Arsenal eyeing backroom shuffle with former stars set for roles

Arsenal are claimed to be set to offer Thierry Henry a new role as coach of the Under-18 side, while Mikel Arteta is believed to be offered the chance to join the coaching staff also.

The Gunners fans have been protesting recently, asking for a fresh approach to the happenings behind the scenes, although a simple change in some of the coaches will likely not succeed in appeasing the issues.

Fans will likely be happy with reports that Thierry Henry is impressing in the roles he has played with the youth sides previously, and news of his progression to work with the Under-18 side will give some hope that he could one day take over from Arsene Wenger as first-team manager.

Mikel Arteta is also expected to be offered a role under the Frenchman for when his playing contract expires this summer, amidst reports of Tottenham and Manchester City lining him up for their backrooms.

Andries Jonker and Jan Von Loon are expected to leave this summer as a shake-up is expected to happen at the Emirates.

A number of players are also expected to come in and out of the club this summer, with both Mathieu Flamini and Tomas Rosicky having their contracts finish, while Keiran Gibbs is likely to leave in search of regular football.

Theo Walcott is also strongly linked with a move, with West Ham believed to be keen, but with the race for the top four not yet decided, I would assume that Wenger is yet to thing about who will be allowed to leave in the close-season.

With an active window expected, will there be enough of a fresh approach needed to get the fans onside?

Pat J

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  1. I am looking forward to see King Henry take over from Arsene, more especially after seeing what Zidane is doing and what Inexperience Guadiola and henrique did to their respective former teams as I said before. #ComeOnYouKing.

    1. Its good you wanna see Henry manage the first team but I don’t agree with your reason??
      What is Zidane doing OR what has he done with Madrid???

      I also want Henry to manage Arsenal because he has learnt under Wenger and Pep and he can combine the two, he can also retain our values BUT, its gonna be a big risk…

      1. In answer to your question about Zidane….He has taken over part way through the season and hauled them back up to equal on points with Barcelona in La Liga, and has taken them to the Champions League Final.
        What exactly was your point again?

        1. @Admin..
          You think I dunno all he has done???

          But surely is that not what you would expect from the most expensive team no matter who the manager is???

          He got close to Barca cos Barca lost like 3 games…
          So my points are: Zidane have not done anything special yet,he has achieved nothing, he has the best players..And secondly;
          It is still too early to conclude Zidane is successful as a Madrid Manager…

          If you ask me,what has he achieved?
          I would say;he has beaten Barca at the Nou Camp and that’s about it for now..because Madrid sees beating Barca as a big achievement..

  2. Forget the backroom changes, we need frontroom changes! New sofa, carpet, colour scheme, the works!

  3. Henry viara adue as managers or any with couching credentials would do because they are Arsenal they are connected with the supporters and players after all its history particularly if they won the league they would know what it takes the very way that Mr wenger is to Arsenal I know how i feel but at the very end these players are human beings you ought to give them the chance when you are attached to a player since the age of 17 it becomes difficult even when regarding to emotions i truly believe that Mr wenger is their spiritual Dad

  4. Both would be great additions. However it is high time the club started romancing the incoming manager after Wenger as the job would be too big for either TH14 or Arteta. Remember even Zidani, Pep, or Enrique as mentioned above had considerable experience with the junior sides before taking up the top office.

    The problem is in the last 19 years its part of “Arsenal’s tradition” to leave everything late, from transfers, extension of contracts, identifying weak links in the team, making subs, announcing new kits, etc so I wouldn’t expect a difference in scouting for a new manager.

  5. Metaphorically speaking, if the head is not right, you can change the body all you like, get some new legs, fancy hands, you will still come up short, cos at the end of the head the head tells the other body part what to do and how to do it….

  6. If we are grooming Henry to take over our 1st team, then I reckon Wenger will sign another contract…

    Because they would want Henry to have more experience while Wenger remains in charge.
    The protest has shown majority of the Emirates crowd are behind Wenger so he may sign..

    Like I said,that is IF Henry is being groomed to take over

  7. I really don’t see the big deal with Pep Guardiola.
    Any half decent manager should do well at Barcelona or Bayern.
    It’s managers like Ranieri who win against all odds who should get such accolades.
    My opinion.

    1. Guardiola has achieved everything, If someone got lucky is ranieri, or you are gonna tell me that he can manage any team and achieve a trophy, cuz this is his first and he has had a long carreer if you ask me

  8. Guardiola has won everything not because he is the most exceptional manager in the world (he’s good. Don’t get me wrong)… But because Barca and Bayern are one of the best teams in the world.
    And don’t be received, Ranieri was not lucky…he won the league against all odds fair and square. If it had to do with luck, why’s Arsenal not lifting the cup?

  9. It’s a wonder we’re cutting losses on Jonker already, after one season. There has to more to this story. Wenger is not the type of guy to give up on anybody after one season? I thought getting some respected Dutch trainers was the right way to go about it. We are very similar in playing style to top Dutch teams, also the International side. Unless it’s because we want Henry and Arteta with bigger responsibilities in the coaching set up, than being say a third or second in charge. Henry would be good for ambassadorial type duties, kids parents would love the thought of their youngsters learning from this guy. He would bring a star quality to our youth setup. Experience cannot be underestimated though, Henry has great playing experience and maybe that is enough.

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