Arsenal falter as Newcastle earn the deserved three points

Newcastle has beaten Arsenal by the 2-0 scoreline, enjoying being the better team for much of the match., leaving us with diminished hopes of a top-four finish

It wasn’t the greatest start from our side, with the home team enjoying strong spells in possession with us being pushed back into our own half for much of the early exchanges.

Our defence was having to work hard to keep us level, and it felt obvious that we were in for a long night when Ben White was caught out and picked up a yellow card inside the opening 10 minutes.

We really had to weather the storm as we failed to find much composure on the ball, and a big save from Ramsdale to deny Saint-Maximim kept things alive for us. It worsened for us when we lost Takehiro Tomiyasu to injury also, but we eventually went into the break relieved to still be level.

Unfortunately the second-half only moved to get worse for us. While we did have a few chances, we were forced to take many of our shots from distance in what proved to be a relatively easy night for Martin Dubravka.

Ramsdale kept our hopes alive with a number of strong saves, but he had no hopes of stopping the initial goal, with Ben White failing to deal with the low-driven cross, clipping it into his own net.

We brought on Martinelli and Lacazette in hope of freshening up things in attack, but there was little improvement despite the hard work of the Brazilian, who was maybe trying a little too hard to force it.

The game was dead when we were hit on the counter-attack, and while Ramdsale managed to block the shot from Calum Wilson, the rebound fell to Bruno Guimaraes and he guides his shot beyond two Arsenal players to score.

Despite having an extra six minutes added to the 90, we simply couldn’t get close enough to the Toon goal, and didn’t deserve any more than we got after that performance. Ben White clearly wasn’t ready, either because of a lack of training or simply because he wasn’t at 100%, and our struggles allowed our rivals to build up their confidence, and they deserved every part of it.

Well done Newcastle, but on our part, that was simply not good enough.

Tottenham only need a point against Norwich next week to beat us to fourth, so our CL hopes are dead and buried.


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      1. I had a bad feeling about the game, so I turned off after 1 half and rather watched Johnny depp and Amber Turds court case

    1. Ww will finish top 3
      Ramsdel best GK
      Marti world class
      Gabriel best CB
      White great CB
      Over rated club and player’s

      1. 2 of the most important games of the season and we lost with 5 goals with no goal scored.
        4 points ahead with 3 games to go
        This is embarrassing

          1. 2.5 season no top 4 with many transfer windows. 6 months with one transfer window boom top 4, top manager

            1. I said the timing of Arteta’s contract extension was a PR move.. it was just the perfect time 4 wins and 4 points clear off spurs everyone was positive because they know losing top 4 to spurs was a huge possibility. Imagine giving him contract extension now after this season is ending that would have been worse

              1. Perfect timing for what ???! We were already in EPL for sure. Perfect timing for the hope to get into the top4 bevause of a better mood ?! Thats not serious

  1. Outplayed by Newcastle.

    Mikel the magician. Only 4 more years of this manure. Another Edu masterstroke!

      1. Why stay quiet about a manager who created the flaws?? Sounds like a good business model if bankruptcy is the game

      2. what are the positives ? Yes a younger squad, thank god and a 5th place mote or less the exact one our budget and wagebill should place us. So no magic here for the moment. Kust an average + achievement compared to what we are supposed to achieve…

    1. The truth is we have been better than this for most of the season, but typically Arsenal of the last 10+ years we bottled it again 🤔.

      The players will get the manager sacked again that’s for sure, they was shite today, but it’s not their ability but their mentality AGAIN.
      The manager is culpable of this also.

      We still have an outside chance of 4th, which if we had said that after the first 3 losses of the season we would be content. But the lack of belief in the team is shocking regardless of how young the team is…

      I feel like we are further than ever to challenging for the title and no new manager or present manager will change that for years to come…

      The rot started years and years ago, and we are reaping what we sow……..

      1. The biggest issue here is squad depth. Several players were clearly unfit.
        The main issue I would criticise Arteta for is not insisting that he needed a bigger squad. You can only cope with a smaller squad if you have top quality, versatile players.

  2. Arsenal really got cooked and burnt today. If there was any match to prove we don’t deserve UCL then this was it. Player wise the Newcastle team isn’t that quality but their fighting spirit is so strong like a world class team. I’ve now realised missing out on UCL will be a blessing in disguise due to the many flaws we have. Some players in midfield and defense were exposed today but I won’t go into it. When you don’t have a press-resistant midfield you will yield under pressure and it’s as simple as that. I am ashamed as to what I saw today. Its as bad as the 4-4 or maybe even worse.

    1. Blessing in disguise. You guys are so pathetic. One minute you are praising arteta the next you are finding excuses for him when he fail. Just pathetic

      1. You need to read and understand. I’m not finding excuses for anybody. The way we play we would’ve gotten exposed in the UCL. It will be a blessing in disguise because it will open his eyes to stop overrating the likes of Xhaka, a certain defender and others.

        1. So you can easily mention Xhaka but you can’t mention the certain defender because maybe I guess he is English? In this very game I saw you don’t have to call any player out but the entire team led by the manager cos Newcastle played like they were the ones needing the three points to qualify for champions league

      2. As Alan Hansen used to say you can’t win anything with kids!
        Seriously though you could call rhis a remarkable fransitional year for us look how many summer signings we bought and how many players left? We could argue we exceeded expectations this year?
        It’s the fact we capitulated against spurs and then didn’t turn up tonight. I think we need to spend big again this summer and bring in some old heads now who have some experience to lead this side and continue to mentor the youngsters.
        Xhakas interview wow!! Vert outspoken but brutally honest and what needed to be said, did he actually play okay and fight tonight? As he seemed to be blaming the others.

    2. So everyone saying Arsenal don’t deserve champions League?

      I wonder if they will say the same about spurs if arsenal and Norwich both win on Sunday?

      Stranger things have happened

      1. I really don’t have an inkling for Tottenham, but they won’t bottle it. The coach will make sure of that.

  3. Losing the fourth place is very disappointing, but at least we’ve made a good progress. Arsenal had actually thrown in the towel in January transfer window, so I’m not surprised about the fifth place

    I’m just worried that Magalhaes and Saka wouldn’t extend their contracts in the summer because we’ve lost UCL

    1. We were not supposed to lose 4th place. Our competitors in Man Utd and Spurs have been poor all season. Even the likes of Leicester and West Ham have been inconsistent. If we can’t do it this season we might struggle next. 4th could’m really boosted morale. I feel even nature wants us to get 4th but we still bottle it.

      1. Arsenal clearly prioritized their budget over the fourth place. Because they decided not to sign a new CF in January, despite being unable to score against Burnley at that time and having two departing CFs

        1. I doubt that because looking at the form of the other clubs Arsenal must’ve belied 4th place was achievable in January and they even tried to sign a striker in January despite not going all out.

        2. GAI, was really the CF the issue or the thin squad, particularly in defence?
          To me the only mistake in the winter was letting Chambers go. I feel Laca and Nketiah did a pretty good job but we currently don’t have 4 fit and reliable defenders to play in season decisive games. Tierney (predictably) out, Gabriel, White and Tomi not 100% fit and there’s no back up. Tavares did well today fair to him but there’s no back up.

          1. Agree LeGunner regarding the thin squad. Having said that trying to get top with just Nketiah and Laca as strikers was always going to be difficult.

            1. Agree David. Hard to imagine a top4 team with Laca and Nketiah as only options for the striker position

      2. How the mighty have fallen Kev . sometimes I luck words to describe this arteta team. It’s now the norm to win 3,4 games in a row and then loose 3 on the pounce without scoring

    2. What is this progress of which you speak? Is it going from relegation zone at the beginning of the season to having a sniff of 4th place but loosing it in a gutless fashion?

    3. Error, what progress. Top six. Whopppeeeee, yeah, we have won the lottery. Arteta for life. Pathetic

        1. GAI we had one game a week do you think this team lead by Mr Bean would have got 5th had we been in Europe? Come on you know better than that.. I know you like Arteta but he’s useless.

          1. Maybe Kev, we’d never know. Let’s see what would happen after Arteta signs his own CF in the summer

            1. I don’t care if he signs the entire Liverpool team mate his football is p*ss poor I’ve seen enough of Arteta tactically clueless he’s had enough excuses and spent 250 or rather blew 250 mil we are nothing more than an experiment under this geezer.

