Arsenal face trips to Austria, Norway and Ireland in Europa League

Arsenal now knows who they will have to face in the 2020/21 Europa League group stages.

The Gunners are one of the favourites for the competition, in fact, not many teams have a better record over the last three seasons in this competition, hopefully, this will be the year that we finally win the thing.

This is what the draw threw up for Mikel Arteta.


Rapid Wien

Apart from being a trophy, the Europa League winners are given automatic qualification for the following season’s Champions League and considering how difficult it is in the Premier League to finish top-four then any extra avenues to Europe’s elite competition are always welcomed.

Let us know in the comments below what you think to the draw. Have Arsenal been fortunate or is it a tricky draw full of banana skins? Also, let us know what you think to some of the other groups and who you think the biggest dangers are to Arsenal.

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    1. “Not bad” Sue? This is a WONDERFUL draw for us , a dream draw with not overmuch travelling either.

      1. Better Dundalk than a six hour flight back from Azerbaijan and a couple of time zones, that’s for sure

    2. Molde might be our toughest opponent in that group, they play well and score lots of goals. And by tough, I mean a Brighton or West Brom standard.

  1. Mikel seems to be good at knockout competitions. This gives hope we may break the Europe curse.

    1. Nice draw 🙂
      Bit of worrying news though off topic.
      hopes to sign Aouar are beginning to fade for Arsenal I’ve just read and also Saliba going back to France on loan is a bummer quite a shock.
      Partly as we cant off load the cbs wed hoped to but also hes looking way off the pace we need apprently, (put down to last uears disrupted and injury plagued season)

      1. Transfer news are always more speculative. Its never certain until we see a player in our shirt. We won’t have long to wait though.

        Even if no one comes in personally I am confident with Mikel to deliver good results with what we have (which is more than good enough IMHO)

  2. This must be among the two or three best ever and preferred draws at a group stage of our entire European history!

  3. I predict arsenal to go all the way&win the europa league…admin save this message for future references

    1. Hopefully really strong teams like Athletico and sevilla don’t drop off the champions league and into the europa league, so far we only have AC Milan as the toughest competition. The rest are small teams, spuds included.

      1. Looking at the UCL groups it looks like Leipzig/United/Salzberg will be the toughest to drop down, IF there are no major surprises in the Group Stages. Atleti dropping down our first year in was just so unfortunate, but also, we played a whole game against them a man up so the failure was really on us.

  4. What a great draw we have here for us, no long ass travelling to do which is probably the most important thing imo.
    This is probably the best draw we could have hoped for

  5. For once, we can’t complain..
    Who we meet at later rounds of the competition will now be left to fate and destiny..
    Hoping for more favourable draws in the 32 and 16 rounds.
    Also, we’ll be able to see our backups like Runarsson and Gabriel showcase themselves hopefully

        1. Yes sue I just read that!
          He looked like a beast when he arrived just goes to show what a disrupted year can bring also his lack of English language is very visible, he whe was intervie

  6. Rapid are a decent enough side, but the others should be not much more than a training session. Am I over confident? Of course I am! Maximum points from this group or we don’t deserve to be there.

  7. Great locations, nothing too far at all. Even got an Irish team, very nice! Hopefully we get to see ESR, Nelson, Saliba, and a couple academy players in these fixtures. I have confidence they can get the job done and we can top the group.

  8. There no small teams these days. It is to your peril if you underestimate any team.
    On the W. Saliba issue, it is mind numbing that Arteta is not even prepared to give him a chance. He deserves it. He cannot learn to play the arsenal way by being away from arsenal. Arteta is clearly biased against
    him. You don’t blame someone for being injured during his loan period.

