Arsenal fail to turn up against Crystal Palace leaving CL hopes in doubt

Crystal Palace have beaten Arsenal resoundingly at Selhurst Park this evening, casting our top-four hopes into major doubt.

We went into the international break comfortable, knowing we were sat inside the top four whilst having played less than those closest to us in the table, but after Tottenham overtook us in the table on goal difference thanks to a 5-1 win over Newcastle, and our team really didn’t rise to the occasion.

It wasn’t long into the opening half when we found ourselves trailing, when Conor Gallagher’s deep cross from near the half-way line wasn’t dealt with, with the forward knocking it into Mateta to head home from close range.

They then doubled their lead around 10 minutes later when Gabriel Magalhaes stretched to block the pass into Jordan Ayew who was then allowed to collect the ball unchallenged and cut back across goal before placing his effort beyond Aaron Ramsdale.

Our players were struggling to play out from the back, with Thomas Partey gifting the ball away on a number of occasions, Nuno Tavares showing a lack of composure and with the home side impressing with their own pressing game.

At the break the boss opted to replace the Portuguese with Gabriel Martinelli, but the change didn’t cause Palace any issues. It seemed as though every time we got anywhere close to getting a decent chance, our players would scuff it, with Martin Odegaard’s effort sticking in my mind as a crucial one that could have got us back into the tie midway through the second-half.

Arteta did try to take a risk in replacing Cedric with Eddie Nketiah, throwing men up top, but it just wasn’t to be as Vieira’s side maintained their composure, and when Wilfried Zaha ran dangerously at our defenders before spinning around and being brought down in the box to gift himself a penalty, all hope was gone.

I’m struggling to say that we wasn’t fully deserving of the 3-0 loss this evening, but have real angst in recalling Thomas Partey having to limp off the field, while Tierney being absent tonight was potentially costly also.

Will the loss hurt us more than potentially losing Tierney and Partey for the upcoming matches as we look to get back into the top four?


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  1. Our players still can’t handle Palace’s physicality and the international break seemed to have broken Lacazette’s/ Partey’s focuses

    A new CF and an old towering one are essential in the summer

      1. He had a long break and probably just had one training match against Brighton behind a closed door

    1. Nketiah did more than Lacazette ever did in the few minutes he was on and yet gets more criticism. Several times in the season he comes on and looks more of a goal threat than Laca. Nketiah has been called useless and many others and I can’t change anyone’s opinion about him but I am confident by the time Nketiah has retired from football he will be looked at as better than the ‘link up master’.

      1. “Link up master” 🤣🤣🤣 have always said it Lacazzette to me is nothing special, what do you call a striker that can’t score goal

        1. In addition to what you’re saying Lacazette is not a direct player. He is limited and always plays in a certain way I can’t explain.

          1. The greatest mistake Arteta made during the transfer window is giving out aubamayang our only real striker without having a replacement, and to make matters worse he is too arrogant to give Nketiah a proper chance.

      2. Nketiah is a talented attacker and seems to have gained enough experience. I hope he stays

      3. Lacazette may not be a better striker but I think we end to look at the way Arteta set up his team. It’s like Arteta set up doesn’t favour center forward to score goals. Take a look at when Aubameyang was playing through the wing, he was banging goals here and there but immediately he started playing through the middle, Auba became ordinary player. Look at the same Auba in Barcelona now. Lacazette may not be a prolific scorer, but he would be a better striker under another manager than Arteta.

    2. Well I certainly did not see this coming. Having both fullbacks out was a problem. Missing sitters, soft penalty awards a fired up Palace and overconfidence proved too much. However unlike others I have not pushed the panic button thrown in the towel. This is the same team that went from last to 4th over 20 games. A timely wake up call. We still have the game extra and our top 4 prospects remain firmly in our own hands. Arsenal will get top 4

    3. Yea well said guy. The international break obviously had a negative effect on Lacazette and Pathey. I also feel Matinelli ‘s absence on the left allowed Galatar massive freedom. The backline was extremely shaky today. We can only hope Pathey limping of ain’t another big injury considering he has bad records of injury. We also need Thieney back Tavares seem to have lost is confidence. Noe we must restore our lead back through our one game advantage with a must win in next match.

