Arsenal fans attitudes are not helping the team……

“It’s our own fault” by G Unit

No, I’m not happy with the current situation at Arsenal. It’s infuriating, embarrassing, and utterly disrespectful to the fans. HOWEVER. We aren’t in the Champions league. We don’t have a sheikh, and to be completely honest we aren’t as big a club as Man United. The media and ex-players take advantage of our frustrations, they want to sell reads, get viewers. I genuinely think part of the reason we didn’t land Lemar this summer was the media/fan’s attitude – if you were a young, promising player would you want to join a club that has destroyed the confidence of the best 10 in the world?

Which brings me on to my second point. Stop hating on Ozil. He is possibly our best player, the most respected in world football and regardless of the blatant clickbait that goes on for gullible fans is doing a good job in a bad situation. No wonder players aren’t renewing contracts. Playing for Arsenal you either get mediocre support if you play well or destroyed if you have a bad game.

If we beat Chelsea (which is unlikely but possible) we will be level on points with them. We have played a massive bogey team away in Stoke and a Liverpool team that are set up to beat teams like Arsenal, as were Dortmund back in Klopp’s days. They aren’t the perfect team, but I don’t see the media calling out their crisis after wasting 40 mil on an average Ox and getting hammered by City.

Our defence is questionable, but would I be more frustrated as a City fan, spending more than the GDP of a small country on 5/6 bang average defenders? Our midfield is lacking, but might Matuidi have joined us if we were in less of a ‘crisis’? Xhaka is promising and I really want him to come good but getting berated after shipping away a few goals isn’t going to help anyones confidence. Our attack is sick, even Welbeck is scoring goals now. There aren’t many more exciting front lines than Ozil, Laca, Sanchez.

And just FYI our current best team is this, which on form isn’t half bad:

Bellerin, Mustafi, Kos, Kolasinac
Xhaka, Coq
Walcott/ Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez

If you put Gueye and Lemar/Drax in that it becomes a naughty naughty team.

G unit


  1. Vish says:

    Finally a true Arsenal fan . Well said . It’s time this club rallies behind the PLAYERS , put aside your feelings regarding the manager and the owner and support the TEAM . imagine if our prospective transfers were met with positive vibes when they enquired about Arsenal . That would makes a more attractive place to come play . The Chelsea game is crucial for the momentum of the team going forward . If us fans give maximum effort in supporting our team like Leicester does perhaps we can turn our season around

    1. gotanidea says:

      A true gullible fan. The fans are disappointed because nothing really changes for fourteen years, we all have seen this movie so many times.

      If Arsenal are run by ambitious people like Abramovich, Joe Lewis and Sheikh Mansour, Arsenal would at least play with a beautiful and entertaining football. But Arsenal have been displaying ugly show, not pretty nor pragmatic, and they cannot decide.

      And dear author, why did you show 4-2-3-1 again? Arsenal have been using it for more than a decade and we all know the result, no prestigious title.

      Arsenal have not used 3-4-2-1 for a full season yet, but some fans want to change it? The fans could include Ozil if they want, but he had better play in deeper central midfield area, because he is not suitable to be playing behind a striker.

      In my opinion, Arsenal should play with 3-5-2, to make creative midfielders like Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka free to create chances. A defensive midfielder like Elneny or Coquelin will protect them, hence Arsenal’s current best team is:

      …….← Koscielny…Mustafi…Monreal →
      …………← Lacazette………Welbeck →

      1. JJPawn says:

        Much has changed in the last five years. Three FA Cups.
        Ozil. Sanchez. Lacazette.

        Much has also changed outside Arsenal.
        ManCity, United, Chelsea… and now Spurs and Liverpool.

        What all the other teams have are fans, and our are entitled and unable to really support a team to create a fortress at the Emirates Stadium.

        G Unit: Finally an excellent post worthy of a fan base.

        1. gotanidea says:

          I wouldn’t call three small cups a big change, as compared to Premier League and Champions League cups. Ozil, Sanchez and Lacazette are expensive players that still cannot match the brilliant findings like Henry, Vieira and Pires.

          As you said, much have changed outside Arsenal. But Arsenal are still stagnant and it is still run by greedy people with obsolete management system.

          1. JJPawn says:

            “it is still run by greedy people”

            I can agree with you about the owners.