            2. What did we create tonight that “artetas own CF” would feed off and make the difference?

              If we don’t create any clear cut chances than we are always going to struggle

            3. GAI it needs a CF and an absolute miracle. Because if you haven’t seen this season we play crap football, you dont understand football. Arteta has gone through goalscorers like confetti and made them sterile.

            4. @ GAI, so when his own cf makes not a jot of difference what then? He must sign his own what? Letter of resignation.

          2. Absolutely agree. We dont bave to forget that spurs, man u and west ham all had european cups. We were very lucky to beat west ham that had many players out,. We got out of almost all competitions very early. Time to prepare games, and still some awful managing that shook the team like that lokonga in only DM and xhaka left back…

    4. Yeah we made progress. Lost 13 games last season and lost 13 this with a game to go. I can assure you it will be 14 next Sunday at Goodison park if Everton needs that match to stay up. Progress indeed

    5. since arteta came spurs played their last CL
      game, dropped out of the top 4, sacked
      mourinho, hired mason, mason left, hired
      nuno, sacked nuno, hired conte and then
      have now gotten back into the top 4 whilst
      people still think finishing top 6 is successful

    6. Suddenly it’s a progress playing finishing 5th with no earopean football.. Emery was skinned for that and that was with players you guys tagged as deadwood

    7. You actually think we have made progress? In a season where Chelsea is inconsistent, Manchester United are Disunited, Spurs had to change manager mid season to have a headway and West Ham got stretched by their European run and you think you made progress finishing 5th without any European distraction??

      Arteta is learning on the job so I guess its not his fault but it is Arsenals fault for giving and I.T student the job of a full professional……. Arteta should learn the trade elsewhere as Arsenal is bigger than him and we the fans deserve better. Next season might even get worst considering the kind of investment this Newcastle team will make with the money of their new owner at their disposal

    8. Saka is overrated and not good enough for a team challenging for honours. He is a squad player

    9. GAI. where is the “good progress”? Arsenal lost to Crystal Palace, Brighton, Southampton, then two good wins, a six point turnaround to Spurs and now a loss to Newcastle United. Arteta didn’t have the distraction of the Europa League and supposedly hasnt lost the players, as Emery supposedly did; yet here Arsenal again suffers another end of season collapse!
      Major surgery is required to this squad (upgrades and additions), because all other teams will strengthen and Arsenal will be competing in Europe, as well as the League and two cups. The Club has put faith in Arteta as the manager to take Arsenal forward with a new contract, now the checkbook has to come out for players both within and without. Otherwise another season of excuses awaits.

  4. Naive, gutless, clueless, leaderless and ineffective.

    Indicative of AFC under stan for far too long.

  5. Another bad day at the office, we will have to take it into the chin top 4 gone, Europe league here we come

    1. Why is it that whenever this rookie coach of ours get an applause…he looses three games in a roll.

      He won manager of the month and he losses three match in a roll.
      He was given contract extension.. now he has lost two match back to back.. definitely Everton will make it a treble.

      Just saying

    2. Yeh and how that will effect our premier league position and lack of quantity and quality of team/squadresources..

      Gonna be a sh1t one

      Absolute bottlers.

      1. Where are the Arteta praise singers? I’ve said it time with out number that with Arteta in arsenal, we are going nowhere, if you like sign all the best players in the world, we still be crap. This is team that can be bullied by any team , it’s a team with out direction, an unambitious team, a clueless team with a clueless manager.

    1. Error what progress. In 4th and give it up to who, our biggest rival. So pathetic. Need a proper manager. Arteta out. Oh wait, I have to wait 4 years before.

    1. Where was it Declan?
      It reminded me of the Emery season. All there to be won but came away empty handed. And I’ve bleated on about an improved mentality. That went up in smoke tonight?

      1. SueP, and apparently the players still support the manager and haven’t downed tools. This in a season where Msnchester United, West Ham, Leicester City and Everton have had underperforming seasons and the Newcastle United project has just begun.

    2. It’s also about spending 250 million on 12 players in 18 months and quite clearly not being good enough Same goes for this manager .
      But you never know Norwich might beat the spuds so ill leave my criticism until the last day

  6. The truth is, the better and hungrier team won on the night.

    We weren’t expected to get top 4 with this team, esp after the first 3 games, so let’s take a lot of positives.

    It;s been a season of high’s and low’s for sure. Our young players will have matured and we can only hope that we are backed financially next season to bring in quality signings to make a real push for top 4 next year which will be tougher than ever.

    Very frustrating indeed, but ultimately, we fell at the very last hurdle. Let’s get behind the club and the team and come back next season stronger.


    1. There are no positives for me. I watched a gutless team coached by an uninspiring manager. A real disgrace tonight.

    2. Every negative thing Gary Neville said about Arsenal was absolutely true. Even with the advantage of fewer games they simply were not good enough – they could not cope.
      I don’t care who they sign because they will never be good enough.
      Stick to the Europa League – leave CL football to the big teams.

  7. White Gabriel Pepe Nketiah Laca Xhaka Elneny Cedric and if we don’t win EL next season Arteta all out

    Gutless no fighting spirit. Missing out CL maybe ground a lot of players and show them and Arteta that they really are not as good as they think they are.

    We Need a a solid CB
    Pace and power in CM & AM
    all out goal machine CF

    And that’s just to start

  8. If we couldn’t win games like this one when it’s important, then we don’t deserve the UCL. Sorry I ain’t sugarcoating shít tonight.
    Arteta and all the players should be ashamed of themselves. After that terrible performance against Spurs, then to drop this stinker.
    Ah well, my tradition of not watching Europa League will continue next season.

    1. Eddie, without major surgery the results for Arsenal in the Europa League may be soul destroying, so you may be right to change channel.

  9. We ain’t ready for champs league. Not getting anyone in jan cost us. Inexperienced team and manager. We had hope but quickly became hopeless…

    Gutted but used to this….

      1. In my view it is squad quality rather than managerial ability. When one considers the squad depth the options are very limited. We have only true creative midfielder and the other two, Xhaka and Elneny, who are senior players are clearly not top class.
        There are weaknesses in several other areas in the team as well so that when our first team players are unavailable it is really difficult to find solutions.
        I have said before that Arteta has very little margin for error and if we made the top four he would have to be considered one of the best managers in Europe with this squad.

        1. So, lose because of quality problems? Is our squad less than newcastle? Less than brighton? Even less than tottenham?

          1. This was a poor performance no doubt. However, it was clear that several players were unfit. We have had to play several key games with back up players who are not at the required level.
            Our best eleven are a match for most teams in the league. However, several of the rotational players are clearly of a lower standard. Apart from lower levels of performance in games this also means certain players end up being overplayed.

  10. Is this what Arteta was given new 3 years contract for. I feel so sorry for every arsenal fans that see us play live every game.

  11. I’m not saying Newcastle wanted it more than Arsenal – I’m not a mind reader. But they played like they did. From the opening whistle to the final one. That hurts more than the loss tbh.

    Insipid performance. Wow.

    1. Voyageur, Newcastle United players are playing for their football careers; new contract or sold.

  12. We can be more confident about Norwich beating Spurs than us beating Everton.

    In one way it is good that we have not made it to Champions League as we are not that good.

    The biggest problem that might come up for next season would be signing good players.
    No Jesus or Dybala but worse would be no Saliba, Gabriel and Saka.

    Only good thing that came to me after this game is my wife and I were planning a small trip, and she wanted to go this weekend and I was opposing that idea. At least that debate has been put to bed. Thank you Arsenal for saving my marriage.

    1. Why’s it that we seem to end up buying injury prone players (Tomi, Tierney, Partey) and completely inferior players like Tavares, Lokonga etc. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of our football director EDU. His scouting network is trash and sometimes I wonder whether our medical team is not the worst in the Premiership. There is something very wrong with the medical tests we conduct on New players we want to sign. The management foolishly gave Arteta a new contract without him accomplishing anything. I’m so distraught with our capitulation Tonite. End of Rant.

  13. I don’t know if our club is hunted by some curse, why is our players always plagued with injuries.

    Partey was ever present in line up until he joined us.

    And several others…..

    And what is going on between Arteta and pepe.

