Arsenal executives showing disgraceful players how it is done by taking a pay cut

Arsenal executives have agreed to take a pay cut of at least one-third of their salaries for the next 12 months the club has confirmed.

The Gunners just like most football clubs around Europe have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak and they are looking for measures to cut costs.

They recently proposed a 12.5 per cent pay cut to their players but it was rejected. The club is still negotiating with the mercenaries to reach a compromise and save the club from trouble.

The club made a statement informing their fans of the decision taken by the executives to accept pay cuts. A part of the statement reads.

“Earlier this month, our executive team volunteered to waive more than a third of their earnings over the next 12 months.”

They also revealed that all their casual staff who work on matchdays would be paid in full for the matchdays that they should have worked this month and they would also be paid when the postponed games are finally played.

“We are extending our commitment to pay casual workers on our payroll from the end of April to the end of May. 

“For our matchday casual workers this means they will be paid for all four Premier League games that have been postponed and will be paid again should they work at these games once re-arranged.”

Finally, the statement reveals that the club is still negotiating with the players on potential wage cuts and claimed that talks have been “productive”.

“Our players have been keeping very busy during this difficult period, working hard at home on both their fitness and tactical work while training is suspended.

“Over the past 10 days we have been in discussions with them around the potential financial challenges ahead, and how we are planning for those now. 

“These are productive and ongoing conversations around how our players might support their club in an appropriate way. 

“We have not and will not make any comment on this matter until these private discussions have concluded.”

Tick tock the clock is ticking and every single second of every single day the club is losing money left right and centre, people in the community are dying and jobs and livelihoods are going down the drain but no problem, the players need time to discuss how much of their salary should be used while they sit at home playing games.

At least we know 12.5% is far too much of a cut for the multi-millionaires to accept and so at least there is a starting point for the club to base negotiations on, maybe 3-4% of the tens of millions they take out of the club yearly can be agreed, who knows, their generosity at this time of crisis could be overwhelming.


  1. Well I’m glad to hear the casual workers will be paid until the end of May.
    So the execs have started the ball rolling… now down to the players…

    I’ve just seen online that a 99 year old man has raised 6m for the NHS 👏👏 Wow!! Take a bow….

  2. Fairplay to the Arsenal board, they have acted with pure class at this difficult time.

    The players on the otherhand are showing they dont care about Aresenal and their supporters they want their money end of. If i was Arteta i would use this as a fact to who stays or who goes

  3. It does beggar belief that the players are still hanging on to their money by their finger tips. I hope they have a good excuse if the executive level at the club have actually taken a 33% cut for a year whilst other non playing and casual labour will get paid during the crisis.

    And Sue, since you wrote your post, dear old Captain Tom has already raised £7.5m for NHS charities. It is going up so quickly that keeping up with it is impossible. What a credit he is and others too, doing so much good during these bleak times.

  4. Withering and fully deserved sarcasm MARTIN, so well said. I will give our bunch til this weekend to accept serious cuts, not deferrals but actual permanent cuts, OR I may not support this team while these players stay, as I am too sickened and distressed at their outrageous greed. I do NOT say the club but the TEAM, please note, We fans are actually the club; it’s players are merely employees and very poor humans at that.
    But permanent damage has already been done to many fans future attitudes to players, as even though most players will be forced by the fear of being unemployed in their sport into accepting cuts, the fact remains that they did not do so voluntarily and that is sickening.
    Necessary action can NEVER be delayed without consequences but players are too young and mostly too dull witted to know that life lesson.

    1. Jon
      It’s a tragedy really that some of these young men just don’t get it. It’s like the idiots heading of to Cornwall and Devon during Easter. Or they do get it and are just plain self centred?
      Part of it is that pushy parents and scouting at a very young age has put them in the spotlight too soon. They get signed up by agents and before they know it -boff they are on big money as teenagers having
      all the trappings of someone who has worked for 10-20 years. Once first team football kicks in and £5m plus is put in the table then sadly they don’t know the real world. I wonder if academy players clean the boots of the first team like it used to be?

      1. Agree again Jon and Sue, i have suspected for a while that we have a team of players full of mercenaries, not bothered about the club, not bothered about the fans, disconnected from both and looking out for only themselves. Shameful and disgusting is all i can describe them as. Sack the lot and lets start again with players who want to play for the badge and not themselves. Worst bunch of players with an awful attitude i think we have ever had in my time as a fan.

  5. Hang on a minute-The article reports a Club Official saying they are in productive talks with the players.It also says there will be no comment until talks are concluded.
    Shouldn’t yiu wait until we here OFFICIALLY from the club on what’s been decided before hanging the players out to dry. They might just surprise you.
    And there are not too many other clubs that have come forward with OFFICIAL statements at this time not just Arsenal

    1. No, they are dragging their heels and letting everyone down. They are dragging this club down in the league and they are dragging the club down with their attitudes and lack of realism.

  6. Phil,
    They just might surprise me but I’m with Reggie on this. The really are dragging their heels and I suspect that self serving Gordon Taylor is at the helm.
    You and I shared comments about royalty and billionaires not stepping up to the plate but for all the posturing that has gone on for over a week, the PFA and their stance borders on shameful. How long does it take to do the right thing? Dear Captain Tom has plodded round his garden raising money for the NHS at the age of 99 and Arsenal players pussyfoot around. It’s cringingly embarrassing

    1. Sorry Sue P- Arsenal Football Club has a tradition of doing things the right way. It’s called the Arsenal Way. If it takes a while longer to confirm then I see nothing wrong with that at all. I trust this a Football Club AND the players to do the right thing, and who is to say we hear the final details?
      If I read a statement from the Club that the Players have agreed £xxxx% of donations and wage deferral / reduction and both sides see this as being fair and acceptable then that surely should be the last word.

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