            But, do not attack Wenger or the players as if they created the situation.

            Bottom line: no trfr money of 200M = no EPL title.

          2. Wengerforlife says:

            So wenger know he will never be champion again if he carry on staying at arsenal. What a great manager.

          3. gotanidea says:

            Wenger, his staffs, Arsenal’s executives, the players, the board and the fans are responsible for Arsenal’s current situation. But it was triggered by the lack of ambition and the greed of some people that run the club.

            Regarding the transfer money, Leicester City won Premier League without 200 million transfer budget. Because the manager and his staffs decided to use different system, that could motivate their players and accomodate their skill levels.

          4. Vish says:

            3 SMALL CUPS…. Man Utd spent 250 to win the F A Cup under Van Gaal. They went in to spend another 250 million to win the Europa League and EFL cup 2 years later . They celebrated these wins like they had won the Champions League. Man Utd are a much larger club with resources Arsenal can’t compete with yet we have outperformed them in the past 4 years.

      2. Midkemma says:

        You have no idea do you.

        Ozil can’t play behind a CF? WTF… you ever watched AFC?
        Tell RM players that Ozil can’t play behind a CF and watch them fall over laughing at you.
        Ozil game is his movement, his intelligence, slipping away from markers. Not high energy running himself into the ground and turning players to charge forward, that is NOT HIS GAME!!! Having him as a CM is foolish, more foolish than Wenger against Liverpool!!!!

        Elneny has played best as a B2B, not a holding CM, he is good at pressing from the oppositions box, a bit like Kante but not as good. It is part of the reason why he done so well when he first joined and Coquelin was sitting back, if you look at the next season then Elneny was sitting back and Coquelin was pushing forward and look how that CM pairing soon came to an end when played like that.

        As for the 4231, that was the formation with TH14 and Bergkamp, the formation that won us a LOT, TH14 was the lone CF with Bergkamp as the ACM, Vieira was a tough tackling B2B while Gilberto sat back. Pires and Ljungburg was the wide forwards. SS used to list it as 442 but when you watched the games… Bergkamp dropped deep into the ACM role, the number 10 who could also score With Pires to his left and Ljungberg to his right.

        Last season we was charging with Cazorla playing the link up CM, someone who could receive the ball and create an attacking opportunity. The reason why 3421 is working well now is because we can rely on the wingbacks to offer the transition as our CM can not do it without Cazorla and why every fan who watches AFC have been begging for a top CM.

        1. gotanidea says:

          Ozil playing behind a striker is certainly does not work for Arsenal. Why not using him in a deeper central midfield area, to see the result?

          Who knows, he might be able to play well in that position, like Cazorla. Especially when he can be supported by a good defensive midfielder like Coquelin.

          Currently Xhaka and Ramsey cannot help him release the heavy pressures from the opponent, because they cannot break the opponent’s attack well. Like 3-4-2-1, who knew it worked very well in the last ten games at the end of the last season?

          1. JJPawn says:

            “Ozil playing behind a striker is certainly does not work for Arsenal.”

            Really? Do you know how many chances he created last season?

            “Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil broke a Premier League chance creation record against Sunderland…” Read more: dailymail of last may.

            What Ozil is missing is now in box, and putting chances away. That is why Giroud is not starting.

          2. gotanidea says:

            Ramsey could also stand behind Lacazette and pass the ball forward to him, like Ozil. Ramsey, Iwobi, Nelson or other player would also create chances that way.

            Chances without being converted into goals are useless. A player could have good statictics, but in the end it is his contribution to the team that will be counted, not the number of “chances”.

          3. JJPawn says:

            Ha! Ha!

            Ramsay = Ozil?

            This kind of thinking is only found among “fans” at Arsenal!

            You have no clue about these players, and the internet has sadly enable your Play Station self to think you can know more than actual managers.

          4. gotanidea says:

            Do not assume, but try. I did not say Ramsey’s skills are like Ozil’s, but he could do similar things if given the chance.

            Arsenal have never put Ramsey or Nelson in Ozil’s position, so we never know. If the judgement on a player is always made based on assumption, we would never know the player’s true potential in a position.

