Arsenal fans absolutely furious with depressing loss to Sheff Utd

Arsenal fans rip into Unai Emery following toothless loss to Sheffield United.

Since the win over Bournemouth spirits were very high, you had Aubaameyang and Kolasinac espousing confidence about finishing top-four and you even had David Luiz claiming Arsenal could challenge for the title this week.

Well, two weeks and one game later comes a massive reality check.

Team selection, formation, not starting Tierney, no creativity and much more were highlighted as reasons for this woeful display and almost to a person, the Arsenal fans are blaming the manager.

Fans express their anger

There are literally thousands more, I kid you not and these are the polite ones.

This result was always coming if we are being honest with ourselves. We have been too over-reliant on Aubameyang and we have a coach that looks to be afraid.

When you send out a negative team against a promoted team that tells me that Emery is scared to death of losing. The problem is, while ever he keeps playing a negative team Arsenal will continue to lose.


      1. Patrice Evra labels Arsenal ‘weak’ and ‘babies’ following Sheffield United defeat

        I just don’t see any leadership. I don’t see any character or any personality. They look weak mentally.

        “They have big players in David Luiz, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette, but there has been something missing for a few years now.

        “Matteo Guendouzi was playing in midfield, but before he was playing in the French second league and he was not even playing regularly – and he’s the best player in this team.

        “I respect Aubameyang and Lacazette, but if those two guys don’t score, they’re in trouble, and nothing changes. I’m like, ‘where is Arsene?’ It is the same.”

    1. it is too bad that there aren’t North American-style post game press conferences where reporters ask hard questions – would love to hear him respond to a question of “what were you thinking with your starting line-up”, asked with a very sarcastic tone. Maybe that happens, but I don’t see it or hear the follow-up. My list:

      1. How can you continuously be so clueless in setting up your team?
      2. When will you recognize that you do not have the personnel to play from the back?
      3. Do you think that it might be better to start the game with a creative passer?
      4. Have you noticed that your current attacking line-up is not able to break down a set defence?
      5. Do you ever practice crossing in practice? Supplementary question – What about marking in set plays?
      6. Does Granit have embarrassing photos of you? Supplementary question – What are they?
      7. You stated that you felt Arsenal should have beaten SU, were you referring to the women’s team? Supplementary question – Did you actually watch the game? Supplementary, supplementary question – Were you drinking, stoned?

      Those would be my questions

      1. You know what, we could actually have a pretend press conference after games – one of us poor fools would have to volunteer to be Emery and the rest could ask questions – may make people feel better 🙂

  1. Why isn’t Emery playing Holding and Tierney?Kolasinac and Sokratis are not good enough. Surprisingly both came from Bundesliga

  2. The Arsenal board need to show some ruthlessness and say Sayonara to Emery! Surely they must see our performances aren’t and will not improve under this clown! It’s typical Emery is a Gazidis appointment!

    1. The moment I saw the line up I knew it was gonna be another laborious day. How can you Ceballos on the bench and you start Willock, Torrierra and you start Dhaka? Lacazette and you start non performing Pepe?
      Emery is a clueless gambler I’ve said it several times. He needs to go now!!
      It’s not just about the loss, we play so terribly, THIS IS NOT OUR ARSENAL.

      1. Pepe really perform well today though he missed a clear goal opportunity. Xhaka, willock, and kolasinac ought not to have started the match but emery failed to do the needful

      2. Jay, my thoughts exactly as soon as that line up was announced I knew we were going to struggle,the only good thing about that performance was that Pepe is starting to look like the player we think he is.Emery has to realise these defenders apart from Chambers are not good enough,as for the crab xhaka what a joke that geezer is sideways passes sideways runs poor decision making poor captaincy the list goes on,every time we go behind against these teams they park their bus and we dont have a clue how to play against it.

    2. I bet ozil is laughing his head off getting 350k for nothing surely he can’t play any worse then this shit he’s the only player we got who can make things happen I know he’s lazy but he can pick a pass like no 1 else can

  3. Dreadful and I mean dreadful. Pepe gotta 5 rating but I don’t think he was our worse player. Can’t brlieve tierney didn’t even come on considering he didn’t play the last 2 games. Emery is massively clueless we have no playing style. Play chambers CB and not RB. We are way too slow in build up from midfield. So frustrating

  4. Emery doesn’t play to win, simple. His only accomplishment in 18 months is to kill Arsenal DNA and our attacking football.

    He simply has to go. He hasn’t improved players or the club, 18 months and what is his style? Philosophy?

    Over £200 million spent on transfers, 12 new players and what do we get? Nothing.

    Simply shocking with Emery in charge.

    Desperately need a letter to Josh. Something must be done to get rid of Emery. His decisions, setup, and lack of tactics and substance is simply indefensible.

    1. The honest truth is the team relies more on magic from Auba than Emery’s tactics. That’s a damning indictment, truly.

      Does anyone have confidence we will win when we take the pitch? A couple hundred million spent and no style or substance, no improvement, worse defense than last year.

      No competition for places, cowardice from manager in setups, and struggle almostevery game we play. Something has to be done to run him out before it’s too late to recover.

      Emery is out of excuses and should be out of time as well.

