Arsenal exodus begins – Sanogo back to France and Perez back to Spain – Who’s next?

Arsenal have brought in two extremely good players already and even Wenger said that there may be one more top class addition to come, but what about the players that have to be unloaded to make room for them on the wage sheet and on the squad sheet?

Of course Santi Cazorla is unlikely to get a shirt number at the start of the season, and Per Mertesacker has told us he wants a back room role rather than a playing position. Yaya Sanogo has taken up a wasted squad place for many years, but the latest rumours are saying that he has agreed to join Toulouse back in his native France. Talksport reported yesterday: Former Arsenal flop Yaya Sanogo is on the verge of signing for Toulouse, according to reports in France.

The striker is out of contract after being released by Arsenal at the end of June.

The Frenchman, who spent four years with the Gunners, has been in talks with Toulouse for over a week.

Now, according to France Football, the final touches are being made ahead of Sanogo’s switch to the Ligue 1 club.

Talks with the 24-year-old are said to have gone very well and an official announcement could be made on Friday.

Meanwhile, it was a near certainty that Lucas Perez would be leaving after his nightmare season sitting on the Gunners bench. He is very keen to try and win in place in Spain’s World Cup team, and was quoted as saying on ESPN: “My wish is not to spend another year like the one I’ve had,”

“Arsenal and the coach [Arsene Wenger] have treated me very well but I want to play. Wenger has been very honest with me and with the World Cup around the corner, what I want is to play and if it can be in Spain, all the better.”

“I know that I can go to the World Cup but in order for that to happen, I must play. Spain coach [Julen Lopetegui] has spoken to some teammates and told them that he would like to call me up [for the national team], but if I don’t play….”

Perez has expressed his preference to return to his home club Deportivo La Coruna and according to the president Tino Fernandez, this is also their wish. “I would like for Lucas to return,” Fernandez was quoted as saying. “I’ve never hidden the fact that if we could [bring him back], we would. If we can do it this year, we will; if not, it will be next year. I’m convinced that he [Perez] will return to Deportivo one day.”

“It’s not easy,” he continued. “He has a big contract and he is at a club that paid a lot of money for him.”

So that will be another two removed from the squad list, and I expect Kieran Gibbs to also depart since Sead Kolasinac has arrived to compete with Monreal for left back. Maybe Giroud must go as he won’t be happy to be second (or third!) string striker again this season. One more striker that MUST go is Chuba Akpom, he certainly won’t play. Otherwise we may hope that the Ox will stay, but that will be his own decision in the end. And what about Jack Wilshere?

Who do you think must be leaving in the near future?

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  1. Gibbs, Lucas, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Campbell and probably Ospina and/or Szczesny.

    I want Ox to stay but I think he wants to leave.

    I think Giroud will stay but if Lukaku is going to Chelsea, Everton will push hard for Giroud. Lacazette being our number 1 CF will hurt Giroud’s chances of getting on French World Cup squad. So it’s still possible. I want Giroud to stay. He is better than Welbeck.

    I think Chambers and Akpom could be loaned out.

    I believe Wenger likes Giroud, Ramsey, Wilshere and Theo too much for them to leave.

    1. Jenkinson I hope goes on loan, Chambers stays. Giroud can go for 50% of Lukaku price, else stay. I dont think it hurts his France chances that much to stay at Arsenal, as he is not in French team because he is more clinical than Mbappe/Dambele/Lacazette, he is there because the team’s structure suit him, Griezmann’s style of play suits him.
      Wilshere is a must go for me.
      Ramsey/Ox/Ozil I hope stay put, but if we can not keep them rather sell and replace.
      Theo is a tricky one, his goals we can not afford to lose if Alexis leaves, so may be not this year, not till we get a top replacement.

    1. Never put Cazorla and dead wood in one sentence , it is a crime. he is injured YES .

    1. Feeling so gutted for Perez. If I were him I will be wondering how Walcott can get more playing time. I hope we can ship Walcott out. It’s hard but one can only hope.

  2. Ospina, Sczeney, Jenkinson, Debuchy, Campbell, Whilsre, Walcott- All need to go
    we need to release Per and Santi and players and sign them as coaches

    That would free up massively the wage bill

    1. Szcz is a top GK, have you failed to watch ANY games he has played in the past 2 years?
      They guy has matured and deserves credit for that, he was arguable one of (if not then THE) best GK in Seria A…

      Ospina isn’t fit to polish Szcz boots and I have been hoping Ospina leaves ASAP, Szcz deserves to come back and show Wenger he has matured and he is the right man to replace Cech.

      Am I the only one who remembers how Szcz shared the golden glove with Cech even though he had the dodgy AFC defense protecting him while Cech had park the bus Jose tactics!

