Arsenal fail to get back to winning ways with struggles up front

Arsenal were unable to find much in front of goal today as Brentford held on for a 1-1 draw.

The Gunners started brightly, but were unable to make their dominance pay early on. Despite building up plenty of pressure, David Raya was hardly tested in the Bees goal, and the rare opportunities up the other end were the more dangerous.

Ivan Toney did have the ball in the back of the net, only to have it ruled out for a foul in the build-up, while we continued to put our efforts over or wide of the goalposts. Toney had the best chance of the half later on in the opening 45, when he smashed his effort off the crossbar, and we ultimately ended up happy to go into the break level.

On the hourmark Arteta finally made his first change, bringing off Gabriel Martinelli for new signing Leandro Trossard, and it didn’t take long for that to pay off. The substitute found the net just minutes after coming on, closing out a team move from close range.

Just as we were looking like we were going to make our dominance pay, we found ourselves back level. Ivan Toney made us pay for failing to clear the ball from our area, and we were left with 15 minutes to find a winner, despite VAR having a close look at a possible offside.

There was very little excitement to enjoy after that unfortunately, while the game threatened to be marred by a late altercation deep into injury time after a dire tackle of Oleksandr Zinchenko, but it just wasn’t to be.

Do we now have to consider ourselves in our seasonal blip? Does this result make our next league game all the more important?



  1. Great work by Odegaard, Saka and Trossard to produce a goal, but Brentford won the physical battle against us

    Arsenal should’ve known they can’t always rely on open-play to create goals. Unfortunately, they chose not to sign an alternative CF in January

    1. Behave. If we played like Brentford everyone would lose their collective minds. Stop rose-tinting the opposition.

        1. Arsenal season is always game of 2 half. 19 games of 1st half was brilliant but now next half seems to have to take the turmoil. If we don’t keep it up for next half then it would be usual season as had been for 19yrs

    2. Nothing to with physicality.
      We play too slow. As much as Zinchenko and Partey have the ball, they must play quicker.
      At the moment, it is just a bit too slow, and our pressing is also only 90%, so we don’t win the ball in dangerous positions.

      1. We took too long to reach our wingers, but it was the second game in a row that we conceded from a set-piece. It rarely happens this season, so Nicolas Jover has to improve that aspect

    1. I don’t think it’s the pressure. I think it’s lack of options and game plan. We’re playing second round against the same teams, they’ve learned.

      Wednesday could end our title run. Loss at home to City will surely boost them and put us in downward spiral.

    2. Brentford unbeaten in ten games, beaten City away, give them some credit. Nothing to do with pressure, and more to do with some players looking tired, and Arteta starting the same eleven which I think was an error. City on Wednesday, then Villa away. Learning to break down well organised teams is always a problem. I do know that Nkeitah will not keep Jesus out when he comes back, we have missed him, having him back may prove to be the difference

      1. Brentford were nothing special today. They just overloaded the box like every bottom half of the table team does and relied on a good freekick. And had a good chance in the first half.

    3. Dan smith has been saying this for a while now but fans here call him Mr negative, so fo me am not surprised

      1. He is Mr negative because if he was right Arteta would have been sacked and certainly we wouldn’t be in the title race regardless based on Dan’s opinions. The fact he constantly moves the goalposts isn’t right it’s protection and embarrassing if you are paying attention.

        1. The goalpost now is Arsenal will bottle the title so if we do come 2nd Dan will write articles about how right he was. This is the same person that claimed we were not in the top 4 race less than a year between his claim we wouldn’t win the title. It’s silly.

          1. But have we won the title?? Have we reached the top 4 ?? Cause right now thare are possibilities that we may end up finishing 5th. Isn’t silly

            1. See the reply below that I added before your reply. Add up Dan’s predictions and tell me they were positive. If we end up 5th which is almost impossible then you might have a point.

            2. I see your glass is half empty, all teams have blips and this is ours, let’s see after next weekend what the situation is

            3. Leave you with this.

              Been tempted all year to make this point and have hit my breaking point. Done with this retrospective nonsense. Particularly negative fans admitting no wrong and pretending they were cautiously right whilst objectively being wrong in their predictions wholesale.