    4. Yea well said Gai. The international break obviously had a negative effect on Lacazette and Pathey. I also feel Matinelli ‘s absence on the left allowed Galatar massive freedom. The backline was extremely shaky today. We can only hope Pathey limping of ain’t another big injury considering he has bad records of injury. We also need Thieney back Tavares seem to have lost is confidence. Noe we must restore our lead back through our one game advantage with a must win in next match

      1. It all goes back to having a thin squad.we are constantly at the mercy of suspensions,injuries….

    5. They’re too damn physical but we should have known. First half was bad, couldn’t even keep ball and string 6 passes together defense shaky and everyone should be blamed but i cant leave out this; Now this comes back to the obvious Xhaka, Laca average can’t effect the game don’t deserve to be starting every game in fact the can’t get into teams like Liverpool and City or Chelsea

      Now u come to Tavares not putting in a shift so poor. Just not good enough.

      1. Lacazette’s and Partey’s passes were quite bad. We can’t win if our main pivots in the front line and in the deep midfield area cannot link up consistently with their teammates

    6. What physicality GAI. Palace were superb from start to finish. Zaha was a menace all night, just having fun and pulling the strings all night. him,Gallagher and mateta were superb . Arsenal didn’t show up and palace was far the better side over the whole 90.

    7. The truth is in the headline. We failed to turn up as a team and no individual player can be blamed as such. But none can escape criticism, and the whole team including the manager must learn from it.

      1. My thought exactly AndersS!no point blaming individuals or going through the whole team player by player,we would find bad things to say about all of them,MØ ESR, Gabriel,Tavares , White..this was a bad night for the team and manager ,simple as.

    8. Many have seen this coming
      I even made an article on why we may Very likely lose the top 4 to spurs
      Sentiments apart it will take a miracle to beat spurs at their ground if it comes down to that

    9. GAI,I guess we were both right.they pressed us high to stop us playing from the back, targeted our mildfied and their fowards used their height.basically,a complete performance from CP.

  2. See how Zaha was running rings around our defense. That was what Sanchez use to do for us. He handled the ball with authority and beat whoever he wanted to. A shame he cost too much and we signed that overrated guy. Tomiyasu and Tierney were missed today but frankly speaking they are not game changers and wouldn’t have accounted for how tactically outclassed we were. I was looking forward to this match because this is one of the teams I believed could match us and they didn’t only do that but easily beat us. I still fancy us for top 4 but this should humble some of the folk who think they know better and don’t respect the opinions of others when the team is criticized a bit. I mean on analysis of the home and away match Crystal Palace are just better this season.

    1. @kev. I know Zaha wasn’t playing for us tonight but it was a joy to watch such player at his optimum best and having fun doing it at the same time. Arsenal need a player like that. Martinelli is the closest we have but Zaha enjoy playing his football. Great win to Palace. Hope we bounce back the next match. If we don’t make top 4 it shows as always the manager nor the players can handle the slightest of real pressure. But I support til the end.

    1. Because he had played twice for Brazil in S America – the idea being to rest him and instead play ESR, who to be fair wasn’t close to being our worst player. Easy to be wise after the event though, and GM would have found it equally tough if Tavares was behind him.

  3. What Patrick viera has done with Crystal palace is impressive, he has totally changed them from a team that defend to an attacking team.

    1. With the resources he have at his disposal he have worked wonders. His style of play is quite good. And even when they lose the team is always a handful for the opposition.

    2. 👍CP let go 12 players last summer and brought in 9 Ew ones for 60M.I also love his humility ,he always makes sure to praise everyone.

  4. Saw a stat tonight that Vieria has taken palaces age down by 2.5 years and put their possession up by 10% in his time in charge ,all on a small budget ,punching above his weight ATM .
    Complete embarrassment tonight ,once again no shot on target in the first half ,how many times this season as this happened .
    I Thought it would be a tuff game but that was child’s play for palace tonight ,let’s hope nest game we can up our game .

