Arsenal face worrying wait over injuries

It was not a good night for the Gunners, not only did we get slaughtered by by Championship side Sheffiel Wednesday, but we also lost two more first team players to injury in the first 20 minutes. As Wenger said: “Walcott is a calf and Oxlade-Chamberlain is a hamstring.”

So now our injury troubles have come back to haunt us, and Le Prof has said that we can only wait to see how bad the damage is to Theo and Alex. “The injuries are two muscular injuries and the injury damage I do not know. You have to wait 48 hours for the scans to see how big the damage is.

“It was a bad night at the office, we lost two players and after that we were not good enough, but on top of that you have to congratulate Sheffield Wednesday. They put in a great performance, very resoloute, very dynamic and so they deserve their win tonight.”

Wenger picked a motley crew of experiene and youth, but Wenger is now rueing that he used some of his first team squad. “I have to manage the workload of the players and at the end of the day I still think I brought too many experienced players here. We lost two players. Once I lost two players, I had Gabriel and Monreal and I did not bring them on as we could not afford to lose any more players.”

“I’m concerned because our next game is a big game on Saturday, we have the Champions League against Bayern Munich coming up. Already we are now short. To lose two players tonight, two offensive players, is damaging for us.”

It is never an easy game against a Championship side, especially away at a team that was unbeaten in the eight previous matches, so in hindsight it would have better if we just used it as a training lesson for our youngsters, but now all we can do and wait and see how weakened we are for Saturday’s game against Swansea….

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  1. The reason most of us bashed Wenger so much for not buying an outfield player while sending so many out on loan and having some players injured is now showing. We got so much stick for this especially in the recent weeks when we have been doing well.

    The thing is injuries are unpredictable and cant be foreseen, BUT not at Arsenal, this happens every season. Wenger has been with most of these players for a long time now, he of all people must know the usual suspects and should have good back ups.

    Welbeck (even at Man U)

    These players have never hard a full a season under them how did we expect any different. Our season is still on track and lets not panic yet but in the future or should we fall short again due to injuries we all know who to point at.

    On another note, going by what I saw yesterday, we need extra prayers for Coq, Bellarine, Sanchez, OG, Carzola and Monereal (hell I can add the whole team) to stay healthy because our so called back up’s either suck or they are completely out of form and are not reliable to compete at the top level (Campbell, Debuchy, Flamini, Gibbs, I’ll throw in Mert for yesterday’s showing).

    1. Gibbs is a solid second choice LB, name me better than he. Debuchy of the French national team as your second ..come on. He might not be doing it yet but having a French national in reserve hardly sounds like a mistake ..whats your answer. It was the changes to entire back line that were the problem ..certainly not Gibbs and Debuchy. Ramsey is a small stint out, we have no news on these latest two so don’t even know if it’s only one game or two ..premature to start rolling out your one basket for all and I told ya so doo da doo da.

  2. This just proves that outside the first 14 or 15 players we are weak but saying that our best youngsters are all out on loan .If we have any ambition on winning the premier league we must sign a couple of players that are able to step into the first team and do a job

    1. Loaning out our best young players paid for Cech!
      business comes first at Arsenal fc!
      Otherwise we would have had a decent back up,
      Instead of the ? we have now.

    2. No gooner gaz it doesn’t say anything of the sort. Because what it does say is that players need to be playing regularly and many changes to a team can be damaging. We knew this but priorities must, and Theo pulling up is hardly Wengers fault as he warmed up with the rest of them before the match began ..lazy commentating and so easy for some of you to gobble up.

    1. Wenger was to blame for Walcott’s injury,
      He rushed the player on without letting him warm up first!
      And did anyone see Wenger smiling at the end?
      I couldn’t see the reason for his smiles,
      Maybe he lumped on Sheffield Wednesday £££

  3. Debucy moans about not getting picked for games and then every game he does play, he’s the worst player on the pitch! Would be happy to sell him in January and wait for Jenkison to come back in the summer.

    I’m not really disappointed about losing but im disappointed in the fact that 8 of the 11 players last night are trying the break in to the first team but put in a performance like that.. the only thing good from yesterday’s game was Campbells work rate (nothing else) and little bits of Iwobi performance.