      3. Thenry says:

        A club run by joe Lewis lol when was the last fuking time Spurs won a trophy give it a fuking rest
        Wenger has won more trophies then spuds in their whole fuking history
        Sick of plastic fans constantly knocking the manager and players like you are fuking genius experts in knowing all about football
        We have the worst fan base in football a bunch of ingrates
        Why would any top player come and join Arsenal when they see how fans treat their own players like ozil
        Lol at people talking about Spurs and pool fukers don’t win any trophies but their fans stay loyal ours turn nasty every game werther we win or lose
        It won’t change even if we get a new manager they will turn on him at first defeat
        What we need is for the vocal minority of plastic key board fans to fuk off and stop bringing the club down

  2. Mr pat says:

    My sentiment exactly a few weeks ago but I was met with such hostility from this site it was untrue, may I remind genuine arsenal supporters the scoreline in Europe this weekend, l/pool smashed, bayern got beaten and r/Madrid drew at home the point is those teams made the same mistakes as arsenal especially the defence but I don’t see so called experts baying for the players blood, it’s time we get behind the players and encourage them rather than focus on wenger all the time

    1. Bond 007 says:

      Arsenal fans attitudes are not helping the team…So True. Completely agree with you there.
      Arsenal team’s attitude/manager/board/owner are not helping the fans.
      Kind of a vicious cycle.

    2. JJPawn says:

      Nicely put, Pat.

      Pay no heed to the loser “fans” here. They have the internet to just should, like Trump does tweets.

  3. Sue says:

    I just want the team to win, it really p****s me off when they don’t!! Up the gunners

    1. JJPawn says:

      You cannot win and now have another team that doesn’t lose.

      Being upset is okay, provided you did your homework to know what is wrong…. and what is right with Arsenal.

  4. drew says:

    Oh these ‘gullible’ fans you talk about are they the same ‘gullible’ Fans that fork out hard earned good money to go and support in all weathers home and away a bunch of Players who lets face it win the lottery every week and then be mocked for daring to criticize them someone who refuses to show commitment !!?? .And just wants to walk away trousering themselves even more Cash!!
    Damn Right I am not going to cheer Him or them On.
    Where the Hell is the Loyalty in that?
    In any other Trade or Company the person who masterminded this situation would and should be Sacked.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Please do spend you money on Arsenal. Go to Chelsea, and muck up their team when do not win.

    2. Thenry says:

      Don’t fuking go then just because you pay money didn’t give you the right to abuse your own players
      Fuk fans like that we don’t need them they are the reason players want out of Arsenal
      When we get leaves they will turn on the next manager that is their mo like a bunch of spolit kids who expect everything and have no patience
      There are many clubs who win fuk all every year but you don’t see their fans behave like ours do spuds are a prime example they have won two trophies in 25 years wow and yet their fans stay loyal and back the team
      Our fuking fans are morons it’s a shame worst set of fans I have seen at the club and I’m a season ticket holder since the 70s if think it’s bad now you didn’t see the 80s or the shit too all that graham played
      If you don’t like the set up then fuk off stop the whinging and support the club or go you won’t be missed

  5. dr kass says:

    Well my boy think again who disrupted the team and the flo alex ox and ozil with their contract result ox gone his loss I set up late to watch chile play my punishment to him make loose both game for what he has done to us very satisfied now I say to the fans give him the support whilst he is at the club showing him what he is going to miss same support goes to ozil he will now do the thing cl next year Lacazzette said he will give free spiritual service I will join him to give that service ok guys have faith the dr kass

  6. u.k says:


    1. JJPawn says:

      How about not shouting like you found something unique to write about?

  7. Deluded fan says:

    Haha already stand by a reason for the failure of next match.

  8. Deluded fan says:

    When we said wenger don’t know how to motivate his players the akb will say the players should motivated themselves cause they should earn their salaries. When the players can’t motivate themselves is now because of the fans not supporting, jokes of the century fans don’t earn anything, just wanted to watch arsenal play beautiful football and challenging for the championship is that hard for them who earn millions of dollars.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Fan can support a team and be the extra man on the field, but you would not know that as you are an Arsenal “fan”.

      Take a trip to Leicester and see how the fans support their team on match day. Go sit behind the goal of the enemy and listen to fans going crazy and trying to distract the keeper… try being a fan.