      1. Durand,I have never seen a coach set up his team in such away that will kill her strength. Even our defending in his defensive tactics is atrocious. A pass will go through our back line like hot knife goes through butter.

  5. Emery please listen to advise, learn to select your players.
    try a different approach. pepe needs to come off the bench, sokratis benched too..xhaka..benched..Auba lacks supply from a world class player like Ozil..toreira needs play time….you have great players but you lack cordination skills to link them up well..

  6. I genuinely think that he has lost the dressing room.

    Sheffield united not only looked better coached they also looked like they wanted it more

    He is clearly dealing from a position of weakness, evidenced by him letting the squad elect it’s own captain

    Players have already questioned his selection, tactics, communication and training

    and for the life of me, I cannot remember any player coming out with any glowing endorsements or backing

    Everyone can see that the selection decisions and tactics are continually wrong, We can see it from the outside looking, the players will see it and feel it too

    I honestly think he isn’t getting through to the squad

    Enough is Enough, Emery Out!!!

    1. Patrice Evra:

      “When I used to play against Arsenal, I always knew we were going to win the game. Nothing has changed under Unai Emery. Arsenal fans must be fuming when they see Xhaka as their captain. He’s not a proper captain.”

      Today I feel depressed. I don’t feel like commenting because when the lineup came up I was very clear and have always said that if Arsenal is competing for top 4 willock, Nelson, saka and Xhaka should not be in our starting lineup. Am tired. Let’s Emery have his way. Am slowly loosing interest for my team! I wish my sanity and loyalty can allow me to give it a break! Too much pain to swallow every week. It’s as if our views don’t matter. How can everyone see our best lineup of which a ‘proffessional manager’ can not see? Am helpless. In Kenya, these games starta at 10pm and end at midnight. Literally it’s a sleepless night Very painful

  7. Seriously I’m still waiting for those guys who normally label fans criticizing this scam of a manager as plastic fans.
    The same thing week in week out since last season, and yet the búllshít is give him more time.
    Turned Xhaka to a BWM
    Torreira to a B2B
    And Willock into an AM.
    Shuts out our creative midfielders.
    Like seriously, Ozil’s quality has declined yes but are we seriously saying he would’ve performed worse than what we put out tonight?

    1. Eddie your response is waiting in the other post. But I don’t think anyone will come out and argue for Emery today. Maybe tomorrow when the fire is cooled. But this Emery of a man is never going to take us anywhere. Sue is very angry and she wants him out. I think this game is pathetic. Loves Eddie.

      1. Pat, I won’t even debate this man anymore, don’t care what they come to say tomorrow.
        I’ve pointed it out since early last season, and I’m relieved I wasnt wrong.
        Among everyone of them, I’d love to hear from Jon Fox the most on what he has to say about the way we’ve been for a year and half now.
        It’s tiring and depressing sadly, I saw your response BTW.
        You said we’re on fire😂😂
        oh hell naw!!
        Y’all on fire, I left the building since last season😂.

        I don’t know why up till now Sue is always getting hit the most.
        Will I say she refused to learn?
        I don’t know, every time she just expects too much from this team especially under this man.
        She ends up getting her heart broken and ends up boiling the most.
        Sue, learn to really cut off your emotions from our games for now.
        You don’t need all that drama a d tension.
        If you have your doubts concerning certain games, lay back and pull your emotions out. No one would blame you.

        1. Emery has to go now. We can not afford to wait until the end of the season. A good manager with this squad will finish in the top 4 this season. Emery will fail to finish in the top 4 with all the negative consequences that come with that, from failing to attract good players, failing to keep our best players and failing to attract a good manager.

          We can not wait for the end of the season missing a top 4 spot is too expensive. We have given Emery a fair chunk of time and now we are going backwards compared to even last season.

  8. Emery out now!!! I am an Norwegian Arsenal supporter since 71.
    He should have started Holding, Thierney, and Torreira.
    He started with kids against Sheff.U. away – can you believe it!!
    Why are øzil not playing?? INCREDIBLE
    That stupid manager has made me very angry- please leave tonight

    1. The manager does not know what he wants. Is he defending or attacking?
      he has no clue at all. The midfield is empty,no creative player, he likes the kids and he should go and train a kinder garden.this is not a premier league style of play . I am so disappointed with this result.
      Arsenal lost control of the mid .This coach is not capable and fit to run this club.

  9. Let me set the record straight it’s a huge direspect to have ever compared Prof. Wenger with this Spanish Coco Emery… Wenger bossed the Epl with pacey forwards like Henry, R. Pires, Ljunberg, Wiltord and many others and in his later years he had Eduador Silva, Walcott, Bendtner, Adebayo, Giroud, Welbeck, Batista, Chamark, Sanogo, Carlos Vela, Van Persie and some other less average strikers yet Arsenal where more fun and entertaining than this loads of crap we’ve got now. Emery has an armoury Wenger would die for, imagine Wenger with this front line anchored from middle by Ozil and protected by Guendouz and Torreria and a backline of Tierney, Holding, Chambers and Bellerin… I wish there’s a way Emery would be scared mid season and Wenger appointed for the remainder of the season you’ll see wonders he’ll

  10. Just 2 losses ..nothing to be blowing a gasket over. 2 points behind Leicester we will be back with the big boys soon. I just hope now Emery doesn’t feel indebted to Kolasinac or Saka. Out with them.