    It’s really a sad night……I don’t even know how I’m going to face my colleagues tomorrow.

    The most annoying part is the fact, that we ain’t even going to win the damn Europa and Thursday nights might cost us of top 4 again next season, I mean we never made it when we play once a week, how are we going to make it with Thursday night.

    Being an Arsenal fan is really like standing next to the last bus stop before hell.

    Am so sad guys

    1. Arsenal can’t score goals and Nicholas Pepe can’t get off the bench onto the field!

  14. I fear the way Man United have wasted 3 years with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is how we’re about to waste our years with this rookie of a manager, like how the hell do we want to work with this for Christ sake?

    How can one not even see that he’s not good enough? Someone who rejected Guimaras in January, is that a coach?

    I’m sick to my stomach!! What sort of painful rubbish is all this for goodness sake?

  15. There was newcastle who were playing for ucl spot, and arsenal with nothing to play for….no heart, no desire, no passion, no will….a painfull game to watch…arteta cant motivate a guy to run for his own life…pls dont start with that thing Arsenal had been overachived because there is a lot of investment, a lot of incredible players who we let leave for nothing, as auba, and we lose the ucl spot against teams with obvious lesser squads.

    We dont deserve anymore than what we have.

  16. Why did I expect any different? We never show up when it matters, we’ve screwed this up spectacularly, yet I’m told there have been improvements!!!
    Tonight proves 2 things:
    1)We’re not good enough
    2) MA isn’t good enough… and we have 3 more years of this shite- god help us all! #Embarrassing

    1. I second that Sue 👍 why is a club the size of Arsenal going down a youth project with man city’s ex assistant manager? The club has next to zero ambitions and the sooner people who are behind this project wake up to it the better. Kroenke/Vinai/Edu/Arteta out!

        1. Disgusting Sue 🤢 there is people who think because we have gone from 8th to 5th this season that’s progress don’t they realize we have been playing one game a week season since January? The football is atrocious and yet they are still making excuses for this Manager! And there’s teenagers telling us lifelong fans to go support someone else because we want better 🙄 be patient they say haha we’ve been waiting since 2004 😑

            1. All on Arteta Sue and if your Arteta out then it must be bad because you are more usually composed than all of us on here.

              1. The board must see something completely different to us, Kev.. loving the calamityville comment 😉

                1. Nah Sue they were never ambitions to begin with they gave the clown a new contract based on the fan boys love for Arteta.. after all the Emirates has a better atmosphere than ever before. Let’s be honest any other top club would have booted his arse out the door ages ago but at Arsenal he gets a new contract you couldn’t write it. Haha I knew you would Sue 🤣

                  1. I doubt any other top club would’ve even looked at him, Kev. It’s so good I may use it 😉😄👍

                    1. Sue there has been people online that said we had to sign him to a new contract before Real Madrid or PSG came knocking 😂😂 you’re welcome to use it 😉😄

                    2. Couldn’t get tickets, Kev – believe me I tried 😄 glutton for punishment! Something tells me there will be some on the exchange tomorrow… 😉

                    3. Omg Sue your a warrior I wouldn’t put 5p into that club 😂 I don’t know a lot of fans still think he’s an elite coach and with new kit coming they will arrive in their droves 😆

                    4. I completely agree with you both unlike other there were few fans here who tried to raise the standards we are aiming at this club but they were opposed and shut down by so called Arteta lovers…I have seen the shxt thrown at Dankit for last month or so.

                    5. Not a chance Suzanne 😄 I can’t support this charade any further than it should be supported 😄 is there any films you can recommend? 😃

                    6. The new Scream film is good.. not watched many lately.. been watching series on Netflix/Amazon instead

                    7. Hey Logic.. yeah poor Dan has copped a lot of flak of late.. he’ll have a reprieve now!

                    8. I’ve seen it Sue and read that they are making a second one or 6th one 😂 I can’t find anything worth watching I’m continuously scrolling lol, I ended up watching the covid killer last week and let me tell you its a contender for the worst film ever made and the acting was horrific 😂

                    9. It’s late 😳 enjoy the movie! Goodnight, Kevin xx No nightmares about lego men 🤣🤞

                    10. Yeah I was wondering why you are up so late 😳 thanks for the recommendation 😄 haha oh god yeah I will now you’ve mentioned it 😂 goodnight Sue sweet dreams xxx

      1. Arteta really needs to go to a lesser club in the Premiership or even the Championship to learn his trade very well before looking for an elite club to coach. When we signed him initially I wasn’t thrilled by the signing because I expected us to go for the Best, talking about Allegri and even Conte who was unattached at that time. Instead our stingy owner’s decided to go for the cheapest option available (Arteta).
        I don’t see Arteta improving next season cos his management skills are quite poor, Edu’s scouting and recruitment ability is sooo poor. Look at almost all his signings …. either they are grossly injury prone or they just don’t meet the cut.
        We bottled it at the very end as expected, That’s why I admire former Chelsea’s owner Abramovich, if you don’t meet the target you face the chop. Arteta and Edu have taken us as far as their capabilities can go, I know some here will say I’m distressed after our loss tonight, but I believe the process has reached it’s Full Course. Let our owner’s seek a new direction with a more experienced head in charge, just heard that Sevillas coach Lopetegui is stepping down at the end of this season. He had a fantastic run in La Liga. He is fantastic with young player’s, not rigid and vindictive like Arteta.
        See his treatment of Saliba, Torriera, Auba , Pepe etc. We need someone that can bring out the best in our players , not bully them. Players have different personalities and it’s up to a good coach to be able to harness their talent’s.

      2. Because Arsenal is not Man City, Liverpool or even United, probably not even Chelsea. People are deluded if they think we are at that level. United will probably spend £300m in the summer, we will spend half that. Man City have already signed the best striker in the world, whilst Arsenal are hopeful that an American goalkeeper, a 19 year old Scottish full back and Marquinhos, no not the world class centre back everyone knows, the other marquinhos will help us win the league.

        Please get real all of you

        1. Atid why don’t you get real Artetaball is a snoozefest the football is shocking even Graham Potter would have Arsenal playing better football.

        2. Atid, look at the turnaround Ange Postecoglou acheived at Glasgow Celtic and the money spent.
          Giacomakis was the leading scorer in the Eredivesie despite playing or a relegated club. He cost comparatively little, yet despite losing half a season to injury is equal first in the SPL golden boot. Bargains are out there.

    2. Sue, some are saying we never expected top four and this season is an improvement. For me this is right up there with some of the dross I saw us play in the 70’s. MA is not the answer, never has been. Imagine what Eddie Howell could do with us. Poor on so many levels but get ready for the Arteta lovies who will wheel out the excuses.

      1. I’m tired of reading all the excuses, Dennis – he’ll come good, give him time he’s still learning blah blah blah.. it’s never his fault – it’s laughable!
        If I’d had my way he’d have been shown the door when we bowed out to Emery!
        I’ve seen more than enough, get him out!

    3. Yes Sue.

      I agree with you.

      If Sue says Arteta is not good enough, then that is the truth.

      Cos, Sue, always look at the bright side of things.

      And honestly, there are no positives at all.

      If Arteta had swallowed his pride, he could have sorted out the issues with Aubameyang, kept him till the end of the season and get a replacement in he summer

      But no, Arteta’s ego writes cheques, his body cannot cash.

      1. I disagree.
        You all have opinions. It does not make it true. Of course, there are positives.
        The problem is that Arsenal lack sufficient quality and squad depth.

        1. Now that’s a huge problem David, but you also left out the manager. And isn’t that one problem too many?

          1. That’s because I don’t believe he is a problem. He is a good manager but not a magician. My view is that most managers would struggle to get this squad into the top four.

        2. I disagree. You sold wilock and got someone worse than him lokogan.
          Martinez left and since then he has worked with close to 4 goalkeeper.

          Refuse to sign izah, guemirez,
          Gave Auba a contract and turned around to let him go, gave xhaka a contract, gave Cedric contract,
          Pepe exiled, Salina exiled, torreira definitely will be sold, guedoussi will be sold,

          Arteta is the cause of this problem. He clearly is a yes man sort of coach. He has potentials but he needs to take a man management course

      2. I’m squirming right now, Skills! One last chance and we played like it was a training session.. yet some said it’d be ok as the Barcodes had nothing to play for!! You couldn’t make it up!! It’s MA’s job to get the best out of them and he’s failed miserably. Getting spanked by the Spuds was the lowest point of our season and now we’ve just handed the CL to them.. absolutely livid!!!