    1. Next game 🤣🤣 don’t be surprised if Brighton get a draw against us, and Brighton has been poor for months. Have said it before and I’ll say it again, if we don’t get top4 by the end of the season we should seriously reconsider giving Arteta an extension, we have been playing just the premier league for over 2 months now, palace are still in the fa cup and they had 7 player’s that traveled during the international break and yet they beat us easily, I know some will say I’m being negative but I still don’t believe in Arteta taking us forward

      1. Ive said for a good few months now, get 4th, give him an extension, not, we should be looking for someone who could. We are/were in a great position to get 4th, spent more on the squad this summer than ever and that has to be rubber stamped with 4th. Not getting 4th now would need serious questions asking.

    2. Our attacking play has been under question all season. We have a very poor build up, to slow, too deliberate and too predictable.

      1. There have been moments when partey odegaard and saka have klicked … nothing comes down the left with xhaka … but basically no consistent threat at end … so moments of magic but defenses are not under constant pressure …arteta has got more organization in the team and a bit more effort but not the kind of physicality Beira has instilled in palace and not constant pressure in final third … and sadly that will never change as it’s his managerial style … if he gets 4th he deserves to stay .. I will b amazed and tip my hat to him … but if we want to progress it will need to be under new management

        1. If we all have not noticed for the last 4 games or so xhaka have been hiding. We are playing with 10 players and not 11. Xhaka try to find space to not receive the ball and when he does is a quick pass to someone else so as not to make a stray pass. Xhaka needs replacing fast. Some will say he is playing more further forward leaving Partey as the DM, with him attacking. But he is not attacking, he is just taking up space on the field doing nothing. I think he likes it that way so he receives no red or yellow. But his play have been piss poor the last 4 games. We need a better central midfielder fast. Xhaka out.

        2. I don’t think MA future should depends on getting 4th.if we were to finish few points off 4th,I believe with a very good summer transfer window which includes both ins and outs,i’ll be ready to give him another season.

  5. Eddie was way more productive and offered the sense of having a CF than Lacazette would ever offer. Not just saying this because of today, but that’s his typical self. Dude’s been abysmal, yet “he works hard”, “lead by example”, etc, are the crappy stuff I hear about him.

    Thought we lost this game in the first half. Palace were always going to be a very hard nut to crack, and once we were so lackadaisical in the opening period and trailed, I knew it was game over.
    We came back way better in the 2nd period, but was already condemned.
    Thought Odegaard was poor tonight, and so was Rowe. Poor defending and a blunt attack sealed the scoreline.

  6. In our best year and after spending 150m in summer, Palace are just two goals away shy from us and conceded just 4 goals more. Meanwhile it didn’t take him 2years plus to achieve this, nor did he came up with his own players. He’s doing this with what he got. That’s phenomenal.

    1. @Kaay
      No, that’s managing…Arteta just got tactically outwitted. Ain’t the first time, won’t be the last. Not very hard to do. To me, his biggest weakness is being unable to or unwilling to teach his midfielders how to control the midfield.

        1. Certainly wasn’t the two Tavares mistakes for the goals which were not tactics. What clear chance did they have outside those mistakes (one a set play) in the tactical master class? Guess it was the fact they limited us to no possession or lots of possession no chances? Except the chances we did miss. Maybe it was the juxtaposed against the 2 similar shouts we had. Genius. Like what he’s done with palace, a decent job, many tipped them to go down. They are not tearing trees though they’ll finish 10/11 possibly lower. If they kick on for Europe next season ok. Nuno did that wolves noone seems to care now. Wilder with Sheffield. We have the 5th most expensive squad with the 5th wage budget, spurs are 6th. Us two are fighting for 4th/5th, we are favs still btw and both of us are outperforming our investment currently.

        2. @Angus
          If you watched the match and didn’t see it, then no detailed explanation in the world will drill it home enough for ya. It’s called being in denial…

    2. That’s why many wanted PV over Arteta. Experience, grit, and understands the culture better than Arteta.

      And not to forget your excellent points;
      1. Punching above their weight with squad he has

      2. His influence (philosophy & style) took several months.

      3. Yet some plead patience and rife with excuses about Arteta.

      1. I’m not sure that “many”is the right word.i can remember a lot of comments like the PL is nothing like Ligue 1,or concerns about the end of his tenure at Nice,despite not knowing the full facts IE:very young team especially in Europe where their inexperience showed,his best and most experienced CB’s being injured,their best goalscorer having been sold and behind the scenes,a difficult relationship with the owner,board…

  7. Arteta is one funny coach, the same players you don’t give playing time to, you expect them to be match fit when there’s an injury. I almost forgot we have lokonga and tavares.

