Arsenal face competition for potential Aubameyang replacement, but should they let this transfer go?

Arsenal may struggle to sign Jovic – is he even worth the risk?

Arsenal reportedly face competition for the potential transfer of Real Madrid striker Luka Jovic.

According to Mundo Deportivo, AC Milan are the latest club to join the running for the Madrid misfit, who has majorly flopped in his first season at the Bernabeu.

This report is cited by the Sun, who claim Arsenal have also been eyeing up Jovic as a potential replacement for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who is heading towards the final year of his contract at the Emirates Stadium.

Still, it’s also hard to overlook quotes in that Sun piece from Dragoslav Stepanovic, a former manager and Jovic’s fellow countryman.

He sounds deeply concerned about Jovic’s character, saying it seems like the 22-year-old is doing all he can to destroy his own career.

“He is the only man who does 100 per cent to ruin his career,” he said.

“Jovic works against himself. He was lucky that Adi Hutter gave him a shot at Eintracht and then made the biggest transfer in Serbia’s history and went to Madrid. I can’t believe what the boy is doing to himself.

“I read the media in Serbia and I know what life he had, that as a child he slept in his car with his father to wait until morning to train.

“What a sacrifice he made, and then this. I don’t know, Luka obviously doesn’t think about himself.”

Arsenal should perhaps take note of these comments, as it sounds like they could go some way to explaining why it’s gone so wrong for Jovic in Spain.

While it’s tempting to think he could recover and show the kind of form he displayed at Eintracht Frankfurt, there is no guarantee of that and he sounds potentially like a character who could disrupt our squad and derail the fine job Mikel Arteta is doing at the club.

We’ve seen before at Arsenal how much things can go wrong if a player is not mentally right, and it just seems quite clear that there are justifiable concerns about Jovic, suggesting he’s not a gamble we should be taking right now.

Aubameyang is a top player and has been thoroughly professional despite his ongoing contract saga, so it’s vital we get it right when it comes to replacing him.

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  1. Shakir says:

    Jovic is not a winger noh and i think we have plenty of options for the CF position and if tierney returns,will love to see saka as lw

  2. apangu iddi amin says:

    We need to sell the two unsettled forwards and replace them with players who are here to work hard on their carrier.

  3. Goonster says:

    Sell please.
    Can’t be having another 30 years old plus dead-horse on more than £350,000 a week.
    Please get rid if he is not willing to stay or if he is asking for ridiculous wages.
    Can’t be bothered by players, they are business men that go where the money is.
    Don’t be drawn into the Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey situation.
    Wait for too long and lose out on £60 million.
    Wait for too long and get conned into paying ridiculous wages of £350,000 a week for no return.
    We have 2 strikers, one bought for £50 million and the other for £60 million.
    We have a shirt selling genius that is apparently the beat No10 in the world. Bought him for £40 million. He is on about £300,000 a week.
    We have winger we bought for £70 million.
    We have a Midfielder we bought for £35 million.
    We have a CB that we bought for £30 million etc.
    But with all that we have been struggling to stay 5th in the EPL table for these last 4 seasons.
    I say sell and get as much as we can get then invest it on another player.
    Someone else in the team always takes over and becomes the go to man.
    Don’t give out any more stupid £350,000 a week contracts. Not a single player in our team deserves or is worth that sort of money.

    1. Dan kit says:

      To be the best you have to spend money ,can you imagine the fans if we spent 5 million pound on a striker ? You can’t have it both ways .
      We are ment to be a big club and to be a big club requires spending I’m afraid .

      1. Goonster says:

        Being a big club does not mean being an idiot club.
        Just handing out stupid money for players that are not worth it is not what defines a big club.
        Just because you are rich does not mean just throwing money around for the sake of showing that you are loades.
        That is why you will end up being labelled as “And Idiot with money”.

  4. Sue says:

    Well with his fractured foot, he has to be top of our list 😄

    1. Tony says:

      Based on AFC are probably Prone Injury Signee! Isn’t it @Sue.

      That’s hilarious.😅

      1. Sue says:

        Too right, Tony 😄

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