Arsenal expected to announce the termination of flop’s contract today

Arsenal could announce the departure of Willian by mutual consent today after ironing out the last details of his contract termination to enable him to return to Corinthians.

The Brazilian has been a flop since he moved to the club last summer and is now set to give up the remaining two years of his current deal.

He joined Arsenal from Chelsea for free and was made one of the club’s highest earners, but has hardly justified the wage.

Some Arsenal fans have turned against him in recent weeks and he is now set to finally leave.

ESPN Brasil reports that he has reached an agreement with the Gunners to end his deal so he can join Corinthians.

He has already agreed on personal terms with the Brazilian club and Arsenal is more than happy to allow him to leave for free.

The Gunners have now sorted out the last details that will enable him to clear his locker out at the Emirates.

This news will come as a relief to most Arsenal fans who have been keen to ensure that the attacker leaves their club.

His departure will also create space on the club’s wage bill to accommodate another signing and it will be interesting to see if they sign another player to replace him.

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    1. 100% was going to say the same thing. Arteta and Edu are like kids playing Fifa hoping for the best.

    2. It wasn’t because he isn’t a mercenary. It is because he was treated very well. If he had been treated like MO, he would have given us a middle finger as well.

  1. A new low for JA,yes it is true Wilian move hasn’t worked but when the guy is doing a very good thing by ripping his contract up and saving the club 20M,you call him a flop and use the most unflattering pic of his,classless and please don’t tell me the picture was just a coincidence.

  2. Credit to Willian for being a good man. And to Edu for knowing that he would be. It didn’t work out, but it seems to be ending honorably.

  3. If anyone thinks he’s just kissing goodbye to £20 million in wages has got to be deluded. This is just another exit of a flop costing Arsenal millions long after he has gone.

    1. It may or may not be 20M (D.Orstein could have made up that figure you never know) but he is doing the right thing,the least people could do is recognise it,how sad that people are blinded by their “dislike” for someone that they can’t even give credit where it is due!

  4. I will take my hat off to Willian if this is true and we are not paying him off or subsiding his wages.
    May be he is not a mercenary like many thought.

    Does not seem to be like some famous scroungers we have come to know.

    He seems to have been that Wrong signing at the wrong time.

    Respect ✊

  5. I get this funny feeling that this is another Xhaka situation. Willian isn’t going anywhere.

  6. I’ll believe the whole “forgoing 20M” claim when the books are pried open years from now

  7. willian is cancelling the contract because of Edu willian knows that the fellow country men will suffer for this. because its pay back time otherwise edu will be in brazil for looking for a new job ( it will happen eventually)

  8. I never cease to be amazed in life but take my hat off to Willian for his actions. I was less than complimentary at times but walking away without hanging on to his contract shows he has more about him than I thought

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