Arsenal facing their biggest pre-season test against Chelsea tonight

Chelsea had a very turbulent end of season with the sanctions imposed on the club when Roman Abramovich was the owner, but they still managed to hold on to Third Place in the League.

They now have a new billionaire American owner (like Arsenal) who has many franchises in the American sports market in Todd Boehly, and perhaps there may be a little rivalry brought into the mix, as Arsenal are aiming to overtake their neighbours in the coming season.

So now the two giants are set to meet on their doorstep in America, and I am sure both owners will be very keen to win the boasting rights as Arsenal take on Chelsea in the Final of the Florida Cup tonight (Okay 1 a.m. on Sunday!).

Arsenal have won all their preseason games well, while Chelsea have not been so successful, with a 2-1 win over Club America and a loss on penalties to Charlotte, but the Gunners are wel aware how difficult the Blues are to beat in preseason.

This will be our fourth meeting since 2017 with Chelsea winning the first one 2.0 in Beijing that summer. The following year we met in Dublin and Arsenal only managed a 1-1 draw with a last-minute Lacazette equaliser.

Last year we met them in the MIND Series and Chelsea won 2-1 at the Emirates. Hopefully we can chamge this trend in Orlando.

We are all well aware of Arsenal’s numerous new arrivals, but so far Chelsea have only brought in Kalidou Koulibaly and Raheem Sterling, but we know they already have a star-studded side.

I know that pre-season results don’t really mean anything in the real world, but I am just so desperate for Arsenal to make a statement in a good win over our rivals. A 4-0 win like Man United got against Liverpool will do me!


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  1. I would like arsenal to win against Chelsea manager Arteta kindly prepare the boys we need a win

  2. Don’t want to fuel any speculation but can anyone explain the absence of Lucas Torriea from the squad.

    For all the fanfare later will be our toughest encounter to date.

    1. Torreira left the squad a few days ago and flew to Italy, apparently for personal reasons.

    2. YES , EASILY! He is on the way out as soon as an offer that is not ridiculously low is received. He is not in MA ‘s plans and has not been for ages. Is that not obvious enough for you to see its truth?

    3. Trust me this 4 nil never flatter us, I learned several things tonight.

      We should sign another midfielder one that is mobile for squad depth, Tielemans is not the answer.

      Tavares is going to be a top player after a couple seasons loan.
      Arsenal seems very comfortable bouncing foward with our three defenders at the back..
      Jesus is going to be a twenty goal a season striker.
      There is still life left in Pepe.
      We need another winger.
      This match was a proper test and signal we are on the right track

  3. I would like to win 4-0 too, but that’s not Arteta’s style over 2 1/2 years.

    Free flowing attacking football is what most want to see with Arsenal, but so far Arteta has not delivered on that point.

    Maybe different this year with more of his players. However, Arteta has shown he prefers positioning over movement, control over flair and freedom, and micromanagement of aspects on the pitch.

    1. Durrand
      If this season we do surpass the amount of wins we achieved last seasons l then MA would have done ok
      The last time we achieved that amount of wins was 2016-17
      Keep the faith

      1. I’m trying Alanball08,
        I want to find positives, believe me.

        1. I want to see a tougher mentality and hunger that Odegaard was quoted on
        2. The improvements Xhaka has said
        3. The growth of players
        4. Evolution of Arteta’s tactics

        But so far Arteta has shown a real reluctance to get away from his comfort zone. Meaning, micromanagement to the point of obsession, not trusting players to show flair, creativity, and freedom within his game tactics.

        We have seen enormous shifting of personnel in the squad, but not much change in tactics, management, or approach.

        I truly hope Arteta will show some Evolution and adaptation this year, otherwise I expect more of the same 2 1/2 years of Arteta-ball we have already seen.

        1. Well said. Maybe MA has been that way because of how young and inexperienced the squad was. However, with more experienced players arriving we may see him relaxing his methods and let them express themselves much more freely? Hope so. Time will tell..

  4. Most EPL clubs will have at least one tall forward for the upcoming 2022/23 season:

    – Man City: Haaland
    – Liverpool: Nunez
    – Chelsea: Havertz and Broja
    – Spuds: Kane and Kulusevski
    – Man United: Ronaldo
    – West Ham: Scamacca
    – Leicester: Iheanacho and Daka
    – Brighton: Welbeck
    – Wolves: Jimenez
    – Newcastle: Wood
    – Crystal Palace: Mateta, Edouard and Benteke
    – Brentford: Toney
    – Everton: Calvert-Lewin
    – Leeds: Bamford

    Maybe we can have Moller or Edwards on the bench

    1. Fair point, if Arteta plans to continue his tactic of lumping 50 crosses into the box, at least have a striker that can capitalize.

