Arsenal face must-win game against Norwich – The pressure is on Arteta

A big test already awaits! by Shenel


We are only going into Arsenal’s fourth game of the season and we are already facing one of the biggest matches of our season so far.


Normally those words are said during the middle to end of the season or in a cup final game, but it just goes to show where our beloved club are at right now.


Three games played, three losses, nine goals conceded and zero goals scored. What an embarrassment to say the least!


And so the biggest test of the season comes on Saturday against Norwich. A must-win game to give us our first three points of the season. A must-win game to give our players their confidence back. A must-win game to relieve some sort of pressure on the club and Arteta.


Even a win will not be enough for that though in my opinion. Arteta is not the right man for the job and if we get through this season unscathed and un-relegated I do not want to see him at the helm come the start of next season.


It shows just how low Arsenal have fallen when playing the likes of Norwich- no offence to them- turns into a must-win game this early in the season!


It is utterly disgusting, emotional to see and very disappointing that a club that was once unbeaten and once Invincible has hit the new lows of  being bottom of the Premier League, with our North London rivals Spurs at the top! Although let’s hope that won’t last long for either team 🙏🏼


If we do not get relegated it will be a successful season yet a lucky escape.


Sometimes you can’t help but think it would be good to get relegated to teach the board a lesson, but the players do not deserve that and neither do us fans!


Yes, they should do better on the pitch but if they have no idea what to do because the tactics are non existent then it isn’t all their fault.


They say things have to get worse to get better, well sitting bottom of the league really is the worst it can get right now.


So let’s forget those first three games and let our season begin on Saturday with a win.


I am sure all will be forgiven to a certain extent if Arsenal arrive late to the Premier League party and avoid relegation! Have faith Gooners it has to get better! Here’s hoping anyway!


Shenel Osman

Twitter: @sh3n3l

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  1. All 20 managers are under pressure to win every weekend, nothing can be taken for granted. Support your team and manager. Mikle will work his majic, once he has his full squad fit. Looking forwad for Ramsadale’s AFC debut.

  2. The biggest test, a must win game alright and apparently the game where our season really starts. Would we have said the same if we were playing say Liverpool? Or our season start because we are playing Norwich?

    The season already started four weeks ago and apparently we are already looking out of the top 4 race. Arteta should strive for no less than 3 points and big scores in the next few games or the season will be over instead of really starting.

    1. Haha
      I also read that our season starts tomorrow ,we must be special as all the other teams seasons started 3 weeks ago .

      1. If I recall correctly our last season started in December. It seems Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is not alone in not learning from past mistakes.

    2. I agree about the next few games,if I am correct not only that out the 7 next games 5 are at home, we’ll be playing the likes of Norwich,Villa,Burnley..and apart from the spuds they are winnable games.

  3. Really dangerous for Arsenal to hear Edu talk about not caring about where we finish. We need a new director and manager with belief and motivational ability to compete at the highest level. Edu and Arteta should leave now so we don’t get relegated. They have given up. Wait any longer and…..we CAN get relegated.

    1. @Gai
      Well said👌

      But can he win 3 games? we wait and see. No game is easy this days..
      I guess Noritch may be physical in the match, Arsenal needs to be ready. Noritch like Arsenal have a point to
      prove. But there is really no excuse for Arteta and his team.
      I encourage all fans to do our bit support the team, give Arsenal manager a chance and be optimistic. You never can tell this game might be the begining of Arsenal on a winning trend.

      1. Thanks bro

        Norwich and Burnley have towering CFs. So Magalhaes has to be ready, because White won’t be able to contain the likes of Chris Wood

    2. GAI why should we hope to only draw against Spurs? That statement in itself shows just how far we have fallen. Talk of the season starting on Saturday, utter nonsense. This is Arsenal football club we should not be writing games off against anyone. You talk about saving MA if he wins a few and draws against out fiercest rivals! Oh dear, how the mighty have fallen.

      1. Dennis, the players’ confidence must be at rock bottom after losing three EPL games in a row, so we must be realistic. Win against Norwich and Burnley will be good enough for now

        1. If paradventure the players are able to win handsomely scoring enough goals against Norwich and Burnely, they may be on high confidence against Spurs. But really, away to spurs even with very confident and fit team it has never been easy considering it’s a derby with bitter rivals. A draw will do. A win would be unbelievable.

    3. Our next 5 games are:

      Crystal Palace

      We’ll be able to salvage some pride with 4 wins and a draw minimum. Anything less than that is unacceptable. That would leave us with 13 points out of a possible 24 from our first 8 games which is still poor.

  4. We need to make a Statement the next 3 or 4 games and then carry on. Norwich dont have anywhere near our resources. EASY WIN.

  5. “If we do not get relegated it will be successful season, yet a lucky escape”What exactly do you mean by such a contradictory statement?Mindbogling.

  6. If am Daniel Farke (Norwich Manager), i will be really confident of getting at least a point at the emirates.

  7. I thought our 1st match was a must win considering we played Chelsea and City after it

    Anyway, there’s no guarantee that we can win but if we don’t then a big change needs to be considered

  8. I rarely comment on the quality of an article but find its negativity overpowering. Hoping for the team to get relegated so as to show the big wigs a lesson???

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