Arsenal EXIT rumours – Zelalem, Campbell and Wellington Silva

Okay, have we all given up on Karim Benzema coming to Arsenal? Not according to some of our readers who still believe the internet frenzy. Mind you, this would be a typical Wenger move of surprising us all at the last minute, but I for one am not holding my breath…..

Anyway in the meantime we have enough players going out on loan, probably enough to fill a whole team in the next couple of years, and there are a few more of them today. Firstly it seems obvious that Wenger is trying to get Joe Campbell off the books but it seems he is trying to squeeze as much as possible out of any buyer. The rumours are saying that Palermo are willing to pay 7 million for him, but Wenger is holding out for more. Considering Arsenal paid 1 million for Joel four years ago and Campbell has spent nearly all his time out on loan, this could appear to be a little bit greedy. The funniest thing in my eyes is that Palermo want him to replace Paolo Dybala! Well, you never know….

Now Gedion Zelalem is a different matter. He has earned rave reviews from everyone this summer for his performances for the USA and looks like a real talent, so the news that he has been given a years loan at Glasgow Rangers is brilliant news. He is only 18, but as Wenger said last year: “I honestly think Gedion has the talent to become a great player,”

“But that will be decided in the next two or three years because he has to show that he has the mental level required to be a top-level competitor.

“He is a creative player and he can create a spark, an opening with his passing, his vision through the lines. If he manages to develop his physique and keep his qualities, he can be a very important player. Let’s hope he will do it.”

Well we will certainly find out this year. Scottish defenders are hardly shrinking violets so this will be a real test for the young genius.

What can we say about Wellington Silva? He was considered a child genius in Brazil at a young age, but it seemed that fame went to his head after Arsenal bought him and he had problems following orders in Spain on loan early in his career, but he’s had a reasonable year at Almeria and now wants to earn a place at Arsenal.

Wenger has made him sign a new contract and has reportedly sent him on loan at Bolton in the Championship.

For me, this is a big season for him, and having followed him since his purchase by Wenger I am not very hopeful that he will fulfill his promise. I hope he proves me wrong I really do, but I’m not holding my breath….

Zelalem is our best hope in my opinion, what do you think?

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    1. so Manure are on the verge of qualifying for the champions league anywayz…….as useless as 4th place…………. And that Darmian is looking promising……..manure have already given him a starting bert this season…… But gabriel just gotta wait until per turns 40….. Great! Just great!

  1. poor kids..if only you were westham or everton players and am sure some manager there would trust you and actually give you game time…i prefer the days that we used to make talent and then sell it later because we were actually good at that at least…what’s more surprising is the fact that we used to produce or buy top class young players who had huge potential…
    arsene is taking arsenal straight to hell….no manager should divide a strong fanbase as ours the way he has

    1. the thumbs number of thumps up and thumps down actually proof the kind of division these fans have been experiencing for the last couple of years….may God save our arsenal from the old man



    AGAINST PALACE WE CREATED WAY TOO MANY CHANCES….I bet aguero if he played for us in that game could have gotten about 4 goals.

    has giroud ever scored a hattrick for arsenal?

    I told him hell yeah…giroud has scored a hattrick in a friendly against vietnam in just 5 minutes…

    my mate had a really good laugh.

    get us a CF!!!

    1. there are no agueros available.

      ive checked the bt phonebook,

      daniel aguero is on holiday
      michelle aguero…apparently ‘doesnt like football’
      and jimmy aguero said …ahhh boo boo waaaa (think he was a toddler)

    2. Aguero is near the top of the pile when it comes to world class strikers. Clearly better than OG. Seems a nice guy as well. But you still talk garbage.

      Aguero’s highest non-penalty league goal total is 21. He has never scored 4 league goals in a match but of course he would of against CP just to make your useless point. He should have scored 4 against Chelsea but didn’t – what does that tell you? And how are “hat-tricks” the measure of a striker? Normally come in demolition jobs on weak teams. And as great as he is, in to his 5th season at MCFC he has 3 league hat-tricks, against Wigan, QPR and THFC. Whoopi do. And I refer you back to “if Aguero says fit”……one of the biggest IFs going.

  3. Zalalem? Oh, the making and scoring of that goal for under 19 against Fulham. I hope he will do well where ever he goes. At Arsenal now, only injury can give the youths chance (Bellerin someone?). We won’t try Fortune in Capital one Cup because we fans will not like it. Maybe we have the gem we don’t know. I saw how Heyden was sweeping ball from players feet last weekend and I marveled.