      There is a reason Juve want Szcz to replace Buffon. The guy is quality.

      1. Juvu want him but bid 4 million for him and since we have turned them down and wanted to more they gave kept quite…. 4 million for Scze to replace Buffon is a bargain buy thats what they are looking at…will give him credit last season he did wlel for roma but 1 good season can no make me forget about the rest of the poor ones

        Pickford went to everton for 30 millio..Ederson for 34mill- those are 2 keepers with bright futures….

        We can not keep accpect medorcaty and saying its good he had 2 loan decent loan season away

        1. FYI, Juve is trying to sell their 2nd choice GK for good price, but he wants a cut price deal in Spain. That is stalling Szcz move, as Arsenal wont buckle for anything less than 12m.
          Szcz is quality for sure, and hitting his prime. It is our fault to let him come to last year of his contract, so there is no point asking why his price is so low! Ederson can be a Bravo and fail, who knows! There is a thing about potential, it is not true till achieved.

      2. The time he got the golden glove was when we shored up defensively as a team. Those clean sheets where in large part due to a great run we went on. And the games that we didn’t see clean sheets in, Szcz was hugely responsible. His erratic behavior unhinged us every now and then, punching air / dropping clangers / rushing into no mans land. Stats don’t tell everything, some people in here seem to go on stats alone like it is the be all and end of. They tell us that our team kept clean sheets in a certain amount of games. They don’t tell us how nervy the man made us.

  3. Özil should go back to Germany. His family want to move back home and he has named his three teams he wants to play for. No point holding him back.

  4. I am still adamant we need more than just 1 more signing i say for our team to really compete we will need 3 GK (since we are looking like we are willing to sell the reserve 2) CM (A Partner for Xhaka in the middle) and CB (with the new 3 at the back system we need a certified defensive addition knowing the way we get plague with injuries)

    GK= Mattia Perin/ Alban Lafont (between £20m-£30m)
    CM= Leon Goretzka (£30-£40m)
    CB= Johnathan Tah (£30m-£40m)

    if we can get them and need to sell on a few more players for the wage
    Perez and Chmabers sold
    Chupba, Iwobi Loaned out

    1. We do not need a CB.

      Koscielny, Mustafi, Holding, Monreal, Gabriel, Chambers and Per.


      Per doesn’t expect a lot of game time and wants to get into coaching, great as our CBs can learn from someone who has experience in lifting the WC.

      Chambers is ahead of Holding internationally and we do not know how he will perform in a back 3, considering Chambers has played Right Back and CB then I guess he could do well at the right CB.

      As for injuries, you living 5 years ago??
      Oh Cazorla has long injury so AFC must have bad injury record still?
      PFFT!!! If you care to look at the injuries we have had the past couple years compared to around 5 years ago then you will notice a decline in those injuries, Cazorla is really unlucky but nothing AFC could have done about his extra delay. Even Kos is fit to play a lot even though he has had an ongoing issue for years, our physios deserve credit.

      How about you try watching Arsenal?

      1. Per yes he had a good game in the final but he is still a very aged player
        Monreal should be used as Sead back-up and CB in a dire situation
        Gaberial is unrealable he will have 2 good games but 3 bad ones
        Kos- He has come out earlier and said that he has an on going problem with his Achilles where he requires regular treatment and checking on

        Chambers in my view is not better than holding he just played more games and even then he didnt help save boro from the drop

        and you mentioed injuires that is has gone done but it does not mean that we could not get another long term injury again (most likely Kosh)

        We need to be a bit smart and grab a good defender with a promising future…

        I wish i could bring up old post from about 2 season ago I was talking about leon goretzka and how we should sign him up before any of these other teams start looking at him (if admin could find it by the slights of luck under Infumous25/Infumous14) Now look Real, Bayern are considering moving in for him…

        This is the same way i am talking about Johnathan Tah..Young German defender with a very promising future…we can not keep waiting for things to go bad before we start looking at long term options..Look at the other big team the saw the upcoming defenders and brought them early Real= Varane…Man U= Bailey…Bayern= Sule…Chelsea= Zouma (even now rudiger)..

        We need to stop been reactive and be proactive

  5. The next area to concentrate on is central midfield what with Santi probably not available next season.

    Ramsey doesn’t deserve a new contract, because he hasn’t done anything to earn a new one. He consistently under performs, and very injury prone. Even if he was playing great, it would still be a huge risk to rely on him as a starter because of his injury record. SELL!

    Wilshere also doesn’t deserve a new contract. Although he’s our best option from within the club to replace Santi, he’s not top quality, and you can’t rely on a player that is never actually available for selection. SELL!

    Xhaka didn’t have a great debut season, but I always like to give experienced players at least two seasons. KEEP!

