Arsenal emerge in race to sign Tottenham strike target

Arsenal are the latest name to be linked with a move to sign Fulham’s Moussa Dembele on a free transfer this summer.

The 19 year-old’s contract is set to expire at the end of the month, and looks unlikely to sign an extension, despite a big-money contract supposedly on the table by his current club.

Dembele netted an impressive 17 goals for Fulham last term, as well as impressing for France’s Under-19 side, scoring four goals in his seven appearances for the international side.

Tottenham made an attempt to sign the young striker in January, but failed to agree terms with the Championship side, and were heavily expected to come back with an offer to sign him for free in the close-season.

Arsenal are now believed to be preparing a contract offer for Dembele, which would see his side receive a development fee due to the young star being under 24 years-of-age.

Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray are also linked with the Frenchman, while a stay with his current side is also still an option.

Arsenal are heavily expected to bring in at least one forward in the close-season, following the demise of Theo Walcott paired with having lost Danny Welbeck to injury for the bulk of the coming campaign.

We have been strongly linked with captures of Jamie Vardy and Alvaro Morata already since the end of the league campaign, but as time goes on, both deals appear more and more unlikely.

Dembele would surely only be considered a prospect despite his impressive goal tally in his breakthrough campaign with Fulham, and fans will no doubt be in want of further additions this summer.

Do you rate the young Frenchman? Could he be be our back-up to Giroud up front or do you agree that we would need a top striker also?

Pat J

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  1. Firs off, Dembele is a midfielder not a striker. Secondly, we have enough midfielders and don’t need one unless the player can improve the quality of our squad.

    1. So it turns out I was mistaken, there is a striker that has the same name as the former Tottenham midfielder. But how do you know he’s not gonna end up being another Welbeck ? Has he shown any sign of having potential world class quality ? In my opinion he’s not what we need.

      1. @redlondon
        We don’t need world class, which is such an overrated term. We need “fighters”…

        1. Except fighters are world class when they have the quality to play for Arsenal, Cazorla is a fighter, Koscielny is a fighter, Alexis is a fighter… *sips tea*

  2. Now Morata has just scored for Spain some fans will jump on the bandwagon and say we should sign him but I still say he’s not good enough,over priced and his overall scoring record is terrible!

  3. Moroto score his 13 goal of season… I WORRY!!! We need 20+ goalscorer!!!!! Mossa Debemble ?NO THANKS

  4. we have Campbell, Ox, Iwobi, all young wing players struggling to break into the team.. that’s aside Walcott the more experienced youth and Ramsey,Wilshere who ain’t true wingers but can play there.
    so NO! we don’t need Dembele.
    if we must get a midfielder it ll be a proven and established RightWinger like Mahrez or Mkhitaryan.

    1. @wilshegz
      Jack and Aaron”CANNOT” play effectively on either wing. There are not even disciplined enough to play effectively in midfield…
      Don’t know what to say about Ox. He’s just too non football to play anywhere…

      1. A bit unfair on Jack, how can we tell if he can or can not as he never plays… Oh apart from the odd game where he gets himself injured again.

        When he has played on the right he offered more width than Ramsey did.

        When played in the middle he has had desire to run back and try.

        Jack just gets injured, I would bet that if we could keep him fit then you would be singing about his talent.

        RvP was criticized and there was question marks over him until he stayed fit, people said he had talent but never fit to truly show it. Some people went as far to say we should just get rid of him.

        I think Ramsey has dropped his game due to not appearing to show the same def desire as he did in his half of a great season, he might of scored a lot in that time but he also put in one of the best def shifts in the team as well. Maybe the ACM role would be better as he does like to run into the box and when he gets his scoring boots on then he can find the net on a regular basis… I’m frustrated by him though as he shown he could do the def side as well and I loved his performances for that too short a period of time.

        If I thought Wenger would change his tactics then I think a 4-1-4-1 formation would be best for this current team. Urghhh I have defended Wenger so much but you actually got me to admit one of a couple flaws I detest about him. I do not think he plays a formation strong for the players he has but rather for the philosophy of the beautiful game.

        Back 5 is kinda obvious…
        Wrighty(Bring him out of retirement and it would still be an upgrade to Giroud)

        Okay not Wrighty 😛 but could you imagine the amount of goals that could bring when they gel together? This would be assuming that Ramsey can step up his game but I would not bet against him stepping up again if he played in a bit more advanced role. He done well against England I thought and he does tend to make things happen when he is match sharp…

        I’ll admit most of my frustration for him comes from his brilliant half season, not only did he score but he got back and defended, I liked watching that and I do feel Ramsey has taken that joy away from me. I could happily support him again but our current formation doesn’t seem to fit his style, something has to change for me to fully support him again but he is still an Arsenal player so…

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