorry flam. u gave it ur all.

    2. JayT says:

      You know what happens now though right?

      February 1st

      Wenger: “I didn’t sign a DM because Coquelin is like a new signing”

  10. Twig says:

    If you’re a Daily Express fan, then this will be Arsenal’s lineup at the end of January transfer window 😉

    _Sanchez Cazorla Oxlade-Chamberlain
    _________Ramsey Carvalho
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Debuchy

    1. mohawk says:

      If transfer rumors were gospel Arsenal would have entire new squad by the end of January.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      I have commuted in London for 25 years and can’t recall ever seeing anyone with the Daily Express in their hands. Seriously, does it exist and who the hell reads it?

      1. Twig says:

        Do you look at the newspapers people read for a living? 😀

  11. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    We are now 5th, brace yourself, 4th spot is within our reach now, can I a hell yeah!… Ok thumb this sh*t down then

    1. mohawk says:

      As they say……. Arsenal now controls its own destiny. Win vs. SH and move to 4th place.

  12. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    We are now 5th, brace yourself, 4th spot is within our reach now, can I have a hell yeah!… Ok thumb this sh*t down then

    1. muffdiver says:


  13. Hafiz Rahman says:

    a very very bad results…

    we would have been beaten badly by the big 4…..

    Wenger OUT!!!

    1. mohawk says:

      Can you not enjoy this huge win even if just for a few hours???

      1. DaveJay says:

        Hah! You must have forgotten which site you’re on..

  14. gamer says:

    im i the only one who cant watch chelsea games becuase of the pain watching cesc? the only chelsea game i have watched this season is when they played arsenal.i just watched a bit now chelsea vs saints every time cesc did a pass was painfull to watch what is he doing at chelsea he should be playing for arsenal!

    1. mohawk says:

      I also cannot watch Chelsea but this is because Mourinwhore is one the largest a##holes on the planet.

      He is nearly devoid of even the faintest hint of any positive human quality. He is an awful human being.

      1. almostawinner says:

        i cannot watch chelsea bc of cesc. still think wenger was a w*nker for not getting cesc back.

  15. Mick The Gooner says:

    A Liverpool loss tomorrow would be the icing on the cake – great day for Arsenal with everyone else dropping points.

    1. almostawinner says:

      yay, we got a bit of luck going for us.
      now lets welcome back theo, then ozil then ramsey.
      and a CDM and CB.

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