        1. yes Sue.

          Also, this club has lost its identity. at this crucial stage, we needed the former players like Berkamp, Henry to advise these young players.

          They needed to know what it means to wear an Arsenal shirt.

          They needed a psycologist.

          Holding was running up and down like a headless chicken against spurs till he got sent off.

          Tomiyasu should have played at right back in that match.

          This club had a chance to replace Wenger by Klopp. But Wenger felt, it wasnt time to go.
          If the board had shown some balls then, they could have forced Wenger to step aside and brought in Jurgen Klopp.

          Klopp went to Liverpool. and we know how that panned out.

          We move to the next.
          Maybe Norwich can win against spurs and we win against Everton.

          It is football. Anything can happen. lol

          1. We can’t even be bothered to turn up against the Spuds, what hope is there against Everton? MA will probably do his former team a favour just to end the season in style 😉

            1. Biggest problem for me is Arteta and his cronies have allowed the spuds to embarrass us and that is in the unforgivable category.

          2. More like Tony Adams and Martin Keown, who explained the Arsenal way to Bergkamp and Henry.

        2. Sue, Newcastle United players were highly motivated playing for future contracts under the new ownership.
          One would have thoughg Arsenal players eould have been self motivated to gain the opportunity to strut their stuff in the Champions League.

          1. No chance, Ozzie! I feared the worst, especially after failing to show up against Spurs of all people!!
            Unacceptable and unforgivable.. got what we deserved I’m afraid…

    4. @Sue and @Kev82
      I didn’t want to say anything here cos @Jonfox and @Admin Pat will come for my head.
      Let’s just watch, pray and hope that one day, we will have our arsenal back cos the arsenal I’m seeing today? It’s no way near the arsenal I fell in love with.
      The only thing we can get from the rookie manager and their supporters is excuses upon excuses upon excuses. They were complaining about quality, Arteta has spent close to £300M on recruitment. What’s the result?
      They said the wage needed to be reduced, Arteta has forced our good players out.
      Now they’re talking about Squad depth. Is there anything these guys will not complain of?

  17. I cannot believe there is still people defending this fraud of a manager the excuses he gets and God like status is bewildering. The football has been trash since he arrived when we win games we’re usually hanging on and when we lose we lose heavily with no commitment or passion and all we hear this is a young squad – young squad by design this is Kroenke Edu Vinai and Arteta’s project it’s the blind leading the blind and if anyone thinks this team is on the up you will be sorely disappointed come next season the only reason we had any chance of top 4 was that we had basically one game a week and everyone around us was crap. Thursday – Sunday again trust the process yeah right 👌

    1. Lol Kev I would have posted something similar but I’ve been doing that all season and been getting grief off the Arteta love boys so I’ll let you get that tonight😂😂 ,saves me waking up tomorrow and having to respond to them ,but GL mate 😂

      1. Couldn’t care less Dan I’m entitled to tell it like it is.. most of these Arteta fan boys are teenagers I’m a 40 year old man and won’t be told to do one by some whippersnapper. This team is a shambles and the sooner people realize that the better.

        1. My man 🤜🤛
          Like I said I would have joined in but for Me I would rather have a laugh now because I’ve lost all serious interest in our club ,it’s turned into a comedy club lead by a clown .

          1. Dan that Amazon documentary should be called the calamityville horror starring pennywise the clown I shouldn’t even getting worked up as I already knew the man was clueless and club is run by a bunch of amateurs. Next season I’ll be going through the motions there’s no way I’ll even be taking it seriously.

    2. Don’t tell me you are giving up on tbe process Kev, in Wenger voice, mathematically we can still qualify for the champions league

    3. But it’s not a young squad Kev. Young in comparison to others but most of the guys are 23 or 24 – theyre hardly teenagers. They’ve had a whole season to toughen up and they’re still falling apart when it matters. I’m not sure whether after the last two debacles Arteta has any credit left, even with those who have blindly supported him up until now. He chose the purchases and departures to HIS squad, he set up the team and tactics for both games, he “motivated” the team, he “adapted” in-game to events. I have to confess I was shocked by his team’s performance. Spineless.

      1. Guy I would come completely agree I’m just going off what all these Arteta fan boys are saying. This kids excuse has grown old most of them are international footballers but of course the excuses will keep rolling in for Arteta.

          1. Look about Sue you’ll see them I’ve already seen a bunch.. some delusional fella said this isn’t on Arteta how can you blame him.

  18. Been working on some slogans for our Summer recruitment.

    1. Arsenal: it’s not choking, it’s actually progress.
    2. Arsenal: We fired better managers for this.
    3. Arsenal: No experience? No CV? No problem!
    4. Arsenal: Home of lowered expectations.
    5. Arsenal: Home of the project, I mean the process, I mean….
    6. Arsenal: It’s still Wenger and Emery’s fault
    7. Arsenal: High wages, low expectations
    8. Arsenal: top 6 is the new top 4

    1. Durand, love number 2. How would Unai Emery have gone with the time, transfer budget and power to hire and fire given to Mikel Arteta?
      At Villarreal, one Europa League trophy and a Champions League semi final with a squad worth how much?

  19. We bottled it end of story same against spuds every time the pressure is on they can’t handle it and put in a shambolic performance like that should be ashamed of themselves and give the travelling supporters there money back for having to watch that load of crap!

    1. But the club bought them all a drink!!! 🙄 I’d demand a bleedin’ barrel after watching that shite

  20. This is what you get when when you have an apprentice as coach, sending away all the good and quality players our of selfishness, you think God is sleeping

  21. we lost top4 because of Arteta’s arrogance and Naivety

    It was wrong to freeze out Aubameyang. Letting him go in January and not signing a proper striker in January to replace him was not only naive, but arrogant.

    Giving Arteta a contract extension without him securing top4 was a stupid decision.

    Letting go of Chambers( a taller and better right back than Cedric) in January was very naive.

    Not starting Elneny immediately after Partey’s injury, and losing two back to back matches was naive.

    Over playing Saka and not rotating him well enough with Pepe was a stupid decision.

    1. Pepe is not completely sh*t but he has problem with Pepe who can be more dangerous on his day.

      1. Big question is, why has a top player, our record signing gone to dust under this manager.

  22. Pick your adjective:
    Nervous, disorganised, uninspired, leaderless, unambitious, outfought, outthought, outplayed, shambolic, humiliated.
    Impossible to guess that we were the team with everything to play for.
    Except for perhaps Martinelli, Arteta and every player should hang their heads in shame tonight.
    We got what we deserved and thank goodness we won’t have to witness similar in the ECL.
    I’m not proud to be a fan tonight.

  23. It used to be the deadwood, now it is the var according to recent article.
    In honestly, I don’t blame Arteta in this at all. He didn’t request to be hired as the manager nor did he requested for the contract renewal.
    It’s the owner and the board that I blame.
    They might have spend a lot of money recently, but they lack ambition howsoever..
    Like we all already know, the manager won’t be sack regardless where we might have finished.

  24. We have 11 good players, but no lethal striker and no squad depth while Tottenham has a complete squad and Conte. Arteta’s gamble in January is what eventually sank us. We’ve actually overachieved in these circumstances. We’re stuck with Arteta anyway & I hope he’ll eventually learn from his mistakes next season.

  25. Delusional.Thirteen defeats is what it is. Progress? We are only fifth because other teams have had similar disappointing seasons.

  26. If the manager cannot get the team motivated enough for a game of this magnitude, how can that make him worthy of his position? The implosion at Spuds was bad enough but tonight was a disaster. The lack of desire and beleife were obvious and the manager is responsible for having the team mentally switched on. It’s obvious that the squad do not “Trust the process”.

    1. GR he has zero motivation skills whatsoever he’s out of his depth we are a laughing stock. Remember them celebrating wins like they won the CL ? Embarrassing.