    1. 🎯.I actually read an article in the Athletic few days ago,in which CP players were praising Viera for his ability to keep every player on board especially those who do not play as much as they’d like to,making them feel important,telling to be ready for when their chance will come like Eze/Olise..but the best example was the game against City. Benteké who was a sub that day,was asked about Viera as a manager by City’s players/staff and despite being a sub and probably a bit disappointed,he had only good things to say about his says a lot.

  8. Why on earth did Lacazette get to play all game he was dreadful. We missed two good chances. Gabriel was horrific. We have no one who can run with the ball like Zaha does. Thought Lokonga and Eddie did well. Koyote got away with countless fouls. But we move on must beat Brighton on Saturday

    1. Arsenal has Pepe but he is on the outer. There is nothing to say that, if Zaha was an Arsenal player, Arteta would select a player of his type.

  9. The players were found out and so was our manager. Palace put together on a shoestring and they play with a great purpose. Vierra an Arsenal legend, a world cup and multiple league winner and probably shouldn’t have been overlooked as manager. Still hindsight a great thing. We floundered today with the inevitable slow build up football we seem to produce when we cant impose our style on other teams. Today was old Arsenal or at least post 2009. Horrible result.

    1. We have been playing like this for a while now, viera made Arteta looked like an academy coach, if I’m correct I think we had only 2 shot on target throughout the match.

    2. No it wasn’t. We didn’t convert 2nd half but had we not a single Palace fan would of been disappointed at 2-2. Essentially Tavares cost us and when Palace gave us the exact same chances we failed score. Disappointing and our players still missed the chances but we were not awful in fact once Tavares came off we were easily the better team could of ended 6-3 to us if everything went in or got called as it did for Palace.

      1. Pundits and even Arteta post match comments said we were second best all game.

        Arteta said team was deserving of a slap today, his words not mine. Let’s be honest, we were outclassed, out maneuvered, and soundly beaten today. 3-0 was a fair reflection of the effort and passion we didn’t show today.

        Tip your cap to PV and Palace, they punched us in the mouth and we had no answer.

      2. Smoking something I wish I had. Maybe 7-3, yea that’s the ticket, 7 to 3, no , another toke, maybe 8 to 3.

      1. NY, it has been coming and it isnt the first and wont be the last. Naive football and we were exploited badly.

  10. Went to watch the game with a mate. He said before it started he worried about Tavares, that’s Liverpool, Forest and Palace now where he put in a 1st half like that, bit worrying. Had we played the 2nd half like that I’d be worried but we were better. Smith-rowe/ode missed chances as good as palaces 2 goals and we had 2 pen shout to balance palaces 1 just didn’t convert or get the calls. Disappointing. We’re still favs but the cushion has gone for now. We’ll beat Brighton. Southampton will be very important. Really wanted to be a point above Chelsea going into to that game would of changed the context but such is life. No reason to be scared yet but it’s a race now.

  11. We usually tend to play badly after international breaks but wow, that was one of the worst. My only hope is that MA holds his hands up to getting it wrong too! Tavares was a massive mistake (again). Although, I can’t just single him out. They were all poor tonight. Need to shake it off and get back to winning ways. Hopefully Partey is not too badly injured..

    1. Please dont scapegoat Tavares (he has had his confidence taken out of him) because xhaka, Odergaard, White, Gabriel, ESR, Partey and Lacca were all as bad if not worse and the rest were not far behind.

      1. Except their only 2 clear chances came from Tavares they didn’t create any outside that and were completely dominated 2nd half after he came off. Watch the game again, you’ll see.

      2. Not scapegoating, he made a terrible error, stopped running. Later he had great position on Anderson and ducked when pushed, no fight, no resistance, I think Arsenal practices are non contact light excuse me. There should be blood!

        1. He was by no means alone and Arteta decided he was ok to start after having limited game time. He was thrown to the Lions, im afraid. He had an excuse, the others didn’t.

      3. I agree with Reggie,his confidence has taken a big hit since the Forrest game.also how is he supposed to get it back if he barely plays??

