Arsenal eyeing move to sign former Man United defender

Arsenal are linked with a move to sign Jonny Evans from West Bromwich Albion this summer.

The Gunners lost Per Mertesacker to injury in recent weeks, forcing the club to reconsider their defensive options coming into the new season, with the German expected to miss the opening five months of the campaign.

A number of defensive targets have been linked with Arsenal this summer, and young centre-back Rob Holding has already been joined the ranks, but with the former Bolton youngster not expected to hold an important first-team role this term, another addition is now expected.

Mertesacker shared his CB role with Gabriel last season, with neither overly impressing, and another defensive arrival was wanted by the fans before the injury to the 31 year-old.

Kostas Manolas has been strongly linked with a switch to the Emirates this summer, but we are now believed to have turned our attention to former Sir Alex Ferguson favourite Jonny Evans.

The Northern Ireland international left Manchester United 12 months ago in a £6 Million deal, and his value is believed to have more than doubled in that time, and the Gunners are claimed to be eyeing a £16 Million bid to retain his services for the coming term.

Personally, he is not the type of player who I would enjoy to see playing for our club, but Sir Alex was keen on his ability, and maybe he could prove to be a clever signing.

He has worked alongside some very clever defensive stars in previous years, including Nemanja Vidic and Gary Neville, and could well bring some much needed experience into our young squad also.

Would you be happy to see Evans come in to shore up our defence? Could he earn a place ahead of both Calum Chambers and Gabriel in the coming months?

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    1. Ideal, affordable and realistic choices according to me, in order of preference:
      CB: Manolas (30) / Mustafi (25) / Bonucci (25) / Howedes (20) / Laporte (30)
      ST: Griezmann (50) / Lacazette (35) / Lukaku (50) / Chicharito (25) / Milik (20)

    2. @davidnz…….Sorry bru….. But i would Love for ya comment to be hidden

      Brings cataracts to the eyes!

    1. Hahaha ? Is it ludicrous to think that Wenger is actually inquiring about sooooo many different players? ?

      90% of the so called paper talk has some truth init and now you know what Wenger means when he says that he is busy 24/7 during the transfer windows! ?

      Just incase I didn’t explain that properly,
      Mr Wenger is the Art- full -Blagger, He inquires about so many different players with no real intent in signing them, so that the media pick up on it and spread the rumours, while wenger keeps his real targets (if any) under his hat, away from his spying rivals! ?

  1. Like do we like left overs? No disrespect to Evans but we don’t need Him.

    I hope this rumour is false.. Are we not getting Mustafi anymore?

    The transfer mill and media keep playing with our mind. Oh well, they are only doing their job..

  2. Jonny evans lmfao.
    Now thats the joke of the century.
    We have mediocre players like jenkinson debuchy wilshere and walcott and we still want to add another below par to that list.

    We should be looking at the likes of draxler koulibaly van dijik mahrez aubumeyang and lukaku.

    But they are all beyond our reach because we have a gutless manager

  3. and to make it even worse………he was formerly a manure player…….. Used , dumped and repackaged to westbrom

    Then westbrom juices out a few good yrs and offer him up for sale/charity

    Then comes Arsenal ……with our hard earned money (obtained from fans)…..Like waiting to buy a high quality priced Asset

    dam….we just Love making a fool of ourselves….don’t we?

  4. just a continuation of the failed manager syndrome … one of our 2 principle CBs out for most of next season backups are either too inexperienced or not yet reliable so we need a serious replacement in this key position … instead of sealing the deal with an experienced player who can be quickly integrated in to team for start of season the deluded one goes all silent on serious potential targets and waffles on about coquelins potential as a CB…. allowing the idiot press to throw up rumour after rumour …

  5. Hahaha ? The ?Oh to be a … Moaner?Crew, are out in full force ?
    Calm down folks, we haven’t signed him.. yet! ?

    Wenger’s obviously looking to buy a CB and he is officially out shopping. Which explains the picking up of Mustafi and looking at him with a twinkle in his eye’s., thinking out loud “mmmh half price, £25 million, reduced from £50 million, I like that”… Gazidis shouts from across the transfer store ” Hey Wonger £££ … Come and take a look at this” ? ” Johnny Evans for £15 million” ?
    * wenger lets out a high pitch girly scream, (in excitement) drops Mustafi on his head and knee slides over to Gazidis, whilst singing ” im in the money” ? another saving of 10 million. .. thats a Petr Cech, to you and me. ?

  6. Sounds like a sound sensible decision to me. Mertz best skills are his vocals, and marshalling the surrounding players-

    Gabriel, Chambers, Holding can’t give that – but with his experience Evans can

    Safe, solid smart buy (if unexciting) – the fact he played for Manure is irrelevant

  7. I read that Mustafi was omitted from the Valencia squad.

    What are the chances Chelsea without Champions League or even Europa League football will snatch that deal like they did with Mata few years back?

  8. A Man Utd REJECT just what we need God help us.Arsenal are going Backwards under Wenger and this Board.

  9. Evans is not a Silvestre, he was very good in the Euros, has height, good in the air, good pace, a very good distributor of the ball, does a lot of talking in the back, good tackler and is EPL ready, therefore, i think he is a far better option than Mustafi.

    I hear people talking about left overs, but do not seem to realise or remember, ozil, sanchez and cech are left overs from other clubs. So i do not care if he came from , Tots, Chelsea or manure, it does not make a difference.

    Its very important to have someone who has epl experience in our first match of the day.

    Swansea Williams would also be great, Font at southhampton or even the Watford CB from germany all can do the job, with gabriel or one of our youngsters to kick off the season

  10. ……………Begovic

    Look familiar, I wonder if there’s a Gooner out there who was on board with all of them.

    1. Happy to say I wasn’t on board with any one of them … Though would have taken baines at some point

  11. would anyone doubt Wenger signing Evans? It fits his profile. Experienced, over the hill, Man U reject, functional but not good enough and if the 15 million number is correct, still a lot of money wasted.

    If Evans is all we sign we might as well gamble on our young guys and give them valuable experience for the future. (and Monreal did a pretty good job last season as well)

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