Arsenal faces being kicked out of the Premier League if they join Super League in the future

Following the recent threat by Arsenal and five other Premier League teams to form a new competition that rivals the Champions League, the EPL is planning to rewrite its rule book.

This rewrite would make such an idea impossible to think about in the future because any threat of a breakaway would be met with expulsion from the competition.

The Sun says the chaos of the past week that saw Arsenal and the other teams agree to join six teams from Spain and Italy combined to form the European Super League has made it important for changes to happen.

The Gunners are still feeling the effect of making that decision with their fans continuing to voice their discontent over Stan Kroenke’s ownership.

The report says Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters agrees that changes have to be made to the rule book.

Masters was calm throughout the crisis, but he was decisive as he sent emails to the 20 Premier League teams asking the rebels to back away from the proposal immediately.

He also enlisted the help of Boris Johnson who condemned the proposal.

The rule changes are expected to be made in the summer and might be ready for the start of next season, making it impossible for the idea to be resurrected.

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  1. This Super league breakaway needs binning and the owners need things in place to put a halt to their Gross misconduct of the football clubs they have stolen from real fans of football. I think jail sentences should be imposed, so that in the future they will think twice about secret schemes that are against everything that football stands for. KRONK OUT!

  2. Four things need to happen to make Arsenal a great club again.
    1) Get rid of Stan Kroenke
    2) Get rid of Josh Kroenke
    3) Get rid of Vinai
    4) Get rid of Arteta
    Then with the right owner, exec, manager we can be one what we can be and have been.

        1. There was no need for it Sean
          It was a cheap remark from a man who is usually more thoughtful even if I don’t always agree with you

  3. Hi SueP. At least you and Sean Williams are good with constructive criticism and opinions. More than Phil. I’m still waiting for his response from earlier. As for Leno’s blunder, that all started from Granit Xhaka’s mistake. It was only a matter of time he was going to be caught out for lack of speed. It worked playing him there against Sheffield United and Fulham, but not against Everton. It’s a wonder Everton didn’t exploit the left hand side more. And I’m certainly not going to howl down Xhaka. The coach put him there. That left hand side has to be sorted out come Thursday( good) ebening

    1. I’ve been commenting on JA for about 18 months and I get the impression Phil has been involved for a lot longer and has been going to all Arsenal games, home and away and abroad as well for a very long time
      Passion and sometimes frustration gets the better of all of us

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