    1. It’s not just 2 loses. It’s going to be 2 seasons without improvement at this rate. 21 points at this stage last season Vs 15 points this season!!!

      1. Yes, but Chelsea and Spurs too both had 21, City 23! See, when you take the context out, you can paint whichever picture you want. This is nothing more than a minor setback. 2 points behind our rivals is not much.

          1. Good we did not make it to the UCL, or else it would have been a nightmare for us fans and a good spanking from the elite clubs. If we cannot break down Watford and Sheff. and scrape past Burnley, what would our frightened captain and his little old boys do against the likes of RM, BM, Juve or Barca. I am now thanking Ozil for not playing well in the EL finals, saved us from the misery of UCL this year. I wanted Unai out ever since he joined as he has to charisma or character to lead AFC to glory days. Brendon Rodgers or Carlo Anchelotti would be the safest bets for the transition era, before a top caliber coach took over. I would still welcome Luis Enrique or Max Allegiri before the end of this year. We look decent in the table not because we are good, just because Spurs & Utd are playing bad this season. If Unai remains till summer, expect a 9 or 10 finish. AdieusUnai! UnaiOut!

        1. QD-this really is not a glass half full moment.There can be no defending this Manager after that performance.He refuses to accept that the EPL Is like anything he has managed in before.He refuses to accept that in this league no team rolls over because of who you are.He has been here long enough to have learned but he seems oblivious to the simple truth that is there for all supporters accept-THIS MANAGER IS OUT OF HIS DEPTH.
          There can be no excuses now.He was given a free pass last season ( why?I don’t know) but has clearly not learned what it takes to Manage a top EPL Club.The excuses in his post-match interview completely summed him up.Muddled and confused with no signs of improvement..Can anyone seriously see a clear direction of where this clown is going? I can’t.There is no consistent team pattern.No sense in his selections.Zero tactical nous against a team who will continue to play to their strengths of tight defending and committed players who will sit deep and defend for everything.There was not one single AFC Fan who watched that game who is surprised by how Sheff Utd played.There is no Plan B with them.But at least they have a Plan A.And that is something we are STILL WAITING FOR.
          Nobody can defend this Manager with any credibility.These little unbeaten runs fool nobody.We are a shambles and will continue to get beaten by far less gifted teams simply because Emery is continually failing to learn from his mistakes.Lets not give him the time.When is the time to sack him? To me it’s this morning.Does anyone not believe that Freddie Ljumberg could not take temporary charge and do better job? Of course he could.
          We still have time to make a mark this season.It will not be under Emery.

          1. @Phil
            All teams bar Liverpool have lost 2 or more games this season. Let’s cut the manager some slack and stop overreacting. We are still in a strong position and will turn this around with a single measly win on Sunday. It’s not yet time to hit the panic button.

      2. It’s also just two clean sheets in our away games since UE took charge.
        If I’m not mistaken, that’s what was being highlighted on sky after the game.

    2. The same statement we were making last season when we were nine points ahead of Manchester United.
      I understand your inability to come to terms with how this man is managing this team and setting up to play.
      Eventually, his contract will run out, we’ll see where you’ll need to hide from the truth no more

      1. Well, you will probably succeed in hounding him out, but the next manager will still have to deal with you entitled fans with your half-time boos and expectations of perfection.

        1. QD, are you referring to UE , or have you gone back to the days when you, as an entitled fan, were more than happy to do it to AW?

          Funny how your all indignant about the current situation,, but wake up every morning with the wonderful thought that you hounded AW out because he was not delivering perfection…some things come back and bite you in the bum!!!!

          1. @ken1945
            Spot on Gooner… Even when we won under AW, dude and a few like him were still screaming for him to be sacked. Now look at em….

          2. @Ken1945
            But Wenger was here for decades! Unai has been here for a little over A YEAR and they already want to crucify him. What happened to all that talk about the new manager needing 3-5 years to transition the club? Am not saying that is how long I want UE to stay. But UE has been walking alone ever since he joined.. Nonetheless, unlike you with Wenger, I am willing to accept this coach needs to be fired at the end of the season if he does fail again. All I ask is that you give him A FAIR CHANCE.

    3. What happened to we are third😂😂😂😂 The rate at which you guys defend Emery and him fcuk thing up you won’t know when you tell us…don’t worry we are just a position over relegation zone

    4. I am sorry but saying it is just 2 loses is closing your eyes to the obvious deterioration that is taking place at the club.

  11. We’re missing the creative supply from midfield and have been Xhaka came in. After all this time he’s never changed and is still the stumbling block for the team. Unai is another that has never improved! They both need to go..

  12. What a waste of space Dose not know how to field his strongest team
    What is he thinking O it is only Sheffield any one can beat them NOT ARSENAL sick of Emerys rubbishy way of picking a team hard to support with a S🙈🙈T manager

  13. Hear it from me, mustafi is better than Luiz and sokratis join together.. sokratis for some reasons has been bad since second half of last season.
    The less I say about kolasinac the better. That guy is terrible can’t do anything with the ball. Oh and xhaka what will it take for him to be out ofthis team really? To think that Emery took him out of the game to avoid him picking up a card which will make him miss next game sums it up for Emery. The sooner we get rid of this manager the better. And willock had no business playing today’s game. He was none existence not in attack nor defence. And saka played his worse game for us.
    I thought Pepe was the best player tonight and yes no one is above criticism but Aubameyang had his worse of the season too. And yes I’m going to say this I think it’s time we change our goal keeper, he has become too complacent for my liking. The only defender that tried today was Chambers..well for the record ceballos is here on loan if he doesn’t improve I say send him back. And what has toreirra got to do to play a match? I’m supposed to be upset but I’m not because I didn’t expect us to win but never expected us to lose either.

