Arsenal fans absolutely furious with walking talking disaster Mustafi

Arsenal fans have taken to social media to vent their fury at Mustafi.

Is anyone really surprised? It was always going to happen at some point that Shkodran Mustafi would make a massive error but this time it was a triple whammy of an error.

His mistake cost a penalty, a red card for calamity Jane David Luiz and then a goal. You cannot make this wreckage up.

It has taken Arsenal fans no time at all to express their utter disdain and anger at the German defender.

Questions have to be asked of those in the corridors of power why he is still at the club and that includes Mikel Arteta, he picked Mustafi for this game and he has to know the player’s history of incompetence.

David Luiz has to take some blame, he should have avoided being sent off, going a goal down is bad enough but to go a goal down and lose a man is bloody criminal.


  1. OKOT geofrey says:

    Very stupid mustafi has cause us paint he must take his face away from our club

  2. gotanidea says:

    The poor guy has been thrown into a lion’s den

    Arsenal should have known that Mustafi is not an EPL level CB, after seeing his performances at the relegation-zone Valencia. I think Arsenal scouts and decision makers were fooled by Mustafi’s impressive defending stats at that time

    Stop abusing the guy and sell him immediately, because he is not suited for EPL and he has blown his last chance

  3. Kitumijasi says:

    You are one sick puppy!

    1. Admin Pat says:

      He was banned immediately

  4. Kick_Ass_Fan (I sacked Wenger) says:

    Uh, naa. He’s a scum but to say he must die of cancer? Naaa

  5. Mrcool says:


    What a player!

  6. Quincy Okereke says:

    Lay off David Luiz!!! Man is a god like defender!!!

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