      1. Wengerout says:

        You must be the quiet arsenal fan when Leicester got their championship.

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Well what do you expect the media/ex-players, and especially the fans, to say? That everything is rosy at Arsenal? We play the best the football going, and we’re definitely on the up? That would be ignoring the truth by a country mile! If anything, the media/ex-players have gone easy on Arsenal, and especially Wenger. Even ex-players have been slow to criticise out of respect for the club, and Wenger, but even they’ve started to run out of excuses after seeing the same rubbish, year, after year.

    It’s only the fans that have really been speaking the truth for a long time, and the rest have finally cottoned onto the club’s/Wenger’s failings. You say we should give our support, but where has it got us? At some point, don’t the club have to give something back to the fans?

    I want a harmonious fan base just as much as the next fan, but it’ll never happen with Kroenke/Wenger in charge. If the club had got rid of Wenger, then we would have seen a much more positive fan base, because then at least the club would have given something back to the fans, and we could be optimistic for once. As soon as Wenger agreed to stay on, the league was over because of how bad he is, everyone knows it, and already only four games in, and Wenger has proven everyone right.

    Finally, Ozil probably gets more stick than others because of Wenger. Ozil rarely turns up in a big game, yet Wenger never benches him, or even substitutes him! I can guarantee that Ozil will start against Chelsea, do nothing, and not get subbed. Then as always, we’ll question why was he even starting like we did the game before that, and before that, and before that, and so on… As always, it’s rinse, and repeat with Wenger.

  10. Deluded fan says:

    Is Arsenal FC a communist club? Fans must blindly followed, just pay and pay don’t ask returns.

    1. JJPawn says:

      …actually, Arsenal is the epitome of a market oriented club, run on free market, capitalist principles and rules of financial fair play, etc.

      The clubs that are winning most of the time are the “communist” ones spending money that they do not have to buy titles.

      * Chelsea owe 1 Billion to their owner.
      * ManCity is run by oil money.

      ManCity is the old firm able to be big enough to have the ability to stay up there. But, Wenger outsmarted United for several year to win trophies… and he still can.

      But, without the spending power of the big clubs, it would not be possible to win the EPL.

      1. Wengerout says:

        Arsenal run by North Korea.

      2. Wengerout says:

        BTW you sound like a employee of arsenal.

      3. Ivan says:

        What a defeatest attitude. If you are not going to even try what is the point.

  11. khangunners says:

    Nice article but you are deluded as we always are. This is bieng naive and falling under wengers trap who was blaming last season performance was due to the fans. Really? Get real!! Arsenal fans hve seen this movie more than 10 seasons and we will capitulate normally when jan reaches and then wenger will find 1 million reasons to show that its not him.
    I think we as arsenal fans hve been very supportive and its not wrong wanting more is it? Its like asking you to keep dating your gf who keeps cheating on you will you?
    We pay to watch arsenal and we love arsenal more than we love anything but fans need to realise they hve the right to demand more and they hve the rightto show their opinions.
    We are all arsenal fans and the way we reason is differently. We are in a world where everyone deserves to hve an opinion lets not fall thisnway that we wait after we lose to see mistakes then wenger out come and start moaning then we beat a team and wow those fans who were not giving an opinion when we were losing come and start bashing the fans who are in agony.
    We all love arsenal and we want the best for it to me its wenger out and kroenke out but when someone dares question my support to the team i tell them to go and start watching volleyball. Its not a must for someone to be wenger in to back the team is it?

