Arsenal EPL title talk just a bad joke for Gooners?

Do any of you Arsenal fans out there really believe that Arsene Wenger and the lads still have any chance of lifting the Premier League title in May? Surely even the most optimistic of us have given up hope once again, even if we think that Arsenal could bounce back and pull themselves together to record a great run of results.

12 points is a big gap to make up and even though there are plenty of games left and more than enough points to play for, do we really think Chelsea will slip up from their great position and showing the form they have since losing to Arsenal back i9n September?

I assume the answer to that is a firm no, so you may well be as baffled and bemused as I was to hear the boss talking about the title in an report, while our German centre back Shkodran Mustafi also spoke to Sky Sports this week about his belief that the Gunners could still challenge.

Wenger said, “It’s never over – we cannot behave like that. Even if you think it is, I don’t. We cannot even think like that.

“We look at the teams around us and we’re all in a pack that is very tight, where the fight for every position will be massive like it has always been in the Premier League, maybe even more this season than ever before.

“The way we respond to our disappointing result last Saturday is vital. If it is over for us, it’s over for everybody else. We are all together in a pack there, so first we have to focus on staying at the top, then if we can reduce the distance between us and Chelsea after, you never know.

“They have an advantage where they aren’t playing in Europe. They have no midweek games, so of course they are in a very strong position.”

Yeah just a bit Arsene. If he is trying to make sure the players put in the effort and do not drop out of the top four then I understand, but I do feel this title talk is disrespectful to the fans. We are not stupid and we know that Arsenal have failed once again this season, so a bit of honesty from Wenger and the team would be nice.

Mustafi said, “I think it’s going to be more difficult than it was before but I’m a believer. I don’t give up.

“As long as it’s possible we’re going to fight for it, and in the end we will see and if we’re lucky enough and good enough to go for it or not.”

I can answer that now for you mate. Do you see this title talk from Arsenal as nothing more than a bad joke for us Gooners?



  1. Twig says:

    It’s a good mentality to have. If you think it’s over, you might end up getting relegated even. Better to keep the fire under the players belly.

  2. Jimbeam says:

    He really cant say anything else can he? Not at this point. I few weeks later he will admit it, when its time. We are only in the beginning of February, although we did throw in the towel, we wont admit it until late March, early April, maybe even later.

    It really doesnt matter what he says, what matters is what he does. Will he leave on his own accord or will he stay another excruciating 2 years.

  3. Budd says:

    Rewind last year, almost same time before getting knocked out by Barca. Same speech, same performance. I am bored. Put your money where your mouth is, if you believe in title then show it, fight for it not just serve us fans same turd, albeit polished, over and over again. I am not impatient, I know Wenger will leave, I hope Gazidis and Kroenke will too. Is just that respect for what Wenger is today is wearing out constantly.

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