      Unfortunately all our current options (Jesus, Nketiah, Martinelli) aren’t known for their aerial prowess.

      We can get a decent plan B without breaking the bank. Any Torreira and Leno sale money can cover the cost.

      1. Yeah. We need to sell some of our fringe players first, before buying a new one

        I thought Leno to Fulham was a done deal

      2. All three of those forwards can finish with their head if the delivery is right and they can find space in the box, they’re just not going to beat defenders in a dual.
        You’re right though – I’m hoping we will be less predictable and don’t resort to lumping crosses at set defences next year.

        1. Not sure but I think we scored the most in set pieces among the top 5 last season. But I still admit we need that giroud type striker “bullying” center backs. Duels for a plan b !

  5. I don’t know your problem with a tall forward @gotanidea. Aguero wasn’t tall and he excelled at mancity

    1. @Ludar
      Kun Aguero had the strength to bully defenders, no matter how big they were. He also had the dribble ability, speed and agility to get around them. IJS…

    2. Man City’s system is way more stable and most of their players are generally more skilled than ours, as seen in Jesus’ skill shows in pre-season

  6. Not concerned with winning or losing this match….what does concern me is that the build up play and defending is looking like much of the same and that’s been against poor opposition.

    I know it’s pre season but the whole point is to start putting into practice what’s being coached and get fit so let’s see some proper play.

  7. I’m hoping we don’t sign Cody Gakpo. I don’t know why above average players get so much love just because of their stats these days.

      1. That’s because stats don’t tell the whole story. People may also watch YouTube and fall for hype. Players should be judged firstly off the eye test. Cody Gakpo is above average. There’s nothing special about him. If he’s the one we want to sign then I’m hoping Pepe stays.

    1. OMG, how can you not like Cody? Are you a new boy in town? I’ve had the misfortune of spending n number of years of my precious life watching Gervino, Walcott, Chamak, Lord Bentdner and patiently waited for Sanogo Park, Asano, to bloom.
      Win or lose, it’s a friendly, who cares. We have 5 injured or unavailable players.

      1. He’s above average man plus I rate Walcott at his best far above him. Even initially when Gerivinho was good he was better.

      2. Sanogo had the best positioning and the worst finishing.. If he scored one of his chances against bayern we would’ve knocked them out

  8. At this stage in our pre-season preparation the performance and fitness of key players is more important than the match result.Both sides will probably make numerous changes during the game and neither Manager is in a position to field what they probably regard as their best eleven.

  9. Arsenal playing superbly and keeping Chelsea on the backfoot all through the first 25 minutes. Zinchenko linking up with Saka with some impressive cross-field passing and Saliba bringing in his physicality into the side. They look composed and dominating Chelsea in every department. 2 goals into the second half would be a superb result.

  10. Saliba brings so much physicality, speed and composure into the side, playing as RCB. His pace will help against counterattacks, similar to Kyle Wlaker’s role in City. Ben While plays as a RB and he seems to be enjoying his new role. Until Tomiyasu returns, he might be our best option instead of Cedric.

    Chelsea tried mirroring Arsenal 4-3-3 but are getting schooled at it, lol!

  11. Martinelli, Jesus, Saka with Martin O pulling the strings, looks almost unplayable…Chelsea can’t cope wit em. Zinny ain’t convincing me at LB. IJS…

  12. Chelsea thoroughly beaten and left red-faced. 4-0 to the Arsenal, who round up their FC series tour of the United States with a trophy to the Emirates.

  13. Watched the game in it’s entirety and was a very good performance against a very strong Chelsea team. Sometimes you see results like this and think Chelsea were just taking it easy, but they didn’t appear to be. We were just better on the day!

    It was a deserved win and a good TEAM performance. However, I know that arsenal will face a much sterner Chelsea in the league plus we’ll have to be able to replicate every aspect of this performance for every game of the season when it really matters and, not just in show events like the Florida Cup.

    Again, Chelsea weren’t half hearted in their intent today and we done well to step up to the mark. However, Chelsea and the rest of the premier League proper will be a sterner test of our character, guile and intent!

    Today doesn’t have to be a flash in the pan.

  14. If Xhaka and Pepe aren’t sold off (I honestly hope they arent), they still have a lot to offer the team if they can perform season long in the manner that they did today. Nketia was also quite impressive 👏

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