    If Bellingham and Gio Reina had joined Arsenal instead Dortmund, they would be playing in Arsenal’s under19.
    Fortunately for them, they are not arsenal. They are playing Dortmund’s
    first team and will be playing in the champions league this season even though the are under 18.
    Arteta will tell us that he has youngsters in the first. He found them there already.
    These young players who are given the cold shoulder by our manager who thinks he is a super manager, are no fools and they have seasoned personal managers.
    Many talented youths will avoid Arsenal because of manager’s misplaced judgements and thought process.
    Balogun has already seen the light.

    1. Well, you have no idea how it all works over there at the clubs or in training grounds, so don’t pretend like you do..
      Players are first of all human beings before any other thing.. Bedding periods are different for different people..
      James Rodriguez seems to have settled quite well at Everton but we’re still waiting for Pepe..

  9. @Kieron Blandford.

    Give time till Monday people.
    Thereafter, if the Aouar guy is not signed by then, then you guys can rightfully slit/cut Eddie’s throat as he was the one who was overly positive that Aouar’s transfer to Arsenal fc will be announced today, 2020,10,02.

  10. Fair draw on paper and I expect us to finish top of the group, but football can be really crazy and unpredictable so anything can happen.

    Few days to go and we still have not sold any player and bought a new player.
    I am getting nervous, cause we not getting Aouar or Partey will make our season more tougher.

    But, I have some kind of trust in Arteta and I do not know why, so even if we end up not signing any other player he can work wonders with this current squad. We have capable players for almost every position except defensive midfield. Which is why I am making a bleeding cry out for Partey.

    Our young players like Saka, Martinelli, Smith-Rowe, can work some magic and creativity.
    But we have no midfield player that can play the role that Partey does.

  11. Aouar transfer is toilet!
    So fed up of willocks, el nanis, nelsons, nketiahs, xhakas and amns…
    Prepare for a mid table position. Very glum today.
    Same same old story – as if Gazidis is back!

  12. Admin…no Leno vs Martinez article today? That’s bias..when Leno was off form we had those articles on a daily basis. Now Leno is getting back to his old self then it goes quiet. Hypocrisy

      1. Yeah… pretty sure if he had a stinker yesterday, the emi bandwagon would have rolled out their drums and trumpets just to sing “I told you so” track by small doctor

  13. We should walk this group and win every game comfortably! I expect 18 points and a record number of goals 😀

  14. Off topic I’ve got to say firstly I am well aware that as all transfer windows near closure the press take particular pleasure in winding up all fans but especially our fans!
    In reading Aouar to Real Madrid and Partey to Chelsea now.
    This may be BS*it but cant help getting a little stressed out about our late in the day approach.
    Surely if you want a player you go in closer to the required price and get the deal done as it’s clear other clubs with CL to offer could come in at anytime.
    I get that we need to sell to buy but even if we cant pay it back this window surely we should be able to get a bridging loan from Josh or Stan? The fact we cant is outrageous considering the guy is a multi billionaire who invests regularly in the NFL, (so bloomin annoying!).
    I appreciate that covid has meant things are tough fit everyone but say £48m for Aouar and £45m for Partey isnt a lot if they are as good as people say.
    We so desperately need more creativity in the mf and also a DM of stature and physicality such as Partey
    I wonder was it a mistake letting Raul go prior to this window?

    1. Yeh if it’s true about Madrid and Chelsea coming for these players then we have no chance of getting either and it will be down to our messing around trying to pay as less as possible for quality players if we paid what the clubs wanted would have signed both players already now in big danger of getting either and will prob panic and buy average players!!

      1. Vinai and Edu publicly stated that Arsenal did not need to sell to buy. Typical Arsenal identify targets well in advance, the procrastinate, penny pinch and miss out when the Club has competed the deal and another club comes in. If Zidane (a French legend) and RM come calling, Arsenal are no chance for Aouar.
        The current midfield will be lucky to achieve 6th place, remembering that DM Lucas Torreira is going on loan to Atletico Madrid, with no one to replace him. The bargain of the window was Everton buying Doucoure for £20 million, who would walk into Arsenal’s midfield.

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