Arsenal face two HUGE transfer bids for Alexis Sanchez

It never gets any easier for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger does it? The Frenchman is always under pressure to make some top class signings when there is a transfer window open and even when there was very little money in the kitty for him to spend on players, people would slaughter him for the transfers that did not really work out.

And when Wenger has managed to get hold of a really top class player, whether through transfer dealings or from the Arsenal academy, then we get the big clubs in England and around Europe circling like vultures. Wenger will be under pressure to add to the Arsenal squad next month, of course, but he could be even harder pressed to hold on to one of our superstars if the latest Arsenal transfer rumours are correct.

Because Talksport are reporting news from Spain that the Spanish giants and biggest earning club in the world, Real Madrid, have identified Alexis Sanchez as a priority target, possibly as a long term replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo. The report claims they may be preparing a massive bid for the Chilean next month.

And if Wenger manages to see that transfer bid off, he could be faced with yet another in the summer, this time from EPL rivals Man City. The rumour reported by is that his former boss at Barcelona, Pep Guardiola, will make the Chilean his first transfer target if he takes over from Manuel Pellegrini after this season.

Will the Gunners be able to hold on to our star striker?

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  1. YES!! BUT we must make sure we win the EPL this season so he’ll know he’s not here to waste his time and Wenger needs to make good signings so he’ll know we have ambitions. plus raise his wage.. and guardiola? he can go f**k himself

    1. Thank you my thoughts exactly
      if we are a big club then buy big and not one a year get what we need and done with it,
      stop F’ing around use the funds that are available send a strong msg to the world and your players that we are aiming BIG and they will stay

  2. It’s what the player and his agent that will only decide, as we saw with Fabregas, RVP. Nasri, Adebayour and even Henry. The only way we can keep hold of Sanchez is if he feels loyalty towards the club and we match his personal ambitions. While we have him, let’s just enjoy his contribution and worry about tomorrow when it comes.

    1. Give this Gavana dude a massive thumbs-down………… Then go on an do the same to “Goonthinker” below

  3. .The era of worrying about our star players is gone
    Sanchez is going nowhere and these are just rubbish rumours
    Admin pls is there a way I can get updates whenever a new article is posted???($)
    Thanks in anticipation

  4. Money talks and bull ? walks!
    If a ridiculous amount was offered for Sanchez and Ozil,
    You know that they will be sold… Right?

    I personally wouldn’t mind, as long as the money was spent on bringing in 4 ( top top top) players in their place.
    But we know that won’t happen either, even if they were sold.

    You can never say “Never” in football,
    Unless you’re a scouser, Of course.
    (They NEVER Rob alone… I mean walk)

  5. Why don’t we just put in a cheeky bid for eden hazard the guy is clearly not happy where he isis and he is quality

  6. Imagine if Pep decides to stay at Bayern for another year then succeeds Wenger, the laughs at Man City would be endless and it’s not as unlikely as a lot of people might think.

  7. Dear Mr. Sanchez, please come and join Real Madrid and sit on our bench all season. We’ll let you play when Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema need a rest.
    Seems to me this was the situation Alexis was in at Barca, before he joined Arsenal.
    We need to sign Alexis and Ozil to new contracts, and win the EPL and FA Cup.
    Then we can strengthen further.

  8. Sanchez is a winner and very ambitious, now how ambitious is AFC and how much do we wish to be winners?……..and when I said winning things am not talking F.A cup or the Carling cup…….we have to give him reasons to stay, how we do that depends on Wenger and the board, and how they handle themselves in the transfer window this coming summer

    1. And what kind of message they send to us fans. There is a jan window coming now, and arsenal have a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the squad. Do we want to push on in the CL, then we need more depth and quality, do we want to win the EPL, well same here.

      I wouldn’t mind if Wenger and Co said “well lets go for the EPL, and focus less on FA and CL”. (my opinion).

      Either way it’s not just Alexis who like to know what the club is aiming for…

      – go for the EPL, if we also win the FA well that’s just a nice bonus
      – going for EPL, FA and CL well feels like “a bridge to far”.
      – focus on the EPL, and the EPL only, yes please focus on this the rest of the season, its not unrealistic that we can win it this season!

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