Arsenal extension offered for exit-linked forward

Arsenal have offered Eddie Nketiah a new contract, despite rumours that he could be set to leave the club.

The 22 year-old has enjoyed very little first-team football this season, in contrast to his opening months of working under Mikel Arteta.

Nketiah is being linked with a potential move away from the Emirates, but the North London club may well have other ideas.

TheAthletic claims that the Gunners have tabled a new contract for Eddie, which could well lead to a loan deal for the upcoming campaign.

The report claims that the hierarchy could well have been inspired by Joe Willock’s impressive spell with Newcastle this season, and allowing him to leave temporarily could boost his value, but that would be pointless unless they could agree a new contract.

They also add however that Nketiah is unlikely to agree to a new deal whilst his future with the club remains uncertain, with Folarin Balogun likely to be challenging for minutes in the new season also.

Balo signed a new deal in recent months despite offers from overseas, and he will surely have been given assurances of minutes within the first-team.

Could Nketiah agree to a new deal with the intention of spending 12 months out on loan next season?


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  1. I don’t care that it’s only day 2 of the transfer window, there’s no excuse that squat has been accomplished so far…for all the gibberish being spouted by our management team regarding our definitive plan since Xmas, there’s no excuse that this group had nothing in the hopper, ready to drop, as soon as the clock struck midnight…this is how you build trust, this is how you change our longstanding poor transfer management narrative, this is how you let your actions speak louder than your incessantly empty words and this is how you rally a largely disenchanted fanbase…fact is, we should have been first in line, ready to impress and finally starting strong not lagging behind looking for table scraps, as per usual…like I’ve said on countless occasions, both with this and previous regimes, I’m not convinced there’s an actual viable plan in place…by God I hope they prove me wrong for the first time in some 15 years

  2. He is not that good at all. Hope Balogun and Martinelli get more minutes along with Auba and if Laca stays, these 4 are enough to make the CF positions. I dont understand what is wrong with Edu and MA in keeping Nketiah. He has been given so many chances but has failed to impress. If this is the way, Arsenal is going down and down.

  3. Rumors are rumors until the day the player signs the dot.

    Till now there are so many rumors about Arsenal this and that but no one has been signed. I dun bother to read much of the transfer rumors anymore.

    Look at some other clubs and liverpool really got a good def deal.

    Arsenal need to offload to raise funds.

    Why is the board still having a good time. We should petitioned for new ownership and heres the time Kroks should be replaced. Its now or never.

    Btw apologized for some of my english spelling mistakes. Lazy to change.

    At least let the new ownership give it a try.

  4. An extension to Nheketia’s contract makes sense, if Arsenal want to increase his asking price for sale. Whether Nheketia will agree to the extension is another matter.

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