Arsenal faced with double transfer swoop for Alexis and the Ox

These are just Arsenal transfer rumours at the minute, Gooners, so do not get too worried just yet, but there are reports in the football media today that Arsenal are about to have our transfer resolve tested for two of the players who have just one year remaining on their current contracts.

However, the reports linking the big spending French club PSG with our Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez and the reigning Premier League champions Chelsea with our England international Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain do not say that any bids have been made yet but that they are about to.

The Daily Mail report about the Ox and Chelsea is particularly vague in what it says, claiming that Antonio Conte has stepped up his interest in our player, whatever that is supposed to mean. It does not say that the Italian has made Arsene Wenger an offer but that they are ready to bid £25 million and Arsenal are aware of the interest.

The report by The Independent is a bit more worrying because it involves our star player Alexis and claims that PSG are ready to pay us £80 million fo0r him, an amount that would surely test Wenger and the Arsenal board and perhaps see the Chilean sold.

Will either of these transfer bids actually happen? If so which do you think Arsenal might accept?



  1. scott says:

    dont see how PSG can justify spending another £80m on a player that plays same position as £222m neymar….

  2. john_gatal says:

    i have no idea…rumours always rumours

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    I have a message for Sanchez. Please if you won’t honour your contract please leave. If you will honour your contract (fine), but if you gonna cause a disrupt in the team then let’s sell him. I like Sanchez and I m a huge fan of his ability but what Arsenal don’t want now is a sulker that will cause more problems in the team.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      To be fair, he probably has already asked to leave, what more can he do? Unless you want him to go public, or go on strike, and create even more of a circus around the club?

      None of us know for sure, but it does look as if he wants out as he hasn’t signed the huge contract offer made to him. As he’s said before, the balls in Arsenal’s court. If any club forces a player to stay against their will, who’s really to blame if things then go wrong? Obviously I will not be happy if Sanchez does strike, or cause unrest, but I suppose to some degree that has to be expected if you’re forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do.

      The only other scenario (and this is a massive long shot), is that Sanchez does want to stay, but is waiting to see Arsenal’s level of ambition in the transfer market before committing.

      I would love him to stay, but if he wants out, then we must sell.

      1. Kostafi says:

        “forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do” wtf does that mean? He signed a contract and expects to be allowed to piss off when a better one comes? Do you sign a 12 month phone or broadband deal and decide you are being “forced to” stick with it after 6 months after seeing a better deal elsewhere? The only way this works for Sanchez (and I think he gets this) is if an offer suitable to all parties is made. Until then, the best he can hope for is to play himself into a shop window (like he did towards the end of last season) so the offers coming for him in January remain as lucrative. So expect to see Sanchez when fit trying to score/assist as many goals as possible.

        1. gotanidea says:

          Both Arsenal and Sanchez do not force anything. Arsenal did not try to extend his contract three years ago, when he was at his peak performance.

          Sanchez already said he wants to honour his contract. It is the media that keep making the fake news.

        2. ThirdManJW says:


          I hear what you’re saying, but you’ve got to look at it in context. We all know what footballers can be like if they don’t get their own way, especially the WC players. I personally do not think Sanchez would go on strike, or not give it 100%, but if he’s unhappy, then that is a possibility.

          Just because someone signed a contract, doesn’t mean they won’t feel different, or want better terms, whilst still within that contract, at some point down the line. And that’s where potential problems could surface.

          1. Kostafi says:

            pro footballers are pre madonnas- just look at Van Dijk.
            However, I don’t expect Sanchez to go on strike or he will be docked wages as well. I don’t expect him to hand in a transfer request (like VVD) but even if he did, it doesn’t compel the club to do anything. Look at Mahrez.
            There are no enforceable buy out clauses in England, so a Neymar cannot be done. Liverpool schooled Dick Law on that during the infamous Suarez bid.
            The only option I believe for Sanchez is to play his heart out on the pitch in what is a World Cup year. Bang the goals in and either sign a new contract if (or when) we are head and shoulders ahead of the opposition in February or let the suitors see he still has it before moving on next summer.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Sanchez already said he will honour his contract. It is the media that keep inciting the people with their fake news. I would be disappointed if he leaves at the end of this season, but it is his right.

