Arsenal face serious competition for one of their priority targets

Arsenal has kept Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin at the top of their transfer wishlist ahead of the summer transfer window.

The Gunners remain in the hunt for new attackers and we expect them to intensify their efforts to get some players in when the transfer window reopens.

The likes of Darwin Nunez and Alexander Isak have also been linked with a move to the Emirates, but a striker with Premier League experience could become the individual that joins the Gunners.

Calvert-Lewin is becoming one of England’s best, and claims Arsenal is looking at signing him in the next transfer window.

However, the report insists the Gunners are not alone, and they will face serious competition in their bid to add him to the squad.

It claims Newcastle United and Atletico Madrid are also keen on his services.

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These clubs will present Arsenal with serious competition to deal with, however, the Gunners could eventually win the race for his signature if he stays in England.

He would consider a move to the Emirates a much better idea than playing at Newcastle, even though the Magpies have money to burn now.

It would be interesting to see if we can convince him to join before the start of next season.

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  1. Over the past ten days Arsenal has bought and sold more than 90 sought after targets who have long been “on our radar”. These talents are in incredible form but desire to move to Arsenal for a small fee usually around 70mill which we must of course break the bank to purchase. Coutinho DCL Nunez Isaac and Ousmane Dembélé for example have been bought multiple times over the last ten days. The greatest amazing relevation from contributors is how we would be best advised to take one game at a time and treat each game as a cup tie. Why didn’t I think of that? We need football now. Signing Marouane Fellaini for 96mill can wait till the summer 🙂

    1. fairfan I sympathise and wholeheartedly agree.

      Those running JA have taken our SUPPOSED collective gullibility for granted for all the many years I have been on JA.
      It occurs to we, the majority of non gullible fans on JA, that IF we were to swallow the countless fake and false rumours on JA – usually from dubious sites such as Fichajes, (AKA Liars) then our squad would already be hundreds deep and dozens more added weekly!

      All I ask , personally, is that we on JA are treated, collectively speaking, with less dishonesty and not taken for gullible fools By far the majority on here are anything but!
      I have never accepted the many pleas by Ad PAT that it is the duty of JA report ALL rumours, however ludicrous.

      I say that JA, anotherwise fine fan site, has a sacred duty to treat we fans as grown ups and not as little children who still believe in SANTA CLAUS!

      Those in charge would be given far more respect from we Gooners than they curently have , IF ONLY they would not treat us all as fools. It is insulting and a site that insults its customers is, let us say, UNWISE in the extreme!

      1. What you call insults, other Gooners find interesting. Again Jon, YOUR truth is not the same as everyone elses. It’s just your OPINION!

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