  14. I was one of those advocating for Wenger to leave, but with the crops of players we have now, we should do better. The first 10 to 15 minutes, I thought we were playing Barcelona. You can’t continue to play weak favorite. Xhaka, Kolasnac and maybe Joe shouldn’t be starting when we have Ceballos, Tieney and Lucas fully fit. This guy UE is a joke, the earlier he’s laid off the better. Imagine,no identity, no philosophy

      1. Innit, glad to see you on here mate!!!

        So, what, apart from the smiley face, do you think of tonight’s performance?

        I mentioned those missing UE fans in the last post, so good to see you surface.

        QD thinks its just a blip, what about you?

        1. Ken, my comments are on the last item in response to Mobella and Eddie.
          I am as disappointed as anyone and am not “missing”.

    1. sad thing Sue it’s not a shock anymore
      I got well hard time for predicting we lose 1-0 but happend too many times now to be a coincidence

      1. Did you win any money on it, Dan?
        You’re absolutely right.. when I saw the line up.. i felt just like i did before that Saints game when we were thrashed 4-0…
        I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll win again, on the road 😩

      2. Why were Ozil, Tierney, Bellerin, Torreira, Holding behind Willock, Saka, Kolasinac, Chambers, Xhaka, Sokratis? Team selection was just a disaster, it was like playing a B team, when you need to rest your best players for the CL game the same week… but we are playing the weakest team of our EL game on Thursday! Why don’t we, like any other team do a mix to keep good players for both games?
        Emery is either just targeting to qualify for CL just through a win in EL or he is completely incapable of leading a top team… in both cases, this is criminal to keep him! This is a complete failure!
        And why do this team go on with those passes from the GK to the Center backs. Leno can’t achieve a proper pass! Are we fans the only ones to see this??!

        1. Careful there, the aim for the EL may just disappear like last season when we play ManUtd in the final in Timbuktu or wherever. We CAN NOT rely on EL to get into ECL next season. It has to be at least 4th in EPL. But with this clown and his team choices, that hope if fading fast. He has no clue what his best team is. High time for “no more mr nice guy”.

  15. It’s still too early to sack him imo.
    I will give him until January and see where we are

    If we are worse and no improvement then yes I will change my mind

    But he deserves until January at least

    But I don’t see Kroenke sacking Emery regardless

    1. To me Emery is walking thin ice right now.
      I am not seeing any improvement. Poor as ever. I gave him a honeymoon period last season and this season is the season I said i was going to judge him proper.

      He has been rubbish so far and I will give him until January if he is afforded the luxury to stay for that long by our board.

      To me he can’t blame anyone it he is sacked right now. We should be having a set visible style of play but after 18 months we are still playing like it’s his first game as Arsenal manager.

      He should fix up or should be sacked.

  16. Wenger beat Leicester. Emery will lose to Leicester.

    Only way is to work out a different strategy that uses major stars and their experience.

    Who in his right mind throws teenagers against men? Not every teen is a Ronaldo, not at Arsenal!

    Basically, Emery is not respected by the senior players. So, yes, he has lost the dressing room, as the young players are running and running, like headless chickens.

    Wenger warned United that they need experience in their line up. Same can be said about Arsenal. This is why the captain left.

    If Wenger was given 200 million there would have been much better central defenders… he wanted van Dyk, but could not afford to buy him.

    Wenger saw the attack as a means of defense, then when that revolved around Ozil, the French manager wanted to build back line. But, fans wanted him out!

  17. Just checked the ticket exchange for the Palace game… surprise surprise there are loads on there now!! Ha I wonder why…….

  18. It is a crime to have such an amazing striking force and we cannot supply them
    The most creative player Arsenal has is Ozil and you like it or not should be playing,we desperately need him in the team because we not creating any chances,any average manager would see that but this manager doesn’t
    Ozil is not going to tackle or defend ,but he never did that in his carrier and he didn’t do badly as player
    Zhaka in the other hand is slowing the team down with his wrong choices all the time but he keeps playing
    I really worry that our pride, the attaching football we used to play that made Arsenal loved around the globe is gone and now we are a mediocre team who goes To Sheffield to get a draw
    Freddie will be a better option than this clown

    1. This is a very thoughtful post, and correct.

      Ozil is a special player. It is a crime to see him being wasted because he does not tackle or chase the ball like a 19 year old…

      What even the stats miss on Ozil is the actual chances created, including ones that were missed. Ozil with two or three good to great strikers would allow for many more goals.

      The shame is that Arsenal fans did not understand Ozil’s role.