  27. Some of us saw this coming, 13 defeats (the same as last year) and one game to go. Our football tonight was an absolute shambles and this Artetaball sideways negative passive football (i have been complaining of it all season) is just damaging. We have spent a fortune under Arteta, given him support, built a whole new defence, which i said at the time, has been awful this season and a waste of good money. Odergaard is going to lead this team next season and he has shown his true worth when the pressure is on and i am not impressed. The way our attack has at times been so blunt is a massive worry running down blind alleys. We have massively over achieved and are now showing that. Next season with no CL football, a manager that has no sway in the game for top players and Europa league football to stretch our rookie manager to the limit, is again a massive worry. The process has failed and next season will be a real struggle against teams that are far more ambitious than us. We have just given a manager a new contract offered on the back of three defeats and have thrown away a big advantage in the league twice. No big teams rehire managers on that basis but we have. People thinking he is a top class manager in the future, tell me what he has done to even show that.

    1. @ Reggie,

      You have always been consistent in your view about Arteta.

      One thing i can say is the fact that he is clueless, naive and arrogant.

      And also, whoever decided to give him a contract extension at this stage of the season is also incompetent and clueless

    2. Ok, so what’s the problem?
      This is progess clearly can’t you see?

      The weak mentality under Wenger is fixed, our culture is changed, and finally beautiful football after 2 years wait.

      We have choked our way into the Europa league, and lowered expectations to boot!
      All hail Arteta!

      Quite a feat in 2 1/2 years you must say. He managed to lower expectations from the owner, board, and millions of fans.

      Convinced millions 5th is progress, when 2 previous managers got sacked for the very same.

      16 new players, yet our woes are still Wenger and Emery’s fault, or fans who disagree. Or Covid, or VAR, or refs, or……..

          1. Durand, where are those fans who gave you such stick and accused you of not supporting the club?
            We both know who they are and the silence is deafening!

            With regards to the last two games, weren’t we told that all the players who were not giving 100% were now out of the club?

            Wasn’t the defence sorted out, all the dross gone, new improved players signed and the manager of the century on board for another four years?

            WHAT HAS GONE WRONG?!?!

            1. Some of us wised up and chose standards over the flavor of the month.

              4th was the standard, Wenger & Emery sacked for underachieving.

              Now excuses run rampant, standards were dropped, and you see the results.
              How dare anyone try to sell progress.

              We sit exactly where Emery did who was warned about missing top 4. Yet Arteta gets 3 year extension for what?

              Progress from Arteta’s own failures of 8th twice. Emery achieved 5th and Europa final with deadwood.

              I’ve maintained my standards while others lowered theirs. I’m somehow “Anti-Arteta” rather than “Pro-Arsenal.”

              What does that say? Reap what you so. Lower standards, accept regression, chose a manager over the club this is what you get.

              Shameful lack of leadership from Arteta, uninspiring, created nothing on the pitch, choked, and looked weak and mentally frail.

      1. Hey Durand who’s fault is it? And how do we fix it?
        My opinion is it’s not Arteta fault we are rubbish. It’s much more serious than that, changing managers is papering over cracks, we have just got rid of two managers in the last few years.

        So let’s sack Arteta. Fine I’m okay with that, did someone say Eddie Howe, Graham potter ? Because who ever comes in, has to challenge for the title, (reality check) not going to happen.

        Ladies and gentlemen we are royally screwed! So instead of flaming other Arsenal fans on here, who’s only crime is to hope we do well with”the new manager “ take it to the real culprits the owners for a decade or more of mismanagement!

        In all seriousness when was the last time we played beautiful football 🤔😩

          1. The answer to what? Challenge for the title? Or playing beautiful football? Are we saying the owners have the understanding and ambition to choose another manager to win the league? I don’t think so personally.

            Bring back David Dean, to run the club from a directors position,
            I’m sure we would be on the right track regarding new manager/players………

            1. GD, David Dean is never coming back, he is the past and no i have no confidence in our owner doing the right thing. He bought in Arteta and then resigned him after 3 deafeats.

        1. Spuds fired managers until they got it right. They are in 4th now, comfortable and facing Norwich.

          Why so scared to fire Arteta? What has he done? 5th and spent 250 million already? Not impressive at all.

          Players are too comfortable; no fear of getting dropped, no accountability when they predictably collapse, and some fans excuse Arteta when the inevitable happens.

          3 games left, 4 points ahead in 4th. 5 days later, concede 5 score none and 2 points behind in 5th.

          Where is the accountability? Clearly no consequences, that’s why 2 insipid performances happen; standards were allowed to drop.

          We can’t forget the January debacle; that’s ALL ON ARTETA AND EDU.

          FINALLY something solely on them; can’t blame players, fans, Wenger, Emery, Kronke.

          Arteta said he and Edu decided this, only Arsenal decimated themselves, no other did did that. Even clubs struggling financially didn’t do something so stupid and amateurish.

          Arteta extension was premature, both White and Gabriel should not be guaranteed over Saliba.

          1. Lastly, what about next year.

            If we miss top 4 again does Arteta still have a job? Does he get another 100 million for the Summer?

            At what point is he held accountable for the results? I’ve yet to hear a set standard for him in 2 1/2 years.

            30 months now and what is a sackable offense for Arteta?

            Mentally weak team of his players now, unsightly Artetaball, and we are supposed to accept lower standards?

            Sorry but this top 6 is new top 4 mentality I will never accept. If he cantget 4th or better he has to go. Arsenal before Arteta.

          2. Durand, Chelsea did the same thing last year for a dramatic change. We stick and pay the price again.

    3. @Reggie
      RealTalk. People on here were coming at me for calling dude an “OJT”(On The Job Training) Coach. I was only pointing out the obvious. He has zero man management skills, tactical nous or a clue as to what it takes to manage a football club and he’s proven it time and again.

        1. Guy’s the truth is i am so sad and would have loved more than anything to have been proved wrong. The fact is those you mention ken wont admit, they are wrong and the odd one, unbelievably arrogant and rude.

      1. @NY_Gunner, there were very few fans who actually said that the money and time given to Arteta should have been given to Emery because logically he had a proven track record and was known good manager. They booted him out but then should have kept the same standard when it came to Arteta. Instead they started throwing players out as rebels who ever disagreed with Arteta not to mention same players who won him an FA cup and kept us in champions league in wenger era.

        1. 👍Logic, I was one of those, who would have backed Unai Emery to perform better given the same time, transfer budget and power to hire and fire, as Mikel Arteta has been given.

          1. @Ozziiegunner, yeah I remember you being one of the most vocal person on this topic….hopefully now some fans might see what message we were trying to put across. 🙃

  28. This match made clear the fact that Arsenal is far ftom being a UCL team. And tbh we don’t deserve to finish in the top four.

    1. The players are just too naive and mentally weak. No chatacter what so ever. When the going gets tough and the pressure mounts, they crumble and self destruct.
      This is what you get with a team that lacks adequate quality, experience and depth in key areas of the pitch.

  29. Arteta saying you have to be there because there is always a chance in football (in reference to spuds slipping up and us beating Everton). Well, you have to be there, prepared, drilled , for and raring on the night to win the game and secure the win..

    Same as against the spuds..

    Excuses on injuries again when we just had the league to play.

    Team of no shows..
    Gonna take up knitting and skip next season.

    1. Believe I might join you
      Hurting so bad I could scream
      I will take stock and not make comments based on emotion but right now I feel like sacking everyone associated with AFC
      WHAT A SHAMBOLIC display
      I can take losing but at least give 100% and die for the cause.
      Some players look like they already got there flip-flops on
      As for manager….what on earth with some of the tactics or non tactics
      1 to go and feeling very weak I live in hope

        1. You may try to mock Ken but Yes and still Onwards and upwards
          And whilst there is a slim hope I still cling to hope
          I know you feel disappointed at the result and how it has panned out for us for the last 2 games but what is weird & funny is how you seem fairly satisfied and happy at result ..
          Thought you was better then that

          1. Believe me AB, how can any supporter be satisfied with that performance?
            Read my reply to Durand and you can see why, as you put it, I am mocking.
            No… what I am doing is bringing home the reality that some fans wouldn’t or didn’t want to listen to those of us who suggested caution, quoting examples of going backwards rather than forwards.
            Sorry to upset you, but the chickens have come home to roost and I admire you for, at least, saying and seeing it as it was tonight – many others are conspicuous by their absence.

