Arsenal-fan Tammy Abraham admitted he wants to be as big as Henry “maybe even better”

There has been a lot of rumours today that Chelsea are willing to sell their young striker Tammy Abraham, despite his amazing scoring record over the last 4 years.

The Sun are saying this morning that the Blues are willing to let him leave for £40million, but are willing to defer payment until next summer and allow him to go out on loan for the next 12 months.

They also say that Arsenal are favourites to sign him over London rivals West Ham and Tottenham, and as Abraham himself has revealed that he was a boyhood Gooner, then it is no surprise that the Emirates would be his first choice destination.

Speaking during a loan spell at Bristol City back in 2017, Abraham admitted: “To be honest I was an Arsenal fan. It didn’t make any difference at Chelsea.

“When you’re young and you choose who to support, if it’s a family thing, it’s a family thing. Luckily for me it was a family thing, so it wasn’t really a problem at Chelsea.

“Someone I looked up to was Thierry Henry. His variations of finishing, his movement, the way he dribbles… someone like that has a key impact on me. I would love to be as big as him and maybe even better.”

Well Abraham certainly can’t do any more than he has in his career, despite the fact that Thomas Tuchel refuses to put him in the starting X1…

Here is stats from his loan moves and at Chelsea


club  GP  Goals  Assists
Chelsea FC 82 30 12
Bristol City 48 26 4
Aston Villa 40 26 3
Swansea City 39 8 5


So to Arsenal fans who think that we shouldn’t be bringing in another “Chelsea reject”, perhaps you should just look at his age, his goalscoring record at every level, and the fact that he was brought up in a family of Arsenal fans.


I believe he really could beat all Henry’s records if he came to his boyhood club….

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  1. Atleast the kid is dreaming big 😂
    Never goer happen and hopefully this rumour is just that .

  2. I like Abraham but it’s a weird move unless followed by several other ones. Swaps don’t happen in football but Auba for Abraham reunites PEA with his favourite manager, saves Arsenal a shedload in salary and, if rumours are true, clears room for Arteta to convert Balogun into a left winger. Might make sense if Abraham was better in the air but as another poster put it, he might be closer to a “lanky Nketiah”

    1. It would make a lot of sense. Auba value will decrease. He is not a great leader and his last season was very average (10 goals,3 assists) given his huge contract. If he was to replicate this for 2 seasons it means losing 26m in wages plus his market value, let’s say 30m or so. Lot of money for a way pas his prime striker that might even be more eager to a fresh challenge and a title quest we won’t offer him right now.

  3. I would. A season for free… That is 1.97 goals per game on the figures above so what’s not to like about this one?

    Let’s face it Eddie hasn’t pulled up any trees when he had the opportunity.

    1. Abraham is way above Eddie. No wonder why Chelsea let eddie go (even if we could say the same now with Abraham but Tuchel just don’t really like him). I remember Wenger proudly questioning why Chelsea let him go as soon as he scored a goal for us but Wenger would have been better to not say anything about him and concentrate on not letting our own assets go (gnabry, Donnyell malen). Eddie is a good striker for the PL but probably not even a sub for a top 4 or 6 team.

      1. Agree.

        Eddie is the ‘Fox in the Box’ striker whereas TA has pace to burn, not scared to run, plats the wings and is half decent in the air. Johnze you have persuade me.

        What makes it also good is that he is an Arsenal fan and unless we can get Calvin Lewin on the same deal, this is a no brainer.

        So it is a 👍👍 from me.

        On the flip side it might make Auba up his game as they both play similar.🥰

    2. 1.97 goals per game from the figures above?? I’m not sure how you came up with this number but your calculation is way off. Across all the teams Tanny has played, he has racked up 209 games and contributed 90 goals and 24 assists. Crunching the numbers gives 0.43 goals per game and 0.54 direct goal involvements per game.

      Your number of 1.97 goals per game implies that after 209 games, he should have scored 412 goals. Uhmm, I’m sure this isn’t even worth discussing. Even Ronaldo and Messi aren’t at this level.

  4. I want him in! He’s only 23, made a lot of goals already and for a tall player he is not clumsy with the ball. He brings an option to the team which is not there currently, a different type of strikers than anybody else in Arsenal currently.

    But it means that Laca and Auba needs to go. If not then Abraham will eat the playing time of Martinelli and Balogun, and no one wants that.

    1. They have to prove they deserve playing time… this is the problem with this team… no healthy competition.

      Auba and Laca… as much I appreciate them I think time is against them so its a… ‘so what if they go’ for me.

      If the current regime is true to its word then I expect a complete evolution and not the same old stagnation. Something to be proud of again, win, lose or draw. If this is the case I will get off MAs back.

      Any chance of a swap deal with Willian?🤣

      1. Before someone misquote me…

        I’m not expecting a complete exodus of players this season and starting from scratch… what I would like (and assume we all like) is that we have a healthy competitive future and gradually phase out the old and in with the new.

        We need to move on from past glories and create some new.

  5. You were actually selling me on the Tammy Abraham idea—that is until you had to go and make that blasphemous sentence at the end of the article. Comparing Tammy to Thierry Henry in any context is treasonous. Don’t do it again.

  6. Tammy Abraham is an okay forward for a bottom half of the EPL team.

    According to the article, he wants to be as big as Henry.

    Having watched him at Chelsea, he has a very long way to go to match Henry. For a start he needs to run a lot quicker.

    He plays as a target-man, unfortunately, when he gets in the box, he tends to be a stationary target-man.

    If you had watched him when he played for Chelsea, under Lampard, Pulisic would move forward looking for Abraham to come to him dragging his defender with him, to play a one-two and release Pulisic round the back.
    If you watched the same situation when Giroud played, he would actually work that play allowing Pulisic to get behind into open space and put in a cross or even shoot himself.

    That showed me the difference between an experienced thinking forward and Tammy Abraham.

    Again, if we want to rival Chelsea for a top 4 spot, I suggest we do not try to pick up the crumbs off their table.

    1. Not every Chelsea off-loaded player should come to Emirates. What difference will he offer to Arsenal? We have seen Willian who didn’t click. Why don’t we try Fol and Mart. We can sell Giroud, leave Ramsey go for free., Gnabary shining as we watch in awe. It is ridiculous to have people who administer a big club with fans who have waited for EPL for over adolescent years. Why disappoint and frustrate us. We left Martinez for Leno. What happened? Best player at AV and won the Cops America. It hurts. It humiliates. It traumas. It is pathetic. It is inhumane. It is zero. It is …

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