      What is really needed is Ozil on the field with a proper defensive back four, for example a back row with fast wing backs that can stop attack on either wing. Then a DMF that clogs things on defense…

      Ozil is a such a creative player and Emery is the opposite in being uncreative…

  19. I thought Pepe was good tonight,you can see his potential Gendouzi is our future captain and Saka is ready but unfortunately we have Sokratis ,Leno,Luiz Cola&Zhaka also

  20. I’ve been saying it for a while now. Our away form is dire, no playing identity, laboured displays win lose or draw our performances are the same in the main. Wrong man at the helm to take us forward and standing still is going backward in the premier league. We will not finish even close to the top four in my opinion. I’ve lost a lot of interest in the team already this season. So boring and predictable watching them

    1. Away form has been “dire”, for three seasons under two different managers.
      Time to call in a psychiatrist to change the mentality!

  21. I’ve asked thequestion regarding our long term injuries…those of us who questioned UE’s selections and tactics were told we were being unfair, because said injuries were stopping him from selecting his best team:

    Tonight, we had a full squad of players to choose from and what did UE do?
    He put two fingers up to everyone and selected exactly…none of those long term injured players?
    Don’t try to say he was resting them, it was UE himself who said he had a full squad to choose from.

    How to make some fans look rather silly in one easy lesson!!!

    1. I stand by the fact that we play so shite because of our backline but I have no defence for why we still put out the same crap again today, nor am I even going to try.

      It was a shit selection by Emery, the back line, the midfield combination – all just wrong and much better options were left on the bench, and indeed at home.
      Ozil may not have suited that match but he would have fared no worse than Ceballos, and as I said before his creativity (when he does produce) is far superior right now so certainly deserved some game time.

      1. @madHatter

        Wow I actually never thought you would admit the fact UE is crap and Ozil looks like a viable option.
        Ceballos is a decent player but he is nowhere Ozil’s efficiency with the ball.
        Unless Emery has major personality change which I think is will take a miracle he is on his way out unless the brass decides to ride
        the year out.
        Our defense with the personnel we have should be able to get us in a top 4 but UE persistence on putting himself first ahead of the players will prove very costly.

        This team with the attacking talent out there looks like shit. Throwing darts like Saka or Martinelli is desperation and not a cohesive plan to blend these young players in with the experience.

        Nothing to look forward for. I hope they sack him fast.

        1. I may be opinionated, and have a tendency to look on the optimistic side of things but I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong 🤷‍♂️

          Nor have I ever said that Ozil wasn’t viable – my issue with him is his work effort (seen that improve slowly last season and this) and his consistency (still not seen much improvement there imo), but Emery has publicly stated that he is putting in more effort now which means there is no reason in my mind not to consider him when we are struggling like we are to create. If he gets the chance and doesn’t deliver maybe I will have something to moan about but can’t say much when he’s not being given the chance to prove himself 🤷‍♂️

          I still think Emery could turn it around, it’s whether or not he will that is beginning to worry me and time is fast running out for him to do so – I’ve always had my doubts about whether he could take us all the way back to the top but I expected better than this 😔

          1. Mad hatter optimism is one thing, intelligence is another thing. I said since last season this man Emery doesn’t have what we need, he isn’t going to improve the team (and mind you Ozil was playing at that time) but intelligence makes you know the end from the beginning because of experience, analysis and fact collections. Emery is worse now because he is trying to fit a square beg in a round hole and his insistence is make it look worse.

  22. Ceballos has had one decent game, his debut. Since then quite ordinary, no pace, slows the game down and didn’t pick a single decent forward pass today. Guendouzi and Chambers were the only players who really tried the rest were not up for it, typical Arsenal away performance and we got what we deserved. Emery’s response was that we should have had a penalty and that we had three chances when we really had only one real chance which Pepe missed. He did have some good touches and looks a classy player so I do hope he comes good, a goal in open play will help.

    If he was satisfied with that performance then heaven help us, no desire or leadership.

    1. Andrew, I think we discussed previously that when Ceballos had that great game (and it was superb for a first time premier league outing) who did he have playing with him?

      One Mesut Ozil of course and they linked so well considering it was their first time together as well.
      Since then he has been average in my opinion.

      UE is right in that we should have had a penalty, but Dein had already been mentioned on here, so we were pretty certain he wouldn’t give it.

      Agree about pepe as well – certainly an improvement from this young man – just needs to continue in that vein.

      1. Just like his big fans in this forum, Emery would still have high confidence for the title as we only lost twice and only 5 points behind City. If City lost twice we could see ourselves in 2nd 😁😁😁
        I’m pretty sure nothing will change and we would still see the same 17 players next game against Palace. 9-10 same players in the starting line up. Same tactic, just hopefully not the same result.

        1. Sorry, I mean 4 ponts behind City. It’s even more promising right?
          He said that Arsenal should aim for the title. Give him time. He’s a genius and he would prove it. If we don’t understand him, it’s because he’s far beyond us.

  23. This is a public service announcement.
    Arsenal aren’t going to qualify for the Champions League under emery.

  24. Sigh its beyond a joke at this stage no tactics no midfield and being outpressed by every team when its us who were suppose to be playing that game now.
    Chambers for me is only one who played well tonight others were average some crap.

  25. I feel like hiding my face now when i see my mates after that game i still cant believe how we played didnt cause them to panic and only Donkey had a effort on target in first half.
    We got so many attack minded players in the team and we play a defensive setup which doesnt suit us at all.

