Arsenal ends Juventus dream of signing Premier League star

Arsenal is set to see off competition from Juventus to complete the signing of Gabriel Jesus.

The Italian club has been following him for a long time as they search for a deputy to Dusan Vlahovic.

Considering that they can offer Champions League football and a better chance of winning a trophy in the upcoming season, Juve would have been considered favourites.

However, the Italian club has money problems, and they cannot offer big money to add players to their squad.

This has probably robbed them of a chance to sign Jesus, with Calciomercato claiming Arsenal is now set to sign him for around 52m euros.

Juve cannot match that offer, and it means they will miss out on his signature.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Money plays an important role in the transfer market nowadays, and we will beat anyone to our preferred signing if we just offer enough money to add them to our squad.

Jesus will be a good addition to the group, and hopefully, he will deliver if he finally moves to the Emirates.

He showed he has goals in him in the second half of last season, fans will hope he can score them consistently under Mikel Arteta.

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  1. I don’t really see the hype behind Gabriel though. no doubt he’s better than what we got , but when you considered as a striker he contributed less than 10% of goals only to a team that scored 99 goals. Scoring 8 goals , 4 against a relegated team between, then boom we are all over the moon for signing him.
    I doubt if any of his goals were a match winning goals for city except agaisnt Norwich.
    We were starved throughout last season for goals, that’s the only explanation why many fans wouldn’t mind a striker with Less than 10goals to lead our Frontline..

    1. He is a winger, not a striker. Thats what i am struggling with at the moment. He even says himself he isnt a central striker.

      1. His played much more games in ST then out wide.

        No he hasn’t, pure speculation written by media, not one quote of him saying this.

        Why so negative about everything.

        1. The only with negative in his comment is you. What is wrong in you telling him he is cf and not winger like he said and tell him to look it up.

      2. Considering he was a substitute in many games at Man City, he still scored a good number of goals and Thierry Henry was a left winger, pure and simple when he was brought to Arsenal from Juventus. He didn’t do badly for us……

    1. 45m for a 25 year old ST, Brazil International , over 50 goals in Prem, won league 4x, FA Cup, League Cup, CL Final – I know his only got 1 year left but that is not terrible at all in todays market, also remembering with age he does have re-sale value.

      1. once again I’m not suggesting that Jesus has nothing on offer, but for our particular requirements, based on MA’s tactical leanings, I’m just not sure this purchase was the best usage of 50+M…btw stop acting like he was a centerpiece figure for City

        as for his potential resale value, that will be determined by what transpires once he’s wearing our kit and based on how previous “strikers” have fared under our current manager, this might not turn out as you’ve suggested…of course, I wish nothing but the best for him, I just hoped that we would have pursued a more pacey Striker who wasn’t so vertically challenged

      2. Lacazette over 50 goals in epl with the almost the same number of matches and majority of JA wants him out. Gabriel is a like for like replacement for Lacazette and thet is why most fan are sceptical about his signing. It is not that it is bad player. And as for the amount, why is it that we like to buy high and sell less. Are we not patronizing today’s market. If I should ask you how much should sell Pepe for I’m sure you will say less than 72m.

        1. Jesus came to the prem at 19/20 years old, of course in the same amount of games an experienced ST like Laca in the prime of this career should score more than a young kid who is still learning and growing, so not a great comparison- (Jesus does actually have more goals still and assists even with the above).

  2. Juventus were never interested in Jesus. They spent 75m on Vlahovic. Why would they and how could they afford to spend another 50m on a deputy? They buy payers like Ronaldo, Pogba Vlahovic not players like Jesus. The truth iswe get an ok striker no one else actually wanted, City pays off Haarland Jesus gets a club to pay him. No drama, no surprise no excitement but hey ho he’s coming so just get on with it.

  3. Jesus will improve his goal tally at Arsenal.
    Mark this space.

    2019/2020 season he played 34 premier league games and scored 14 goals. That is as right winger, sub, and some starts.

    I expect him to score minimum 20 goals as a full time top 9 for at least 30 premier league matches.

    Jesus will be worth every penny we buy him. He is here to prove a point and he is getting to his prime age. He just needs to stay fit through out the campaign then we will see what he can do.

    His qualities are there to see –

    Ball control.

    What more do you ask from a striker??