    2. Was it though? Both goals I think can be laid at Tavares 1st half where the team weren’t completely at it on the ball, had we played like that 2nd half it would be awful. We didn’t though we were better 2nd half (could of been better still but we were better than palace were 1st half… Were either of esr/odes chances harder than Palaces? No. So it wasn’t that bad similarly were Lacas/Sakas penalty shouts any softer than zahas? No, you could argue zahas was clearest although there is little to no functional difference in the contact compared to Lacas just the position in the pen and the way it looked (what var should solve but doesn’t.) Disappointing result. Still favs for top 4.

  12. Cedric, is slow (pedestrian) and easily read and a on fire Wilfred skinned him inside out: like xhaka; predictable and slow.. Partey had a absolute mare and it baffles me how a professional footballer cannot make a simple 5 yard pass to a team mate. Odegard wasn’t at it either as he tends to go awol when it’s a physical team imo. ESR and Saka huffed and puffed but again not at all fruitful. Martinelli tied when he came on but looked tired by his standards.

    Tottenham hot spuds had a great c oh ole of days and now the advantage we had has diminished. We have a game in hand but we arguably have the tougher run in plus a game against Tottenham at theirs.

    Talk about make it easy for yourselves. Not optimistic now about our chances of 4th.

    palace just had

    1. We have similar runs still as chelsea is still a free hit with the game in hand. Worth noting we absolutely could beat Chelsea and then spurs are in a terrible position again. Just made the two United games more important than previous that is all.

      1. Previously the MU was a free hit and the west ham was up against their Liverpool game. Now mu is up against their Liverpool and west ham is up against their away game at villa

        1. Also worth noting we win the NLd and both United games would be free hits (won’t happen that way round, wonder why the NLd was delayed beyond the Chelsea game given Chelsea was called off later and they are in Europe/fa unlike spurs) where as if they won the Derby we just need 3-4 more points in the other games not 5-6 still advantage us just less so.

          1. Actually it’s 3-4 for both in the NLd but it would still result in an extra free hit which would be mu on fixture difficulty (not that games align that way otherwise we’d of played Newcastle too this weekend or spurs would of played Leicester home which was their palace equivalent prior to the weekend.) Whu would of only been a free hit had we won today. Still you get the picture, less of a cushion still favourites.

  13. International break has never been kind to us. It seems that the team is less focused and unprepared every time we come back from the break. There is a lesson to learn here for the youngsters.

  14. I concur that Arteta made a mistake to leave Martinelli on the bench against our bogey team. Martinelli’s pace would have caused Palace defence problems and kept them on tenterhooks. I can’t complain about Tavares being given a starting role as I don’t know what happened to Tierney. However Tavares seems to have lost any confidence he had at the beginning of his Arsenal career. He needs to go out on loan. When Al; is said and done this should not be seen as the end of our top four hopes! We still have a game in hand and a good chance to bounce back.

  15. It’s painful with the scoreline but it’s expected.
    Arteta didn’t help Tavares and Lokonga careers. Tavares arrived a better player, covered for Tierney very well, same with Lokonga who covered for xhaka but now they are nowhere near their arrival form.
    They were forgotten. Their confidence has been stollen by Arteta.

    1. 🎯 that’s where squad rotation/man management are important.making sure that every player feels valued,included.both Sambi/Tavares should have been given few minutes here and there, when we were winning games,even few minutes would have helped bringing some confidence back.

  16. One of those games where you cannot take a single positive from. Horrible performance!

    And just to cap it off, VAR finishes the game off by yet again screwing us over. Laca was clipped from behind in their penalty box, and unlike Zaha, he wasn’t already falling over/off balance, yet we get nothing, and they get a crucial pen no questions asked.

    Not using that as an excuse, because even at 2-0 I could only see Palace winning, but based on so much evidence, the people making these VAR decisions are either clueless or have a bias against Arsenal. No other explanation is possible!

    The pressure mounts now.

  17. Pressure game that was always going to show how much we’ve really progressed in a season where United, Spurs, Leicester and Chelsea have all been relatively poor.

