Arsenal facing more financial woes with season ticket holders reluctant to renew

Arsenal is projected to lose as much as £100 million in revenue as their executive season ticket holders appear reluctant to renew.

With no confirmed date for the return of fans, Mail Sport claims their matchday revenue stream is at risk with executive seats accounting for 40% of matchday earnings.

The Gunners were able to sell the season tickets to their fans for this campaign by promising credits for future seasons if they cannot see all the games.

They welcomed some fans to the Emirates in December for their Europa League match against Rapid Vienna, but London has since been moved to Tier 3, and games in the whole of England are now being played behind closed doors.

With the vaccination drive ongoing in the UK, fans might soon be allowed into the stadiums again, however, there is no guaranteed date for that to happen.

Because of this, fans are reluctant to purchase Arsenal’s season tickets, and some of them will be entitled to a refund for the current campaign.

The Gunners made 55 members of staff redundant last year, they will want things to return to normal in football as soon as possible.

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  1. This is not really news as such, it’s been the situation at every club and The Arsenal are no different to any other club.
    Since fans were banned at ALL clubs, it’s an issue confronting each and every one of them.

    It’s worth thinking about the situation at our noisy neighbours, with their massive stadium debt.

    I’m certain kronkie won’t let the club sink and, as the window is about to close, MA has done what he said he would, with regards to the playing staff.
    Good luck Mikel, it’s your players now and, fingers crossed, you’ll bring back CL and top four to the club.

    1. Well thats quite alarming new

      as a corporate point of view

      with a 100 million loss in income

      that would mean the club is potentially in losses

      loan repayments and to secure future bank loan for players and infrastructure would be harder

      If this continue the club may potentially fold

  2. All clubs are taking a significant hit because of Covid. The bigger the club the bigger the hit. Compounding the hit is Arsenal having to take an additional massive loss on deadwood going with no resale.
    Ozil 100 mill fee and salary .
    Socritis 50 mill fee and salary.
    Kolasinac 20 mill salary.
    Mustafi 50 mill fee and salary.
    Add in Ramsey 50 mill on a free.
    Sanchez 50 mill fee and salary.
    Total resale Zero.
    In the future
    Aubameyang 140m fee and salary.
    Lacazette 90 mill fee and salary.
    Willian 15m salary.
    Pepe 100m fee and salary.
    Ironically this was loudly trumpeted
    as the ‘Sustainable’ model.
    Loaning out our young talent Niles and Willock while loaning in Real Madrid and Chelsea rejects is apparently the new ‘Sustainable ‘ model. Then there is 27 mill Torreira and 25 mill Saliba. Both Emery and Arteta have had to clean up the mess left by Wenger/Gazidis sustainable model and try to keep Arsenal relevant. A thankless task.

    1. Wyoming, can I ask you to go back and check out all the examples you have given and blaming Wenger and gazidis for and then the players, ‘their contracts and the sales in and out. that gazidis /Arteta and Edu have been accountable for?

      Of course I’m not saying AW is blameless, far from it.

      1. Ken,
        Its not Wenger/Gazidis’s sustainable model. Its Kroenke’s. I wish people would remember his company is the sole owner of Arsenal Holding and as such dictate corporate strategy.

    2. most of the players mentioned were signed or left after Wenger and Gazidis departure

      you are just finding a scapegoat

  3. @Yiannis- I don’t get your point. The article is just stating the facts regarding the loss of revenue that will be affecting every club, not just Arsenal.
    And as @Ken1045 says, there are plenty of clubs who this will hit a lot harder than our club. Also, Arsenal were very understanding in how safe supporters would feel if/when the Stadiums were to be opened, even though this could cost very much needed revenue.
    Kronke could just find himself financially stretched, opening the door for another buyer. We can all dream PAL

    1. getting another buyer doesn’t mean the new owner going to pump his entire fortune to the club

      so that fans can spend 200 million here and there on players

      The club like any club or business needs to run professionally to survive

  4. The difference between us and other teams, besides our obvious ineptitude when it comes to all things finance-related, is that since our move to the Emirates we pay some of the highest ticket prices, if not the highest, in world football…as such, the impact of covid will hit us harder than most, which is why we couldn’t afford to make mistakes, like Willian…mark my words, stories like this will start to become more commonplace in the coming months, so if you think for a second that in the off-season we will be aggressively pursuing talented players, think again…this will be the new predominant narrative and the team we see now will largely be the one we see next year, which will likely include several of those who are currently out or going out on loan…likewise we will be a selling club who will only spend a $1 for every $2 that comes in…btw our absentee landlord continues to push his chips into the middle of the table every year for his beloved Rams, even after investing almost 2b of his own money on a new stadium, which certainly has never been the case in North London

    1. Kroenke (Kroenke Sports & Entertainment) will make a profit on his $2 billion investment in building the Rams Stadium by redeveloping the land he owns in the surrounding area for high priced apartments.

  5. So much dismal truth in your post and when put together as you have done,it shows the extent of the financial catastrophe of imcompetence unrivalled in the Prem since Leeds were relegated in around 2004-5. In fact, it dwarfs even Leeds scale!


    UNLESS, our plight leads to Kroenke selling up to a proper owner who actually cares for the club. Hopefully, DANGOTE. I PRAY FOR HIM TO TAKE OVER. He is actually a supporter, unlike snake Kroenke.

  6. the only potential silver lining in this equation might be Kroenke looking to cash in on his initial investment due to the financial disruptions caused by covid, the potential that we won’t see European football and the fact he’s clearly focusing heavily on his football operations in LA…it could be a savvy move, from a purely financial standpoint, considering that the stadium is aging, which will start to affect the club’s valuation on the open market, and the fact that he might be starting to realize that it’s going to be incredibly difficult to return to the top of the League with a business model that is usually reserved for bottom-half dwellers and the odd one-off…I can only hope one of his business managers is reading the same tea leaves

  7. Kronke is a businessman. If Arsenal doesn’t give him profit, he should weigh other options. Your beloved Arteta cannot qualify for champions league, that’ll be a knock on business. So, do you blame Kronke for not qualifying for champions league instead of Arteta? This hate of Kronke is unjustifiable

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