Arsenal eyeing deal to sign highly rated Real Madrid defender

According to The Athletic, Arsenal are monitoring Real Madrid’s 19-year-old left-back Miguel Gutierrez.

The La Fábrica academy product made his senior debut at Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano in April, and then went onto making five more appearances, racking up 314 minutes in the league.

Arsenal’s pursuit of a backup left-back to Kieran Tierney has been well documented in the past few months. One major cause on why Arsenal looked insipid and were eventually knocked out in their season’s biggest game against Villareal in the semis of the Europa League, was due to the Scotsman absence in the first game.

The Gunners were forced to play the 24-year-old in the second leg, even though he was not fully fit. Thus, there is a clear need to add an extra body.

Arsenal’s intention is to buy a promising left-back who is capable of competing or even replacing Tierney in the future. The former Celtic man’s previous injury record also means that the new recruit can end up making several appearances at the Emirates Stadium.

That might turn out to be an appealing factor for Gutierrez, who is currently the third choice left back in Spain, after Marcelo and Ferland Mendy.

The report further suggested that Madrid received loan offers for the player but ultimately convinced him to stay and fight for his place. This year, that may prove more difficult. Should Arsenal pursue their interest, lines of communication should be straight-forward as Gutierrez is registered to Wasserman, the same agency which represents Arteta.

The left-back indeed looks talented

Gutierrez has been with Madrid since 2011 and is one of the most highly rated young prospects in their squad. Although negotiations with the club will be complicated, if Arsenal make assurances to the player about playing time, then there should be optimism that the deal can be pursued and eventually sealed.

The Spaniard has experience playing in Spain’s youth squad having made 10 appearances for the nation’s U19 squad, five for U18 and seven for the U17.

His technical ability and marauding runs into the opposition half is what he is most renowned for. If Arsenal acquire his services, they might be getting their hands over a hidden gem.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Predictable choke job by the Swiss.

    Had the WC champs on the ropes and s$&t the

    Hopefully Roma have been impressed enough by
    Xhaka to up the ante. 😀😂

      1. Holy Smokes Sue, what an incredible answer by the
        fighting Xhakas!!,

        He has been FANTASTIC btw

        1. When their 3rd went in my jaw hit the floor 😄 Agreed, Ace, Granit has had an excellent game. Have we agreed a fee with Roma? Haha….

  2. Xhaka is doing well for a trash player that can’t shoot, pass, walk and no brain. Oh well what do I know I’m not old🧓

    1. Ackshay, such a brilliant retort!!!
      How on earth can this “dross, lazy, slow, crablike, overrated, sideway passing player” have the nerve to pull on The Arsenal shirt?
      We should get rid of him immediately and I believe there were some fans on JA, who were willing to drive him to his next club!!!

      Your so right Ackshay, it’s only age and wisdom that can come out with this kind of rubbish about one of our own players… simply because we didn’t buy Nkonte and he was an AW signing.
      At least it seems “The Chosen One” has got it right on this one.

  3. Mbappe having a stinker, at this rate he will miss the pen that gets France out. Will he do a Beckham right into orbit?

      1. Woah!!! Who’d have thought Mbappe would be the only one to miss? 🤪
        Well done Granit and Co!!!

      1. I’m scared to even predict it with all our problems and man city cheating their way to dominating the epl(how many times have they been caught bypassing FFP rules).

  4. I need someone to explain why Arteta made Xhaka better and we are then willing to let him go. It does not make sense to me. Maybe I’m just over-rating him though. What do I know?

    1. In the midfield of pogba, kante, Rabiot, Xhaka could hold his own,. We must not sell this guy below £20m . I don’t know why we want to sell, he was our best mf last season, rarely get injured

        1. Ask the question WHY doesn’t he then RSH?

          It seems that AW, UE, MA, The Chosen One and the Swiss National team all see what he does, so why do a percentage of The Arsenal fans not see his value?

    2. Because while some of us have been singing praises about Xhaka this season and calling him our best midfielder this season. Huge amount of fans chise to stay blind and allowed their dislike for the player to overshadow his performances. Any blind person with a footballing brain knows Xhaka is a very good midfielder who only has a mistake in him here or there and he has cut that out a lot over the last two seasons.
      Xhaka has been top ten DLP in the world when I checked and saw Sqwaka’s rating.
      CIES named him in the EPL team of the season weeks ago and we had armchair mangers and fans tearimg into him like he’s a shitty player.
      Everyone knows my view on him since beginning of the season, I appreciate him a lot, and if we can’t get a better player then the club would be stupid to let him go.
      Well they’ll have their wishes, Mourinho who so many see as a retard rates Xhaka as Wenger, Emery and Arteta all did. We are selling him for peanuts

      1. Yep, if the 20m price is to be believed it’s the same price Liverpool sold Dominic Solanke for… let that sink in..

        1. That would be criminal Sue, he has struggled over the years for us and soon as he’s reaching his peak under Arteta, we are selling him. No doubt he’s always been one of the starters and trusted names for Arteta.
          The only reason Xhaka wants to leave is because of the disrespect he gets from this fanbase. If he leaves, I wish him well, a solid midfielder who saw that his game grew over the years. He deserves the beautiful football he’s playing now.
          Imagine losing him for less than 20M.
          Fvcking ridiculous!!

          1. Yes and I can’t say I blame him for wanting out, Eddie. I don’t know how it’ll pan out for him at Roma, but if he puts in a shift like that week in week out, he’ll become a fan favourite in no time!
            I honestly thought those days of letting our players go for next to nothing were behind us… wrong! Sigh…

  5. The real question is how many articles will there be over the next couple of days linking is to Swiss players?

  6. Amazing evenings football! I don’t think Roma will haggle over Xhaka’s fee any more…! WHAT a performance – I hope all the haters were watching.

  7. Proves that Edu and MA have been correct in not accepting the reported derisory offers made by Roma…. could it be that the club is finally seeing the light…. but no, Mavs will probably be sold for that reported £5,000,000 next season…. a case of win some – lose some??

  8. Roma, please pay and let’s be rid of him. Wegner cursed us with him and Arsenal will definitely have amost wonderful future without him. Move on or we’ll be seeing the sme old same old from Granit Xhaka.

  9. To finally make a comment on the subject of this article (not Granit Xhaka). What would the interest of 19 yo Miguel Gutierrez indicate about Arsenal management’s view of the Academy players like Joel Lopez (19)and Tolaji Bola (22)? No wonder Daniel Oyegoke left.
    Given the success of Saka, ESR and Willock shouldn’t Arsenal first look at the players available in its own Academy, given LB Lopez came from Barcelona?

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