Arsenal expert gives update on Smith-Rowe’s future “the most likely scenario”

Smith Rowe fans must be wondering about the future of our academy graduate who bleeds red and white. It is currently thought that the midfielder will be permitted to leave for a fresh start, at the very least to rediscover his brilliance elsewhere. However, there is a hint that he may stay or just leave on a loan deal.

Emile Smith Rowe has struggled to make an impact on this Arsenal club in the last two seasons, following a strong performance in the 2021–22 season. Injuries and the progress of Arteta’s project, with better players joining, have held him back.

Mikel Arteta appeared to have moved on from him; he kept him on the bench for the better part of last season. This summer, the Arsenal number 10 surely has to decide whether to stay or depart. And now the Arsenal journalist Charles Watts claims the club is still undecided about what to do with him, though he believes Smith Rowe will depart, and the next few days will be critical.

“My understanding is no firm decision yet has been taken on Emile Smith Rowe when it comes to his future. Obviously, there’s discussions going on right now, in terms of what the options are,” Watts said.

“My understanding of the situation is still the most likely scenario is that he will be going this summer; I wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing more in the next week of so regarding clubs in for Smith Rowe. There’s interest from the Premier League; Fulham is understood to be one of the clubs very much in for Smith Rowe.

“Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if things develop there at some point in the near future. But there’s also lots of interest in Italy and Germany, as far as I am aware. His preference, though, is to stay in the Premier League; that’s the league that he wants to play in.”

Interestingly, with hopes of Smith Rowe staying among his fans, there are reports that he began his pre-season a week ago to try and gain a jump start on fitness work.

Could Arteta really let him leave? I think he is much more likely to give him a year out on loan to see if he progresses, but all we can do is wait and see what develops in the coming weeks…

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  1. My guess is he’s gonna stay. Every year it’s the same story. There’s always so much talk of a big clear out and in the end only a few actually leave.

    My guess is that after Elneny and Cedric, only Eddie, Reiss, Lokonga and Tavares will leave. I think it’s gonna be hard to get rid of Tierney with his injury record and his wages. Tbh, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Eddie ends up staying, but I think it’s in everyone’s best interest if he leaves the club this year

  2. My guess is that he will stay, but perhaps it’s because I personally rate him highly.
    Having said that, if no playing time is forthcoming, a loan move to, say, Fulham, would be a sensible move and I just hope he can regain that tremendous form he showed before his injuries.

    No need to worry though, as some of our fans will tell us EXACTLY what’s going to happen, as they seem have a direct link to Mikel’s decisions .

  3. Smith Rowe signed a 5 year contract on just 40 k per week last year. So his low wages makes him an attractive buy for any potential club.
    Arteta will leave it down to the player to decide if he wishes to give it one more year at Arsenal, considering he had the operation on his injury, and may have a better year this year. Can he play a number 8 role or do Arsenal cash in?
    It depends on the players wishes and the offers made by potential buys. Like Nketiah, he is valued at £50 million.

  4. He wouldn’t have been with the group currently in Marbella had the club decided or still unsure of selling him. so i think he will be with us next season, along with Eddie, Reiss and Fabio. I see a new starting lineup involving those four in the upcoming pre season games, who knows, they might as well make the respective positions their own.

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