  26. Emery could care less about the EPL trophy. He’s given up on that. He’s aimi h for the Europa League… It shows.

  27. I cannot believe Emery’s post match comments. The guy is a complete fraud. No vision, dull. Fire him into the sun.

  28. It is very hard to defend Unai Emery with his team selection. I have been an optimist that we will improve and make top four, even top three. But with performances like tonight’s and the coach selecting players this way, I will have to stretch the limits of logic in the coming days to justify my optimism.

    Our coach does not seem to know his players enough to pick a decent team for each match played so far. His tactics on the field is alien to the club. We are known to play attacking football. Where has all that gone? Instead, the players look like they are unsure of what to do. Professional players!!!

    Something has to change fast. Am not sure it will be the coach just yet. Too soon for that. But I doubt things will change. Nothing short of an earthquake will make this man change.

    I fear that we will be at the wrong part of the table before the board realises what is going on. By then it will probably be too late.

    Sad times.

  29. Emery’s got to go. I believe he’s on a two year contract so fortunately it’s not going to cost us a lot of money. Freddie should take over till the end of the season. A trial run, we’ve got nothing to lose. A year and half in to the job and still no improvement in defence, the team plays boring football, ten passes before it reaches the strikers. He continually plays the useless Xhaka. With no creative player in midfield, his refusal to play Ozil and reluctance to play Ceballous is mind boggling. Why hasn’t he played Tierney, the game against Standard Liege he looked brilliant, what’s he waiting for? I like many others thought he was a good choice but I was wrong, the truth is he’s useless, clueless and boring, get rid of him ASAP.

    1. Indeed mate.
      Question is, who’s available and appropriate for the job??
      We don’t own by Roman Abramovich anyway.

  30. Second years of Emery, and the team still riding a roller coaster.
    It seems that Emery doesn’t understand his team completely yet, because we could take these level of opponents in Carabao Cup or FA Cup with our second string, and beat them just like that.
    Or should he sent the junior boys rather of the regular starting line up???

  31. Arsenal under emery is boring,nothing is improve no attacking,poor team selection,how come he benched torreira,ceballos,tienery,lacazette,he left bellerin and ozil,actully this man must go,hire patrick viera as head coach and friddie ljurnberg as his assistant

  32. In the waning years of the Wenger regime it became increasingly clear that he could no longer make the necessary decisions to take our club further…some may say that he wasn’t given the appropriate funds, whereas others felt he lost touch with the modern game, either way it was clear to most that his time had come…for me I believe his removal was a longtime coming, and the fact that we delayed the inevitable for so long meant we not only lost ground, we likewise lost out on landing a proper manager, like Klopp…it was and continues to be my belief that the process by which we chose Emery was flawed from the get-go, as we had individuals making crucial decisions for the club whom are either no longer here or already had one foot out the door…this was an act of desperation, not a choice made from a position of strength and as such we inevitably failed to address what was truly needed for this club…playing players out of position, not properly addressing player leadership(poor captain’s choices), getting tactics wrong, playing too negative(sideways soccer), not addressing our defensive woes, NEVER playing our best 11, not improving our horribly inept road performances, constantly playing certain players(Xhaka) regardless if it makes sense whatsoever then not playing others for personal reasons(Ozil) and a glaring lack of accountability for shambolic performances…if these sound familiar, they should, as they are the exact same issues we experienced in the last 5 plus years under Wenger…this man has shown the same sort of delusional stubbornness as that of his predecessor, without the necessary charisma and/or creativity to turn the corner…trust me I have no desire to have Wenger back in the building, in any capacity, as I believe he was an incredibly devisive character in recent years, but if we must endure much more of this unconvincing football we risk wasting countless more years chasing our tail while continuing to fill the pockets of our bloodsucking owner…this manager doesn’t have the stones to right this ship in the face of such internal opposition…the fact that he only received a 2 year deal should speak volumes…no manger worth his weight would have taken such a massive undertaking without some long-term assurances unless he was simply another puppet looking for a paycheque

  33. What surprises me most is that Ozil is not even on the bench. Our most creative player is left to rot. No team selection, no plan and no desire from the coach to win. It is not a question of drawing or losing but the approach and attitude of the coach and some players is hurting. Get on Ozil, KT, Belarin and Holding and see the results.

  34. I hate the way we are playing these days.
    The team are a shambles at times.
    Defenders cannot defend.
    Midfield has no creativity.
    Forwards can’t score.
    The blame?…….. Emery.
    I’ll still be at the next game though, cheering in the North Bank, because whatever happens, even if we got relegated (which won’t happen), they will always be my team and I will always support them. Having supported them through great times and some god awful times that most on here would never believe unless you’d watched them, I reserve the right to bitch and moan and call for the managers head. But, I will never stop supporting Arsenal. Emery Out.

    1. By the look of the ticket exchange, Declan, there’s going to be quite a few empty seats!
      I hope you enjoy the game. I thought about going (to see Wilf 🙂) but am going away, early hours, so decided against it.
      I agree with what you say, we support Arsenal, not Unai!

  35. Since the start of last season, we’ve had more cards for diving, than any other team (7)

    In 30 appearances, Mousset has only started twice. On both occasions, he’s scored against us!! Add him to the list along with Rooney, Lingard, Drogba… etc etc….

