Arsenal accused of failing to “act with class” over Gunnersaurus sacking

I must admit that I am a bit baffled as to what is actually going on with Gunnersaurus, but it would appear that Daniel Quy has been sacked (or more correctly made redundant) after 27 years as the Official Arsenal mascot.

This has now been confirmed by a tweet on Daniel Quy’s official Twitter account published by his son, and accusing the club of not upholding the old Arsenal values.

This is his tweet in full….

This seems to clearly confirm that the original Gunnersaurus has been left out in the cold by Arsenal, and his gesture to give all the money collected to charity is very heartwarming in these difficult times.

What is this on the “Gunnersaurus” Twitter page? It seems that our dinosaur was at the Emirates just 4 days ago, and was promoting the JuniorGunners packs which are being sent out to our younger members.

So, the question must be asked; Who was in that Gunnersaurus suit if it wasn’t Daniel Quy?

I think we all need to know what is going on, don’t you?

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  1. I read Gunnersaurus will now be played by various people, not just one anymore… on a rotating basis….
    Well done to Daniel for tweeting this… and massive thanks to him and Jerry…

  2. I’m glad that the money donated was given to worthwhile causes as this became a story of one man in the Gunnersaurus suit at the expense of the other 54 who were also made redundant at the same time.
    Without doubt it could have been handled better especially as his role had been voluntary for so long before joining the payroll. He was a very visible part of the Arsenal family.
    As for Gunnersaurus in the future then he or she will have a great fun with all the kids at the Emirates and on community commitments. It will give someone else the chance to make the role their own.

      1. Well Dan, it was on the National TV news that Ozil had saved Gunnersaurus and now I think you could be right🤣. Next everyone will be complaining he’s not dancing fast enough😜.

    1. Embarrassing from the club tbh. The club have really shot themselves in the foot with this one 🤦🏾‍♂️ and his son is right the class at arsenal has become extinct. Recent actions off the pitch have shown that

  3. Did Ozil offer to pay so that Arsenal fans can still see Daniel on Matchdays or did he offer to pay so that Arsenal fans can see Gunnersaraus? I think the club just played Ozil if that wasn’t Daniel in the suit hahahahahah, that’s if they accepted his offer to pay for the Mascot. Arsenal just played Ozil. 😁.

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