  4. OT : wondering if I’m the only one that feels sick from seeing Depay pop two and an assist, new signing…faak!!!
    Arsene still sorting out his penguin feet, our only 1st team signing starting to look like a double agent!!!
    What a time to be a gunner! Lol…#hopeful still.

      1. Of course he is KSG, of course he is. The “real deals” on here are always the players in other teams who have scored the most recently. Hence why all the Kane, Costa, Falcao noise has gone quiet on here. If any one of our guys had scored 2 goals against an appalling side like Club Brugges you wouldn’t be able to wait to tell everyone how that shouldn’t be a yardstick to measure anyone by.

        He looks decent but reckon United will have to win the PL and him to score 20+ league goals before he becomes “real deal” material. For anyone who has the hots for him and feels envious may be they should start a petition to trade Alexis and Ox for him.

    1. while we wait 10 years for jack wilshere to come good.
      united spend 25 million to get immediate results from mempis depay.

      bit annoying.

  5. dan crowley. jeff adelaide. zelalem.


    yaya S.A.N.O.G.O…

    managed by dennis, owned by richard branson

    the vigin atlantic stadium will b a fortress!!

  6. None of these 3 will make the current first x1 and if you picked your 2nd x1 probably only campbell might squeeze in, but I think the fact iwobi is looking good and would still be happy u21 means all 3 are surplus this season.

    However, when the likes of arteta, rosicky and flamini all depart next summer, the likes of zelalem, hayden and toral could be really happy they spent this season on loan. Jenkinson could well be the replacement for Debuchy in the squad next season, whilst Szczesney or Martinez might well claim ospinas place. Welbeck may find he will be moved on next summer, especially if akpom has a great season.

    Quite whether wellington or gnabry can squeeze their way in is another story, whilst crowley will have to wait a couple more years.

    For me our best 22 is quite clear at the moment, as once campbell moves we are down to just 23 first team players, and 2 of those (bellerin and chambers are classed as u21) but it’s now down to wenger whether he will add some more depth to the 25, but more importantly some more quality. Effectively with campbell and wellington gone we have room in the squad for 4 players.

  7. Only Zelalem will make it at Arsenal, the others will not. Debay is rrlly impressive, makes me think that Ox can do the same things aswell, but the old fart is to much prone to favorisem.

    Also, Its a shame if we let Juve get Draxler. I thought that he was once rlly close in joining us, what happened, is Wenger now sullky bec he rejected us once or what?

  8. What is for sure this is no way tomrun a top flight football club and certainly one that claims to have champion aspirations in England and Europe …. Ah merde just remembered 4th place is like coming out on top anyway

  9. Noticed anything guys? Since the season started and there has been other things to report on Arsenal transfer “interest” and “done deals” have dissapeared, I know this because I use NewsNow which links every Arsenal article on the web and its gone completely quiet.
    Says something about the validity of the news we hear.
    We just need to hope we sign someone.

    1. we just need to hope we sign someone and leave it at that*
      its something i realize that i should have noticed earlier in the summer every year, instead of wasting my time checking transfer bs

  10. All the signings of Manchester United are looking top notch. The saddest part isall were bought for cheap. People say United spend too much, but this season they spent 75 odd million and got 4 players. Thats a fantastic business , and by looking at them LVG has done a good job of throwing Di Maria out. If they buy pedro for 22 million then that would be even more a steal. LVG knows what he is doing and if United keep on playing like they played today they are going to be a threat.

    1. Yh but at the same time they have worries. If a top striker isnt signed then its just left to Rooney who imo has not been world class for a couple years now, and has started the season looking like an ogre on pension.
      Their entire defence is average and they may not have De Gea, as well as risky signings like Schweinsteiger and Depay (i know his goals were really nice today but doesnt mean he will be good over the season, look at di maria’s start last season).
      At the same time if they sign a striker or centre back they have a better team than us

      1. Their defense is not that average. Darmian and SHaw have started well and are doing quite well. Smalling well I dont know what has he taken because he has been one of the most improved footballer for some time.

        And as for players coming good or not, well everything is a risk. Take sanchez out of our team we will be in a bad shape. Take Coq our of the team we have to rely on arteta. SO its better to have a player than not. Depay, I have followed his football from dutch league and have to say kid is talented. Well being a Arsenal fan I hope he turns out to be a dud but thinking realistically I feel he is destined to be a star.