              Being a broken clock that constantly predicts negativity and will always end up right unless we win the league due to goalpost moving is nothing to be proud of. Same as last year when the bottling top 4 prediction only came after we are not in the race at all full stop prediction which was proved wrong. It’s absurd, considering we missed the top 4 by 2 points it’s even more absurd.

              Now the fact you can go through the predictions and objectively show Arsenal picked up more points both this season and last season than Dan predicted makes it obviously ludicrous to suggest Dan was ever right on anything regarding actual real-life results. Just skilled at manoeuvring the conversation when he was wrong. It’s that simple.

              If I was to start taking Dan’s quotes throughout last year and this and comparing them to reality it would get even worse. Not sure how this is a conversation, but it’s one I’m happy to finish because I could make the case way more solid than this if I bothered to dig through the previous posts over the last 2 years. Felt it was unnecessary to bring this up in the 1st place as we are doing so well and should be happy but not going to let this side story develop where Dan is the sage sane voice. He’s the broken clock being right twice a day and it’s provable by adding up his predictions and statements last 2 years.

              1. Truth spoken! Dan IS a negative and pessimistic influence who gives a deliberately slanted personal agenda and though he is an undoubtedly intelligent man but one who writes with a distinctive personal agenda, instead of impartial analysis, it is impossible to respect him.

                Thats my honest opinion about DAN, EVEN THOUGH IT SADDENS ME TO HAVE TO SAY IT.

            4. Possibility to 5th..every season team need at least 75 pts for fourth..we are on 51 pts with 17 games to play..we only need to win 7 games and lost another 10 games ..that is a relaxation team form..

              1. Needing 75 points for fourth is relatively rare – required twice in last ten years I believe.

                Given the competition from top to bottom this season, I suspect 70 will be plenty. Obviously would feel disappointing if that is what we landed on given out current point total but if it gets us in CL than that is the key.

          2. Goal posts havnt changed mate
            I was wrong , we will finish top 4
            But if I’m asked my opinion on the title run In my opinion is we mentally will choke

      2. An easy way to judge this is to add up Dan’s prediction league predictions and see what the table looks like and which teams have more points than Dan predicted and which teams have fewer points. Then we can draw a conclusion.

    4. You have a chance of being right because we haven’t won it. To declare we can’t is insane. We beat Liverpool, Chelsea, and Spurs x2, drew with Newcastle, and Beat Brighton like what is the test? City next beat them and I assume everyone pipes down. We are top of the league when most predicted 3rd as a top performance good season. what are you measuring?

      1. What are u guys saying
        Leicester won the league few years ago when the opportunity presented itself apart from Manchester city who themselves have not been their normal brilliant self no other team is having a great season, if we miss out on the league this time we may never have a clearer root to the title anytime soon, as I expect united, Chelsea, Liverpool to be stronger from next season. That people didn’t tip us to win the league doesn’t mean that things can’t change

        1. This season is our best chance to win the league while last season’s top 4 are not performing well. I always hope that we don’t need to wait 30 years (Liverpool) to win the league. Let’s hope Grabiel Jesus to come back asap. Other teams know how to deal with us now as we are so predictable.

  2. Can’t win every game. Still think we need more penetration through the middle. Brentford played well. 1 point is better than none. Hopefully city drop points tomorrow then we beat them Wednesday. Trossard has to start

  3. Should’ve never been a free kick which led to their goal. Toney was holding Saliba into him, he couldn’t escape – should’ve been a free kick to Arsenal.

    1. Thought the same really, Tony held Saliba before he put he’s arms around him, however there was enough chances to clear the ball.

      We looked a bit flat In the first half, better In the second, not a bad performance by us, just lacking the finishing….

  4. Beat City we are 6 points clear minimum maybe 9 with a game in hand. Nothing I saw suggests we can’t beat City. So still massively confident and would have preferred a better win today but as much as the media is going to latch into our fanbase I’m not concerned. Our record against 7th Brentford is 4 points and a 4-1 aggregate, nothing concerning there.

    1. Agree, people do not give Brentford enough credit, Arsenal will be up for it on Wednesday and would start Trossard over Martinelli. Six points clear with the same amount of games played…not bad as you said, win Wednesday and we are nine

      1. Martinelli should start as C.F.
        Nketiah should be rested atleast for once,he doesn’t scare off any defender in the Premier league.