    Coquelin has gone off the boil, but is a great ball winner, and we’ll need depth within the squad . KEEP!

    Elneny is a decent squad player, who rarely gives the ball away. Important for squad depth as well. KEEP!

    As you can see, we’re very light on quality in central midfield. Wenger seems to have a hatred of a natural DM, but we need one to compliment Xhaka. He has no pace, and is more a CM. We need a new Gilberto!

    1. I would say keep Ramsey for 1 more year but make him know this will be his last year unless he achieves a level of consistency required for a EPL challenging team.

      Ramsey is… urghhh. He does have quality but he drops off as you said, if we can use him to bring on as a sub to rest the main CM to partner Xhaka then we might see more consistency from Ramsey…

      Oh and Ramsey likes to perform when internationals are approaching, he will get injured and get fit a few weeks before Wales needs him but a good WC can inflate his price.

        1. You’d keep El Neny but sell Ramsey?! Are you kidding me? Ramsey actually scores goals from midfield..hell, he won us the FA cup, twice. Sell him and we no longer have a creative CM given that Wilshere and Cazorla are never fit while El neny can’t make a forward pass even from inside his own keeper”s box!

  6. I’d be very happy to see Giroud, Gibbs, Mertesacker (despite his immense FA cup performance), Szczesny and Perez leave but we need a squad. Business should have less emotion and as much as I love Santi, Wenger’s penchant for keeping crocked players, whilst admirable is foolhardy at best ridiculous at worst. Giroud was never an adequate replacement for RvP and with the signing of Lacazette I would wish him well elsewhere. All decisions will end with another season of mediocrity regards challenging for major trophies this season due to having the same manager but ‘hey ho’, a change is as good as a rest.

  7. It always seems like we are overloaded with players until the injuries start piling up look at what happened in the lead up to the FA cup. Per plays his first game of the season and plays a blinder.. I would let go of debuchy, cambel and Jenkins although i think the last 2 are decent players and would give 100% every time they play. We need an effective 1st and 2nd team meaning good cover in eaach position. Both teams teams need balance so too much of an overhaul would cause problems. Look at manure they are still building years on after fergie and they splash the cash ha ha ha….may that long continue especially as mourinho is such an arse..

  8. Sonogo was released weeks ago so has gone and it doesn’t matter where you think he is going, he’s gone!
    And why must Chuba go? Your opinion and it’s all opinions but perhaps a loan would bring him on. It’s not as if he’s leaching money out of the club like a few of the other established ‘stars’.

    1. Akpom is never going to be anything more than a lower PL player or more likely a Championship player. He’s never shown any real quality.

  9. If Goretzka is available, sign him up quickly. If Mahrez is available, sign him quickly. These 2 are all class, the potential is unspoken. We can unearth gold out of them!!! COYG

  10. Sanchez demanding £400K and Ozil demanding £350K according to the Mirror. Why are they demanding such ridiculous figures?? Players should feel privileged to play for Arsenal :/

    1. If there’s any truth in this, which is doubtful seeing as how it’s The Mirror, they can both go. Absolutely ridiculous amount of money, tell them both to put in transfer requests and we’ll sell to the highest bidder, regardless of who it is.

      The other thing that could be going through their minds if it’s true, is to make their demands so OTT, is to manufacture a move without signing a transfer request, thus still qualifying for their bonuses which they lose if it’s a transfer request. If that’s the case shove them in training with the U19’s and let them rot, keep them both well away from the 1st team squad.

  11. And these are the ones we are not too shocked about.
    Perez was treated badly he connected with Sanchez and when he played he gave the opposition something to think about.
    The same kind for Ox means he’ll leave, Bellerin, Sanchez?
    Giroud will go, Jenkinson, debuchy one of the CB’s either sold or on loan, Campbell the list goes there’s loads……….

  12. Sell Walcott, Gibbs, Akpom, Campbell, Coquelin, Debuchy, Jenkinson, and buy William Carvalho, Lemar or Mahrez that’s all, the spirodal players are many and it’s about time we need to bang on and show what we can do, you can’t let Giroud go no matter what he is important and score goals a lot in crucial moments and this year he will be wonderful

  13. I am hopeful someone comes in for ozil, so that we get him off the wage bill, a player who only shows up when he feels like, does not deserve a raise, more like a lowering of wages as far as i am concern. Ozil getting anything above 100 is robbery. Therefore he should be locked away. I would say the same thing about walcott but he actually did fairly well at the start of the season, but was out the picture at the end.

    Seriously though, i am interested to see who is going to be released in the attacking area, we heard names mention in the rumors, but nothing is concrete.

    Although arsenal may have done it teams do not buy injured players, so therefore the players we have at the moment that are injured can not be sold, so we have to stick with them unti such time

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