    2 clean sheets in 24, on the road, under Emery.

    Had the chance of playing his best team, didn’t take it..
    Left our best creator at home… the guy is an absolute joke & needs to go.. I’m not for having the revolving door, for managers, like Chelsea… but… I’ve seen and heard more than enough from this guy… absolutely livid

    1. The trouble with Emery is that he doesn’t believe in “the beautiful game” as Wenger did so starts every game with a defensive attitude rather than offensive. Problem is we cannot defend apart from last ditch tackles and fouls. We need our two best fullbacks to start and Holding to play with Mustafi, Luiz at DM, Ozïl in the middle and our attackers coached in running through the channels and getting in behind the last defenders, without getting caught offside. Emery Out.

  36. It is not just team selection, the team he selected is better than sheffield’s at least they should be able to savage a draw.

    1. We’re the Arsenal.. we shouldn’t have to settle for a draw against Sheffield United!!
      I read that they’d lost their last 3 at home..always the way.. we show up and they play like Barca

      1. Have a great holiday Sue – enjoy yourself!!!

        Happy Birthday to the greatest Manager The Arsenal have ever had – Arsene Wenger The Professor of football: Wonderful memories sir, thank you.

  37. I feel depressed at the situation at the moment. But I have a question. Where do we draw the line with Pepe? Let me explain.
    We need to play him to get his confidence up this is for sure. However at what point does he get dropped (for example for martineli) for him to also realise that we paid a lot of money for so far a lot of selfish play and ego. There are many examples of this but 1 from last night was the free kick. He seems to think that he is first choice and David Louis didn’t look last night that there would even be a discussion about it when the ball was put down. It was obvious to me and the keeper who was taking it. The free kick was poor and predictable.
    I understand this is not our biggest problem at the minute but what to do with Pepe?

  38. “We didn’t deserve to lose”, shows the negative mindset of Emery, as he isn’t about winning a game, but he sets up his team “not to lose”. The first XI was as horrible as one can get and the formation required a creative player, which Willock is NOT.
    Everyone was justifiably excited about the youngsters coming through, but I’m of the opinion that Willock, Saka and Reiss are not yet ready. So is Guendozi who has a lot of heart and puts in the work rate, but he seems to be running around a lot without actually controlling the game.
    Xhaka was horrible and Pepe only marginally better because many a time he was playing deep in our own half. So was Auba who just didn’t get the service which means he was dropping too far back to be effective. Laca coming in didn’t change much as he has been out for a while now and he needs game time.
    Coming to #10 Willock and Ceballos just don’t cut it and they need to be playing alongside Ozil to learn how to open up defences with well disguised, weighted passes for the forwards to run into. They are way behind in terms of creativity and under Emery I see them regressing.
    Xhaka was horrible with his sideways and backwards passing, his fouls and was responsible for letting in the goal. I have no clue why Emery insists on playing him in every game and as a result he is becoming a villain in the fans’ eyes.
    We were told that the squad is fully fit, and yet Tierney, Bellerin & Laca didn’t start. Let’s all understand that Guendozi, Willock and Saka aren’t going to win us games and with the way Emery has set up the team they will be exposed as ordinary, to their own detriment. I won’t even touch Ozil’s name because it’s far too disgusting how Emery is cutting his own nose to spite his face.
    Other than Chambers, our defence was nothing much to write home about. Leno again showed his weakness in setting up players for the set piece.

    It’s not a bad idea for Wenger to come in for the rest of the season, so Freddie can learn from him and then take over from next year. I’m sure the birthday boy will answer an SOS.

  39. Emery did the same today as against Watford. He bottled it and chose a team that shaped the game wrong from th e beginning. Xhaka, Willock and Guendouzi. Emery’s lover Xhaka, gets in by being Emery’s lover. Willock is not ready for Brawl football and Saka is not ready for this type of game either. Insane team choice. Emery is shot as we all keep saying. We are a poor side, because Emery starts the game on the backfoot. We need a new coach. He has not got an earthly how to play a dominant team who control creativity and DOMINATE.

  40. Emery needs to make some massive visible improvements to our play, result etc or should be sacked before or after January.
    He should be showing something for the 18 months or so that he has been here but there is nothing to show.

    Go Hard or Go Home.


  41. Tactically we are all over the place currently. We don’t have any playing any style or creativity due to which our forwards are being under utilised. As you can clearly see our game plan especially in away games is to sit back defend and hit them in counter attack. But let’s be honest emery’s first choice defence unit is not good enough. I have no idea what Sokratis strength is apart from wrestling. Luiz have good distribution but common he is too error prone. Chambers is a CB playing at RB whose crossing is not good as well as his speed. Kolisnac only strength was making those runs in the channel but he seems a bit lost and out of form. And our so called DM Zhaka not really much to say apart from that he is terrible and a big liability.

    Emery have no idea of what to do. His team selection is wrong, he has no playing style, his substitution is wrong most of the time. Nothing positive for him. He never try to play as per players strength which is his biggest issue. Well what more you can expect from a manager who was given a team like PSG and still managed to come second in a farmer’s league.