    White made his usual 4-5 mistakes per game including the ridiculous freekick for the 1st goal, they were just more emphasized because everyone was poor. Gabriel seems to get a rush of blood to the head quite often, jumps and calls for the 1st goal and completely misses it and 2nd goal lunges in and misses completely breaking the defensive line.

    Cant expect much from Tavares, a confidence player that never gets a game. Obviously very rusty and out of practice with our lack of rotation. Definitely had his part to play for the first 2 goals but got no support from senior players. Don’t think we’ll see him in an Arsenal shirt again.

    Partey couldn’t do a 3 meter pass a few times. Xhaka was nowhere.

    Laca is pathetic and forgot ESR was playing. Martinelli only one looking like hes interested in playing.

    We have no attacking presence in the middle of the park. Ode plays far right with Saka, Xhaka plays far left with ESR…..middle = vacant meaning Laca drops in and we have no striker.

    As us negative fans said in Jan, self inflicted lack of squad depth will hurt us and be used as an excuse 😉 watch this space

    Credit to Vieira, looking to be a fantastic manager on a budget and to be fair should be a lot higher on the table. Can we sign Gallagher please??

    ESR. LOKO. Xakai saka
    Pepe nekitha. Martinelle

  19. WAKE UP MA!! You have Tierney out, Tomiasu out, no fullbacks-HELLO, RED FLAG – YIPES. No Saliba by stupid choice. Hottest player Martinelli left out, really bright, we can win the next few games and secure the champions league by simply allowing MU and Spurs to keep dodling along and hand it to us. That is a fine strategy, like shipping vodka to the Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

  20. Expected very similar game, not per say result. Was hoping arsenal might sneak in a point. But not surprised. Our players need to adapt their game against such strong physical teams, where you probably won’t find anyone below 6’2. Passes need to made quicker in such cases as the chance of interception goes high because of players with large build converging in on our players. Also, less time to settle on the ball. For that reason CP are so hard to beat, no other team can match such physicality. I was afraid the match will pan out similarly. Viera wants Viera in every position in his squad lol. They were so intimidating. Our players were intimidated that caused all those silly passing mistakes and bad calls.

  21. Yes we lost like bunch of w*nkers. But its noteworthy that the same Palace team also won 3-0 at home to Spurs, and also 0-2 away against City. So when they turn up, they are a good team.

    Performance was unacceptable, but the season is not lost yet.

    Bounce back with an impressive display against Brighton and we are back in top 4. And let’s pray Aston Villa can do us a favor next weekend.

    But first and foremost, top 4 is still in our hands.

  22. Credit to MA for his post match interview, admitted we were terrible and deserved to lose.

    I have no issue losing a game in which we were second best, but the way we lost with no fight was pathetic and that’s what fans hate.

  23. I thought we had found a star in Tavares but he had another shocker and with Partey limping off and Tierney out for the rest of the season, our hopes of top 4 are zilch.

    1. 100%, we knew the risk of such a thin squad and now we are stuck in our situation.

      I’d put White in Partey’s position for now, don’t want him anywhere near the backline and bring in Holding as CB.

      1. We didn’t have a thin squad, that what we have ended up with was by design. We let Auba, Saliba, Gouendouzi all leave and burning it up away from here. Not forgetting Others like Kolasinac, Mavropanos, Bellerin and Willock. All playing regular for their respective teams. The choices were made not forced.

  24. Looking at the bright side, CP are an anomaly in the EPL. With that physicality, every team finds it hard to exert their style of play on them. It requires special adaptation to play against them. Arsenal has good chances against the rest of the remaining teams. Arsenal needs to make an exceptional game plan case against teams such as CP, to bypass their physical game.

  25. What a disappointing game.
    3-0 to Palace?
    Now we have lost the advantage we had on Spurs, could have been 2 points off chelsea etc..

  26. The problem is Arteta got rid of squad players who would now be an asset, we have no depth, and with Partey and Tierney out, we may now struggle with EL qualification, we have a striker who has not scored since boxing day in open play, that is unbelievable and stupid. We are short up front, midfield, and defence, when you see the difference what Vieria has done with limited funds and the difference Arteta has done with resources, it’s not hard to imagine who is improving with every game. We do have a view of what Arteta is trying to do, but will it be enough. Finish the league strong and let’s see who comes into Arsenal, but CL football would be more attractive than no European football. It’s a blip, beat Brighton on Saturday, then another test comes with Southampton away where our record isn’t the best. Then it’s Chelsea and Man Utd who are both going through the same problems we are.