    2. Yes we’re still 6 points clear. Let’s hope City got disorganised because of the FFP breach rules and Villa can nick a point.

      Then I pray we don’t lose on Wednesday. That’s our only goal.

    3. What’s in our favor is that City is also out of form. But again, they could just blow 5 past Villa tomorrow. We really needed 3 points today, and it’s getting worrying.

      1. What is in our favour is that we have been the best team in the league. 50 points at halfway is not a low total indicating a bad season it’s an impressive total indicating a good side.

    4. Agree
      Let’s destroy those FFP rule breakers.
      Big Wednesday night.
      Guardiola playing high and mighty.
      He part of it.

  5. We shot ourself on the foot today. We start to play like old 4th place Arsenal. We need Tierney & Tomiyasu on left n right to assist Martineli & Saka.

    1. Very true,Arteta should wake up before its too late.We have become too predictable,any team can easily set to defend against us coz we are offering the same approach every other match.

  6. Same old same old – 2 points dropped against a physical defensive team who scored by piling huge players into the box. Why don’t we press anymore? Almost no creativity – Zinny, Ode and Saka tried, but Xhaka no longer creates, Martinelli is unable to beat a player and Nkhetia was invisible – hardly moved until the last 10 mins. And great ball in at the death from Vieira! I think you can guess I was disappointed today- before you all tell me we are top and to support the team, and Brentford are a good team etc, I notice a drop off we need to address quickly…

  7. Every game will be like this from now on. Arteta will have to adapt fast. Zivchenko is a great player as a midfielder but anywhere near the penalty area he is a waste. Ball after ball just misdirected or went straight to their goalkeeper. Eddie was Eddie, no surprises there. We should have brought back Balogan. Also Arteta needs to look at White and Xhaka. They are not helping our forwards at all. Plus, did anyone even notice that Viera was on the pitch. I don’t expect a sudden turnaround against Manchester City but then again I expect a much better performance than today’s.

    1. I felt Ramsadle was at fault for the goal, running out like that and completely missing the ball was an error, a simple tap-in. We go again on Wednesday and the place will be buzzing like mad, I believe the players will be right up for it, let’s hope Villa does us a favour tomorrow, you never know

      1. Yeah I don’t know what the hell Ramsdale was doing.

        Trossard must start against City. He’s scored every top 6 side during his PL career, several times.

    2. Agree on every point except Vieira, Joe – didnt you notice him kicking the last free kick straight at the keeper? Poor performance thoughout the team. Wow we need Jesus and Trossard to start. Tired and predictable today – even Partey.

  8. I personally blame the rigidity of our coach….until when should he stick with 1st 11 and sake tactic….until when should Martinelli prove that he is tired …we needed a different strategy today, the team he finished with was supposed to be his 1st 11. Xhaka was supposed to be replaced by an attack minded pacey midfielder, and White replaced by Tommi. The league is for us to lose…. And we juss enroute downward.

    1. The Vieira for Xhaka sub was totally pointless. Should’ve just kept Xhaka on. I really wish we had been more aggressive in Janaury. Idk why lots of fans were satisfied with our business. First real chance at the title in 19 years. Needed to go big.

    2. While I agree we should look at the line up, but there were so many off form we don’t have enough to bring in to change it – we just must hope this 11 come good.

  9. Falling back into old ways. First 45 minutes we wasted and played well below our standard. Odegaard and Zinny espescially tons of poor passes. 2nd half better, but Nketiah is starting to show his level and he really is just a poacher that doesn’t offer much else. I think we need to have Trossard and Martinelli in the same side together and when MA switched one for the other instead of removing Eddie I got that bad feeling. Martinelli needs someone to link up with in the center right now. Idk why he’s not able to beat players at the moment either. And this ref was poor too. Kept falling for Toney’s tricks which are well known. The freekick that led to a goal wasn’t a foul. he needed to allow Toney and Saliba to just tussle it out but kept blowing in Toney’s favor. Not good enough and the wheels could be coming off if we don’t get a good result mid-week.