  12. Incarnate says:

    Arsenal fans were not always as cynical, in fact when the dream of becoming a super club was sold to the fans,moving from High bury etc, Arsenal fans paid the highest ticket prices in world football and did even blink, a sustainable football club, with a sound financial management model to match, sitting at the adult table with the Bayerns, Reals and Barcas of this world, this dream, the financial side specifically, unfortunately attracted a certain Stan Kroenke who has fresh run out of f**ks to give about the “super club” side of things, still selling off players even after the carefully crafted “player sales to offset stadium debt” model which was only meant to last a few years is still being implemented. A situation in which the club is set up to be a Southampton where players do not stay long enough to form the core of a solid team. The Hleb, Flamini Fabregas midfield triumvirate was the best midfield the world never saw, all because of what? An extra £11 m pounds in Kroenke’s pocket in exchange for Hleb and the 5k a week extra that sent Flamini into the waiting hands of AC Milan. Nasri confirmed that Wenger tried speaking to the board not to sell him and Fabregas in the same season No manager can survive working in such disruptive conditions, your best players being sold year in, year out, zero continuity, the mighty Mourinho couldn’t survive a mere disruption with Eva Caneiro, I digress. When the old guard led by David Dein sold us the vision, we trusted them to make it happen, we voted with our wallets, Kroenke came in and stole, and is still stealing that dream from us with Wenger as a convenient scape goat while our commonwealth is being raided, the sad part is that the situation has seen the spuds steal the template of that dream, and so far so good for them, a bigger club would have implemented it faster though but still, they are on course and at this rate, while we watch after our coffers, a small pub team like the spuds will overtake us, for the first time in the Premier League era, they finished above us, a situation not conceivable previously, shows how much the institution Arsenal has deteriorated in recent times.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I applaud your post.
      Wenger may be foolish at tactics at times but the board has been undermining the manager for a long time, we can say that Leister won the EPL so why can’t AFC… but every club will look at that and ask the exact same thing.

      Leister won the EPL then look at their next season…

      Clubs that offer more consistency have better support for their managers.

  13. Chuks says:

    Wenger out#

    1. Midkemma says:

      1st Silent Stan out.
      2nd Gazidis out.

      The manager will either get sacked if we had an ambitious CEO and we could get an ambitious CEO if the owner actually cared for the club.

      Unless you want Wenger out and Moyes in… you honestly think the short sighted Gazidis will hire someone like Pep???? PMSL!
      Talk about gullible.

      1. JJPawn says:

        “1st Silent Stan out.
        2nd Gazidis out.”

        I can completely support this. Better still, why not organize a buy out of the club and given 200M for Wenger to spend.

  14. JJPawn says:

    We are a big club, but more like 6th or 7th, considering Chelsea has a billion pound debt to their owner. In the EPL 4th or 5th. The rise of Spurs has been due to brilliant home grown players, and if United or City poach those players, then there will be fall there too. Liverpool has come back, but still vulnerable.

    We are about where we should be, though with proper fan support we should win more home games. Due to the arrival of Liverpool from the dumps and the rise of the Spurs, Wenger has to redo the team to remain in the top four.

    To compete in the top three for the title, we need to spend about 200M. Wenger’s plan seems to be to get the best YOUNG talent for long term deals to play forward even with big money. Then find/groom the next two lines of midfield and the back line with other options.

    totalsportek com:

    1 Manchester U $3.69 billion $765m 3rd
    2 FC Barcelona $3.64 billion $688m 2nd
    3 Real Madrid $3.52 billion $685m 1st
    4 Bayern Munich $2.71 billion $650m 4th
    5 ManchesterCity $2.08 billion $583m 6th
    6 Arsenal FC $1.93 billion $520m 5th
    7 Chelsea FC $1.85 billion $497m 7th
    8 Liverpool FC $1.49 billion $448m 8th
    9 Juventus $1.26 billion $379m 9th
    10 Tottenham $1.06 billion $310m 10th

    1. AndersS says:

      Interesting table – we are about twice as valuable as Spurs, and yet they seem to be outplaying us the last couple of years.
      Could it be, because they have young ambitious manager with a moderns philosophy?

      1. JJPawn says:

        Ha! Ha!

        You mean Harry Kane was created by the manager? If so every big club would be lining up to hire Porch!

        Here is your salary list… notice the that Wenger is paid about 3rd highest, and that most manager are not English.

