Arsenal facing competition for young British Ramsey replacement

It is common knowledge that we are looking for a long term replacement for Aaron Ramsey who is due to join Juventus in the summer and a whole host of names have been thrown into the ring and one of the most interesting ones has been the name of Dwight McNeil.

The 19-year-old Burnley attacking midfielder is being monitored by us, Man City, Newcastle United and Everton, he has had a very good season so far and broke into the England U20 team earlier this year.

Burnley are very aware of the interest being shown in their young talent and tied him down to a new contract in January that would keep him at Turf Moor until 2023, however, that has not put off the ever-growing list of clubs that are tracking him.

He has played 22 times for Burnley this season in all competitions, scoring three goals, so not prolific at this stage but not far behind other experienced midfielders playing for far better clubs.

I have actually seen the youngster play a couple of times, he is certainly talented if not a little raw. I cannot see him being a direct replacement for Ramsey right now but I would definitely say he would be a great addition to the squad, and with the right handling could easily become a regular for us, in fact, I can think of a couple of our players that he is superior to right now.

The fact that we are scouting him tells me we are interested and I for one do hope that we, at the very least, table an offer for the teenager.


  1. Really now? You want an unproven kid who plies his trade with Burnley to replace Rambo? One of the best scoring Arsenal mids of all times. Rambo’s shoes are so big to fill since it is hard to find a player with his qualities. I would like us to take a gamble on Doucoure instead

    1. Doucoure is good but I’d prefer Tanguy Ndombele since he is younger

      If McNeil is as talented as Sancho, Arsenal should get him immediately. We have missed Sancho because there was no place in the main team for him

      Arsenal still have young CMs like Niles and Willock, therefore I won’t be too disappointed if we don’t get McNeil

    2. He is a defensive midfielder like Kante…. I would go for Andre Gomes from Everton… Very good quality…

    3. “Of all times” you strangely say! How palpably untrue . You show your extreme youth in not being even able to go back to the nineties and further back in time where there were lots of our midfielders who scored more often than Ramsey. How little you actually know of our club! You cannot help your age but you can stop writing so called “facts” which are easily provable as untrue if you cared to check before writing!

  2. OT Not so long ago United were the best thing since sliced bread (well before we beat them anyway ?) and now OGS is saying the rebuild could take years!! Hahaha you couldn’t make it up!!

    1. Sue, This odd expression assumes that sliced bread is actually good, instead of the unappetising pap much of it is. Rather like United obviously! Five defeats in seven now for Ole GONER. How wonderful that they stupidly appointed the “wet behind the ears” caretaker before they needed to and now they are stuck with an overhyped manager who is having no more recent success than Moaninho before him. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving club!

  3. McNeil is a real talent and is different in this day and age in that he is a left footed winger who plays on the left and not one of the numerous inverted wingers like Neres, Pepe etc..Because he plays on the left he can cross the ball on the run without having to turn inside.This gives defenders less time to regroup and creates havoc.The best example of such a player in the PL is Sane of Man City who is electric and assists and scores on a regular basis.Bale was the same at Spurs but has rarely played side left for Real Madrid, more fool them.I would go for McNeil rather than say Fraser of Bournemouth any time.

    1. The voice of reason for once!
      Can’t understand calls for right footed left wingers. Must be something to do with playing FIFA. Some posters on here would sign him and play him on the right wing?.

  4. I am more than willing to wait for Joe Willock and Zaka to mature, they are both fast
    raw and unpredictable .. then there is Balanguae from the u23s ??
    If Arsenal buy we must buy world class .. bale fx.
    I fear we will end up buying another dm to protect the defence still further

  5. david brooks from Bournemouth could be a good replacement for Ramsey..he can score create , play box to box

  6. Agree Sam.Brooks is very promising and a natural left footer who should be played on the left wing .He could well develope into something special as he has the football intelligence to link play and could become a top class number ten.

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