Arsenal fan on a rant claiming Arteta will be sacked before next game

Mikel Arteta has been arguably the best thing that has happened to Arsenal recently with the Spanish manager helping the club win the last FA Cup and Community Shield.

He has also been backed in the last transfer window with the signing of the likes of Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes.

While his team has been doing good in some games like beating Manchester United at Old Trafford for the first time in 14 years, they have been very inconsistent, which is worrying.

After beating the Red Devils, they were humiliated by Aston Villa in the Premier League on Sunday.

They lost the game 3-0 to the Villans, and as usual, they have come under scrutiny for their performance.

One of the most far-fetched ideas anyone can have now is that Arteta will be fired soon, but that is exactly what one Arsenal fan named Simon thinks.

He phoned into Talksport and claimed that he is afraid that Arteta might become a fraud manager and he doesn’t think the Spaniard will return as the club’s manager after the international break.

“I’m scared we might have a fraud as a manager,” began Simon. “I like him; I loved him as a player and he was very inspiring when he came.

“But I am scared and I am worried.

“You talk about everything [about Sunday’s defeat] – tactics, Barkley, Grealish, whatever – but Arteta has made a few fundamental errors now that are really worrying me.

“And I watched his interview carefully yesterday, and I’m not sure he is going to be there by the next game.

“I think he has lost the dressing room in the last few days, because that performance is nothing.

“I don’t think he will [be manager after the international break]. His body language and demeanour looks like he’s lost the dressing room.”

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  1. Sue says:

    I’m speechless…

  2. Top Gunner says:

    What good things did he achieve at Arsenal, to be labelled as “a good thing that ever happened to Arsenal”? I personally resist to be brainwashed by you

    1. Declan says:

      Lol, so you’re Simon then🤣

  3. Marty says:

    Does anybody still think that Talksport is a credible sports station…..wouldn’t surprise me if they got “Simon” to call in and say that just to be controversial…..

    1. Declan says:

      Yep, that will be Simon the spud.

    2. Sue says:

      😂👍 Never listened to it and from what I’ve read on here, never will!! On top of this, it’s now being reported Auba is ‘fed up’ and Pepe has ‘frustrations’….. jeez the doom and gloom really is relentless…..

      1. ken1945 says:

        Sue your fed up and I have frustrations – perhaps we will warrant a spot on this station?

        Mind you, after Sunday’s game, perhaps both Auba and Pepe have a point, so all they need to do is perform better themselves and take out their frustrations out on Leeds – now that would stop everyone being fed up!!!

        1. jon fox says:

          KEN and SUE, I do listen to TalkSport quite a lot and most mornings. But its not wise to judge a radio station as if all progs are the same, as they are not. The Alan Brazil breakfast show is deliberatly laddish and downmarket wth non too bright people on there. Ally McCoist is likeable and knowledgeable on football as is Brazil but neither are brains of Britain.

          At 10am it changes completely when Jim White (Sky presenter) takes over and he has the cerebral and deep thinking Simon Jordan(ex Palace owner) on Mon -Thursday. On Friday with JM are Keown and Bob Mills, both also good but not AS good as SJ.

          I suggest you DO listen at 10AM, WEEKDAYS, and will be amazed if you do not appreciate the special speaking and thinking talents of Simon Jordan. He used to be on once a week only but popular demand means four days a week now. Try it! I have got various friends to try listening and all have been impressed.

          1. SueP says:

            I’m with you Jon
            Talksport has come on in leaps and bounds compared to the low level laddish culture that previously existed. They also have excellent radio coverage of various sports inc rugby and cricket and now many, many EPL games too. They even have female presenters nowadays

          2. Dan kit says:

            I would rather listen to a cat moaning at 4 am in the morning than listen to that shower of shit .
            Anything that as Adrian Durham
            On it should be a no go for any Arsenal fan .

          3. Jax says:

            I thought Durham had been sacked!

          4. Dan kit says:

            No ideA Jax ,
            Like i said I wouldn’t listen to it either way after the crap he’s come out with in the past about our club .
            Anything that he’s touched I would never listen or read.

          5. Declan says:

            He’s on in the afternoon not morning. Take a listen to Simon Jordan, he’s excellent and speaks his mind and 99% sense.

