Arsenal fail to score yet again and Leicester take the points

Vardy ruins the Partey debut!

An evenly contested game, that looked to be building and building for an Arsenal win, quickly turned on its head when Jamie Vardy made his appearance. Of course it did!

There were smiles all round when the team sheets rolled in and Vardy was on the bench. Clearly he wasn’t fit enough to start, but Arsenal settled into the game well and had six shots on goal within the first 20 minutes, they were up for the game and it would only be a matter of time you thought that they would take the lead.

But it soon became clear this wouldn’t be the case! A lack of composure in the final third, and again for the second weekend in a row our players just could not find the back of the net!

Without Vardy on the pitch and seeing Partey make his debut, I really fancied Arsenal to take the points easily, so I went off searching for money back offers from bookies to help increase my winnings. I didn’t have to look far and they were soon found here on OLBG’s page of betting offers and was looking forward to collecting my winnings after an easy game.

But it is never that easy when watching Arsenal, as the Premier League debut for Partey turned rather sour, again showing that the hype on Partey needs to cool down. It will take him time to settle into the League and let’s not forget he is used to the Europa League, so of course his debut on Thursday went much better than it did against Leicester, the Premier League is a different ball game and much higher tempo.

The game really changed when Luiz went off injured and Jamie Vardy and Cengiz Under came on. Not that Mustafi was to blame for the goal, but the two substitutes combined and the lack of defence on the build-up, was the reason Vardy got on the end of the cross from Under to give Leicester the lead on 80 minutes, which then led to the win and all three points, and helped the bookies to my cash!.

It was all so positive for Arsenal, especially in the first half, and could have gone any way up until the point Vardy came on. He clearly loves playing against us and I’m sure he is laughing all the way home.

For Arteta, it is back to the drawing board! To pick the boys up as we have one midweek game before the small matter of a tie at Old Trafford to contest with!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Loose Cannon says:

    All year I have been saying that Lacazette is utter useless for 180K/week. We grounded one non performer, this man should have been shown the door, another of Wenger’s gems. He must be rubbing his hands with glee seeing our downfall due to the trash he accumulated draining our resources. Well Arteta too is at fault for not starting AMN, the one player who can outrun any opponent.Am I dissapointed ?Yes. Was I surprised by the result? No. Until the likes of Xhaka, Elneny, Laca, Kolasinac leave, we cannot expect results.We are a cup team, accept that .

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      Agreed lacca was the problem last night. The rest did well but kacca just misses chance after chance and cannot create on the ball nor off the ball in terms of runs to follow on to.

      I think back to Thursdays game and playing 442 as soon as auba came on partey found him with a ball over the top . We lack that option with lacca. He is good and nothing tbh. Not to say he is crap but his style lack identity.

    2. Adajim says:

      AMN in which position? RB or LB, because I can’t remember the last time AMN play any other position and did what you said, maybe you should enlighten me

      1. zamind says:

        Adajim, We need a fast player in the middle. the only options we have are AMN, Willcock and Smith-Rowe.
        we can play 3 slow mid playing sideways and backwards cause they cant take on teams and run.
        A running no 10 disorganizes the opposing defenders and they run around trying to mark the three forwards.
        the trio of yesterday starved the front three of service.

  2. Shortboygooner says:

    On a positive we created alot more chances then in previous games this season. We did actually score a goal. I think the change in formation was a good thing.

    I still think the final change needed it to get rid of lacca. He plays rather deep and doesn’t offer much on the way of assisting. I still think he should be sold and auba should lead the line. Watching saka on the right I simply couldn’t understand why he was there and not pepe.

    I feel like arsenal managers sometimes think how they can change the most obvious glaring things to piddle us all off. Anyway we move

    Lastly ceballos is average at best . He cannot create the openings we need. Certainly not a silva or KDB

    1. zamind says:

      my friend, Laca is wrong for missing chances, but not for playing deep. He cant just stand in front why our mid has no speed nor guile to reach him with pinpoint passes. He is forced to some how come and look for the ball.