        Arsene Wenger France Arsenal £8.3 million
        Antonio Conte Italy Chelsea £6.5 million
        Jose Mourinho Portugal Manchester United £15 million
        Jurgen Klopp Germany Liverpool FC £7 million
        Pep Guardiola Spain Manchester City £15 million
        Mauricio Pochettino Argentina Tottenham Hotspur £3.5 million
        Slaven Bilic Croatia West Ham United £3 million
        Ronald Koeman Netherlands Southampton £2 million
        Rafael Benitez Spain Newcastle United £4.5 million
        Sam Allardyce England Sunderland £3 million
        Claudio Ranieri Italy Leicester city £1.5 million
        Tony Pulis Wales West Bromwich Albion £2 million
        Ronald Koeman Netherlands Everton £6 million
        Remi Garde France Aston Villa £1.2 million
        Eddie Howe England AFC Bournemouth £750K
        Walter Mazzarri Italy Watford £1.25 million
        Aitor Karanka Spain Middlesbrough £355K
        Sean Dyche England Burnley £420,000
        Mark Hughes Wales Stoke city £900K
        Steve Bruce England Hull city £1 million
        Francesco Guidolin Italy Swansea city £1 million
        Alan Pardew England Crystal Palace £1.5 million
        Alex Neil Scotland Norwich City £700K

  15. AndersS says:

    The fans have every right to be angry.
    We are being outdistanced by several clubs, not only those which have more money, and nothing serious is being done.
    Should we just accept anything? We are on our to becoming a mid-table club, and it is just not acceptable.
    On top of it, we are seeing a manager, who apparently accept his player giving only 80%, and maybe they are only giving 80%, because the manager himself doesn’t seem to be hungry to win.

    1. Wengerout says:

      Father wenger : Why I need to give 100%, no requirement for me to secure championship.

      Son players : Why I need to give 100%, my father will never question me, I will always a starter and pay rise.

      1. JJPawn says:

        Ha! Ha!

        Better to deal with reality:

        Abramovich: get me a good manger for one year and buy a title.
        ManCity Owners: get me a good manager and buy us a title.
        United Owners: We are the biggest club, tap up Wenger’s team and get us a title.

        So… now we have fans without historical memory attacking Wenger! How sweet it must be for United fans to see Arsenal silly “fans” not be able to figure what has actually happened.

        1. Wengerforlife says:

          I see that how football become. Luckily my god still around but what happens he’s gone . Oh please wenger live longer that me.

  16. Wengerforlife says:

    “”Wenger’s plan seems to be to get the best YOUNG talent for long term deals to play forward even with big money. Then find/groom the next two lines of midfield and the back line with other options.”

    What’s a forsee talent. OK I’ll wait another decade, no problem my god.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Carozola, Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette…

      Now how many young players came through? Ah, the British ones, who think they can play up the middle and want more money for all the jawing they do.

      1. Ivan says:

        That is true which is why I did not believe Wenger 5 years ago when he made a big song and dance over us having such a big bright future under our British players of Ramsey, Gibbs, Wilshire, The Ox and Jenkinson.

  17. Stephan Larose says:

    Happy to see a post from an actual club supporter for once.

    The negative Arsenal fans are terrible. Somehow they don’t realize that the toxic, hostile atmosphere they create has a negative impact. Last year the protests were their loudest, with pathetic 5-man protests, banners, fights in the stands and all the rest and surprise surprise, the club had its worst year in 20 years.

    If you want value for your money, try supporting the club. It doesn’t make any sense to go to your games, boo and harass the team, and then expect them to win.

    Go ahead and criticize Wenger, the players and anyone you want, but don’t come to the stadium with the intention to undermine the team’s morale just so you can get your face in the papers. The game isn’t about you. A few obnoxious fans do not have the right to ruin the season for the millions that actually want to see the team win.

    1. Deluded fan says:

      No wonder communist country still exists. Once communism enter your brain you can’t be cured.

    2. JJPawn says:

      Thank you, Stephan!

      1. Wengerout says:

        Let see your voice will be that loud when May 2018 come. Actually don’t need to wait so long, next week we will know.

        1. JJPawn says:

          When May 2018 comes, we might 5th or 6th.

          Now if you hauled your rear end and supported the team, they might make top four.

          If others with tickets get into Emirates and create a fortress, we will get top three.

          If you think we can win the EPL without spending 200M this season, you are really a silly person with no clue.

          1. Wengerforlife says:

            I see so arsenal will never be champion again no matter how I support.

  18. ArseOverTit says:

    Same old same old..blame andnpoint the finger at everyone else except the most obvious common denominator that has been present all these years..

    Does make me chuckle:)

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Careful what you say, your words will be used as an excuse for our next loss. Our fragile boys and manager don’t want to hear it when they put in performances not fit for the shirt. Come to think of it, it is probably your fault Sanchez wants to join the sickest attack in the PL at City rather than stay at cushy and pressure free Arsenal.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        I apologise and will say 50 hail Wengers whilst kissing an effigy of him at the feet of his father Satan Kroenke.

