Arsenal FA cup hopes linked to top 4 finish?

At the moment the full focus of Arsene Wenger, the players and anyone connected with Arsenal Football Club is on the fight to finish in the top four of the Premier League. Getting another crack at the Champions League next season is not the only goal for the Gunners to aim at, though.

Once all the EPL games are over the focus will switch to the FA cup final at Wembley where Arsenal will fact the league champions Chelsea, and I feel that the goals could be intrinsically linked, with an unlikely top four spot likely to give us a great boost and help us get to Wembley full of form and confidence.

After defeat in the north London derby Arsenal have bounced back well with three big wins over Man United, Stoke and Southampton, but we are still left needing either Man City or Liverpool to slip up. If they do I reckon we will be there to take advantage and if that happened I would give us a great chance of lifting the FA cup.

If we fail to win both of the remaining games I think it will be Chelsea’s trophy. If we win both games but it is not enough to finish in the top four, the form will be there but the team may find it hard to get over the disappointment and the final will probably be tough for us, so do Arsenal need to seal another UCL place in order to win the FA cup?



  1. Peter Deed says:

    Arsenal are run by a foolish manager who has too much power and has zero ambition of winning. He overpays average players like Theo, Giroud, Ramsey and is afraid to spend money and buy top players. Our wage bill is bigger than Chelsea, Bayern, Barcelona and Athletico Madrid because he keeps giving injury prone players due to loyality. Stan Kroebke wake up you can make more money by winning trophies and hire a top manager.

    1. Pablo says:

      Sorry pal but to say we have a bigger wage bill than Barca, Chelsea and Bayern is complete and utter balderdash. I do agree we have a few players on the books from the more financially lean era but these lads are still good squad players (your examples of Giroud and Ramsey, not so much Walcott).

      Arsenal is run by a risk averse billionaire who is happy to keep Wenger in a job as he doesn’t want to spend the extra money on a new regime. In his eyes it ain’t broke so don’t fix it!

      Wenger will be at the helm next season unless the board grow a collective pair!

  2. stubill says:

    Jesus, you’re so f**~ing boring.

  3. Goonerboy says:

    I always read this everyday, is it a memory verse???

  4. RSH says:

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!… or at least written on this website ?

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Chelsea will do the top 4

    And we will finish 5th…wenger left it too late

    Time for a change

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    FA cup hopes linked with Top 4 finishes? …..please make me understand this LoL

    If that’s the case, what hope is linked with EPL or UCL glory???

    Ehn bobby !

  7. muff d says:

    is it bad that im really jealous of chelsea
    exciting team,
    exciting manager in his first season
    league title chance at double
    about to break pl record for most wins in one season


  8. gooner4life says:

    As it seems likely that Arsene will be staying it looks like another year or two of failure. He might have changed his tactics and formation in recent games but i don’t think he will change his transfer dealings,we know the saying “pay peanuts you get monkeys”.To get top players he needs to spend big,without champions league they will be reluctant to come.

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