            1. Ken
              Thank you
              Iike everyone here I am hurting badly from tonights result and this appalling performance.
              I would like to think that I am naturally a positive person but i will never run away from the facts
              The facts don’t look good right now
              But we have 1 to go so will take stock after Sunday

              happy to take the flack from people who Will undoubtedly say “I told u so” or words to that effect if or when we fail for a top 4 spot
              Feel sick to my stomach

      1. If anyones gonna curl up on a Ball it’s you Alan;)

        Do yourself a favour and take a vacation from this tripe!;)

        1. But that is the problem, our manager has had to rely on hope because he has failed in reality.

  30. Last year we finished 8th but more importantly 25 points behind the winners and this season on 5th we are 24 points behind City. What progress are we talking about. Team is just as bad. Wasted money of average players. All the players we bought are not better than the ones we had. Arteta is not good enough.

  31. 13 league defeats is apparently progress for a team that didn’t even have European football to contend with
    Even Ole who managed to finish in the top 4 twice was fired this season but at Arsenal we just gave a man who finished 8th twice and bottled finishing 4th with just 2 games to go a new contract lol it’s just pathetic how Arsenal fans love making excuses for mediocrity
    We’ll not get a better chance of finishing 4th than this season, pretty sure Man United will be stronger next season and Spurs finishing 4th affords them the opportunity to strengthen their squad even more
    Us finishing 4th this season would have really given us that opportunity to improve our already feeble squad…I for one stopped believing in Arteta’s project a long time ago and next season will be much worse again with Europa league back in the midst

    1. I honestly don’t think that it was down to Arteta, these last two games. It was the young players’ fear of success.

      Also, it doesn’t matter who coaches Arsenal, next season top 5 will be off limits anyway and Arteta’s good enough for a top 6 battle.

  32. Wouldn’t be surprised if the flat track bullies bounced back again Everton this weekend. Wouldn’t be surprised if they lost either.

  33. I posted a comment b4 the spuds game that only one arsenal player would get in the pool r spuds team it was removed worst arsenal team in decades

  34. At least they can now send everton to the championship, since pressure’s off and they can play good football again.

      1. Man gotta find something to bring him comfort since Arteta has decided no peace for us 😅😅😅

  35. I can’t believe we had the opportunity of sacking this assistant coach and get Conte but as usual we are always slow to make decisions

  36. Sitting on bus on way home. Really have nothing to say but for once the weather was nice compared to the years of it pishing down with rain.


    I think I is done with this shite.

  37. Xhaka, Elneny,Cedric, Nketiah, Tavares, get rid, not up to the task, Elneny has been fighting to get into the team for years then he gets a chance plays two fairly good games and two crap ones and we are suddenly offering him a new contract. Bizarre to say the least.

  38. I haven’t written here for months because all I hear is the same rubbish from fans.

    All of these negative comments from paperhands is a disgrace.

    Are you really arsenal fans?? Seriously are you?

    I am so sick of all of the negative, privileged attitude I have seen.

    But I must also be fair, most fans don’t know how business works nor how tactics works either. Most I’m sure probably couldn’t list off our 25 man squad list either. But we are told to call you true fans.

    Be real.
    No fully fit tomiyasu for months. No Tierney No Partey. You only need to loss 1 and we struggle because of our squad size.

    Then I hear ‘fans’ say but if you know the squad is small why not go buy…
    To which I answer the obvious. The club have spent time (yes TIME meaning moments of life taken out to do something that doesn’t just happen) getting 15+ players out of this club whilst also spending time bringing in players. This isn’t all as straightforward as it all looks.

    But anyone who knows football knows this.

    I am disappointed by the so called fans, as much as I am disappointed by the performance, I know we were not a fully fit team going to St. James, I knew we had a small squad (3 or 4 on the bench from our youth system without any EPL experience) but I am less disappointed by the performance then the comments I am reading. Seriously sort out your privileged attitudes.

    We are to build bevause this is where we are. Facts.
    I am hugely proud of my club.

    Yes I want to express my disappointment and the faults I have seen over the year, but I reflect this against the very true nature of where our club is at. And right now I just want to applaud their efforts.

    I am super proud of these young boys who will of become men through this experience. They would of become more hungry from this disappointment, more desire to succeed for arsenal!

    The funny thing is, my comments here are of the 1% because the 99% here you will read the same rubbish… so I expect to be attacked for my views. Deluded, silly, clueless… and whatever else you want to say..

    Yes the performance wasn’t good, but were they at the energy levels required – both mentally and physically? No they were not yet they put on the Jersey and they tried and you can see they really wanted it.

    For the first time in a decade we have an identity, we have a process for recruiting that is working, we have authority that keeps arsenal an Institution with integrity and we are ahead of what is expected from this young squad.
    If you cannot support this simple situation that is unfolding then no one can help you.

    Be disappointed, but also respect the efforts this year from our boys. I haven’t read one comment in months praising the efforts or class of our team or manager.

    Today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. I hope by then you have grown some senses.
    Some fans who are keyboard hot have never been to watch arsenal live so some modern day fans doesn’t surprise me anymore.

    For the ones who are excited by what’s to come, I would say live this disappointment and let it build you towards the energy required to celebrate our team for the whole of next season.

    As hard as it is to play 90mins weekly, it’s just as hard to support our team with that sake energy required. But do, it will transmit to our team and help them reach our goals.

    1. Tomorrow, “for the first time in a decade we have an identity?”

      I thought Mikel was trying to achieve a top four finish – wasn’t that our identifying tag that was rubbished by a section of our fans?

      Please explain what our identity is on the field of play today?

      As a supporter of many decades, I know that it’s suicidal to let go of so many players, without considering the injuries that you point out.

      1. Can’t reason with the unreasonable Ken. Tomorrow venting and blaming fans as if we played tonight, or chose those tactics.

        As if it’s our fault they choked again with such a limp performance and CL to play for.

        Endless patience and excuses for Arteta, lower standards, no fear of the sack, 250 million and more this Summer.

        Yet Arteta still needs more? Fans like us are the problem? Somehow we are the problem?

        No my friend, we were right to maintain the standard, it’s Arteta and the players who failed, not the fans.

        1. Endless patience for Arteta? How long has he been at Arsenal? You talk like he’s been here 10 years….
          How long do you give a manager?

          Sorry I really don’t think you know the cycle of our club over the last decade and how this needs to change and I am seeing this at the club so I champion it. Sorry if this feels more then just about the football you see on the pitch and that’s beyond some peoples understanding of how this affects the on field situation..

          Answer me this if you can give me the time, how do we maintain the standard you talk about? Serious question needing a serious answer.

          I feel we need to be checking to see if working towards the standards needed is being done, and checking to see if efforts and decisions are being made to achieve that? Not if they are achieved as we are far from the standards I personally want, but i see the projection

      2. Spot on, Ken and many of us have praised the manager and players, when performances have deserved it.

      3. Do we have a fully formed identity? Of cause not, but we also do not have a fully formed squad. Can I see what sort of identity we are trying to form? Well yes I can. I agree with Sagna comments that we are the only team this season at home to play the sort of football (fearless) that dominated City, no other team have done that.

        Is our identity consistent? No but that is expected in having a young, small squad.

        I agree it is not a great idea of letting go of so many people but I run an international corporation, and I also fully appreciate the need to get out the bad apples and the ones who offer the wrong attitude towards the collective goals.
        It was obvious we wanted the chap from Forientina and the midfielder from Juve but if we cannot get these over the line, then we cannot change the shape of reality at our will.

        Seriously, I want to see everyone’s realistic prediction at the start of the season. I am hugely frustrated by not getting top 4 But I predicted we will finish 5 or 6.
        I reviewed our squad transition, the possibility of injuries and which of them are most injury prone and who are our cover there….etc

        I also reviewed the other squads and if anything we have been above expectations whilst say, United have been way below.

        See the comments from Xhaka, from Arteta, the tactics were not followed and imo the young lads didn’t have the experience to draw on to execute the tactics in such a crucial period of the season.

        Rather then insult the manager or the players I would rather highlight the reality of the situation, in this we can find solutions.

        And that’s now I see it, I search for solutions. The ones found this year from our club was clearly short but close enough for top 4 even when jumping 4 spots in the EPL is almost impossibly in the current game in the top 8 I applaud the efforts.

