Arsenal fan brilliantly debunks nonsense stat aiming dig at Aubameyang and Lacazette

This Arsenal fan’s tweet puts Mason Greenwood fan-boy in his place.

There’s a lot of hype about Manchester United wonderkid Mason Greenwood this season, and while he’s undoubtedly a top talent, some perspective is needed.

Unfortunately, when it comes to chasing likes and retweets on Twitter, perspective is often hard to find.

See below as Statman Dave – often insightful and a good follow even if his latest tweet was a bit silly – is firmly put in his place by Gooner Dan Critchlow…

Dave had attempted to make Arsenal front-men Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette look a bit silly by comparing their goals in 2020 so far (the year is barely a month old, mate) to those of Greenwood.

As rightly pointed out by Critchlow, Greenwood has played more games than Aubameyang, who’s only just come back from suspension, and his goals include the fourth against bottom-of-the-table Norwich City and the sixth against League One side Tranmere Rovers.

For an 18-year-old, he’s doing very well, but let’s not pretend he’s in elite company just yet.

Besides, he’s also level on goals for the season – and in 2020 – with another very talented 18-year-old in the form of Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli – a player who surely deserves the kind of hype Greenwood’s been getting.


      1. Two of them should never play again at the same time.. this is not PES. Take Auba to the middle, Pepe on the right and nelli on the left.. having both on the pitch at the same time is killing our creativity and goal scoring at the same time.. you take a lot of goals from Aubameyang when you put him on the left and you reduce creativity from the left when he plays there…. you can’t shoehorn both of them into this squad, it’s killing the team…. STOP PLAYING AUBAMEYANG AND LACAZETTE TOGETHER!!!!

        1. Laca and Auba were touted as the most potent strike duo in the league last year, so what you’ve saying here is nonsense. Just a matter of getting that partnership to click with other players around them like Pepe, Nelson, Nketiah, Martinelli etc…

          1. Under Wenger those last 12 or 13 games Auba and Lacazette playing together were firing nonstop — the most of any attack we’ve had since peak Henry.

            Auba is usually powerless to keep the ball against CBs, but is strong against the fullbacks, that’s why almost every manager plays him on the wing (It was different in Germany when Dortmund were playing counterattacking football against physically less strong defenders).

            The only problem is Lacazette’s worrying current form.
            BTW, imagine if we had Giroud in the middle, holding the ball and passing it to Pepe and Auba like he did for Grizzi and Mbappe for France…

            But Laca has been top class for years, he’ll bounce back. Just see how Benzema has bounced back in the last 2 years… It’s normal with strikers. Vardy only had 13 goals in the entire 2016/2017 season and he played much more than Laca this year and did not have Auba to compete with for chances.

  1. yap greenwood is a talented young star and am sorry to say this but its true, and he is even better than Kentiah and wilock combine

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