  27. Team didn’t look prepared for Palace, and Arteta had no answer to turn things around.

    Disappointed no leader on the pitch to rally the boys.

    Passion and intensity should always be 100%, it doesn’t dip like form does.

    Couldn’t handle the pressure, and didn’t show up for a big game. Again failed to capitalize when those around us stumble.

    Rather than 2 points behind Chelsea, we’re now 5th on points.

    You have to win the games in hand, so don’t count on them yet. Don’t think any player or Arteta can claim any positives from that sh!t show.

    1. Durrand
      Normally you have 1 or 2 of the pace and have half a chance of making a tweak here and there to change it.
      When the whole team and i mean whole team from front to back didn’t turn up, it’s impossible to turn it around.
      Worst and most painful display to watch in a long time
      Was like watching us at the beginning of the season.
      I am not a doom and gloom merchant. We have plenty to play for and still on our hands.
      All for voicing our opinions and post match analysis but now is not the time to rip the team, players and manager apart.
      Now is the time to stand firm and support and help the team over the line
      Definitely Onwards and upwards

      1. Not trying to rip the team Alanball08, just disappointed by their lack of showing.

        No secret Palace was going to be physical, yet we never matched them or fought for those 50/50 balls.

        Shocked and disappointed that we were so flat and lackluster for such an important match.

        One would have thought Palace was the team fighting to hold onto 4th the way they played.

        Disappointed with the rinse and recycle game plan of Arteta too. Basically Odegaard drifts to the right, get Saka the ball, and wait for him to dribble, pass, or shoot his way to a goal.

        Almost as if Arteta is allergic to playing through the middle, or playing free flowing and direct football. It’s pass, pass, recycle, pass, pass, mostly going backwards or side to side.

        He was outmanaged by PV, and looked like he was grasping at straws with the late subs.

        Not blaming Arteta for the poor form of the players, he can’t control that. But the lack of preparation and no plan B falls squarely on the manager.

        1. Don’t disagree with what you said
          Plan b I think would entail subbing at least 8 if not 10 of our players last night.
          You can legislate a few might play below par but not all.
          It was certainly a reality check last night.
          Hopefully we put it to bed and we pick up max points against Brighton and Southampton which are must win games for us now
          Then we go into the harder games with more desire and confidence
          If not … I hate to say

  28. With Kierney, Partey out for long and Laca can’t score goals anymore, our season is gonna be disastrous once again..

  29. Crystal Palace is going to be a solid team
    under Arsenal legend Veiria, it doesn’t matters who they plays.

    And this young Arsenal side is not a team that easily get into gear after a break, and that will be address in the summer with big characters coming in as the spine of the team is good.

    We must have a massive reaction at the office this weekend, we must throw the entire kitchen and kitchen sink at Brighton, let’s take out our frustration on them, luckily they are a team that dont know how to score goals.

    I prefer this position in the table that we are in as opposed to Spuds, Man u, and the bubbles.

    I won’t quickly add to the negativity of the pass, I want to be like Liverpool supporters and support my Arsenal team, even if we were to be hammered 7-2

  30. The lack of motivation from the players was apparent, and they never seemed “up for it” from the first whistle.

    Struggled to go through the gears, and even Arteta and pundits said Arsenal were 2nd best in every aspect last night.

    Have to bounce back, have to show that 4th at least is do or die. Don’t expect domination in the next matches, but do expect 3 points. Win ugly if we must, but we have to find ways to get results when the pressure is on.

  31. One really bad game, where almost all of our lot were well below par and then , predictably, the DOOMMONGERS return in force , emboldened to write their recently absent virtriol, by ONE way below standard game.

    I do not make light of the Palace game , we were awful , no question! But to overreact in this ridiculously hasty and immature way makes me weep for the paucity of sober minded real thinkers on JA.

    There are a few on this thread but we are dwarfed by the self entitled “children,” venting their disgusting and unfair vitriol. Tried, found guilty and hanged, all in one thread.

    What an injustice!

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