        Whilst this season I didn’t expect the top 4 nor to even compete for it, next season I feel we should be.

    2. My god I thought I had heard it all with the Sunday tv evangelists on American tv but this brand of positive thinking is altogether another level of delusional thinking

      1. praise the lord for realistic thinking, it’s different from positive thinking.

        But don’t get me wrong, there has been performances this season (including yesterday) which have been very poor from the youngest team in the league. But I expect progress and improvement and also more experience signings….

        1. It’s good to see alternative, balanced and well-reasoned entries rather than the usual negative diatribes that are all too common on this site.

          Well done Tomorrow. Hope we can see more of your comments.

    3. Tomorrow and you are writing the same apologists stuff that hold no water and just looks for excuse after excuse after excuse. WELL THERE AREN’T ANY!!!!!

      1. My friend there is no excuse of where we are as a club. But knowing this and responding to it, rather then getting frustrated at what we all would rather want, is less-detrimental to your health!

        I don’t think you read what I wrote. I take one point from it;

        ‘No fully fit tomiyasu for months. No Tierney No Partey. You only need to loss 1 and we struggle because of our squad size’

        Do we agree if we shouldn’t be in this situation? I think we do agree we shouldn’t be in this situation but we are and I understand why we are. I applaud the fact we didn’t just ‘panic’ buy solutions in Jan and focused on growing the squad in the right way. Especially after we tried to sign Melo (for example) in Jan but it didn’t work so we left buying an alternative (either on loan or purchase) and the fact in the past we have brought very poorly.

        This isn’t excuses, it’s a fact.

        Are you aware of the current situation of needing new recruits to add to our management team? Just like we are in the process of changing our squad, this club is in transition both on and off the field.

        Whether we are going in the right direction with it or not I can’t say, but it contributes to the Fact of what we are right now.
        That’s not an excuse it’s facts of where we are right now as a football club.

        Most of you all just think about 90 mins and Manager and players but consider less the impact of a secure progressive club.

        I run a business that doesn’t just focus on my products but also the environment I need to create around it to make sure these products reach their objectives.

        Right now the environment of arsenal fc is growing towards the objectives needed to achieve the goals we all want.

        It’s lonely being the only one of a few who think this way.
        If only I just thought about the players and the grass and the manager and the ball then I would be lemmings getting angry too.

        1. Question of identity = I would highlight my comment from this mornings reply above at 8.15

          I hope my comments about protecting my club against unconstructive criticism isn’t mistaken as me protecting the manager or players.

          My focus has and will always be my club and not about managers and players.

          This might seem odd when we consider the hands of our club is in their hands. But if we express the clubs values then we will succeed regardless of which manager expresses them.

          Unai never got it or wasn’t given the chance because of all the new faces running arsenal at the time. Wenger lost the ability to adapt to it (he even wrote in his book about the club employing over 800 ppl and knowing less then 5% of them…loosing the values…etc).

          The problem is we talk about the football element and these days the none football influences the football far more then it once did. So I want to see what this is and how it is working for us, and I can then better Understand the football element.

          So it is why I get annoyed when some of the comments I hear lacks some knowledge which is there to find and fill that void But most would rather not change their views and stick to what makes them feel right.

          People can write 200m like 200,000,000 to give its impact to try and prove a point but I can also write villa spending 125,000,000 to stay in the league and to dilute what 200m actually means!

          1. When I talk about expressing the clubs values and what it means in practise. It means the players at the club remain because they meet them levels of demands…etc

            Get the club right and the football will follow.
            We lost it mostly when we sold AFC to Stan apart from the fact Wenger was still here and so we kept it going until it got lost in the modern game.

            Now we need to reshape it, build the arsenal with the values we once held.

            Please don’t become fans who crys when one season doesn’t work (yet works against last season, its all about perspective) against some unrealitic expectations.
            It doesn’t mean we lower our standards or accept 5th, it means we know where we are and we know what we must do.

            It requires being humble to do this.

            And then we can have more constructive conversations about what this club needs.

            But I guess I must remind myself why I stopped posting on here, because in truth its about people wanting to moan. Like AFTV…

  39. We have to face facts, we are just not good enough. In the box seat for a top 4, no Europe, early exits from both domestic cups, 6 points clear of the Spuds with a game in hand plus a better goal difference. What the hell happened? I have reserved judgement on Arteta until now, if he can’t get the team fired-up for probably the most important two games of the season, he never will. His interview after the Spuds game was awful and after tonight’s match he looked shocked and defeated and I just can’t see that changing.

    The job is only going to get harder next season with probable midweek Europa League games (depending on the final match results) and stronger competition in the EPL. Having spent over £200m already are the Kroenkes going to back him again? Maybe they will, he has been rewarded with a contract extension!!!

    1. I wonder if Spurs fans were saying there were in the box seat when they were top of the league when we were bottom (actually for the league to finish as we expect, considering this fact + other facts that unfolded over the season, it offers some insight into our development over the season)

      I wonder if West ham were saying they were in the box seat when they were holding that 4th spot for sometime…

      Or Brighton when…

      Everyone keeps saying 200m spent as a reason for why we should have success. But the ex villa man at Norwich said (on Norwich getting relegated a week ago) at villa they spent 125m to stay in the league…

      Do you really think us spending 200m when we need to invest so much more is enough?!!!

      Seriously look at our growth over the last decade, its been shocking.

      We need some Liverpool fans here to talk about the last 30 years since winning the league. We have fallen into a similar cycle. And for once the club look like they are forming an identity again and all I see is fans not seeing this, just focusing on misaligned expectations.

      I share your disappointment at not getting the top4, I really do but if I rant like I see people doing in my boardroom I would be seen as not offering any constructive fair criticism.
      And that’s just it, it’s the unfair criticism i see that makes me want to support my team more (unfortunately against our own fans 😕)

      Trust me I can give the most criticism of my club then anyone else and I would love to discuss the failings of the club in general. But I am saddned by some of the way comments are constructed (general comment rather then specific to AE’s comments here)

  40. What will the excuses be Next year tomorrow? And what makes you a real fan, poor judgement, blind faith? One final comment from me, have you watched the post game interviews from Arteta and Xhaka? Pitiful. One failed to lead off the field, the other could do nothing in the field to show the younger players how it should have been done. Arteta at least should have put all the blame in himself. It was his game plan, his weak minded minded substitution and his faith in the Odegaard, Xhaka Elneny trio which let the younger players down badly.

    1. Putting faith in Odegaard, Xhaka and Elneny.

      Tell me who else on our match day we could of had in them positions instead.of them?
      Your comment makes no sense to me. After failure to sign players who either didn’t want to come or was not allowed to leave this is our match day squad. How can you then write about putting faith in the only option we had yesterday.
      Maybe I’m missing something..

      I am not giving excuses, I am disappointed at the way fans show their sadness. Just like this post, calling people pitiful, weak minded… I’m sorry that’s just not how I express my reasons for failures.

      It’s never about one or two people, it’s about the collective. Just like how success is about the collective…

      We clearly read life differently…

  41. Pathetic display. Meek surrender which starts from Arteta down. They have played wimpish football and were devoid of courage. Pathetic.

  42. Club signing Arteta to a new contract without even first confirming If we make champions League shows the standards and level of ambition they have. Next season things will get worse as we will be EL as well with causing game congestion, tired players and injuries. There are still way better managers our there

  43. Many of us said Conte was available, Tuchel was available, Zizu is still available etc but nope our mid table mentality just wants to stick with Arteta and sign his praise for failing season after season. Where are those fans who criticised and abused wenger for finish in top 4 year after year when he did not even have half the money Arteta spent.

    1. Logic I just heard that Arteta has now lost just one game less than Klopp who’s been at Liverpool over 6 years. Shocking

        1. Logic, Tomorrow said we lost our identity for over a decade – for over two decades we were known as a top four club (spuds were nowhere near us during this period) and yet, as you rightly say, AW and his players were pilloried “dross, lazy, mentally frail, couldn’t defend, terrible signings etc etc.

          Nearly four years after he left, it’s groundhog day…. but those who abused AW (and UE to a lesser extent) are saying it’s not Arteta and his players, but injuries, so called young players, referees and anything else in order to deflect criticism away from the man they said time after time after time was the answer.
          No other manager has been given the support that Arteta has since kronkie took over.
          He was allowed to ship out ANY player he didnt think fitted into his vision, he was given over £200,000,000 to spend, he left the cupboard bare and we are the laughing stock of North London.
          I ask again, what is our identity under Mikel Arteta?