  3. Wyoming says:

    The squad is really strong well balanced and healthy at the moment. We must go on a run of wins now. We can beat United as they have a poor home record this season. COYG

    1. Sue says:

      Yes just like previous seasons when they’ve been poor and lost to all and sundry, then we roll up, boom, they bag 3 points!!!
      I’ve never felt overly confident going there in the past 14 years… and I’m afraid to say last night hasn’t helped one bit!!
      Let’s face it, it’s one of our biggest bogey grounds!!

      1. Adajim says:

        A realist would tell you the best results would be a draw except miracle happens. Unity like to sitback too and just like yesterday, Leicester has proven our mf are now without their shooting boots and while we have inefficient attack, any team that pack bus will do well against us this season with this 433 except Something changes

  4. S.J says:

    We should not give up, the title might be out of reach but top 4 is still a huge possibility.
    Arteta needs to go back to the drawing board and motivate the team.

    He should try this team consistently and they will click.


    Willian, Saka, Pepe,

    Ceballos, Partey,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Luiz, Bellerin,



    Lacazette and Xhaka should start from the bench.

    1. Adajim says:

      In all honesty, did you think cebalos deserve a nod over Xhaka and Elnely, based on over performance this season or you are been sentimental ?

  5. Adajim says:

    Am really not a happy gunner with yesterday results, we played a Leicester without a proper striker at home yet we could not beat them.
    Our attack was shambolic, and mf? Who told Xhaka to stop shooting from outside 18, who stopped him from playing his long passes, I think MA needs to work more on a tactic for our mf in the new 433 system the trio were too static and didn’t push up enough to pile up pressure upfront, Leicester were keeping low block and 2 of our mf can shoot but have forgotten their shooting boots. Luis seems to be our new Ozil.

    KT did well but did too much at time, there was a lose ball he crossed to lacca instead of a simple pass to AUBA, cebalos has drop form, mustaffi not fit yet I guess or maybe back to his calamities, he didn’t even keep a watch, can we have Saka AUBA Pepe play in the attack for the next 5games Pls, it’s can’t be worst than this

  6. GunneRay says:

    The fact is, you have to mark a player like Vardy constantly. He had the full box to run into and was completely unmarked!?

    It’s a problem this team have had for years. Getting caught on the counter attack because we press high in desperation to score in numbers. When your strikers are unable to score this tends to happen. The pressure is on the whole team. We all know Laca has the ability to score but just seems to fluff his lines. Then the whole team try to push forward in support for a failing attack and get sucker-punched! It’s been happening since the Wenger era!

    In fact, I’m not sure what this team work on in the training ground any more? Maybe they just have tea and biscuits? The crossing is terrible. The movement off the ball is terrible. The defending is always likely to have “that moment”. One touch football seems a thing of the past. Our play is most often slow and labored with lots of sideways and backwards passing. I can go on. All these problems have been evident for years.

    I have always said that MA needs time. He deserves that at least. But, I am still struggling to see progress so far? I do not see a squad of players (collectively) who are able convince me that things are getting that much better. I just see the same things but in efferent forms. Same mistakes. The same traits that have seen a number of managers come and go..

  7. Scubagooner says:

    A very disappointing result but there were some positives. The first half we dominated possession but couldn’t unlock them. I am so pleased we have reverted to a back 4 and they looked solid (even Luis played well).
    But there are some problems still.
    1. Bellerin needs to learn how to pass the ball forward. There is a reason most of our attacks come down the left and that is because tierny is braver and will try and either beat his man or play the ball in behind. Bellerin lacks confidence and can only pass sideways or backwards.
    2. When teams sit in 2 banks of 4 or in Leicester case all 11 we had no plan b to go through the middle. We are so predictable that all our attacks come from the flanks. If only we had an attacking midfielder who could find that subtle pass through the middle. Someone to split the defence. Guess our club doesn’t have such a player on our books!! Think if we did the first 60min of this game would have been ideal for such a player lol.
    3. Arteta must decide laccas best position. It would appear to me that for the last few games as if he has been told to sit deeper. However there were times when balls came across and he couldn’t make up that ground. There is a reason calvert Lewis has had a great start to the year because he doesn’t chase all over the pitch but stays close to that 6 yrd box so when needed is there to poach. This is where our striker needs to be.
    Man u next let’s hope we can address some of the issues and we can keep moving forward.
    Lastly what a joy to see arsenal have more attempts last night than at any other time since Arteta took over let’s hope that stat is here to stay.

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