  19. Nothing changed says:

    Sad article. This is perhaps an article that could have been written by a Chelsea fan when Mourinho got fired half way a disaster season or Rainieri after winning the PL yet getting fired the following season. (funny thing is Chelsea went on to win the PL the following season and Leicester started winning as soon as Ranieri was fired)

    It is a highly inappropriate article in Arsenal’s case where fans have supported the club blindly for year after year after year. Don’t blame the results on the fans who have been more loyal than you will find at any other big club where Wenger would have been carried out of town in tar and feathers 10 years ago.

    Disagreeing on whether Wenger is the man to take us forward is one thing, blaming fans for our poor performances and our death spiral is plain wrong.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Nothing changed? Seriously?

      Here is some structural change to consider… and the data does not even have PSG in there yet, or the numbers at Everton and other teams.

      1 Manchester U $3.69 billion $765m 3rd
      2 FC Barcelona $3.64 billion $688m 2nd
      3 Real Madrid $3.52 billion $685m 1st
      4 Bayern Munich $2.71 billion $650m 4th
      5 ManchesterCity $2.08 billion $583m 6th
      6 Arsenal FC $1.93 billion $520m 5th
      7 Chelsea FC $1.85 billion $497m 7th
      8 Liverpool FC $1.49 billion $448m 8th
      9 Juventus $1.26 billion $379m 9th
      10 Tottenham $1.06 billion $310m 10th

      1. Wengerout says:

        Comfirm he’s a employee of arsenal financial company. Lolllll

  20. AB says:

    Reading the post to this article and many others everyone agrees that owner is a problem as they are not willing to invest. If we are in top 4, the owner doesn’t hurt and has no motivation to invest. Keeping the wenger debate aside the situation is really tough for the fans. If you don’t protest against the regime, you are stuck and if you protest, then there is a possibility of demoralizing the team. I think largely the fans support the team. Xhaka has been appreciate by the fans in the past so for such consecutive poor games he should expect criticism as well. Wenger has also made some very bad mistakes so some fans will challenge that as well. At the end of the day for us to have the money to win the league or champions league, we need a new owner. I think everyone will be willing to listen to ideas to impact that change.

  21. dboy says:

    We beat Bournemouth and AKB’s are out again. Let’s see where they are after the Chelsea game. The above article is an attempt to switch the blame on fans. Quite frankly i think i will protest until SAG is gone. You seem to forget how patient these fans were for the past 20 years. We are protesting because of all the bull that we are being fed by Arsenal managers. Players are leaving because they realise the same thing it is not because of the fans. If players give ? % every game i don’t think fans would be protesting. Mr Wenger with his crazy ideas and lack of proper preparation for big games is what is driving us nuts year in and year out the bull. If you take this team and give it to a manager like Simeone or even Pochettino they will get better results. These players have become too complacent and they don’t respect the jersey and that sets a bad president. That jersey represents all that we supporters stand for and when players put in performances like they did against Liverpool, its like showing us the middle finger. Hiw about the management, the players and owner start showing some respect and appreciation for all the years we supported them until now! If we listen to deluded people there will never be a positive change at this club.

  22. Arsenalian says:

    Current Arsenal FC front office = no ambition except top 4
    Current Arsenal FC players = no heart, no effort (1/2 of the team anyway). With any other front office and manager, these loafers would be shipped out, but not Arsenal. If we beat up in Bournemouth at home everyone is happy, proud, and boastful. Again good team though we wilt chronically. Our beloved club needs CHANGE!
    I personally want at least to see fight from the whole organization.

  23. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Arsenal win a game and all the Wenger Lovers come out. We are going to win the premiership and so on.Let’s be honest Bournemouth were very poor I know it 3 points but do lose
    the run of ourselves.When we beat the likes of Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and the Spuds then we can start believing we can do it. But to be honest I personally think this won’t happen until Wenger and the present board have all gone.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Every season for last ten years, same old story; always 2 to 3 players short! Everyone knows our deficiencies except management. Take a look at the list of available midfielders who have gone to other clubs and would have strengthened Arsenal in recent years!

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