Arsenal FA cup record attempt boosted by Hull City at home

I think that Arsenal being drawn to play at home in the next round of the FA cup could be even more of a boost to our hopes of getting that record three trophy wins in a row than the identity of the club we will face, Hull City. And the fact that we are going to play the same team that we beat in the Wembley final of 2014 just seems to suggest that the Gunners are destined to make history in the oldest competition in football.

Just like Burnley, the team that the Gunners beat in the 4th round this weekend, Hull are well embroiled in the race for promotion to the Premier League from the Championship. More good news for Arsenal is the fact that the Tigers also have a midweek game before they come to the Emirates for the 5th round of the FA cup and it is a massive game as well, against another team in the mix for promotion in Brighton.

Arsene Wenger does have the small matter of a Champions League game against the mighty Barcelona the following Tuesday to consider and the TV companies could give the Frenchman a real selection problem by making us play on the Sunday. But the way we played this weekend with an almost completely changed team should mean that we can cope and get one step close to another FA cup win.


  1. The way Wenger has treated this transfer window, it seems like he’s already resigned to losing to Barcelona. We needed atleast 2 quality players to stand a chance but instead he has only signed a midfielder that he himself doesn’t trust to get into our first 11.
    The irony is that wenger keeps talking about only signing players that can improve on what we already have, but he goes out and signs players good enough for the bench.

    1. wenger is a professional liar, and arsenal fans are so stupid, that they do even get fooled by actors who pretend to be players wanting to join the team. hahaha.

    2. I assume the player for the bench is elneny. To play him against Chelsea was too early. He needs time to adjust to team mates and PL. We do not want his confidence damaged by playing too early in a high profile match against Chelsea. Also we do not yet know if he is a bench player or not. Indications are that he is a good player.

    3. “The way Wenger has treated this transfer window”

      Do you pay any attention to the January window at all or do you think your fantasies about what we need can be met by clicking a button. Not a single world class player in all of Europe has moved this window and yet you think Wenger should have found 2 players who can tip the scales in our favor against the best team in the world. What universe do you inhabit?

  2. When does the transfer window close in England, Spain, Italy, France and Germany?By Gerard BrandLast Updated: 31/01/16 4:44pmWhen does the transfer window shut across Europe?As the January transfer window creaks shut, we look at the closing times across the continent – and why some deals can be rubber-stamped after the deadline…When does the transfer window close?Not all transfer window shutting times are aligned across Europe, but the Spanish FA announced earlier this week they would delay their window by 24 hours, meaning a new time of 11pm on Monday, February 1. Germany’s window will be open for a further 18 hours after England, Spain, and France, while Italy shuts an hour earlier

    England and Scotland – 11pm Monday, February 1Spain – 11pm Monday, February 1France – 11pm Monday, February1Italy – 10pm Monday, February 1Germany – 5pm Tuesday, February 2The future of West Brom striker Saido Berahino is still very much in the airWhy are some deals announced after the deadline?A transfer must be logged into FIFA’sTransfer Matching System (TMS) forit to be ratified before the relevant association’s deadline. For English clubs, this is 11pm. But if two clubs are running slightly late as the deadline approaches, from 9pm they may fill out what is known as a ‘deal sheet’, which will include all the key information confirming that a certain agreement is in place and a deal has been reached.Then, they have until 1am to complete the deal and get the full details to the Premier League. Hence, that 11pm deadline isn’t necessarily the end of all dealings.

  3. wenger talks a good talk about winning PL etc., but his actions lead me to believe he’s accepting (not happy) with status quo. any dreams we fans have of “moving up a level” sit with his cash pile locked up in a bank somewhere.

    in his way of looking at the world, his current players are “good enough” (for 3rd? 4th?) and his vision does not include buying world-class players to take us to the skill level of the likes of hazard,oscar, aguero and silva. we have ozil/sanchez (great!) but last year’s failure to buy indicates to me he’s done. not truly ambitious any more.

    1. It is up to Arsenal to decide whether Akpom and Hayden play. Hull cannot play them without Arsenal’s consent. I suspect Wenger will let them play.

  4. the fa cup is, how to say it, a bisquit compared to the real thing. cry as much as you want now. if it wasnt for the money arsenal loves to give a away, the likes of ozil and sanchez never would have dared to join arsnal by free will.

  5. Some fans here it’s buy buy buy….what on earth is wrong with you guys?!…
    @Antiwenger…how many quality players were available this Window?…Man U and liverpool are in a worse position than us,how many players have they signed?

    1. how stupid are you?? we want to win the league not compete with Liverpool and man utd for fourth. And for your info, maybe they haven’t spent because they signed alot of players in the summer. How many did we sign?

      1. Not nearly as stupid as you. Did you read his post? You can’t buy world class players if none are available to move. Elneny is the signing of the January window in the EPL this year. There haven’t been any really good players moving in all of Europe.

  6. Hopefully, we’ll get Aubameyang and Isco before the transfer window closes. Be afraid Southampton FC! 🙂

    1. I like the draw. The home fixture means we will probably see a similar lineup to the one used against Burnley. I want to see Iwobi start again. And players like Chambers, Gibbs and Elneny all need playing time. They probably won’t see much time in the EPL games.

  7. Most of the above comments are so negative and off topic. Sanchez and the Coq are back, good draw for next round of FA cup. Its unlikely we will get past Barcelona irrespective of any signings we could have made this window. Yes a world class striker would be great, but where from? We need someone of Aguero’s class. All we can do is get behind the team.

    1. Common sense, facts and sound logic of the kind displayed in your post are not appreciated on this site. We want anger, emotion and delusional fantasies about mythical world class strikers joining us before the window closes.

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