Arsenal expert Charles Watts confirms Declan Rice is in the building…

Okay so we have had the exit statements from both David Sullivan and Declan Rice, but with Arsenal fans waiting impatiently for some official word from Arsenal regarding the record transfer deal, we have at least been reassured by the ever-reliable Charles Watts that Declan Rice has been with Arsenal all day together putting the final touches on his arrival and problably to get all the publicity blurb ready for the official unveiling and the signing ceremony.

As Watts said in his personal website: Declan Rice is at Arsenal finalising his £105 million move from West Ham.

Arsenal are yet to confirm the signing of Rice themselves, but the midfielder has spent Saturday morning at the club completing the final formalities of his record-breaking switch and completing his media duties ahead of the official announcement.

That announcement is expected some time on Saturday, with Arsenal heading off to the United States for their pre-season tour on Sunday.

That will do for me!

At last we may actually get a REAL picture of Rice in an Arsenal shirt, instead of the one I have been using up til now…..

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  1. Waiting for the news from some Saudi Arabian clubs for Partey and Elneny. We can’t have four players for one CDM position

      1. Maybe the offer from the Saudi Arabian club wasn’t good enough for Arsenal. I heard Juventus were also interested

        1. Why do so many people want to see partey leave.reason his form tailed off was because he had to play every game as there was no adequate back up. Now there is

          1. It looks like Arteta wants him gone according to reports but lime GAI said, offers need to be in line with our valuation. I guess playing him in pre season games is showing we are in control?!

    1. Lose Partey, the squad is weakened. Elneny is most probably being used as a minor cups player,,, but probably as a cheer leader in the dressing room

      1. In my opinion, Partey is still our best CDM. But I don’t think Rice will play CDM in cup matches only or play in Xhaka’s position

    2. Brother we better let elneny go because he can’t cope with what our young squad does at that ripen age . Partey stays

  2. About time. A massive statement Declan Rice has written. West Ham too have written a statement. Don’t care what price Arsenal paid for him. He’s well and truly worth it. But Arsenal still need more players. Gotta get rid of quite a few though

  3. Regardless of the Price of Rice the whole deal stinks.
    Arteta obviously tapped him up some time ago
    and then the Board made Arsenal look like a bunch of Welshers with a payment problem.
    Overall a good deal for Arsenal except that it certainly brings the club into disrepute

    1. “obviously tapped him up”
      There’s no way you can justify your tapping-up accusations without evidence.

    2. Every club taps players up, its just how it is. Arsenal does tap players up, they do it the same way other teams do.

          1. Yeah, of course and that’s not illegal. Ian Wright claims he tapped Rice up, although may only be joking, but I’m sure Arteta or Edu haven’t been involved directly before permission was given which is what Roger is suggesting.

  4. Just want this over and done and get everyone into preseason ASAP. After that 1st game there’s a ton we need to work on.

  5. Major moves by AFC lets hope the process now turns to the deadwood Elneny,Holding,Nketiah,Balogun,Lokonga,Vieria etc
    Tierney and Partey are certainly NOT deadwood and are top top players that are assets to the squad i hope they stay and the above real deadwood goes now leaving space for more top class players to come in.

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