    1. Exactly @RSH
      Gabi thrives when he has someone to link up with but Eddie didn’t offer that today. Martinelli was mostly isolated and put in a 2v1 situation which if paired with a good partner usually creates spaces for him to attack near the byline after an interchange of passes. That’s how he’s been wreaking havoc. Unfortunately Eddie cant offer that. Leo’s play is similar to GJ so we should try him with Gabi and see how it works out ’cause GaBI and Eddie seem to be at different wavelengths.

    2. I thought Ramsdale was poor for the goal, if he comes he has to be brave, if he stays he saves it. I thought we were relentless at doing the same thing over and over again, without making too much headway. I always worry when Viera is brought on, he is awful. We lack variation against teams that block our wide players out.

    3. Also Tierney plays better with Martinelli due to his overlapping play down the left wing. I would have played him against Brentford, but Zinchenko against Man City on Wednesday. Arsenal looked toothless up front, apart from the goal.

  10. Not that Nketiah played bad, but we desperately need Jesus’ ability to create in games like this. But we didn’t lack for effort, I applaud that. 6 point lead and on to the biggest game of the season. Up Gunnas! 🔴

  11. I am concerned that we have a few players off form (which may or may not be due to fatigue), and arteta is being slow to respond by changing it. As someone said when the lineups were announced, he sees them in training every day, but we’ve seen sluggishness from players for several games now…

    It’s not because any individual isn’t good enough – all those who started today have proven themselves capable as far as I’m concerned, so I can only think it’s a question of form. We’re misplacing more passes and generally look less dynamic in attack. We need to pick it up.

    This was always going to be a tough one – Brentford are in really good form and they played well today.

  12. Disappointed but we are still 6 pts ahead. Will be keeping an eye on the City villa match but it is the double header vs city that will be the litmus test.

    1. Ackshay – most here are not talking about our league position or that 2 points went. It’s more that we have had 3 poor games, players look tired and we are not what we were a month ago.

  13. As I said before, Nketiah is a mediocre player. He can poach a goal here and there but overall he is not a bottom-half striker, if he is PL level at all. We needed another striker in January, that would have given us a little something extra for the reminder of the season.

  14. Who was fouling who at the free kick that led to their goal? Both players were holding each other, so play should have just continued.
    Good to see that Brentford’s time wasting was added onto added time. 98 minutes played all told.

  15. This is a good Brentford team and we were lucky not to be one or two down after 45. Second half was much better although ut feels like a blip But nothing like a top of the table clash to jolt the boys back into their early season form.

    I was going to note that Viera must be showing something in training for Arteta to trust him in the last ten minutes but crikey, what a horrible free kick.

    Agree with folks saying we are missing Jesus but not because Nketiah hasn’t been a worthy replacement. Jesus just offers something different that we are missing. And dont sleep on ESR. If he can get healthy and find form he could be huge in the run in.

    Nice contribution by Saka for the goal. Teams are starting to get wise to his cutting in on his left (both Everton and Brentfod planted one if not two markets at the top of the box) so he’s going to need to find other ways to contribute.

    Bring on Wednesday. Emirates will be buzzing.

    1. The continuing injury history of such a good player as ESF is of great concern. Injury is certainly hindering his development to the point where it could become career destroying. Tragic!

    2. Why is it so difficult for Arsenal to defend set pieces? We have been conceding unnecessary goals through it of late.The coaches need to work on this aspect of defence.

  16. We need to change our approach to games. We had a very poor attitude in the first half. Brentford could’ve easily been three nil up in Brentford’s favor yet that didn’t seem to move us. Second half was better but still, we’ve been awful the last two games. If we approach City with the same rotten mindset, then we setting ourselves up for a hiding ’cause they won’t miss the chances Everton and Brentford blew away in the first half.

  17. Our defense is poor. We might have taken 4/6 points from these last 2 games instead of 1/6 points. Wenger’s Arsenal would’ve beaten Brentford. We needed to be more brave and pass to Nketiah in central areas with back against goal then ask him to attempt little flicks behind the defenders for our wingers to chase. We gave the opposition too much respect in my opinion.