        Schweinsteiger well may not play that regularly but seriously he is just a beast of a player when he plays an dmore than that he is an inspiration and leader for this United team and thats a player we sometimes miss. Imagine a Schweinsteiger like player coming fro becnh or starting big games. He commands respect and before we start saying he is past his best , well he is 31 and has been named grmany’s captain so for sure he still has lot left.

        De gea or no de gea they are in better position this year. They have made shrewd signings and we may never admit that but buying 4 quality players for 75 million in todays time is a great business.

        1. Mate, SAF’s Man United and “great business” is acceptable in the same sentence, but sorry, “great business” in the context of the present Man U’s last 24 months spending fiasco looks distinctly dodgy. This is trial and error spending on an unprecedented scale – christ, if they can’t put a decent team on the field now then Man U should pack it in and call it a day. I guarantee you that if AFC had spent £350M to get in to the position Man United are in at present you guys would be on the streets and armed outside the Emirates. Blown out/lost 2 top GKs, no cover for the back 4, about 10 CMs to cram in to a team, only Rooney up front and nearly all hopes pinned on his old mucker Schweiny (him and Carrick to do a half each all season?) and a Dutch wonderkid. They will be hard to beat no doubt but not a patch on just about any United team from 1998-2012.

          1. I am not talking about what they did last season. Just looking at transfers of this season. 75 million on 4 players is a good business. They sold DI Maria for 45 million is that means net spend of 30 million . Just talking about this season mate.

            And regarding SAF’s united , I dont think they can reach that level. But all I am saying is let us not discount them or just take them for granted because Di maria and falcao failed.

            1. So because Depay has scored 2 goals in three games, he is a real deal. Did you watch the Aston Villa game where he missed when it was easy to score than miss? While he scored good goals yesterday that was down to poor marking by Brugge. Nani used to score those and so was Bendner but they remained average to mediocre players.

              While Brugge is an average team Man United could easily have taken a 2-2 draw into the second leg had it not been for the Germany referee who appeared to favour United. First was the disallowed goal, second the second yellow card to the defender was not warranted as the challenge was not dangerous and Chicharito was going nowhere with the ball; and lastly his decision to stop blowing the whistle to end the match to allow Man United to create a chance to score third goal.

              Man United looks average based on the last three games, and Rooney appears to be way past it. Depay only thrive on slack marking something that will not happen often in the league. Bastian slows down the game, and last night you could here whistles of disapproval from Man United fans every time he had the ball. Morgan, I do not know whether he was playing last night. Smalling appears to be the only consistent player for Man United and Blind to an extent. However Smalling is always liable to the odd rash challenge that always earn him a card.

              In the final analysis Man United has a lot to improve on otherwise they will be a 4th place candidate and no more.

            2. I’m not discounting them – far from it. I know everyone is angry/frustrated that we haven’t spent any money (yet?) but just disagree that Man U or L’Pool for that matter should be held up as a model as to how it should be done.

  11. Have a strong academy and supplement with exceptional talent, I personally think we are lacking on both fronts.

  12. I watched the Manu match two wonderful goals by depay, but except for him the only outstanding player there was smalling, Club Brugge was allowed a lot of space and except for poor choices in the final third the game would had a different score line.

    What was laughable was the commentator drooling over Schneirderlin and the german fellow and to me although rcarick made the error for club Brugge goal he was better than both.
    I am quite confident if Manu had face more intense teams such has a crystal palace or a westham they would not have had a point.

    Now on to my Loaners obviously its would be difficult for any of those players to get into the starting eleven on a regular basis, the i-2 games they would receive would not improve their development, therefore it is only right that they go on loan, to get the game time needed to impress Wenger

  13. Yo Aaron I accidentally gave you a thumbs down when I was meant give a thumbs up. I agree with your comment. Everyone needs to stop dick-riding MUFC!! We don’t need Darmian as we have Hector & Jinks, don’t need Memphis as we have Alexis, Ox and Theo. Bastien is better than Flame and Morgan would of been a good addition, but we have good and probably better mids already, and we may still get another. Plus if David leaves them they are going to be pretty f****d! I’m not worried about MUFC, long as the Gunners show up on the day then I can see us wiping them out easy. It’s been a long time coming COYG

  14. Jenks * not Jinks loool also didn’t mean to swear! Woops! Hope the comment gets posted now lol

  15. Yoo Aaron I accidentally gave you a thumbs down when I was meant to give you a thumbs up.I agree with your comment about MUFC and Roo not being WC for a few years now

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