      I am more worried about Chamberlain. He is one of the most talented homegrowns, but he could leave to one of Arsenal’s competitors very soon.

  4. Budd says:

    Sanchez is 100% gone as he will not feature in the next two games (LEI & STO). The explanation given by Wenger is not convincing, he got a knock. Sanchez used to play with one leg for Chile and Arsenal. He actually hates it when not on the field. He is just spared for the big money (probably PSG) will dump on Kroenke in about two weeks time.
    Watch this space.

  5. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    If £80 million is offered for Sanchez then that needs to be snapped up quick time and spent on reinforcements. I don’t like the idea of selling the Ox for £25 million, especially to Chelsea.

    Apparently,Sanchez has a abdominal strain and will miss our first two league games. Ozil, Ramsey and Mustafi are also casualties. Oh dear, it looks as if we are set up for calamities against Leicester ?

    1. tomas berlin says:

      I agree, time to let Alexis go, becoming too disruptive now. Be sad to see OX go as given a real run he could be a star. If we get good deals we must buy, my personal fear is, it will go straight to the bank account as before.

    2. Ignasi M says:

      Yeah, there’ll be bollocks all creativity and chances created if these players are out. How many clear chances (non dead ball) did we create against Chelsea on Sunday? Two?

      I’ll be surprised if we beat Leicester. They’ll be energised and organised.


  6. JW Holmes says:

    there are also reports of Elvis Presley being alive and living on an island in the south pacific. I give equal credit to these reports.

  7. Anko says:

    From Wenger’s interview I think Arsenal would have sold Sanchez to PSG if they were really interested! The only reason why he is still at Arsenal is because PSG did not make do with their pursuit of him. And they are going for Mbape after they signed Neymar. PSG are making a statement here and they want to become the next big thing. If Wenger will give him a good deal is what we really don’t know. PSG made their choices and it did not include Sanchez

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      PSG after spending 200m is gonna spend another 150m on Mbappe?

      There are really no poor people out there

    2. gmv8 says:

      I can’t see PSG spending any more money. UEFA is probably already investigating them over FFP, and I’m sure if they spend another 150m, there will be no wiggle room. UEFA will have to take action, or declare FFP, even the watered down type we now have, well and truly dead.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Yes but if they broke the rule – the smart thing would be to push on further before the sanctions come in over the next couple of windows. In for a penny…

        That would make Alexis worth the 80m, because next season might not be an option.

  8. john_gatal says:


    walcott(speed no brain)
    wellbeck(less goalscrorer)
    wilshere(always injured)

    ox(can be greats player)
    giroud(very usefull when needed)

    1 quality mf
    1 great cb(i’m not mustafi fans)
    1 strengthen coach


  9. Am not really bothered whether Sanches goes or stays. My concern is whether the club can bring in another player in his place. Not necessarily one with his skill set, but even a lemar or a mahrez provided they are happy to play in the red and white of Arsenal.

  10. Kostafi says:

    If PSG bid £80m, it will go down to Stan… The board were inclined to accept offers above £50m, but AW was defiant and Kroenke backed him. An £80m bid might tickle his moustache lol. At the end of the day, they haven’t bid and they have their own problems. La Liga didn’t finalise Neymar’s paperwork so he still can’t play.

    The Ox one is just lazy journo’s clasping at straws. On Sunday, Ox liked a Gram post about him going off to Liverpool for £28m. I follow him and he likes just about everything… Will he sign a new contract? I hope so. The CM role he wants wont come from a top 6 club, and Chelsea want him as a RWB. Anywhere he goes, he will be competing for places not starting- the cash on offer is similar. I don’t think he will leave this window.

    1. gmv8 says:

      I don’t get all this about CM – Ox has speed, and is good at crossing, therefore he is ideal on the wing. As we have changed formation, we no longer have a conventional winger, but one in line with the defensive midfield, who is expected to cover all duties along the wing, so calling that position a wing ‘back’, I feel, is somewhat of a misnomer. I’m not sure if that is what Ox is upset about, but most of his games have been on the wing, and he has never been upset about it before, as it is the logical position for him, and I expect any other club he goes to will play him there as well.

