Arsenal Extend Giroud’s Contract – But We Still Need a New Striker

Giroud Gets New Contract, But Arsenal Still Need a New Striker! by AT

It has been announced today that Arsenal have agreed a two-year contract extension with striker Olivier Giroud, which will keep the Frenchman at the Emirates till 2018. Giroud, who is currently nursing a fractured foot, will be unavailable till the new year but nevertheless, the news of a new contract is certainly a boost for the club.

Speaking ahead of the Gunners’ Champions League clash against Galatasaray, the Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, as quoted by Sky Sports, said: “We want stability and to keep the core of our team together and Giroud is an important player here. It is agreed. When it is completely done, we will announce it.”

Okay, while it is great news that Giroud has been tied down to a new contract, there is still a need for more firepower in attack. I believe Danny Welbeck is a great addition to the squad, but we still don’t have in our ranks a clinical goal-scorer, Someone like Diego Costa. When you look at the other big teams, they all seem to have three world-class strikers in their ranks, and I believe we should follow suit.

Unfortunately, our third striker at the moment is Yaya Sanogo. Quite honestly, the Frenchman is not good enough to cut it in the Premier League or even in England, so we really need to bring in another striker, not someone who has ‘massive potential’ but a proven hitman. While he may not admit it, Arsene Wenger knows he needs more firepower and I hope he acts as quickly as possible. Preferably, when the transfer window reopens in January.

But what are chances of Wenger finding a top class striker in January when he can’t find any defender over the whole summer?

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  1. If cavani comes available in january that would be a good signing, since there is rumours going around that he is unhappy at psg!

    1. Our strikers dont score in big games, neither does Cavani. And i’ll keep saying it, our manager has become more of a problem than the players we have.

    2. Have you seen Cavani last night? Do you think he’s worth 50 mils? Paris is playing him now only to get the best deal in the summer. He’s $hite since he left Napoli and the WC is a proof of that. Let alone the games in Ligue 1 this season.

  2. I don’t think we need a new striker.

    With Walcott coming back I think we are set in the striking department with Welbeck, Walcott, Sanchez, and Then Giroud who will be coming back.

    Unless a world class striker like Benzema becomes available I think we do not need a striker right now.

    What we need is a CDM!!!!

      1. Exactly a ST isn’t a priority when you have aleck and Walcott who can score 20+ goals. A world class DM and a solid CB (I used to be a huge per fan but he hasn’t hit form)

        1. Just reading Mendes also represents Kondogbia plus as he backed by the Doyen Sports Group. Looks like Carvalho & Kondogbia have both complicated wonership structures.

  3. I think the next striker to be signed by Arsenal would be under a new manager not Arsene Wenger. Wenger believes we have enough strikers already and Welbeck was really a bonus signing. We’ll sooner sign a new goalkeeper than a new striker.

  4. I’m content with Giroud getting the extension. He played as basically our only striker for 2 seasons, and we won our first trophy in a while with him as starter. Can we do better though YES. Will we, nope, because Wenger is probably going to waste our time with Sanogo. It took him 2 seasons and a horrible Giroud injury for us to get Danny Welbeck. Arsene isnt signing another striker in the next several seasons. I really hope Welbeck steps up. Honestly, I just want this Wenger nightmare to end. I really can’t believe we’re playing so poorly, and there’s been no signs of improvement at all. If we lose to Galatasaray tomorrow we are in serious, serious trouble.

    1. Sanogo needs to go out on loan next season. What do we do with Benik Afobe who comes back from loan at MK Dons and is now a goal scoring machine. We also have an upcoming Akpom coming through our ranks.

      We need to rid ourselves of Podolski and Campbell before we might sign someone new.

      CDM & CD please. CD needs to be upgrade of BFG.

  5. Come on gunners lets take care of business against galatasaray at the emirates tomorrow night and restore “gunner” pride with full points! Coyg!

  6. A new striker? Come on wenger! Please give joel campbell some game time then whats his purpose anyway ? Lets not waste his talent! Coyg!

  7. Arsenal has been a 3rd – 4th
    mainly 4th side for ten years.
    Until FFP Arsenal was out bid
    for the big names especially with the stadium debt to service.
    The question remains though could we have done better?

    1. Please not the stadium debt again.
      The repayments have been on a set rate since day one and will be for some years to come.
      The stadium repayment is around 34 million a year, that would not mean that the club was broke, far from it, that is an affordable amount for a large club like Arsenal and there would have been additional revenue for transfers.
      The problem was not repayments but the manager.
      If Wenger had bought some players RVP would not have left and we would have won the PL instead of UTD.
      Wenger alienates players and won’t spend, that is our problem.

      1. You make it sound so easy and you think you know which is funny. Are you the chief financial officer? If it’s so easy why havent Liverpool, Everton, Tottenham, or Chelsea built a new stadium?

      2. Stadium is still paid at a whopping 34 mils/year. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this debt is perfectly serviceable now only with the season tickets and some of the remaining goes for the staff salaries.
        So yes, there’s something to discuss about the debt. RVP would have left anyway as he was getting anxious for being champion which is understandable. I say we did good getting 25 mils on him.

  8. Arshavin Park Bendtner
    Chamakh Sanogo Girvinho
    are six attackers who on
    purchase day were all said to be goal machines.
    Yet they all failed.

    1. At the same time we sold RVP Fabregas Nasri
      Cole Sagna Toure Cliche Song Adebayor all at their peak
      and did not replace any of them adequately.
      This suggests more than just financial restrictions.
      It suggests either inability to find quality or
      the inability to get the best out of players, both perhaps?
      Last season we bought Ozil who it was said
      would attract all the worlds best strikers
      who would score goals for fun
      and power Arsenal to the top.
      Hope springs eternal.

  9. i would like it if we had 3 different strikers who can bring 3 dynamism to our play
    1)OG12 a big target man who will provide goals for our midfield.
    2)Welbz is goal poacher who’ll track back.
    3)A proper finisher, considering city have 3 strikers in aguero, dzeko & jovetic maybe they’re willing to let negredo go(30yrs could be even a cut-price deal).

  10. Dunno what u guys think about William Carvalho’s performance lasnight, He was immense in the midfield, never shy of getting into tackles but in anintelligent way. His big frame making it impossible 4 opponent player to shove him over the ball. That’s exactly what we lacked in the midfield. Our main concern should be shifted to our Defence and soft midfield. I think we’re spot on attacking wise and congrats 2 Giroud (man of steel) on his birthday and new contract.

  11. Now Giroud has become a big name for Arsenal fans lol. Ohhh Wenger, look at what you have done to Arsenal fans.Wenger has lowered the hopes of Arsenal fans upto the extend that they now see Giround! as a world class striker.God please come to our aid cus only you can rescue this situation #sad

  12. Benzema world class? He’s world class by name! Cavani of napoli worth every single penny but this present cavani is a big giroud. And giroud is still not the answer neither is wenger himself the ideal driver to drive our darling club to success.

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