    1. Wenger’s team would have lost as it was always guaranteed if you roughed up Wenger’s Arsenal they would fold and they use to, this was a huge problem for Wenger towards the end of his Arsenal career

    2. Rubbish, our defence is only second to Newcastle, and our goal ratio is only second to City, what games do you watch? Brentford is unbeaten in ten games, beaten City, we didn’t give them too much respect, we were not physically on top, it happens

  18. They tried hard, but looked tired and a little jaded. Trouble is we had too many players off the boil and play the same way for 90 min. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a fault. Except from set pieces we don’t have much aerial power in front of goal. The good thing is Brentford will do a lot of damage to teams trying to chase us they are very well organised and physically powerful.

  19. I see you’re writing with full boldness and yes you’re right that we have beaten those teams that you have mentioned but you must also consider that we are going to play them again just like Brentford today.

  20. The usual range of Gooner opinion ranging, from woeful pessimism to defiant bravado. I read them all and just wonder at what makes fans what we ALL are .
    It reaffirms to me that it is FANS , not players, coaches, owners, etc who keep football alive. And that heartens me, no matter what therest of this season may or may not bring for us all.

    Football and its good for society, in terms of providing an outlet and a passion, dwarfs any Gooners hopes for one season, my friends.

    1. Nice comment Jon. Clearly you’re feeling more magnanimous then I am this evening. The “same old Arsenal” and “it was fun while it lasted” type comments are doing my head in. I’m sure Arteta and the boys have more fight in them.

      1. Voyageur It is not that I am more magnanimous than you or of other Gooners too. Not at all!

        It is just that I have a different life perspective from many fans. Not merely our own but most fans everywhere .

        But I love TRUTH, as I see and perceive it and honesty of thought and deed, FAR MORE and that will always guide me and my comments an deeds.

        Though I am of course fallible to all the usual human traits, of which I have many, I assure you.

  21. This blip was going to happen… it was inevitable, but I have come away satisfied for a point as Brentford had opportunities to win this game.

    Although we are having our yearly wobble, I’m not gonna dig any players out, especially the front. We have returned to last seasons form where transition from back to front has become very slow, so there was nothing that the front three could feed from. I said last weekend that Everton have given the blueprint to nullify our attacks by keeping the wingers out of the game so I am gobsmacked why we didn’t try to push through the center as Odegaard, Xhaka and Partey looked like they had a freedom pass to push forward. Well thats what it looked like from where I was sitting.

    Unfortunately, the City game is now a must win game if they beat Villa tomorrow as I think a defeat will be psychologically damaging and we don’t have the squad to fight against the tide.

    Personally, I thought Partey was back to his Majestic best, everything in front and behind him was quite questionable.

    You never know… it might only take a point to win this league🤞

    1. The game started with a lot of politics, with slogsns like love is love for gay gooners poste on arsenal page.Lets focus on football!

    2. I don’t believe that the dip is on players. I really don’t get why most commentators hear are afraid to it the it is. The problem with this team is the coach. A good coach will always know when to change game plan. You don’t face every team with the same approach. Why is he afraid of taking risk? Arteta always cave in under pressure. He always lost focus and depend on luck. The team is blessed with utility players. Why not reshuffle positions? Arteta’s stubbornness will deny us the title. He should be bold and use his players effectively. This present squad can go all the way to the title if properly managed.
      Finally, the earlier Arteta stopped depending on Nketia the better for the team. Nketia can not give what he does not have.

  22. Arsenal have dropped 4 points out of the maximum 57 on offer to them to collect in the 2nd half of this season.
    Which means they sill have a total of 53 point left to collect in the 2nd half before the 2nd half ends. And they could collect them all to have a new record breaking 103 points 2022-2023 Premier League season title win.
    Therefore the new record breaking of 100 points plus Epl title win that I am dreaming the Gunners will attain this season is still ON for Arsenal to grab it.
    So, this little blip that us are seeing the Gunners currently experiencing in their 2nd half Epl title win charge campaign this season, has to stop to allow Arsenal win the title on a new record breaking points tally collection. And I think they will start stopping points from their next home postponed match against Man City on Wednesday night next week. When the Gunners WILL put the Citizens to the gun in the match to collect all the 3 points in it. And will collect them unfailingly. And from that point will never drop any points again in the Epl this season’s end. I so place my faith in the Gunners to do so. And do so they WILL at season’s ens.