      1. Break-on-through says:


      2. Kostafi says:

        Don’t shoot the messenger. The lads told the media as seeing himself as a “Gerrard type” CM and that’s his preferred position. he has even credited AW for playing him there a few times.
        We can debate Wingers and Right Wing-backs (a combination of Winger and Right Back) all day but the position really does depend on the formation and how they are used.
        The bottom line is Chelsea want him to fight for that position with Moses, and Ox has previously stated it is not where he sees himself playing. He also wants more minutes, which fighting for a place at Chelsea wont guarantee. Liverpool had long be mooted because he would be fighting with Henderson and Gini for one of 2 places (better odds) although they failed with multiple bids for RB Leipzigs Keita. I hope he doesn’t end up in a Ross Barkley situation… Sign the bloody extension Ox!

  11. Muff d says:

    I’d take 50 for him let alone 80 if it’s abroad
    Rather than this circus
    An he leaving next summer

    Very silly we are in this position
    While ozil is staying an getting paid stupid money

    We messed up so badly with the contracts and wage structure here…it’s unreal

  12. jon fox says:

    The actual problem is that no one at Arsenal board level has any football nous at all. Since the mighty David Dein was catastrophically and suicidedly forced out ten years ago the club’s decline has been inexorable. Without a dynamic and well connected true fan, like Dein, in charge of running the club at board level, Wenger has been cut adrift and taken the flak for the shambolic and ludicrous Gazidis and been left up the creek without a paddle. If the club had even a happorth of sense and honour they would go down on bended knees to David Dein to come back and again run th board. Gazidis is the true villain, allied to a parasite owner w cares nothing for the club, only for money. Until these two harmful influences are gone nothing acn or will change for the better. Look how our title challenges and CL perfs dived immediately the ARSENAL IN HIS SOUL David Dein left.

    1. GB says:

      I think Dein is now 76. Yes ok still younger than a few on the board but also remember it was Dein who introduced Kroenke to Arsenal.

      1. gmv8 says:

        The board became disunited and were arguing amongst themselves – Kroenke smelt blood and moved in. The board were looking for a backer so Arsenal could compete with the likes of Citeh – in the end we got the worst of both worlds, no funding, and someone leeching money off the club. Dein and Hill-Wood were certainly wise to Kroenke in the end, but they didn’t (Hill-Wood) or couldn’t (Dein) exert their influence over other board members, ending up with a majority share-holder, which each member of the boerd had pledged would never happen.

  13. Ronny says:

    £80m? Take the money and run!
    Selling a player in their last year who wants to leave overseas to a different league, result!!

    As @fatboy said get it done and reinvest quickly.

    Ox shouldn’t go anywhere whether he likes it or not he’s become a very effective wing back for us, (probably why he wants to leave).

    I’d say forcing ox to see out his contract although not ideal I’d much less risky than with sanchez as the ox has is more passive and has a good character, well to date he has.

  14. Kays says:

    Am I the only one who has a feeling that Sanchez might not be injured and is trying to do a fabregas in hi last season [forge injuries] along with Wenger. I hope am wrong.
    Off topic: I think Mbappe is heading to psg because the same way Wenger talked about neymar is the same for Mbappe. How I wish Arsenal had khaleifi instead of kroenke.

  15. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If we take the money and run fair enough BUT we will finish 5th place again without Alexis.

    Lemar would not be enough. We would also need a replacement for Alexis which would more likely happen next summer.

    I think Alexis doesn’t want to just leave. I think he wants to leave to go to City and uncle Pep. I think he would rather stay here than go to PSG. Maybe I’m wrong though

  16. Coldzero says:

    Get rid of both, if they want out then get rid. Especially in the case of Sanchez who is nkw claiming to have some sort of stomach strain so unable to play.
    He is playing games so it’s time to either get rid or put him in the reserves as far away from the first team as possible.
    Oxelaide in the charity shield also looked like he was already playing for Chelsea to be honest- he was woeful and clearly his head is elsewhere- get rid!

    Would rather we promote some of the kids than play these fools. No one is bigger than the club, no one.

  17. ken says:

    Papers need to write

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