  42. Where is our most creative player Ozil? Not even on the bench! With this approach and attitude Emery may not be able to give us eul football also, leave alone champions league. We are the Arsenal, fighters to the core, play dominating football, but where has all this gone? Emery should be given time till Jan and not more. Why did he not play KT, Belarin, Holding, and Torreira is beyond reasoning.

  43. Emery himself said he had a full squad to pick from so why on earth wasn’t Tierney playing ahead of Kolasinac, and Holding instead of Sokratis, can’t understand it.

    1. Spot on Marty.Until we get the back four sorted out nothing will change.With respect to Sheffield they are not a great side but the fact is you do not have to be good to score against Arsenal.

    1. Good morning sue, happy birthday Boss. I know a lot of people here always talk his failures but I always remember the very exiting football he gave us.

      1. Couldn’t agree more with all of you, In my sixty plus years supporting the club Arsene Wenger’s first ten years produced the best and most exciting football in all that time. Happy birthday Arsene

  44. Over 80% of Arsenal fans are fuming against the action of our clueless coach who has no ambition,tactics or good game plan for our team. We have all seen his short comings or lapses which would destroy our beloved club if needful precautions or actions aren’t take at appropriate time. I could remember when he was first employed ,all his plans and promises,we even read it then that he watches videos of opponents as if he’s watching cake in d oven,where is the result now?
    Many of us are not in the United Kingdom but my questions is /are……
    What kinda of steps can be taken for the management to feel us and do the needful for our club so that a clueless and numskull coach won’t kill the club?
    2. When is the right time to act? ,now or the end of the season?
    3. Who can be employed to lead our team with the vision and mission of the club?. I mean a coach that will always play our football style.

  45. I don’t think Arsenal played any worse than they have this season. It’s just that Auba somehow didn’t score, like usual to bail this shitty team. Just watch every match of this season again and compare it with yesterday’s, the quality of football was just the same. Only the scoresheet was different. I was waiting for the luck to run out for Emery, and it did.

    I wish Auba continues not to score in the next few matches, so that fans who can’t see past scorelines can be made aware of how shitty football Arsenal is currently playing. It’s so so bad. No vision, no creativity. They are playing like how beginner AI plays in PES.

  46. Can someone name ONE decent match we’ve played so far this season?

    No matter the result if we would perform. BUT WE DON’T.

    Emery is a clown for not picking Tierney, Holding, Bellerin, Torreira, Ceballos.

  47. Emery when asked what his best starting XI is,

    “Really, my point of view tonight is that there are things to analyse and improve,”

    “Defensively at the beginning of the match they pushed and we didn’t stop them. We didn’t concede a lot of chances, but they had corners offensively and they can score from these corners.

    “We had more than them, but we know they are a strong team in that situation and they use it to win matches.

    “In other situations throughout the 90 minutes I think we controlled it in moments to create more chants.

    “We didn’t score tonight, but if we played another match like tonight, I think it’s more easy to achieve the points.”

    Whattay Clown. This is the actual problem that he doesn’t see any problem with the quality of football Arsenal is playing atm. Hopeless. And he seems eager to back the mediocre players when they fail rather than the good players. I am absolutely convinced he picks his starting XI based on who is obedient as a sheep. His ego picks his starting XI every match.

  48. This is just a disgrace, can’t even get a single goal against Sheffield United. What is emery doing? Why is Tierney and Bellerin not playing? Emery is the cause of our downfall & he should be cautioned before he destroys AFC.

  49. the fans got what they wish for

    Emery should be judge at the end of the season

    it takes at least 2 to 3 seasons to build a team

    unless the club has an Arab or Russian owner that can spend 500m or 1 Billion

    1. Even after 1 and half season he cant seem to understand the strengths of the team, the tactics and plans to implement, than when will he understand? Promoted teams are dominating Arsenal and are fearless when they play against us. They go for a win not even a draw. All Emery’s doing.

    2. John Ibrahim, so how long has it taken brenda at Leicester – we’ve spent over £215,000,000 and Sheffield United, Wolves and palace do not have the backing that UE has had since he took over.

      I agree some of the fans got what they wanted – the saying be careful what you wish for is now starting to bite their bums!!!

  50. Happy Birthday Arsene Wenger, the true gentleman. A man who truly loved AFC. He had a vision for the club and tried to achieve that vision despite all the obstacles thrown his way by board (undermining him on most transfer targets), the FA (consistent dubious calls against AFC and obvious United bias) and the fans(made him the fall guy fir the board and joined pundits to disrespect a legend). He wasn’t an angel, but he was a true gunner. His foresight is what we are reaping now financially (the stadium move, the youth team)
    Tactically, he was occasionally astute, but mostly stubborn and pig headed. But his man management was pure class.
    I wish he had a seat on the board, he wouldn’t stand for the rape of our culture presently being perpetuated by Emery.

  51. I understand your inability to come to terms with how this man is managing this team and setting up to play.
    Eventually, his contract will run out, we’ll see where you’ll need to hide from the truth no more

    1. emma, we HAVE come to terms with how this man is mis-managing this team and not setting up to play.
      99% of the posts are telling you what is needed – UE MUST GO

      Not sure what your second sentence means, but I wish I’d taken your advise and not renewed my season ticket this season…it’s fans like you who are to blame for not seeing the damge he is doing.

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