Arsenal fans angry at Rodri over his tackle on Odegaard

Martin Odegaard is one of the untouchables at Arsenal and the Gunners pray he returns from the international break without an injury.

The Norway captain was involved as his country faced Spain in a recent game, which they lost to the Spaniards.

Spain has some tough tackling players and it was a challenging match for Norway.

In one of the passages of play, Rodri fouled Odegaard and his tackle was harsh, which saw some Arsenal fans go crazy.

A report in the Daily Mail reveals a number of them went on social media to comment on the on-field incident.

A majority were very critical and believed the Manchester City man was deliberately trying to hurt the Gunners’ captain.

City has been Arsenal’s main challenger in the league this season and when club football returns, both clubs will square up against each other in the race.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Odegaard is one of our key players and we cannot stand losing him to injury at this stage of the season.

However, our entire squad knows the importance of the remaining matches and every player we field should deliver for us in the final weeks of the campaign, knowing only their best performance will be enough.

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This sounds like a fun and interesting way to spend some fun minutes in the interlull with no Arsenal game to watch!

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  1. What was he ment to do stand there and let him shoot ,in 5 years time football will be a non contact sport .
    That will be the end for me as a spectator.

  2. Don’t want to sound timid, but if I was an Arsenal player and in the starting eleven given the position we are in am not sure I am not sure I would want to take part in some of these international games.

    Am specifically referring to the business end of the campaign with my club delicately poised, maybe a talk with the club physio would be a necessity.

    That’s just my opinion as every player has the right to represent their country, but sometimes in life one needs to get their priorities right without any form of prodding.

    Now if am a player on the periphery that would be a different proposition .

  3. I was watching the England Ukraine game with my PRIME interest being that neither Saka nor Zinny got injured.

    The result of that game then? Seems England won 2-0 but the only excitement for me was Sakas great goal and his astute assist.
    It was Ad PAT, I think, who last week described this last week as a “boring interlull”.

    Could not agree more!

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