  23. We really need GJ back.You will never win a football match without scoring. For now Arteta should try someone else as C.F.,both Trossard &Martineli can play there.Who said Eddie must play 90mins all Premier league games?

  24. Chelsea drew with West Ham (16th), Leicester (13th) thrashed Spurs, and Newcastle drew with Bournemouth (19th)…. perspective? Spurs beat City last game… perspective? United drew midweek with (17th) Leeds as well.

    1. Fair points Angus, but we changed nothing from the Everton game, and didn’t show any intensity in the first half like we did in the second.

      Arteta is smart, and the last 2 games has shown that we are predictable lately in front of goal, and that a low block while double teaming Martinelli and Saka on the wings can stifle us.

      Xhaka off the boil and not the scoring threat from 1st half of season. Also, with Zinchenko he predictably drifts inside & permits opponents to double team on the wings.

      Personally I was hoping to see Tomiyasu and Tierney as fullback and Trossard on the LW. Felt we needed a bit of fresh blood and a tweak to our tactics. Maybe even Zinchenko in place of Xhaka to partner with Partey.

  25. Is it just me or is it – that since Martinelli got his new big contract his form has dipped. Our passing today was way off and we let them boss us. We got used to winning ways and that is why we are so disappointed with our loss to Everton and draw today. Good luck to the team for Wednesday ye can do it just believe😏

    1. Form taken a dip with Zinchenko and no overlapping LB. How many wingers can overcome being constantly double teamed on the wings?

      Zinchenko is a good CM, but lacking as a LB.
      There are a few players whose forms have dipped


      We need some fresh blood starting and a tweak to the tactics, we’re a bit predictable of late and 1 dimensional with Zinchenko at LB.

      1. 👍Durand; spot on re Martinelli and Zinchenko. Tierney for Zinchenko and Zinchenko for Xhaka is an option.

    1. @admin. Thank goodness that went through so let me lay out my full complain. I’ll gladly appreciate it if you can address them:

      1) I can only comment and can’t check my profile or change my display picture like I see others on here do from time to time.

      2) Point 1 is not really an issue to me but recently whenever I try to comment it doesn’t go through, the page reloads comments and whatever I tried commenting doesn’t show amongst comments. Once in a while it goes through like today but majority of the time it doesn’t go through.

      3) I bring up discussions on here whenever I go to the local pub to watch our games and lots of Arsenal fans there always ask me and I refer them to Just Arsenal but they can’t create profiles/accounts. They even tried commenting with their names and emails but it’s always pending review that never goes through. I had to give a couple my device to try and create but there was no where/way to create to comment. Most of those I’ve showed JA to don’t just want to read but they also want to partake in the comments and debates and so far that has been impossible.

      Admin I’d appreciate it if I know why it’s been like this and will like it addressed. Thanks.

  26. Re-looked. Brentford goal was offside. They were too quick in the decision.
    If we are honest we could have easily have been two goals down. Yes I understand the ‘patience’ game, but there does need to be variation and we don’t have a plan B at all. At least Gabriel Jesus will be back soon.
    We were 75% in everything we did, but such is the nature of life, 100% is not achievable, so we are still top and can redeem ourselves against City on Wednesday. It’s our cup final. I trust the guys will do it.

    1. According to the Mail online Lee Mason forgot to draw the lines for the offside.He didn’t need lines it was clearly off.

      1. Good points.
        Brentford made things difficult and if they had been a bit luckier might have scored earlier in the game.
        However, the goal they scored was highly controversial. The free kick was very iffy and the there was a “clear” offside missed by the officials.

  27. A point is a point, honestly it’s not the worst point in the world.

    Happy to see Tossard getting on the score sheet.
    Would like to see the kid starts, he certainly looks lively

  28. Only Arteta to blame for the loss.

    Let’s have a go again on Wednesday with a must win and at very least not lose.

  29. Not saying that on the balance of play that Brentford didn’t deserve a draw; however you often don’t get what you deserve in competive sport (or life in general). Hopefully by the end of the season, Arsenal will at least break even with VAR decisions. The Brentford goal should have been ruled out, due to an offside player obstructing the defense.

  30. What the heck is this?

    Exc: VAR Lee Mason forgot to draw offside lines on Ivan Toney’s equaliser in a mistake that could have a huge impact on Arsenal’s title hopes.