          6. SueP says:

            Well then Dan kit you are missing a much improved radio station
            Adrian Durham isn’t on all day

          7. jon fox says:

            Dan kit. That is precisely WHY I specifically wrote that all programmes are not the same. You are right about Adrian Durham but I SPECIFICALLY SPOKE ABOUT THE 10am SHOW, WHICH IS THE TOTAL OPPOSITE FROM DURHAM THANKFULLY. TRY IT!

          8. Sue says:

            Jon…I have work! And tbh, if I ever have the radio on – which is normally in the car – it’s for music – Radio 1… so thanks for that – I’ll take your word for it 😉

          9. Declan says:

            Totally agree with you Jon regarding Simon Jordan, I could listen to him all day long. Unfortunately Jim White annoys me with his constantly finding controversy in everything but it’s Simon who usually shuts him down with common sense and straight forward arguments.

          10. Marty says:

            I used to listen but can’t stand Jim White……

          11. SueP says:

            Plenty of other presenters doing different programs at different times.
            I listen to Radio 2 but don’t like all the presenters so change to something else. Jim White is everywhere!!!!

      2. Scubagooner says:

        Sue if you watch the end of the game as Abu is leaving the pitch you can see something is wrong. He is angry frustrated but it looks more than just at the game or result itself. Watch it again and you will see what I mean.

        1. Sue says:

          Will do, Scubagooner 👍

  4. AubaKedavra says:

    Lets not get surprised here. It is not like we are hearing this for the first time. Lot of these words resonate with many fans on this site. Our fanbase certainly is one if the worst I have seen. We cry like bunch of kids after a loss.

    Sacking Arteta? Seriously? Bring in who? Allegri? With the kind of funds we get year on year and our pathetic transfer business (mind you, none of this is on Arteta), not even Pepe with Klopp as assistant will work for us.

    We don’t have a team of world beaters. We only have few of them. And this is largely because of poor board decisions over the last 5 years (to say the least). It is idiotic to expect an instant transformation.

    We need to be clear of what our goals this season are. It is not to win the league but secure top 4 with cup trophies and Europa if possible. And we are well on course for it. Why exactly is there an environment of panic?

    1. ken1945 says:

      AubaKedavra, let’s be fair here – the team that let us down on Sunday, consisted of nine players introduced to the first team squad during the time of UE and MA – you don’t have to go back to “board decisions over the last five years”, just look at the last two years and apportion blame appropriately.

      I agree with the rest of your post bar one other statement – we are not on course for top four and/or europa league when we sit in 11th place.

  5. SueP says:

    God help us
    Simon is entitled to his views but was it really worthy of an article on JA?

    1. Declan says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking SueP, but just another clickbait article, that we have just fallen for by responding instead of ignoring🤔.

  6. Defund The Media says:

    Plenty on here making similar claims dont know why you had to out source it lol

    1. Sue says:

      How was your Birthday, Rory?

  7. Jax says:

    Cliche, Cliche, Cliche.
    ‘Loved him as a player’
    ‘lost the dressing room’
    ‘body language’
    Who put you up to this Simon?

  8. Mogunna says:

    He should be sacked before last season ended and in no case be there but Allegri; a real coach.

    He is a fraud as broad then; no he is just not a coach, has no experience nor I think he can become one.

    A wannabe Guardiola!

    1. ken1945 says:

      Mogunna, some might say you want to be the next Adrian Durham, with comments like that, your well on the way 😂😂😂

  9. Mogunna says:

    as board, total failure!

  10. CFArsenal#10 says:

    Is there anybody in his right mind out there beside aubrakatabra that believes top 4 is possible?
    One win against a top 6 side that was absent during that game does not make for an optimistic view.
    The signs have been there for a while but we refuse to digest and absorb the reality that is Arsenal will struggle to get in top 8 unless
    1. Arteta can create a players atmosphere
    2.Sign a creative player/world class mid in January
    3. eliminate his pet players selections and see the value of quality
    Talking about hard work and contribution is cover for “I have no idea who to play and where”
    We needed a world class manager after Wenger and we ended up short twice in that department

    1. Sue says:

      Last season we drew far too many. This season we haven’t even managed 1 yet. I have to admit, I’m shocked at losing 4 already… and 2 on the bounce at home! On other sites it has been highlighted that this time last season we were better off… Just have to hope we get a result against Leeds and carry on from there!
      As for your question, it’s early days yet and tbf I never expected us to finish last season with a trophy!! So you never know!! Ask again after the Leeds game 😃

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