  4. were making progress theres hundreds of clubs in England whom would love to play in Europe count ourselves lucky we are one of them

  5. His qualities say it all , a defo must have , dunno why leeds managed to get him in the first place far far far to good but wood definitely be a asset to us by far

  6. People, complain on every incoming player, I remember last year how you complained about Ramsdale, Ben white even Tomiyasu!
    Why can’t we wait see how Jesus is going to perform then we make our criticism basing on his performance

    1. Part of the issue is that certain people have a rigid way of looking at things. You will find that they will always complain if the club do not follow their narrow perspectives on how to achieve success. It is also the case that some of these people are clearly determined to find fault with anything Arteta and Edu do.
      This is partly why despite what has so far been reasonable transfer activity there are regular entries either attempting to undermine the manager or deriding the views of fans who are quite rightly celebrating recent positive developments.

  7. Thank you Mr Rux, if we don’t buy people will complain, if we buy people will do the same, on Ramsdale, White, they were saying it’s too much on Tomiyasu they said unknown players but honestly speaking last season they were the pillars of Arsenal and what did Varane, Sancho and CR7 brought to Man U, let Arteta buy all the type of players he want like what Lampard did and judge him, remember Arsenal was full of deadwood
    David Luiz
    to mention a few

  8. I think it’s important to clarify a few things, as some seem to have a difficult time processing the nuanced nature of my particular commentaries

    (1) in no way, shape or form, do I believe that we’re somehow a worse team with the addition of both Vieira and Jesus, as some have wrongly surmised…they will undoubtedly make us a better team, especially the latter player in question…that said, my only concern is that we return to prominence, which means challenging for titles and major trophies, so when I see us make moves that I feel won’t best facilitate that endgame, I have no problem voicing those sentiments

    (2) I’m presently watching another one of Kroenke’s sporting franchises become Champions in their respective sport and I have to wonder, when will this opportunity ever arise again for this franchise…I have no interest in watching a rebirth of the whole Wenger Cup scenario, under a different namesake, so I can only hope that’s this organization is truly serious about achieving those lofty goals

    the fact that we appear to be loosening the purse strings, both last and maybe this year, might be a sign that we’re turning over a new leaf, so to speak, but I’m not convinced that this management team, both tactically and recruitment-wise, is up to this highly complex task…as I’ve said all along, this TW should have had 6 primary objectives(in this order)

    (1) replacing our tactical albatross, Xhaka
    (2) sparing no expense to properly addressing our Striker position, which meant getting someone with pace and size
    (3) re-upping Saka
    (4) repairing the Saliba situation
    (5) cleaning up our periphery assets that need to be shipped
    (6) looking to find 1 or 2 luxury pieces who could provide some guile in the midfield and maybe some depth on the backend

    so far, we appear to have functionally ignored the first 5 and skipped to the last objective, which was a longstanding concern under Wenger

    1. With well over 2 months to go in the window your analysis sound gloomy and combative, as per usual. There’s such a thing as low hanging fruit…get those nicely in the basket, then start to work on those not so easy to reach pieces. There’s still a out 9 weeks to do all sorts mate, chill!

      1. so luxury pieces in your world are “low hanging fruit”??? LOL

        “There’s still a out 9 weeks to do all sorts mate, chill!”

        I’m assuming this means that there’s 9 more weeks until the TW closes??? one of our biggest issues, in the more recent past, revolves around our inability to get our business done early in the window, so we don’t have a built-in excuse for early season hiccups…now that’s some low hanging fruit T.Baby

    2. And if it doesn’t happen exactly the way you’ve listed them, it means they’ll never happen??? What may be a priority to you may not be same for others. And for goodness sake, the transfer window isn’t closing this week Thursday bring 30th, we still have more than two months left bro. Let’s sit tight and enjoy the ride, you can’t tell me you love this club more than the manager and owners who are investing millions into it. For once in my life, I can see they know what they are doing and they now have a clear direction. We just like complaining over everything, both good or bad.

      1. “you can’t tell me you love this club more than the manager and owners who are investing millions into it”

        I can unequivocally tell you this is so!!! LOL

  9. Yes Gabriel Jesus can it and deliver it I think now that we have put it enough money to sign him in we don’t have to waist time on him again let sign him in and confirm him to the Emirates stadium Gabriel Jesus you are welcome I know that you can do it and we will collect the EPL 🙏💕😘

    1. why do you care about the price? fair enough if it means we cant spend elsewhere because of the price but that does not seem to be the case at all so who cares.. aint coming out of mine or your pockets

  10. why do you care about the price? fair enough if it means we cant spend elsewhere because of the price but that does not seem to be the case at all so who cares.. aint coming out of mine or your pockets

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