Arsenal facing more criticism over Nketiah’s new shirt number

Jamie O’Hara is in disbelief that Arsenal has handed their legendary number 14 shirt to Eddie Nketiah, a player that wanted to leave the club.

The shirt number was made famous by Thierry Henry, the club’s record goal-scorer.

Nketiah showed glimpses of his talents in the last games of the previous campaign, and Arsenal convinced him to stay.

He has now penned a new long-term deal and the Gunners believe in him so much that they gave him the legendary shirt number.

Some fans have branded that decision wrong and O’Hara has added his voice.

He said on Talk Sport: ‘I can’t believe he’s getting No 14.

‘It just sums up where Arsenal are right now.

‘Spurs are buying all these great players, we’re flying high, we’ve got Champions League football, and they’re giving it to player who didn’t even want to be at the football club.

‘All the fans said he wasn’t good enough, he had a decent end to the season and they’ve given him Thierry Henry’s shirt!’

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It is up to Nketiah now to prove his doubters wrong because he has many of them.

The attacker will make us proud if he carries his end-of-season form into the new campaign.

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  1. Last 6 months Auba was a disgrace for the shirt and number.

    Walcott had it, he was okay with this stats but nowhere near Henry.

    Im okay with giving it to Nketiah. We are giving our academy graduates chance to shine but looks like we’re still going to bring in players who are at their prime and are well experienced in the PL (Jesus, Tielemans, Raphinha).

    This is exactly the way to go. Youth needs to have experienced players around them, but not money grabbing has-beens like Willian or Luiz.

    1. Disgrace? Wow, that view remain personal to you. How disgraceful was a player that scored 96 goals for Arsenal from 163?
      Leave yourself out of what transpired between Arteta and Aubameyang. It’s story for the gods.
      Disgrace? Funny no matter your nigbati nigbati!

  2. Fans are rightfully confused. Arteta must know something we can’t faintly see to signal Nikethia as a potential equivant to that bloke watsisname Henry.

    It really looks like Arteta has simply engineered a decent transfer value for Nikethia at the end of 2023 instead of a free. Niketia scored few fairly simple goals but was often invisible in other crunch games

  3. Who the fuck gives a shit what a player we rejected and made only 36 apps for a spurs squad that was shit.

    Its a shirt number nothing more it was legendary when Heanry was wareing it. Known had it before that. If Eddie chose that number then good on him and good luck next season

  4. Look at it another way
    He scored in three League fixtures and that’s what got him 100-000 pound a week

  5. 😂 it’s a number !

    It’s true , get of Eddie’s back , he’s a goal scorer and a gunner let’s just support him !!!

    Jamie O’Hara is the biggest tool on talksport period …

    Even prefer Alan Brazil to him lol

    Oh yer and Jamie what have Spurs won ??? In recent times

    Oh yer nothing

  6. Personally not invested in the who where’s what shirt number only if they are good enough for the team ,in eddies case I don’t believe he is ,but here’s here to stay so let’s hope he proves me and quite a few others wrong

  7. Jamie O’Hara should you not be dusting out your empty trophy cabinet another loser with too much to say

  8. Nketiah is gonna be a goal machine when our midfielders and widemen start producing quality services which am confident they’ll start delivering as of next season with our depht in quality.

  9. It’s a bloody shirt number thats all, O’hara needs to get over himself. He was a spud, says it all really!

  10. It’s a bloody shirt number thats all, O’hara needs to get over himself. He was a spud, says it all really!

  11. Nketiah is just 22,still improving and has his best years ahead of him..Good piece of biz for arteta and Co to tie him down and besides he is an hale ender..its exciting times for arsenal with players like Smith Rowe, bukayo saka and nketiah all feat for them. All we have to do now is support dem and wish dem all d best to succeed.

  12. Not understand why always arsenal? Just give a time for your opinion to mature. How old was Henry when he took the number? One should not be Henry or like him to take the shirt. It is embarrassing to prejudge,by comparing a biginner with accomplished, for that matter Henry was a flop at Juve before joining us.

  13. On occasions, I listen to O’Hara and his inane comments and way of “thinking” on the early morning TALKSPORT show. O’HARA is really the dimmest of the dim and is regularly mocked by such as presenter Alan Brazil and Ally McCoist, and with good reason.

    It is entirely typical of his low IQ, that he would choose to make such a ridiculous fuss about a mere number.

    Such people are best avoided and I only listen to get all round opinions but have to suffer O’Hara’s tedious and dimwitted nonsense whilst doing so.
    No wonder that early show is so downmarket, in stark contrast to the 10am til 1pm JimWhite show , featuring the highly intelligent and able Simon Jordan, ex PALACE OWNER and lifelong fan.
    To think that a mere shirt number has any relevance at all, is typical of shallow thinkers, of which O’Hara, a Spuds fan,is the single worst example!

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