    We now have a real problem on the right wing as I dont fell confident with campbell or Iwobi there.. but for me i would take the risk and go with Iwobi

    1. I feel you… But the Arsenal system is fundamentally built on having a technical, quality midfield. Our play was breaking down before it even got to the forward line and put our defence under immense pressure. Bennacer and Kamara were waaaaay out of their depth.
      Adding Sanchez, Ozil and Cazorla back to the team is about as much support as any forward could wish for.. As long as Iwobi/Campbell is willing to put in a shift, they’ll have a lot more of a chance to make an impact with a world-class midfield. (As opposed to a 19y.o. and 17.y.o on debut)

  4. We shouldn’t harm some of our starting eleven on a tier 3 cup match. Just send 95% of the reserved. My opinion, this Capitol whatever cup alone shouldn’t be exist. Every each of top European leagues only contesting two trophies every year. The league it self and one cup competition. In fact, you’ll find this in every country who has football league in this world. More matches more revenues more incomes, that’s FA greed policy. LVG spot it right, EPL alone has the most ruthless schedules in the world. Not to mention European cup competitions.
    I hope Theo and Ox will be back soon. If they won’t ( I fill this is just the beginning) Arsene should make this January window as serious option.

  5. Eish……Our usuall injury curse hath followed us again. Its like the moment we about to go big the injury snake be like ”and where are uuuu off to”.

    Maby it aint that bad for ox or theo…..heres to hoping.

    I still have a glimmer of hope for Campbell. He awkwardly in a weird way remind me of a left footed nasri. He needs confidence and regular game time.

    Who’s wenger going to play RW against Swansea? that’ll be interesting lets put macey there:/

    Jokes aside. This is a big week. 1 more injury we screwed. Bayernis gona want revenge, we better be up for it, 1 lapse in concentration it’ll be a massacre at the allienz arena.


    1. Campbell reminds you of Nasri??????? Maybe when Nasri was 12.

      Hate to sound bullish especially on our players but we need to open our eyes that Joel is not Arsenal material, we spent so much time and resources hoping Denilson, Gervinho, Rayo, Djeru (sp) and a couple of other young stars thinking they would come good and yet everyone saw them for what they are.

      As I said in some old post that some players are not meant for certain teams – Di Maria for United, Falcao for United and now Chelsea, De Bryne for Chelsea, Torres for Chelsea, Soldado for Spurs, etc. I fear Joel falls in this bracket, his better off in a different team, better still different league.

  6. I dont understand why Wenger doesnt get himself some help? Stubborn and old, a very bad mix.

    The game was a reminder that it takes 2 injuries to Coquelin and some other player and our season will be over. I hope that we will prevail till january, but i am not sure if Wenger will get some new players in.

  7. theo’s injury makes as all worry coz giroud will relax and start missing chances again.for the ox he was not playing well anyway..hopefully when he comes back he does an ozil and revive his career…fingers crossed hope we are not going through those wenger weeks where we get eliminated in all competitions in 2wks..

  8. Cry babies here are crying again. A squad will always have no more than 25 players above the age of 21 as at January of that year. So no amount of buying players can mitigate against the loss of two players to injury within as space of 15 minutes. You cannot stop the progress of your youth players by keeping them to play in cup games that are thin and far apart. The pool from which Arsene could pick youth players was limited by the on going U17 World Cup, where the following players are featuring: Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Kaylen Hinds, Stephy Mavididi, Chris Willock, Yassin Fortune. The player I thought should have been played in the midfield was Ben Sheaf, unless he is injured.

  9. Dragunov762mm, I will as a global Arsenal fan not support the cancellation of Capital One Cup competition because Arsenal have lost to Sheffied Wed yesterday. And other major football associations are limited to 3 competetions in a season as against 4(CS, BPL, COC & FA Cup) in England. I am not an England man, but I like them. Let the people have their say by voting across the 4 English league divisions who are eligible to compete for the COC to put the debate to rest. Arsenal will come good at Swansea. Save Krystian Bielik, I am afraid not with any of those youths and fringe players that played for Arsenal against Shefield Wed yesternight. Cazorla should be moved to right wing and Bielik paired with Coqullain at the base. But still, the Boss has buy time by having 1 or 2 of his youths and some of his fringe Gunners on the bench to cover the starters. As a matter of necessary action, the Boss MUST start a clearout in Jan window of those youths and fringe players that played yesterday at Sheffield.

    1. What…? No. Akpom’s a first team regular getting much needed playing time. Gnabry’s supposedly not ready by Pulis’ evaluation. Campbell and Iwobi are fine to tie us over fine until the others return.

    1. yeah… gee our left flank is just trash!
      a great finisher! that’s what we need! it would be simply impossible to wish for a player who could do that, tracks back like his life depends on it, creates and can dance his way past multiple markers…

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