    Christian Norgaard was offside. Had the lines been drawn, the goal would have been disallowed

    1. Nooo! Did he actually forget??? Like WTF? Isn’t it his JOB to draw those lines before coming to any conclusion? Also, Brighton’s goal was chalked off when VAR “forgot” there was a palace defender player playing Estupinan onside. They didn’t even care to look at the entire thing before drawing those lines!!

  31. If Arteta thinks as me and some of us Gooners are thinking. That his current preferred Epl starting XI team, who he majorly has been starting this season and started the team at home against Brentford yesterday Saturday. Are becoming fatigued after seeing them playing so many games this season as starters and coming off the bench to play.
    And are now looking to lack the impetus to generate new ideas on how to deal with the emerging tactical threats that are being currently employed against the Gunners in the Epl by some opposition teams. To stifle them their game, seen lately at away to Everton and at home against Brentford.
    When the Gunners uncharacteriscally were forced by their opposing teams stiffness to dropped 5 valuable points out of the possible 6 on offer for collection by them.
    Which was mailnly due to low output in goals scoring or even none that was recorded by the Gunners in their last 2 game outings.
    To stall this decline in poor points collection by the Gunners as recently occasioned by them. I think this decline is calling for Arteta’s urgent intervention to nullify it from continuing to harm Arsenal as from, their next home game against Man City on Weds day night in the Epl big game.
    A big home game which the Gunners MUST not fail to win it but if they can win it. Or at least make sure that they share the spoils in the match with the Citizens if they can’t beat them. So that they will continue to remain at the top of the League.. And remained there on points absolutely. Before playing the next game at away to Aston Villa.
    In this wise, I am advising Arteta to ,make a decision to freshinh up his current Epl games playing Starting XI team by ringing some playing personnel changes to the team.
    Which if he dose, can see the Gunners put the Citizens to the gun in the game to collect all the 3 points in it and collect them. And hopefully, all the match officials on the field and at the VAR will this time around in the family not constitute themselves as a stumblingblock to Arsenal beating man City on the night, in like they had constituted themselves a hindrance to Arsenal beating Brentford at the Ems last Saturday’s afternoon. When they approved an offside goal scored by Brentford for them against Arsenal in the game
    .Which finally saw the match tied at 1-1 at the end.

  32. I don’t believe it got to do with pressure. Rather, it’s our coach who stubbornly refused to reshuffle his team to distablise opponents game plan. These are are teams you’ve played before. They are no dummies. They have learnt and studied our team. That’s why it looks as if Martinelli and Saka are not effective anymore.
    Most of our players are utility. They can comfortably fit in to other positions. Zinchenko like drifting into midfield. He is one major reason why Martinelli is no more effective since Jesus is not around to help out. Bring back Tierney at left full back. Send Zinny to midfield and replace Nketia with Martinelli at CF then, Trossard at left wing. For crying out loud, every one except Arteta knows that White has a dip in form. Why not bring back Tommy? Inability of Arteta to be dynamic and alternative game plan will make us bottle the title. I pray for Jesus quickest recorvery. Some of us are not really disappointed with the performances of Nketia. As usual, it’s always a flash in the pan.

  33. 2 loses and a draw in our last 3 games. One was FA Cup but if you equating form to points thats 1 out of 9 points.

    Thank goodness other teams around us are also inconsistent at the moment.

    Fortunately our plan A has worked well this season in general but now that it’s not I see no flexibility in tactics when required (yes it was required).

    We are looking poor and lost on the field at the moment. You can try dress it up as much as you want with stats, opponents form, injuries etc….we aren’t looking good. You can put lipstick on a pig but it doesn’t make it pretty.

    1. We have played 21 league games.
      17 of them have been great performances.
      You can ignore it as much as you like.
      In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king.

      1. Talking about recent form clearly as MENTIONED, i don’t think you are choosing to be this stupid so I forgive you.

        Blind people are those that are happy with this form, low standards as always from Anders. Strangely obsessed with me, get a hobby.

  34. Let city thrash villa, we can’t keep hoping other teams do our job for us Tottenham did us a huge favor last week otherwise a win today for city would have brought them level on point with us, we are yet to win a game in the second half of this season and city is next..

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