  44. In the season ending 2021 arsenal conceded 39 goals and UpTo game 37 season ending 2022 arsenal have conceded 47 goals after spending almost 100 million on a back line. Team scored one less in season ending 2021 than seasons n ending 2022 with a game to go. Though we will finish higher this season with only one game per week with Chelsea above us after playing over 55 games for the season already. Chelsea also scoring more goals and conceding less with a back line with little addition this season. We have won 3 more games this season than we did last season getting 5 more points than last season with a game to go and will finish 5th . for some it is progress and we should trust the process. All in all it is pro arteta vs go arteta. Have arteta improved arsenal? Some will say yes, but perspective and looking at the bigger picture will paint a very different picture with more negative than positive. I have never been the biggest fan of arteta and for him to succeed he need to change and change fast to have fundamental positive impact on arsenal. All in all he have bottled it

    1. Very well put Kori but I think learning time is over, you don’t get learning time at a big club if we still call our selves that. Even for a small club 3 years is a long enough learning tenure but then we see same output/performance. If we are struggling without Europe this season what will happen next season when we have more matches to play. Chelsea, Manu even spuds won’t be that poor next season.

  45. The Arsenal of the early 1980’s was one of the worst Arsenal teams. But at least the showed heart and played for the badge. Strange how Mikel Arteta has had four transfer windows, and yet Conte just the one. Those players looked spooked out of their minds when walked out on that pitch 😳. They really did. Same against Tottenham. The occasion got to them. Noticed everytime the ball went out Ben White was doing stretches. As was Gabriel. Smith-Rowe and Saka look burnt out. The worst thing about it all, is we were only playing one match a week. Our players are so unfit. And this trend has been going on for years. Arteta and his entire staff need to change their entire approach. It seems that Arteta’s ego is bigger than Arsenal Football Club. I’ve heard that at least two Arsenal players downed tools. Actually looked like they all did. The summer window will be very interesting. I can’t see Arsenal attracting world class players. As for Edu, I’ve never really had much faith in that guy. The most disturbing aspect, the Kronkes probably don’t give a rats ass about it. It’s just business as usual for that family. We’ve been in the box seat for the top four since Christmas. Arsenal could have put it all to be bed ages ago. But they could not. They chocked at least 8 times. I’m not counting those first 3 matches of the season. Kronke is not a foolish man. He got what he wanted. A puppet on a string (Mikel Arteta). The warning signs were evident the day his family took control of the Club. He said, “I’m not here to win trophies”. While the Kronke family own this famous club, you will never see a world-class Manager/ Coach at Arsenal. It just won’t happen. Nobody tells the Kronkes how to run an organisation. Unfortunately, it is what it is. The only solution,,, and it will never happen,, probably not in my lifetime,, is Arsenal have new ownership. Americans don’t know, or better still,
    don’t appreciate English football culture, full stop.

  46. Ended with a wimper, against all of me wanting 4th and getting our great club back into CL, and all that comes with it!

    Arteta rotated nobody for months, injuries are what happens when players are in the red. Worse yet, Saliba played great, is in Champions League, but not with AFC and probably won’t want to come back.

    Very similar outcomes when looking at last few years goals scored, and goals conceded, so, no improvment on that at all.

    However, draws are way down, points are up, but going to be 5th and in Europa. Not that much improvment.
    8th 8th 5th.

    One more summer, AFC best spend well or going to be way worse next year.

    Bruno Guimaraes controlled the midfield quite well, we could have used him for sure.

    For, me the players tried hard, but the coach and staff let the squad down. Could have used another mid and cf, would have got it over the line easy.

    For me, Arteta did not reach his goal- end of story.

  47. Only thing I noticed was, our players are horrible at holding the ball at their feet when put under pressure and not given room. I already said before, our players, even at their best, play like a la liga team, wanting to play neat and tidy and that doesn’t work in EPL. You have to expect pressure from players, and train like that in the training sessions.

    Also, it felt like Newcastle were fighting for the top 4 position, not us. Not enough will at this level. Maybe many players in our squad are planning to leave this summer and don’t have much incentive to play and so don’t want to push themselves to the limit and risk injuries before the transfer window. I don’t know. But there was no zeal.

  48. Youth project failed under Wenger and it has failed again under Arteta. How exactly were we going to earn a top 4 spot with zero world class players? Tottenham have 2, Kane and Son. Now for the next 3 seasons it’s Arteta’s mediocre football again? Outclassed by Newcastle what an embarrassment.

      1. Sue, I and others were calling for him to be signed as DM, when he was playing in France (fee about €30 million?)

  49. I don’t understand the overreaction when clearly we were rocked by injuries to key players some of whom like Gabriel and White were even risked yesterday. The team is clearly making steady progress and I believe next season will be better. I might be tempted to agree with Sagna’s in prediction about Arsenal. Other than the issue of money, which is for the owners, how do we fans benefit from CL? We know we can’t win it as of now so why should we lose our heads about it? Let’s continue with our rebuilding project. We shall gradually get there. The team needs encouragement not disparagement. The future is bright for Arsenal.

    1. Our manager decided to finish the season with less than 20 senior players. News flash: injuries happen every season for every team.

      Our manager decided this thin squad to be enough for the rest of the season. Hence, few players we cast out and NONE were brought in.

      Can’t use that as an excuse, injuries are never an excuse.

  50. I’m sure y’all will get over it and congrats to those happy about it just to back their claims.

  51. Can’t blame anyone but the manager and the players. Absolute bottle job.
    Next season Arteta is going to prove that he can move us from this to challenging the likes of Liverpool and City. No more Free Hit or moral victories against the likes of Liverpool, City etc.

    I am absolutely dead inside this morning.

  52. One would think we had learned some lessons during the AW era, only for us to repeat the same nonsense. Every serious club builds winning teams, but Arsenal is always building young teams.

  53. Do you think Arsenal PR department will regret handing a new contract to MA now in the light of our failure or will (because of Stans complete lack of any real ambition in terms of footballing achievements) the entrance to the second tier of European football still be deemed a success? This is rhetorical;)

    Nearly as bad from a PR standpoint as announcing we are to join a super league without any care for fans feelings..maybe we still will and MA can lead us to victorious mediocrity for Stan and his cash cow?

  54. The plain truth is we needed CL football to get us out of the situation we’ve been stuck in for nearly a decade. But as usual, this squad (served up by a clueless manager) has completely proven that a team of bottlers! Newcastle were the battlers and won it easily. When I look through this team I see a lot of pretenders who claim to play for the badge but in reality could care less as long as the wage comes in. A wage that many of them should feel guilty about for theft! What I saw against the Spud and Newcastle was systematic of what I’ve seen for decades. A bunch of individuals with a lack of belief or passion. Each looking at each other for the answers and a finger to point. It they don’t feel shame this morning they don’t deserve to wear the shirt of our beloved club. As for the manager, he should resign. As should Edu. The club owners are wasting time and money as this clubs is slipping further behind with every cost cutting move they make..

  55. Remember when you wrote this in response to Collymore saying that we’d choke and he’d wear an Arsenal shirt if proved wrong:

    ‘Our consistency is what has got us to this point, and I would be shocked if we threw it away now, so Collymore may as well get his Arteta shirt printed and ready in my eyes.’

    Dear or dear…

  56. The problem was we were not playing as a team in the first half, we were nervous, and basically, rabbits caught in the headlines, the squad has been too thin all season with no suitable backup Tavares’s foul throw, what a joke, we were outfought by a more hungry Newcastle team, the tactics and selection were wrong, Martinelli should have started, EL will be for us we are simply not good enough for CL football. Xhaka’s outburst reveals problems with some players in the squad. This season is over we have European football, let’s see what happens now with transfers because we need leaders, and we need more strength in midfield, a goal scorer, not sure Jesus is the answer. If Partey continues with injuries through the season, maybe he should be sold. We have a good crux of a team, just a few tweaks and we ill hopefully start to head in the right direction, but Arteta has to sort out what the hell is going on. I would laugh if Norwich beat Spurs, but we would probably lose to Everton

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